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Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing 2011
Proceedings of the Second Student Research Workshop associated with RANLP 2011

Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing 2011

R11-1 [bib]: Entire volume

R11-1000: Front Matter

R11-1001 [bib]: Avirup Sil; Alexander Yates
Extracting STRIPS Representations of Actions and Events

R11-1002 [bib]: Shasha Liao; Ralph Grishman
Acquiring Topic Features to improve Event Extraction: in Pre-selected and Balanced Collections

R11-1003 [bib]: Hong Li; Feiyu Xu; Hans Uszkoreit
Minimally Supervised Rule Learning for the Extraction of Biographic Information from Various Social Domains

R11-1004 [bib]: Kumutha Swampillai; Mark Stevenson
Extracting Relations Within and Across Sentences

R11-1005 [bib]: Marie Guègan; Claude de Loupy
Knowledge-Poor Approach to Shallow Parsing: Contribution of Unsupervised Part-of-Speech Induction

R11-1006 [bib]: Sandra Kübler; Eric Baucom
Fast Domain Adaptation for Part of Speech Tagging for Dialogues

R11-1007 [bib]: Hrafn Loftsson; Sigrún Helgadóttir; Eirìkur Rögnvaldsson
Using a Morphological Database to Increase the Accuracy in POS Tagging

R11-1008 [bib]: Sandra Kübler; Rachael Cantrell; Matthias Scheutz
Actions Speak Louder than Words: Evaluating Parsers in the Context of Natural Language Understanding Systems for Human-Robot Interaction

R11-1009 [bib]: Ali Basirat; Heshaam Faili
Constructing Linguistically Motivated Structures from Statistical Grammars

R11-1010 [bib]: Shafqat Mumtaz Virk; Muhammad Humayoun; Aarne Ranta
An Open Source Punjabi Resource Grammar

R11-1011 [bib]: Elena Lloret; Laura Plaza; Ahmet Aker
Multi-Document Summarization by Capturing the Information Users are Interested in

R11-1012 [bib]: Hemanth Sagar Bayyarapu
Efficient algorithm for Context Sensitive Aggregation in Natural Language generation

R11-1013 [bib]: Vìctor M. Sánchez-Cartagena; Felipe Sánchez-Martìnez; Juan Antonio Pèrez-Ortiz
Enriching a statistical machine translation system trained on small parallel corpora with rule-based bilingual phrases

R11-1014 [bib]: Sheila C. M. de Sousa; Wilker Aziz; Lucia Specia
Assessing the Post-Editing Effort for Automatic and Semi-Automatic Translations of DVD Subtitles

R11-1015 [bib]: Ralf Steinberger; Bruno Pouliquen; Mijail Kabadjov; Jenya Belyaeva; Erik van der Goot
JRC-NAMES: A Freely Available, Highly Multilingual Named Entity Resource

R11-1016 [bib]: Hannes Wettig; Suvi Hiltunen; Roman Yangarber
MDL-based Models for Alignment of Etymological Data

R11-1017 [bib]: Maud Ehrmann; Marco Turchi; Ralf Steinberger
Building a Multilingual Named Entity-Annotated Corpus Using Annotation Projection

R11-1018 [bib]: Darja Fišer; Nikola Ljubešić
Bilingual lexicon extraction from comparable corpora for closely related languages

R11-1019 [bib]: Marina Sokolova; Victoria Bobicev
Sentiments and Opinions in Health-related Web messages

R11-1020 [bib]: Niall Rooney; Hui Wang; Fiona Browne; Fergal Monaghan; Jann Müller; Alan Sergeant; Zhiwei Lin; Philip Taylor; Vladimir Dobrynin
An Exploration into the Use of Contextual Document Clustering for Cluster Sentiment Analysis

R11-1021 [bib]: Hen-Hsen Huang; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Pause and Stop Labeling for Chinese Sentence Boundary Detection

R11-1022 [bib]: Yannick Versley
Multilabel Tagging of Discourse Relations in Ambiguous Temporal Connectives

R11-1023 [bib]: István Nagy T.; Gábor Berend; Veronika Vincze
Noun Compound and Named Entity Recognition and their Usability in Keyphrase Extraction

R11-1024 [bib]: Tomoya Iwakura
A Named Entity Recognition Method using Rules Acquired from Unlabeled Data

R11-1025 [bib]: Manfred Klenner; Don Tuggener
An Incremental Entity-Mention Model for Coreference Resolution with Restrictive Antecedent Accessibility

R11-1026 [bib]: Orphèe De Clercq; Vèronique Hoste; Iris Hendrickx
Cross-Domain Dutch Coreference Resolution

R11-1027 [bib]: Elena Lloret; Manuel Palomar
Finding the Best Approach for Multi-lingual Text Summarisation: A Comparative Analysis

R11-1028 [bib]: Veselin Stoyanov; Claire Cardie
Automatically Creating General-Purpose Opinion Summaries from Text

R11-1029 [bib]: Jakub Piskorski; Jenya Belayeva; Martin Atkinson
Exploring the Usefulness of Cross-lingual Information Fusion for Refining Real-time News Event Extraction: A Preliminary Study

R11-1030 [bib]: Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel; Gholamreza Ghassem-Sani
Temporal Relation Extraction Using Expectation Maximization

R11-1031 [bib]: Wilker Aziz; Miguel Rios; Lucia Specia
Improving Chunk-based Semantic Role Labeling with Lexical Features

R11-1032 [bib]: Yoan Gutièrrez; Sonia Vázquez; Andrès Montoyo
Improving WSD using ISR-WN with Relevant Semantic Trees and SemCor Senses Frequency

R11-1033 [bib]: Daniel Micol; Rafael Muñoz; Óscar Ferrández
Investigating Advanced Techniques for Document Content Similarity Applied to External Plagiarism Analysis

R11-1034 [bib]: Mirabela Navlea; Amalia Todirascu
Using Cognates in a French-Romanian Lexical Alignment System: A Comparative Study

R11-1035 [bib]: Josef Steinberger; Jenya Belyaeva; Jonathan Crawley; Leonida Della-Rocca; Mohamed Ebrahim; Maud Ehrmann; Mijail Kabadjov; Ralf Steinberger; Erik Van-der-Goot
Highly Multilingual Coreference Resolution Exploiting a Mature Entity Repository

R11-1036 [bib]: Sandra Kübler; Desislava Zhekova
Singletons and Coreference Resolution Evaluation

R11-1037 [bib]: Andrew McKinlay; Katja Markert
Modelling Entity Instantiations

R11-1038 [bib]: Mani Ezzat; Thierry Poibeau
A New Scheme for Annotating Semantic Relations between Named Entities in Corpora

R11-1039 [bib]: Michael Wiegand; Dietrich Klakow
Prototypical Opinion Holders: What We can Learn from Experts and Analysts

R11-1040 [bib]: Veronika Vincze; István Nagy T.; Gábor Berend
Multiword Expressions and Named Entities in the Wiki50 Corpus

R11-1041 [bib]: Muntsa Padró; Núria Bel; Silvia Necsulescu
Towards the Automatic Merging of Lexical Resources: Automatic Mapping

R11-1042 [bib]: Mortaza Montazery; Heshaam Faili
Unsupervised Learning for Persian WordNet Construction

R11-1043 [bib]: Rohith Menon; Yejin Choi
Domain Independent Authorship Attribution without Domain Adaptation

R11-1044 [bib]: Marc Miquel Ribè; Horacio Rodrìguez
Cultural Configuration of Wikipedia: measuring Autoreferentiality in Different Languages

R11-1045 [bib]: Preslav Nakov; Zornitsa Kozareva
Combining Relational and Attributional Similarity for Semantic Relation Classification

R11-1046 [bib]: Josef Ruppenhofer; Philip Gorinski; Caroline Sporleder
In Search of Missing Arguments: A Linguistic Approach

R11-1047 [bib]: Miquel Esplà-Gomis; Vìctor M. Sánchez-Cartagena; Juan Antonio Pèrez-Ortiz
Enlarging Monolingual Dictionaries for Machine Translation with Active Learning and Non-Expert Users

R11-1048 [bib]: Vincent Claveau; Ewa Kijak
Morphological Analysis of Biomedical Terminology with Analogy-Based Alignment

R11-1049 [bib]: Kostadin Cholakov; Gertjan van Noord; Valia Kordoni; Yi Zhang
Adaptability of Lexical Acquisition for Large-scale Grammars

R11-1050 [bib]: Anthony Sigogne; Matthieu Constant; Éric Laporte
Integration of Data from a Syntactic Lexicon into Generative and Discriminative Probabilistic Parsers

R11-1051 [bib]: Marco Turchi; Vanni Zavarella; Hristo Tanev
Pattern Learning for Event Extraction using Monolingual Statistical Machine Translation

R11-1052 [bib]: Hong Li; Feiyu Xu; Hans Uszkoreit
META-DARE: Monitoring the Minimally Supervised ML of Relation Extraction Rules

R11-1053 [bib]: Peter Nabende
Mining Transliterations from Wikipedia using Dynamic Bayesian Networks

R11-1054 [bib]: Caroline Brun
Detecting Opinions Using Deep Syntactic Analysis

R11-1055 [bib]: Shane Bergsma; Randy Goebel
Using Visual Information to Predict Lexical Preference

R11-1056 [bib]: Dat Quoc Nguyen; Dai Quoc Nguyen; Son Bao Pham
Systematic Knowledge Acquisition for Question Analysis

R11-1057 [bib]: Corina Dima; Erhard Hinrichs
A Semi-Automatic, Iterative Method for Creating a Domain-Specific Treebank

R11-1058 [bib]: Verena Henrich; Erhard Hinrichs
Determining Immediate Constituents of Compounds in GermaNet

R11-1059 [bib]: Christelle Cocco; Raphaël Pittier; François Bavaud; Aris Xanthos
Segmentation and Clustering of Textual Sequences: a Typological Approach

R11-1060 [bib]: Brett Drury; Gaël Dias; Luìs Torgo
A Contextual Classification Strategy for Polarity Analysis of Direct Quotations from Financial News

R11-1061 [bib]: Thomas François; Patrick Watrin
On the Contribution of MWE-based Features to a Readability Formula for French as a Foreign Language

R11-1062 [bib]: Allan Ramsay; Hanady Mansour
Exploiting Hidden Morphophonemic Constraints for Finding the Underlying Forms of 'weak' Arabic Verbs

R11-1063 [bib]: Asher Stern; Ido Dagan
A Confidence Model for Syntactically-Motivated Entailment Proofs

R11-1064 [bib]: Michaela Regneri; Alexander Koller; Josef Ruppenhofer; Manfred Pinkal
Learning Script Participants from Unlabeled Data

R11-1065 [bib]: Kiril Simov; Petya Osenova
Towards Minimal Recursion Semantics over Bulgarian Dependency Parsing

R11-1066 [bib]: Shamima Mithun; Leila Kosseim
Discourse Structures to Reduce Discourse Incoherence in Blog Summarization

R11-1067 [bib]: Johannes Goller
Parallel Suffix Arrays for Linguistic Pattern Search

R11-1068 [bib]: Anca Dinu
A Mechanism to Restrict the Scope of Clause-Bounded Quantifiers in 'Continuation' Semantics

R11-1069 [bib]: Lili Kotlerman; Zemer Avital; Ido Dagan; Amnon Lotan; Ofer Weintraub
A Support Tool for Deriving Domain Taxonomies from Wikipedia

R11-1070 [bib]: Anita Alicante; Anna Corazza
Barrier Features for Classification of Semantic Relations

R11-1071 [bib]: Daniel Bär; Torsten Zesch; Iryna Gurevych
A Reflective View on Text Similarity

R11-1072 [bib]: Ester Boldrini; Javi Fernández; Josè Manuel Gómez; Patricio Martìnez-Barco
Evaluating the Robustness of EmotiBlog for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

R11-1073 [bib]: Javier R. Bru; Patricio Martìnez-Barco; Rafael Muñoz
Hybrid System For Plagiarism Detection

R11-1074 [bib]: Tommaso Caselli; Hector Llorens; Borja Navarro-Colorado; Estela Saquete
Data-Driven Approach Using Semantics for Recognizing and Classifying TimeML Events in Italian

R11-1075 [bib]: Liviu P. Dinu; Emil Ionescu; Vlad Niculae; Octavia-Maria Sulea
Can Alternations Be Learned? A Machine Learning Approach To Romanian Verb Conjugation

R11-1076 [bib]: Hèla Fehri; Kais Haddar; Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou
A New Representation Model for the Automatic Recognition and Translation of Arabic Named Entities with NooJ

R11-1077 [bib]: Monica Gavrila; Cristina Vertan
Training Data in Statistical Machine Translation - the More, the Better?

R11-1078 [bib]: Voula Gotsoulia; Bessie Dendrinos
Towards a Corpus-based Approach to Modelling Language Production of Foreign Language Learners in Communicative Contexts

R11-1079 [bib]: Petr Homola
Parsing a Polysynthetic Language

R11-1080 [bib]: Minhua Huang; Robert M. Haralick
An algorithm of Identifying Semantic Arguments of a Verb From Structured Data

R11-1081 [bib]: Ines Zalila; Kais Haddar
Construction of an HPSG Grammar for the Arabic Relative Sentences

R11-1082 [bib]: Roman Klinger
Automatically Selected Skip Edges in Conditional Random Fields for Named Entity Recognition

R11-1083 [bib]: Kanako Komiya; Naoto Sato; Koji Fujimoto; Yoshiyuki Kotani
Negation Naive Bayes for Categorization of Product Pages on the Web

R11-1084 [bib]: Anup Kumar Kolya; Asif Ekbal; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
A Hybrid Approach for Event Extraction and Event Actor Identification

R11-1085 [bib]: Shasha Liao; Cheng Wu; Juan Huerta
Evaluating Human Correction Quality for Machine Translation from Crowdsourcing

R11-1086 [bib]: Anne-Lyse Minard; Anne-Laure Ligozat; Brigitte Grau
Multi-class SVM for Relation Extraction from Clinical Reports

R11-1087 [bib]: Amitabha Mukerjee; Kruti Neema; Sushobhan Nayak
Discovering coreference using image-grounded verb models

R11-1088 [bib]: Amitabha Mukerjee; Nikhil Joshi
Word and Phrase Learning based on Prior Semantics

R11-1089 [bib]: István Nagy T.; Veronika Vincze; Gábor Berend
Domain-Dependent Identification of Multiword Expressions

R11-1090 [bib]: Alexis Palmer; Afra Alishahi; Caroline Sporleder
Robust Semantic Analysis for Unseen Data in FrameNet

R11-1091 [bib]: Marius Popescu
Studying Translationese at the Character Level

R11-1092 [bib]: Markus Saers; Dekai Wu
Linear Transduction Grammars and Zipper Finite-State Transducers

R11-1093 [bib]: Martin Scaiano; Diana Inkpen
Finding Negative Key Phrases for Internet Advertising Campaigns using Wikipedia

R11-1094 [bib]: Irina Temnikova
Establishing Implementation Priorities in Aiding Writers of Controlled Crisis Management Texts

R11-1095 [bib]: Hong Li; Feiyu Xu; Hans Uszkoreit
TechWatchTool: Innovation and Trend Monitoring

R11-1096 [bib]: Muhammad Abdul-Mageed; Mohammed Korayem; Ahmed YoussefAgha
"Yes we can?": Subjectivity Annotation and Tagging for the Health Domain

R11-1097 [bib]: Verginica Barbu Mititelu
Wordnets: State of the Art and Perspectives. Case Study: the Romanian Wordnet

R11-1098 [bib]: Elena Boian; Constantin Ciubotaru; Svetlana Cojocaru; Alexandru Colesnicov; Ludmila Malahov; Mircea Petic
Creation and Development of the Romanian Lexical Resources

R11-1099 [bib]: Sirine Boukedi; Kais Haddar
Analyses Tools for Non-head Structures

R11-1100 [bib]: Andre Burkovski; Gunther Heidemann
Visualization for Coreference Annotation

R11-1101 [bib]: Iria da Cunha; Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno; Gerardo Sierra; Luis Adrián Cabrera-Diego; Brenda Gabriela Castro Rolón; Juan Miguel Rolland Bartilotti
The RST Spanish Treebank On-line Interface

R11-1102 [bib]: Miranda Chong; Lucia Specia
Lexical Generalisation for Word-level Matching in Plagiarism Detection

R11-1103 [bib]: Boris Dobrov; Natalia Loukachevitch
Multiple Evidence for Term Extraction in Broad Domains

R11-1104 [bib]: Nicolas Foucault; Gilles Adda; Sophie Rosset
Language Modeling for Document Selection in Question Answering

R11-1105 [bib]: Marcos Garcia; Pablo Gamallo
Evaluating Various Linguistic Features on Semantic Relation Extraction

R11-1106 [bib]: Cèdric Lopez; Violaine Prince; Mathieu Roche
Automatic titling of Articles Using Position and Statistical Information

R11-1107 [bib]: Georgios Petasis
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation based on Text Relatedness

R11-1108 [bib]: Mohammed Rushdi-Saleh; M. Teresa Martìn-Valdivia; L. Alfonso Ureña-López; Josè M. Perea-Ortega
Bilingual Experiments with an Arabic-English Corpus for Opinion Mining

R11-1109 [bib]: Merley da Silva Conrado; Walter Koza; Josuka Dìaz-Labrador; Joseba Abaitua; Solange Oliveira Rezende; Thiago Pardo; Zulema Solana
Experiments on Term Extraction using Noun Phrase Subclassifications

R11-1110 [bib]: Khaled Shaalan; Marwa Magdy
Adaptive Feedback Message Generation for Second Language Learners of Arabic

R11-1111 [bib]: Marina Sokolova; David Schramm
Building a Patient-based Ontology for User-written Web Messages

R11-1112 [bib]: Ander Soraluze; Iñaki Alegria; Olatz Ansa; Olatz Arregi; Xabier Arregi
Recognition and Classification of Numerical Entities in Basque

R11-1113 [bib]: Josef Steinberger; Polina Lenkova; Mijail Kabadjov; Ralf Steinberger; Erik van der Goot
Multilingual Entity-Centered Sentiment Analysis Evaluated by Parallel Corpora

R11-1114 [bib]: Alexander Ulanov; Andrey Simanovsky
Term Validation for Vocabulary Construction and Key Term Extraction

R11-1115 [bib]: Tatiana Zidrasco; Victoria Bobicev; Shun Shiramatsu; Tadachika Ozono; Toramatsu Shintani
Agreement: How to Reach it? Defining Language Features Leading to Agreement in Discourse

Proceedings of the Second Student Research Workshop associated with RANLP 2011

R11-2 [bib]: Entire volume

R11-2000: Front Matter

R11-2001 [bib]: István T. Nagy; Gábor Berend; György Móra; Veronika Vincze
Domain-Dependent Detection of Light Verb Constructions

R11-2002 [bib]: Béatrice Arnulphy
A Weighted Lexicon of French Event Names

R11-2003 [bib]: Sanja Štajner
Towards a Better Exploitation of the Brown 'Family' Corpora in Diachronic Studies of British and American English Language Varieties

R11-2004 [bib]: Mohammad Khan; Eric Baucom; Anthony Meyer; Lwin Moe
Projecting Farsi POS Data To Tag Pashto

R11-2005 [bib]: Miriam Kaeshammer; Dominikus Wetzel
Enriching Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation with POS Information

R11-2006 [bib]: Gábor Berend; István T. Nagy; György Móra; Veronika Vincze
Inter-domain Opinion Phrase Extraction Based on Feature Augmentation

R11-2007 [bib]: Maytham Alabbas
ArbTE: Arabic Textual Entailment

R11-2008 [bib]: Melania Duma
RDFa Editor for Ontological Annotation

R11-2009 [bib]: Ali Reza Ebadat
Extracting Protein-Protein Interactions with Language Modelling

R11-2010 [bib]: Monica Gavrila; Natalia Elita
Experiments with Small-size Corpora in CBMT

R11-2011 [bib]: Iria Gayo
Question Parsing for QA in Spanish

R11-2012 [bib]: Julian Hough
Incremental Semantics Driven Natural Language Generation with Self-Repairing Capability

R11-2013 [bib]: Daniel Devatman Hromada
Initial Experiments with Multilingual Extraction of Rhetoric Figures by means of PERL-compatible Regular Expressions

R11-2014 [bib]: Rodrigo de Oliveira; Lucas Hausmann; Desislava Zhekova
Is Three the Optimal Context Window for Memory-Based Word Sense Disambiguation?

R11-2015 [bib]: Diman Karagiozov
Heterogeneous Natural Language Processing Tools via Language Processing Chains

R11-2016 [bib]: Carmen Klaussner; Desislava Zhekova
Pattern-Based Ontology Construction from Selected Wikipedia Pages

R11-2017 [bib]: Carmen Klaussner; Desislava Zhekova
Lexico-Syntactic Patterns for Automatic Ontology Building

R11-2018 [bib]: Sushobhan Nayak
Towards a Grounded Model for Ontological Metaphors

R11-2019 [bib]: Silvia Necsulescu
Automatic Acquisition of Possible Contexts for Low-Frequent Words

R11-2020 [bib]: Hajder S. Rabiee
Adapting Standard Open-Source Resources To Tagging A Morphologically Rich Language: A Case Study With Arabic

R11-2021 [bib]: Alex Rudnick
Towards Cross-Language Word Sense Disambiguation for Quechua

R11-2022 [bib]: Natalia Konstantinova; Sheila C. M. de Sousa
Annotating Negation and Speculation: the Case of the Review Domain

R11-2023 [bib]: Anđelka Zečević
N-gram Based Text Classification According To Authorship

R11-2024 [bib]: Desislava Zhekova
Instance Sampling for Multilingual Coreference Resolution