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Proceedings of the 37th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

P99-1000: Front Matter

P99-1001 [bib]: Marti A. Hearst
Untangling Text Data Mining

P99-1002 [bib]: Sadaoki Furu

P99-1003 [bib]: George A. Miller
The Lexical Component of Natural Language Processing

P99-1004 [bib]: Lillian Lee
Measures of Distributional Similarity

P99-1005 [bib]: Lillian Lee
Distributional Similarity Models: Clustering vs. Nearest Neighbors

P99-1006 [bib]: Bonnie Webber; Alistair Knott; Matthew Stone; Aravind Joshi
Discourse Relations: A Structural and Presuppositional Account Using Lexicalised TAG

P99-1007 [bib]: Claire Gardent
Unifying Parallels

P99-1008 [bib]: Matthew Berland; Eugene Charniak
Finding Parts in Very Large Corpora

P99-1009 [bib]: Eric Brill; Grace Ngai
Man* vs. Machine: A Case Study in Base Noun Phrase Learning

P99-1010 [bib]: Rebecca Hwa
Supervised Grammar Induction using Training Data with Limited Constituent Information

P99-1011 [bib]: Mark Dras
A Meta-Level Grammar: Redefining Synchronous TAG for Translation and Paraphrase

P99-1012 [bib]: William Schuler
Preserving Semantic Dependencies in Synchronous Tree Adjoining Grammar

P99-1013 [bib]: Shuly Wintner
Compositional Semantics for Linguistic Formalisms

P99-1014 [bib]: Mats Rooth; Stefan Riezler; Detlef Prescher; Glenn Carroll; Franz Beil
Inducing a Semantically Annotated Lexicon via EM-Based Clustering

P99-1015 [bib]: Eric V. Siegel
Corpus-Based Linguistic Indicators for Aspectual Classification

P99-1016 [bib]: Sharon A. Caraballo
Automatic construction of a hypernym-labeled noun hierarchy from text

P99-1017 [bib]: John A. Bateman
Using aggregation for selecting content when generating referring expressions

P99-1018 [bib]: James Shaw; Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou
Ordering Among Premodifiers

P99-1019 [bib]: Yael Dahan Netzer; Michael Elhadad
Bilingual Hebrew-English Generation of Possessives and Partitives: Raising the Input Abstraction Level

P99-1020 [bib]: Rada Mihalcea; Dan I. Moldovan
A Method for Word Sense Disambiguation of Unrestricted Text

P99-1021 [bib]: Andrei Mikheev
A Knowledge-free Method for Capitalized Word Disambiguation

P99-1022 [bib]: Radu Florian; David Yarowsk
Dynamic Nonlocal Language Modeling via Hierarchical Topic-Based Adaptation

P99-1023 [bib]: Scott M. Thede; Mary P. Harper
A Second-Order Hidden Markov Model for Part-of-Speech Tagging

P99-1024 [bib]: Amanda Stent; John Doweling; Jean Mark Gawron; Elizabeth Owen Bratt; Robert Moore
The CommandTalk Spoken Dialogue System

P99-1025 [bib]: Alicia Abella; Allen L. Gorin
Construct Algebra: Analytical Dialog Management

P99-1026 [bib]: Mikio Nakano; Noboru Miyazaki; Jun-ichi Hirasawa; Kohji Dohsaka; Takeshi Kawabata
Understanding Unsegmented User Utterances in Real-Time Spoken Dialogue Systems

P99-1027 [bib]: J. Scott McCarley
Should we Translate the Documents or the Queries in Cross-language Information Retrieval?

P99-1028 [bib]: Hsin-Hsi Chen; Guo-Wei Bian; Wen-Cheng Lin
Resolving Translation Ambiguity and Target Polysemy in Cross-Language Information Retrieval

P99-1029 [bib]: Myung-Gil Jang; Sung Hyon Myaeng; Se Young Park
Using Mutual Information to Resolve Query Translation Ambiguities and Query Term Weighting

P99-1030 [bib]: Won Seug Choi; Jeong-Mi Cho; Jungyun Sea
Analysis System of Speech Acts and Discourse Structures Using Maximum Entropy Model

P99-1031 [bib]: Sherri L. Condon; Claude G. Cech; William R. Edwards
Measuring Conformity to Discourse Routines in Decision-Making Interactions

P99-1032 [bib]: Janyce M. Wiebe; Rebecca F. Bruce; Thomas P. O'Hara
Development and Use of a Gold-Standard Data Set for Subjectivity Classifications

P99-1033 [bib]: Kemal Oflazer
Dependency Parsing with an Extended Finite State Approach

P99-1034 [bib]: Gabor Proszeky; Balazs Kis
A Unification-based Approach to Morpho-syntactic Parsing of Agglutinative and Other (Highly) Inflectional Languages

P99-1035 [bib]: Franz Beil; Glenn Carroll; Detlef Prescher; Stefan Riezler; Mats Rooth
Inside-Outside Estimation of a Lexicalized PCFG for German

P99-1036 [bib]: Masaaki NAGATA
A Part of Speech Estimation Method for Japanese Unknown Words using a Statistical Model of Morphology and Context

P99-1037 [bib]: Antal van den Bosch; Walter Daelemans
Memory-Based Morphological Analysis

P99-1038 [bib]: Alistair Willis; Suresh Manandhar
Two Accounts of Scope Availability and Semantic Underspecification

P99-1039 [bib]: Mark Steedman
Alternating Quantifier Scope in CCG

P99-1040 [bib]: Diane J. Litman; Marilyn A. Walker; Michael S. Kearns
Automatic Detection of Poor Speech Recognition at the Dialogue Level

P99-1041 [bib]: Dekang Lin
Automatic Identification of Non-compositional Phrases

P99-1042 [bib]: Lynette Hirschman; Marc Light; Eric Breck; John D. Burger
Deep Read: A Reading Comprehension System

P99-1043 [bib]: Pascale FUNG; LIU Xiaohu; CHEUNG Chi Shun
Mixed Language Query Disambiguation

P99-1044 [bib]: Christian Jacquemin
Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic Representations of Term Variation

P99-1045 [bib]: Simon H. Corston-Oliver; William B. Dolan
Less is more: Eliminating index terms from subordinate clauses

P99-1046 [bib]: Jeffrey C. Reynar
Statistical Models for Topic Segmentation

P99-1047 [bib]: Daniel Marcu
A Decision-Based Approach to Rhetorical Parsing

P99-1048 [bib]: David L. Bean; Ellen Riloff
Corpus-Based Identification of Non-Anaphoric Noun Phrases

P99-1049 [bib]: Hideki Tanaka; Akio Yokoo
An Efficient Statistical Speech Act Type Tagging System for Speech Translation Systems

P99-1050 [bib]: Emmanuel Morin
Projecting Corpus-Based Semantic Links on a Thesaurus

P99-1051 [bib]: Maria Lapata
Acquiring Lexical Generalizations from Corpora: A Case Study for Diathesis Alternations

P99-1052 [bib]: W. Kasper; B. Kiefer; H.-U. Krieger; C. J. Rupp; K. L. Worm
Charting the Depths of Robust Speech Parsing

P99-1053 [bib]: Mark G. Core; Lenhart K. Schubert
A Syntactic Framework for Speech Repairs and Other Disruptions

P99-1054 [bib]: Brian Roark; Mark Johnson
Efficient probabilistic top-down and left-corner parsing

P99-1055 [bib]: Charles D. Yang
A Selectionist Theory of Language Acquisition

P99-1056 [bib]: Marielle Lange; Alain Content
The grapho-phonological system of written French: Statistical analysis and empirical validation

P99-1057 [bib]: Hwee Tou Ng; Chung Yong Lim; Jessica Li Teng Koo
Learning to Recognize Tables in Free Text

P99-1058 [bib]: Alexander Holt; Ewan Klein
A semantically-derived subset of English for hardware verification

P99-1059 [bib]: Jason Eisner; Giorgio Satta
Efficient Parsing for Bilexical Context-Free Grammars and Head Automaton Grammars

P99-1060 [bib]: Mark Hepple
An Earley-style Predictive Chart Parsing Method for Lambek Grammars

P99-1061 [bib]: Bernd Kiefert; Hans-Ulrich Kriegert; John Carrollt; Rob Malouf
A Bag of Useful Techniques for Efficient and Robust Parsing

P99-1062 [bib]: Sadao Kurohashi; Yasuyuki Sakai
Semantic Analysis of Japanese Noun Phrases - A New Approach to Dictionary-Based Understanding

P99-1063 [bib]: Hitoshi Isahara; Kyoko Kanzaki
Lexical Semantics to Disambiguate Polysemous Phenomena of Japanese Adnominal Constituents

P99-1064 [bib]: Patrick CAUDAL
Computational Lexical Semantics, Incrementality, and the So-called Punctuality of Events

P99-1065 [bib]: Michael Collins; Jan Hajic; Lance Ramshaw; Christoph Tillmann
A Statistical Parser for Czech

P99-1066 [bib]: Don Blaheta; Eugene Charniak
Automatic Compensation for Parser Figure-of-Merit Flaws

P99-1067 [bib]: Reinhard Rapp
Automatic Identification of Word Translations from Unrelated English and German Corpora

P99-1068 [bib]: Philip Resnik
Mining the Web for Bilingual Text

P99-1069 [bib]: Mark Johnson; Stuart Geman; Stephen Canon; Zhiyi Chi; Stefan Riezler
Estimators for Stochastic "Unification-Based" Grammars

P99-1070 [bib]: Steven Abney; David McAllester; Fernando Pereira
Relating Probabilistic Grammars and Automata

P99-1071 [bib]: Regina Barzilay; Kathleen R. McKeown; Michael Elhadad
Information Fusion in the Context of Multi-Document Summarization

P99-1072 [bib]: Inderjeet Mani; Barbara Gates; Eric Bloedorn
Improving Summaries by Revising Them

P99-1073 [bib]: Kavita Thomas
Designing a Task-Based Evaluation Methodology for a Spoken Machine Translation System

P99-1074 [bib]: Edward C. Kaiser
Robust, Finite-State Parsing for Spoken Language Understanding

P99-1075 [bib]: Yusuke Miyao
Packing of Feature Structures for Efficient Unification of Disjunctive Feature Structures

P99-1076 [bib]: Alexandra Kinyon
Parsing preferences with Lexicalized Trey Adjoining Grammars exploiting the derivation tree

P99-1077 [bib]: Stefan Kaufmann
Cohesion and Collocation: Using Context Vectors in Text Segmentation

P99-1078 [bib]: Horacio Saggion
Using Linguistic Knowledge in Automatic Abstracting

P99-1079 [bib]: Joel R. Tetreault
Analysis of Syntax-Based Pronoun Resolution Methods

P99-1080 [bib]: Adrian Corduneanu
A Pylonic Decision-Tree Language Model- with Optimal Question Selection

P99-1081 [bib]: Miriam Goldberg
An Unsupervised Model for Statistically Determining Coordinate Phrase Attachment

P99-1082 [bib]: Freddy Y. Y. Choi
A flexible distributed architecture for NLP system development and use

P99-1083 [bib]: Sergey V. Pakhomov
Modeling Filled Pauses in Medical Dictations