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33rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

P95-1000: Front Matter

P95-1001 [bib]: Gary Tajchman; Daniel Jurafsky; Eric Fosler
Learning Phonological Rule Probabilities from Speech Corpora with Exploratory Computational Phonology

P95-1002 [bib]: Daniel Gildea; Daniel Jurafsky
Automatic Induction of Finite State Transducers for Simple Phonological Rules

P95-1003 [bib]: Lauri Karttunen
The Replace Operator

P95-1004 [bib]: Tanya Bowden; George Anton Kiraz
A Morphographemic Model for Error Correction in Nonconcatenative Strings

P95-1005 [bib]: Carolyn Penstein Rose; Barbara Di Eugenio; Lori S. Levin; Carol Van Ess-Dykema
Discourse Processing of Dialogues with Multiple Threads

P95-1006 [bib]: Tetsuya Nasukawa
Robust Parsing Based on Discourse Information: Completing partial parses of ill-formed sentences on the basis of discourse information

P95-1007 [bib]: Mark Lauer
Corpus Statistics Meet the Noun Compound: Some Empirical Results

P95-1008 [bib]: Bill Keller
DATR Theories and DATR Models

P95-1009 [bib]: Lena Stromback
User-Defined Nonmonotonicity in Unification-Based Formalisms

P95-1010 [bib]: Sam Bayer; Mark Johnson
Features and Agreement

P95-1011 [bib]: Roger Evans; Gerald Gazdar; David Weir
Encoding Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammars with a Nonmonotonic Inheritance Hierarchy

P95-1012 [bib]: Thilo Gotz; Walt Detmar Meurers
Compiling HPSG type constraints into definite clause programs

P95-1013 [bib]: Robert Kasper; Bernd Kiefer; Klaus Netter; K Vijay-Shanker
Compilation of HPSG to TAG

P95-1014 [bib]: Mark Johnson; Jochen Dorre
Memoization of Coroutined Constraints

P95-1015 [bib]: Diane J. Litman; Rebecca J. Passonneau
Combining Multiple Knowledge Sources for Discourse Segmentation

P95-1016 [bib]: Norbert Reithinger; Elisabeth Maier
Utilizing Statistical Dialogue Act Processing in Verbrnobil

P95-1017 [bib]: Chinatsu Aone; Scott William
Evaluating Automated and Manual Acquisition of Anaphora Resolution Strategies

P95-1018 [bib]: Megan Moser; Johanna D. Moore
Investigating Cue Selection and Placement in Tutorial Discourse

P95-1019 [bib]: Jennifer Chu-Carroll; Sandra Carberry
Response Generation in Collaborative Negotiation

P95-1020 [bib]: Daniel Marcu; Graeme Hirst
A Uniform Treatment of Pragmatic Inferences in Simple and Complex Utterances and Sequences of Utterances

P95-1021 [bib]: Owen Rambow; K. Vijay-Shanker; David Weir
D-Tree Grammars

P95-1022 [bib]: Gertjan van Noord
The intersection of Finite State Automata and Definite Clause Grammars

P95-1023 [bib]: Sanguthevar Rajasekaran; Shibu Yooseph
TAL Recognition in O(M(n2)) Time

P95-1024 [bib]: Andreas Kathol; Carl Pollard
Extraposition via Complex Domain Formation

P95-1025 [bib]: Alpha K. Luk
Statistical Sense Disambiguation with Relatively Small Corpora Using Dictionary Definitions

P95-1026 [bib]: David Yarowsky

P95-1027 [bib]: Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou; Kathleen McKeown
A Quantitative Evaluation of Linguistic Tests for the Automatic Prediction of Semantic Markedness

P95-1028 [bib]: Jong C. Park
Quantifier Scope and Constituency

P95-1029 [bib]: Seth Kulick
Using Higher-Order Logic Programming for Semantic Interpretation of Coordinate Constructs

P95-1030 [bib]: Eric Sven Ristad; Robert G. Thomas
New Techniques for Context Modeling

P95-1031 [bib]: Stanley F. Chen
Bayesian Grammar Induction for Language Modeling

P95-1032 [bib]: Pascale Pung
A Pattern Matching Method for Finding Noun and Proper Noun Translations from Noisy Parallel Corpora

P95-1033 [bib]: Dekai Wu
An Algorithm for Simultaneously Bracketing Parallel Texts by Aligning Words

P95-1034 [bib]: Kevin Knight; Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou
Two-Level, Many-Paths Generation

P95-1035 [bib]: Victor Poznanski; John L. Beaven; Pete Whitelock
An Efficient Generation Algorithm for Lexicalist MT

P95-1036 [bib]: B. Srinivas; Aravind K. Joshi
Some Novel Applications of Explanation-Based Learning to Parsing Lexicalized Tree-Adjoining Grammars

P95-1037 [bib]: David M. Magerman
Statistical Decision-Tree Models for Parsing

P95-1038 [bib]: Rajeev Agarwal
Evaluation of Semantic Clusters

P95-1039 [bib]: Thorsten Brants
Tagset Reduction Without Information Loss

P95-1040 [bib]: Janet Cahn
The Effect of Pitch Accenting on Pronoun Referent Resolution

P95-1041 [bib]: Anil S. Chakravarthy
Sense Disambiguation Using Semantic Relations and Adjacency Information

P95-1042 [bib]: Jeremy Crowe

P95-1043 [bib]: Lidia Praczak
From route descriptions to sketches: a model for a text-to-image translator

P95-1044 [bib]: Elvan Gocmen
A Computational Framework for Composition in Multiple Linguistic Domains

P95-1045 [bib]: Jean-Michel Grandchamp
Polyphony and Argumentative Semantics

P95-1046 [bib]: Chin-Yew Lin
Knowledge-based Automatic Topic Identification

P95-1047 [bib]: Carl de Marcken
Acquiring a Lexicon from Unsegmented Speech

P95-1048 [bib]: Milan Mosny; Simon Fraser
Semantic Information Preprocessing for Natural Language Interfaces to Databases

P95-1049 [bib]: Hyun S. Park
Mapping Scrambled Korean Sentences into English Using Synchronous TAGs

P95-1050 [bib]: Reinhard Rapp
Identifying Word Translations in Non-Parallel Texts

P95-1051 [bib]: Walid S. Saba
Towards a Cognitively Plausible Model for Quantification

P95-1052 [bib]: Frank Schilder
Aspect and Discourse Structure: Is a Neutral Viewpoint Required?

P95-1053 [bib]: James Shaw
Conciseness through Aggregation in Text Generation

P95-1054 [bib]: V Kripasundar
Quantifying lexical influence: Giving direction to context

P95-1055 [bib]: Cynthia A. Thompson
Acquisition of a Lexicon from Semantic Representations of Sentences

P95-1056 [bib]: Mettina Veenstra vakgroep
A Minimalist Head-Corner Parser