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Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Active Learning for Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Computational Approaches to Analysis and Generation of Emotion in Text
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Second Workshop on Computational Approaches to Linguistic Creativity
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Writing: Writing Processes and Authoring Aids
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Computational Linguistics in a World of Social Media
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 First Workshop on Computational Neurolinguistics
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Creating Speech and Language Data with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT Workshop on Extracting and Using Constructions in Computational Linguistics
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 First International Workshop on Formalisms and Methodology for Learning by Reading
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Fifth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Second Louhi Workshop on Text and Data Mining of Health Documents
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Semantic Search
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 First Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically-Rich Languages
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Sixth Web as Corpus Workshop
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Young Investigators Workshop on Computational Approaches to Languages of the Americas
Proceedings of the Joint Fifth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation and MetricsMATR
Proceedings of the Fourth Linguistic Annotation Workshop
Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics
Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on NLP and Linguistics: Finding the Common Ground
Proceedings of the 11th Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group on Computational Morphology and Phonology
Proceedings of TextGraphs-5 - 2010 Workshop on Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 2010 Named Entities Workshop
Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Applications of Tree Automata in Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Domain Adaptation for Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Companionable Dialogue Systems
Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on GEometrical Models of Natural Language Semantics
Proceedings of the Fourteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Proceedings of the Fourteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning – Shared Task
Proceedings of the Workshop on Negation and Speculation in Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Asian Language Resouces
Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Ontologies and Lexical Resources
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on The People’s Web Meets NLP: Collaboratively Constructed Semantic Resources
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on South and Southeast Asian Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Multiword Expressions: from Theory to Applications
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Syntax and Structure in Statistical Translation
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on NLP Challenges in the Information Explosion Era (NLPIX 2010)
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Cross Lingual Information Access
CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing
Proceedings of the 6th International Natural Language Generation Conference
Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2010 Conference
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+10)

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Active Learning for Natural Language Processing

W10-01 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-0100: Front Matter

W10-0101 [bib]: Masood Ghayoomi
Using Variance as a Stopping Criterion for Active Learning of Frame Assignment

W10-0102 [bib]: Vamshi Ambati; Stephan Vogel; Jaime Carbonell
Active Semi-Supervised Learning for Improving Word Alignment

W10-0103 [bib]: Nuno Escudeiro; Alipio Jorge
D-Confidence: An Active Learning Strategy which Efficiently Identifies Small Classes

W10-0104 [bib]: Piyush Rai; Avishek Saha; Hal Daume; Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Domain Adaptation meets Active Learning

W10-0105 [bib]: Robbie Haertel; Paul Felt; Eric K. Ringger; Kevin Seppi
Parallel Active Learning: Eliminating Wait Time with Minimal Staleness

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Computational Approaches to Analysis and Generation of Emotion in Text

W10-02 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-0200: Front Matter

W10-0201 [bib]: Jerome Bellegarda
Emotion Analysis Using Latent Affective Folding and Embedding

W10-0202 [bib]: Narendra Gupta; Mazin Gilbert; Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio
Emotion Detection in Email Customer Care

W10-0203 [bib]: Amit Goyal; Ellen Riloff; Hal Daume III; Nathan Gilbert
Toward Plot Units: Automatic Affect State Analysis

W10-0204 [bib]: Saif Mohammad; Peter Turney
Emotions Evoked by Common Words and Phrases: Using Mechanical Turk to Create an Emotion Lexicon

W10-0205 [bib]: Fazel Keshtkar; Diana Inkpen
A Corpus-based Method for Extracting Paraphrases of Emotion Terms

W10-0206 [bib]: Sophia Yat Mei Lee; Ying Chen; Chu-Ren Huang
A Text-driven Rule-based System for Emotion Cause Detection

W10-0207 [bib]: J Ramanand; Krishna Bhavsar; Niranjan Pedanekar
Wishful Thinking - Finding suggestions and ’buy’ wishes from product reviews

W10-0208 [bib]: Sunghwan Mac Kim; Alessandro Valitutti; Rafael A. Calvo
Evaluation of Unsupervised Emotion Models to Textual Affect Recognition

W10-0209 [bib]: Lisa Pearl; Mark Steyvers
Identifying Emotions, Intentions, and Attitudes in Text Using a Game with a Purpose

W10-0210 [bib]: Alena Neviarouskaya; Helmut Prendinger; Mitsuru Ishizuka
@AM: Textual Attitude Analysis Model

W10-0211 [bib]: Simon Whitehead; Lawrence Cavedon
Generating Shifting Sentiment for a Conversational Agent

W10-0212 [bib]: Ekaterina P. Volkova; Betty Mohler; Detmar Meurers; Dale Gerdemann; Heinrich H. Bü"lthoff
Emotional Perception of Fairy Tales: Achieving Agreement in Emotion Annotation of Text

W10-0213 [bib]: Elena Lloret; Horacio Saggion; Manuel Palomar
Experiments on Summary-based Opinion Classification

W10-0214 [bib]: Swapna Somasundaran; Janyce Wiebe
Recognizing Stances in Ideological On-Line Debates

W10-0215 [bib]: Eva Hanser; Paul Mc Kevitt; Tom Lunney; Joan Condell
NewsViz: Emotional Visualization of News Stories

W10-0216 [bib]: Shilpa Arora; Elijah Mayfield; Carolyn Penstein Rosé; Eric Nyberg
Sentiment Classification using Automatically Extracted Subgraph Features

W10-0217 [bib]: Diman Ghazi; Diana Inkpen; Stan Szpakowicz
Hierarchical versus Flat Classification of Emotions in Text

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Second Workshop on Computational Approaches to Linguistic Creativity

W10-03 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-0300: Front Matter

W10-0301 [bib]: Luz Rello; Eduardo Basterrechea
Automatic conjugation and identification of regular and irregular verb neologisms in Spanish

W10-0302 [bib]: Karine Megerdoomian; Ali Hadjarian
Mining and Classification of Neologisms in Persian Blogs

W10-0303 [bib]: Eric P. S. Baumer; James P. White; Bill Tomlinson
Comparing Semantic Role Labeling with Typed Dependency Parsing in Computational Metaphor Identification

W10-0304 [bib]: Pablo Gervás
Engineering Linguistic Creativity: Bird Flight and Jet Planes

W10-0305 [bib]: Ananth Ramakrishnan A; Sobha Lalitha Devi
An alternate approach towards meaningful lyric generation in Tamil

W10-0306 [bib]: Jeffrey Cua; Ruli Manurung; Ethel Ong; Adam Pease
Representing Story Plans in SUMO

W10-0307 [bib]: Burr Settles
Computational Creativity Tools for Songwriters

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Writing: Writing Processes and Authoring Aids

W10-04 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-0400: Front Matter

W10-0401 [bib]: Christoph Rösener
Computational Linguistics in the Translator’s Workflow—Combining Authoring Tools and Translation Memory Systems

W10-0402 [bib]: Ulrich Schäfer; Uwe Kasterka
Scientific Authoring Support: A Tool to Navigate in Typed Citation Graphs

W10-0403 [bib]: Alfred Renaud; Fraser Shein; Vivian Tsang
Grammaticality Judgement in a Word Completion Task

W10-0404 [bib]: Raphael Mudge
The Design of a Proofreading Software Service

W10-0405 [bib]: John Milton; Vivying S.Y. Cheng
A Toolkit to Assist L2 Learners Become Independent Writers

W10-0406 [bib]: Courtney Napoles; Mark Dredze
Learning Simple Wikipedia: A Cogitation in Ascertaining Abecedarian Language

W10-0407 [bib]: Anne Ruggles Gere; Laura Aull
Questions Worth Asking: Intersections between Writing Research and Computational Linguistics

W10-0408 [bib]: Julius Goth; Alok Baikadi; Eun Young Ha; Jonathan Rowe; Bradford Mott; James Lester
Exploring Individual Differences in Student Writing with a Narrative Composition Support Environment

W10-0409 [bib]: Neil Newbold; Lee Gillam
The Linguistics of Readability: The Next Step for Word Processing

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Computational Linguistics in a World of Social Media

W10-05 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-0500: Front Matter

W10-0501 [bib]: Ablimit Aji; Eugene Agichtein
The “Nays” Have It: Exploring Effects of Sentiment in Collaborative Knowledge Sharing

W10-0502 [bib]: Robert Schumaker
An Analysis of Verbs in Financial News Articles and their Impact on Stock Price

W10-0503 [bib]: Wei Liu
Detecting Word Misuse in Chinese

W10-0504 [bib]: Juan Huerta
An Information-Retrieval Approach to Language Modeling: Applications to Social Data

W10-0505 [bib]: Tianyong Hao; Wenyin Liu; Eugene Agichtein
Towards Automatic Question Answering over Social Media by Learning Question Equivalence Patterns

W10-0506 [bib]: Jeonhyung Kang; Jihie Kim
Modeling Message Roles and Influence in Q&A Forums

W10-0507 [bib]: Jihie Kim; Aram Galstyan
Towards Modeling Social and Content Dynamics in Discussion Forums

W10-0508 [bib]: Timothy Baldwin; David Martinez; Richard Penman; Su Nam Kim; Marco Lui; Li Wang; Andrew MacKinlay
Intelligent Linux Information Access by Data Mining: the ILIAD Project

W10-0509 [bib]: Valentin Jijkoun; Wouter Weerkamp; Maarten de Rijke; Paul Ackermans; Gijs Geleijnse
Mining User Experiences from Online Forums: An Exploration

W10-0510 [bib]: Kriti Puniyani; Jacob Eisenstein; Shay B. Cohen; Eric Xing
Social Links from Latent Topics in Microblogs

W10-0511 [bib]: Khairun-nisa Hassanali; Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou
Automatic Detection of Tags for Political Blogs

W10-0512 [bib]: William J. Corvey; Sarah Vieweg; Travis Rood; Martha Palmer
Twitter in Mass Emergency: What NLP Can Contribute

W10-0513 [bib]: Saša Petrović; Miles Osborne; Victor Lavrenko
The Edinburgh Twitter Corpus

W10-0514 [bib]: Bea Alex; Claire Grover
Labelling and Spatio-Temporal Grounding of News Events

W10-0515 [bib]: Will Radford; Ben Hachey; James Curran; Maria Milosavljevic
Tracking Information Flow between Primary and Secondary News Sources

W10-0516 [bib]: Marco Pennacchiotti; Ana-Maria Popescu
Detecting controversies in Twitter: a first study

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 First Workshop on Computational Neurolinguistics

W10-06 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-0600: Front Matter

W10-0601 [bib]: Francisco Pereira; Matthew Botvinick; Greg Detre
Learning semantic features for fMRI data from definitional text

W10-0602 [bib]: Marcel van Gerven; Irina Simanova
Concept Classification with Bayesian Multi-task Learning

W10-0603 [bib]: Ahmad Babaeian Jelodar; Mehrdad Alizadeh; Shahram Khadivi
WordNet Based Features for Predicting Brain Activity associated with meanings of nouns

W10-0604 [bib]: Jaeyoung Jung; Na Li; Hiroyuki Akama
Network Analysis of Korean Word Associations

W10-0605 [bib]: Brian Murphy; Massimo Poesio
Detecting Semantic Category in Simultaneous EEG/MEG Recordings

W10-0606 [bib]: Chih-Ying Huang; Chia-Ying Lee
Hemispheric processing of Chinese polysemy in the disyllabic verb/ noun compounds: an event-related potential study

W10-0607 [bib]: Daniel Germann; Aline Villavicencio; Maity Siqueira
An Investigation on Polysemy and Lexical Organization of Verbs

W10-0608 [bib]: Colin Kelly; Barry Devereux; Anna Korhonen
Acquiring Human-like Feature-Based Conceptual Representations from Corpora

W10-0609 [bib]: Barry Devereux; Colin Kelly; Anna Korhonen
Using fMRI activation to conceptual stimuli to evaluate methods for extracting conceptual representations from corpora

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Creating Speech and Language Data with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

W10-07 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-0700: Front Matter

W10-0701 [bib]: Chris Callison-Burch; Mark Dredze
Creating Speech and Language Data With Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

W10-0702 [bib]: Mukund Jha; Jacob Andreas; Kapil Thadani; Sara Rosenthal; Kathleen McKeown
Corpus Creation for New Genres: A Crowdsourced Approach to PP Attachment

W10-0703 [bib]: Gabriel Parent; Maxine Eskenazi
Clustering dictionary definitions using Amazon Mechanical Turk

W10-0704 [bib]: Qin Gao; Stephan Vogel
Semi-supervised Word Alignment with Mechanical Turk

W10-0705 [bib]: Michael Heilman; Noah A. Smith
Rating Computer-Generated Questions with Mechanical Turk

W10-0706 [bib]: Scott Novotney; Chris Callison-Burch
Crowdsourced Accessibility: Elicitation of Wikipedia Articles

W10-0707 [bib]: Audrey Le; Jerome Ajot; Mark Przybocki; Stephanie Strassel
Document Image Collection Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

W10-0708 [bib]: Keelan Evanini; Derrick Higgins; Klaus Zechner
Using Amazon Mechanical Turk for Transcription of Non-Native Speech

W10-0709 [bib]: Michael Denkowski; Alon Lavie
Exploring Normalization Techniques for Human Judgments of Machine Translation Adequacy Collected Using Amazon Mechanical Turk

W10-0710 [bib]: Vamshi Ambati; Stephan Vogel
Can Crowds Build parallel corpora for Machine Translation Systems?

W10-0711 [bib]: Michael Denkowski; Hassan Al-Haj; Alon Lavie
Turker-Assisted Paraphrasing for English-Arabic Machine Translation

W10-0712 [bib]: Nolan Lawson; Kevin Eustice; Mike Perkowitz; Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz
Annotating Large Email Datasets for Named Entity Recognition with Mechanical Turk

W10-0713 [bib]: Tim Finin; William Murnane; Anand Karandikar; Nicholas Keller; Justin Martineau; Mark Dredze
Annotating Named Entities in Twitter Data with Crowdsourcing

W10-0714 [bib]: Chiara Higgins; Elizabeth McGrath; Laila Moretto
MTurk Crowdsourcing: A Viable Method for Rapid Discovery of Arabic Nicknames?

W10-0715 [bib]: Omar F. Zaidan; Juri Ganitkevitch
An Enriched MT Grammar for Under $100

W10-0716 [bib]: Matthew Marge; Satanjeev Banerjee; Alexander Rudnicky
Using the Amazon Mechanical Turk to Transcribe and Annotate Meeting Speech for Extractive Summarization

W10-0717 [bib]: Ann Irvine; Alexandre Klementiev
Using Mechanical Turk to Annotate Lexicons for Less Commonly Used Languages

W10-0718 [bib]: Bart Mellebeek; Francesc Benavent; Jens Grivolla; Joan Codina; Marta R. Costa-Jussà; Rafael Banchs
Opinion Mining of Spanish Customer Comments with Non-Expert Annotations on Mechanical Turk

W10-0719 [bib]: Robert Munro; Steven Bethard; Victor Kuperman; Vicky Tzuyin Lai; Robin Melnick; Christopher Potts; Tyler Schnoebelen; Harry Tily
Crowdsourcing and language studies: the new generation of linguistic data

W10-0720 [bib]: Jonathan Chang
Not-So-Latent Dirichlet Allocation: Collapsed Gibbs Sampling Using Human Judgments

W10-0721 [bib]: Cyrus Rashtchian; Peter Young; Micah Hodosh; Julia Hockenmaier
Collecting Image Annotations Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

W10-0722 [bib]: Dan Gillick; Yang Liu
Non-Expert Evaluation of Summarization Systems is Risky

W10-0723 [bib]: Tae Yano; Philip Resnik; Noah A. Smith
Shedding (a Thousand Points of) Light on Biased Language

W10-0724 [bib]: Jonathan Gordon; Benjamin Van Durme; Lenhart Schubert
Evaluation of Commonsense Knowledge with Mechanical Turk

W10-0725 [bib]: Rui Wang; Chris Callison-Burch
Cheap Facts and Counter-Facts

W10-0726 [bib]: Stephen Kunath; Steven Weinberger
The Wisdom of the Crowdâs Ear: Speech Accent Rating and Annotation with Amazon Mechanical Turk

W10-0727 [bib]: Catherine Grady; Matthew Lease
Crowdsourcing Document Relevance Assessment with Mechanical Turk

W10-0728 [bib]: Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz; Imre Solti; Fei Xia; Scott Halgrim
Preliminary Experiments with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for Annotating Medical Named Entities

W10-0729 [bib]: Ian Lane; Matthias Eck; Kay Rottmann; Alex Waibel
Tools for Collecting Speech Corpora via Mechanical-Turk

W10-0730 [bib]: Nitin Madnani; Jordan Boyd-Graber; Philip Resnik
Measuring Transitivity Using Untrained Annotators

W10-0731 [bib]: Cem Akkaya; Alexander Conrad; Janyce Wiebe; Rada Mihalcea
Amazon Mechanical Turk for Subjectivity Word Sense Disambiguation

W10-0732 [bib]: Matthew R. Gormley; Adam Gerber; Mary Harper; Mark Dredze
Non-Expert Correction of Automatically Generated Relation Annotations

W10-0733 [bib]: Michael Bloodgood; Chris Callison-Burch
Using Mechanical Turk to Build Machine Translation Evaluation Sets

W10-0734 [bib]: Matteo Negri; Yashar Mehdad
Creating a Bi-lingual Entailment Corpus through Translations with Mechanical Turk: $100 for a 10-day Rush

W10-0735 [bib]: Olivia Buzek; Philip Resnik; Ben Bederson
Error Driven Paraphrase Annotation using Mechanical Turk

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT Workshop on Extracting and Using Constructions in Computational Linguistics

W10-0800: Front Matter

W10-0801 [bib]: Jena D. Hwang; Rodney D. Nielsen; Martha Palmer
Towards a Domain Independent Semantics: Enhancing Semantic Representation with Construction Grammar

W10-0802 [bib]: Matthew O’Donnell; Nick Ellis
Towards an Inventory of English Verb Argument Constructions

W10-0803 [bib]: Cecily Jill Duffield; Jena D. Hwang; Laura A. Michaelis
Identifying Assertions in Text and Discourse: The Presentational Relative Clause Construction

W10-0804 [bib]: David Wible; Nai-Lung Tsao
StringNet as a Computational Resource for Discovering and Investigating Linguistic Constructions

W10-0805 [bib]: Soma Paul; Prashant Mathur; Sushant Kishore
Syntactic Construct : An Aid for translating English Nominal Compound into Hindi

W10-0806 [bib]: Gerhard van Huyssteen; Marelie Davel
Automatic Extraction of Constructional Schemas

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 First International Workshop on Formalisms and Methodology for Learning by Reading

W10-09 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-0900: Front Matter

W10-0901 [bib]: Peter Clark; Phil Harrison
Machine Reading as a Process of Partial Question-Answering

W10-0902 [bib]: Doo Soon Kim; Ken Barker; Bruce Porter
Building an end-to-end text reading system based on a packed representation

W10-0903 [bib]: Anselmo Peñas; Eduard Hovy
Semantic Enrichment of Text with Background Knowledge

W10-0904 [bib]: Chris Welty; James Fan; David Gondek; Andrew Schlaikjer
Large Scale Relation Detection

W10-0905 [bib]: Niels Kasch; Tim Oates
Mining Script-Like Structures from the Web

W10-0906 [bib]: Matthew Gerber; Andrew Gordon; Kenji Sagae
Open-domain Commonsense Reasoning Using Discourse Relations from a Corpus of Weblog Stories

W10-0907 [bib]: Janara Christensen; Mausam; Stephen Soderland; Oren Etzioni
Semantic Role Labeling for Open Information Extraction

W10-0908 [bib]: Marjorie Freedman; Edward Loper; Elizabeth Boschee; Ralph Weischedel
Empirical Studies in Learning to Read

W10-0909 [bib]: Janardhan Rao Doppa; Mohammad NasrEsfahani; Mohammad Sorower; Thomas G. Dietterich; Xiaoli Fern; Prasad Tadepalli
Learning Rules from Incomplete Examples: A Pragmatic Approach

W10-0910 [bib]: Zareen Syed; Tim Finin
Unsupervised techniques for discovering ontology elements from Wikipedia article links

W10-0911 [bib]: Hoifung Poon; Janara Christensen; Pedro Domingos; Oren Etzioni; Raphael Hoffmann; Chloe Kiddon; Thomas Lin; Xiao Ling; Mausam; Alan Ritter; Stefan Schoenmackers; Stephen Soderland; Dan Weld; Fei Wu; Congle Zhang
Machine Reading at the University of Washington

W10-0912 [bib]: David Barbella; Kenneth Forbus
Analogical Dialogue Acts: Supporting Learning by Reading Analogies

W10-0913 [bib]: Zareen Syed; Evelyne Viegas
A Hybrid Approach to Unsupervised Relation Discovery Based on Linguistic Analysis and Semantic Typing

W10-0914 [bib]: Annie Zaenen; Cleo Condoravdi; Daniel Bobrow; Raphael Hoffmann
Supporting rule-based representations with corpus-derived lexical information.

W10-0915 [bib]: James Fan; David Ferrucci; David Gondek; Aditya Kalyanpur
PRISMATIC: Inducing Knowledge from a Large Scale Lexicalized Relation Resource

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Fifth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

W10-10 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-1000: Front Matter

W10-1001 [bib]: Sandra Aluisio; Lucia Specia; Caroline Gasperin; Carolina Scarton
Readability Assessment for Text Simplification

W10-1002 [bib]: Detmar Meurers; Ramon Ziai; Luiz Amaral; Adriane Boyd; Aleksandar Dimitrov; Vanessa Metcalf; Niels Ott
Enhancing Authentic Web Pages for Language Learners

W10-1003 [bib]: Martí Quixal; Susanne Preuß; David García-Narbona; Beto Boullosa
AutoLearn’s authoring tool: a piece of cake for teachers

W10-1004 [bib]: Alla Rozovskaya; Dan Roth
Annotating ESL Errors: Challenges and Rewards

W10-1005 [bib]: Michael Gamon; Claudia Leacock
Search right and thou shalt find ... Using Web Queries for Learner Error Detection

W10-1006 [bib]: Joel Tetreault; Elena Filatova; Martin Chodorow
Rethinking Grammatical Error Annotation and Evaluation with the Amazon Mechanical Turk

W10-1007 [bib]: Adam Skory; Maxine Eskenazi
Predicting Cloze Task Quality for Vocabulary Training

W10-1008 [bib]: Jason Perry; Chung-chieh Shan
Generating Quantifiers and Negation to Explain Homework Testing

W10-1009 [bib]: Kristy Boyer; Rob Phillips; Eun Young Ha; Michael Wallis; Mladen Vouk; James Lester
Leveraging Hidden Dialogue State to Select Tutorial Moves

W10-1010 [bib]: Lei Chen; Joel Tetreault; Xiaoming Xi
Towards Using Structural Events To Assess Non-native Speech

W10-1011 [bib]: Jee Eun Kim; Kong Joo Lee
A Human-Computer Collaboration Approach to Improve Accuracy of an Automated English Scoring System

W10-1012 [bib]: Jihie Kim; Jia Li; Taehwan Kim
Towards Identifying Unresolved Discussions in Student Online Forums

W10-1013 [bib]: Annie Louis; Derrick Higgins
Off-topic essay detection using short prompt texts

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Second Louhi Workshop on Text and Data Mining of Health Documents

W10-11 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-1100: Front Matter

W10-1101 [bib]: Karin Friberg Heppin
MedEval- A Swedish Medical Test Collection with Doctors and Patients User Groups

W10-1102 [bib]: Ramanjot Singh Bhatia; Amber Graystone; Ross A Davies; Susan McClinton; Jason Morin; Richard F Davies
Extracting Information for Generating A Diabetes Report Card from Free Text in Physicians Notes

W10-1103 [bib]: Maria Skeppstedt
Negation Detection in Swedish Clinical Text

W10-1104 [bib]: Stephanie Schreitter; Alexandra Klein; Johannes Matiasek; Harald Trost
Using Domain Knowledge about Medications to Correct Recognition Errors in Medical Report Creation

W10-1105 [bib]: Peter von Etter; Silja Huttunen; Arto Vihavainen; Matti Vuorinen; Roman Yangarber
Assessment of Utility in Web Mining for the Domain of Public Health

W10-1106 [bib]: Melanie Martin
Reliability and Type of Consumer Health Documents on the World Wide Web: an Annotation Study

W10-1107 [bib]: Genevieve B. Melton; SungRim Moon; Bridget McInnes; Serguei Pakhomov
Automated Identification of Synonyms in Biomedical Acronym Sense Inventories

W10-1108 [bib]: Helen Allvin; Elin Carlsson; Hercules Dalianis; Riitta Danielsson-Ojala; Vidas Daudaravicius; Martin Hassel; Dimitrios Kokkinakis; Heljä Lundgren-Laine; Gunnar Nilsson; Øystein Nytrø; Sanna Salanterä; Maria Skeppstedt; Hanna Suominen; Sumithra Velupillai
Characteristics and Analysis of Finnish and Swedish Clinical Intensive Care Nursing Narratives

W10-1109: Scott Halgrim; Fei Xia; Imre Solti; Eithon Cadag; Özlem Uzuner
Extracting Medication Information from Discharge Summaries

W10-1110 [bib]: Dimitrios Kokkinakis; Maria Toporowska Gronostaj
Linking SweFN++ with Medical Resources, towards a MedFrameNet for Swedish

W10-1111 [bib]: Lynette Hirschman; John Aberdeen
Measuring Risk and Information Preservation: Toward New Metrics for De-identification of Clinical Texts

W10-1112 [bib]: Francisco Roque; Laura Slaughter; Aleksandr Tkatšenko
A Comparison of Several Key Information Visualization Systems for Secondary Use of Electronic Health Record Content

W10-1113 [bib]: Julia Medori; Cédrick Fairon
Machine learning and features selection for semi-automatic ICD-9-CM encoding

W10-1114 [bib]: Sein Lin; Jun-Ping Ng; Shreyasee Pradhan; Jatin Shah; Ricardo Pietrobon; Min-Yen Kan
Extracting Formulaic and Free Text Clinical Research Articles Metadata using Conditional Random Fields

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Semantic Search

W10-12 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-1200: Front Matter

W10-1201 [bib]: Asli Celikyilmaz; Dilek Hakkani-Tur; Gokhan Tur
LDA Based Similarity Modeling for Question Answering

W10-1202 [bib]: Nikhil Johri; Dan Roth; Yuancheng Tu
Experts’ Retrieval with Multiword-Enhanced Author Topic Model

W10-1203 [bib]: Si-Chi Chin; Rhonda DeCook; W. Nick Street; David Eichmann
Query-based Text Normalization Selection Models for Enhanced Retrieval Accuracy

W10-1204 [bib]: Asli Celikyilmaz; Dilek Hakkani-Tur
A Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Question Semantic Labeling

W10-1205 [bib]: Narendra Gupta; Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio; Patrick Haffner
Capturing the Stars: Predicting Ratings for Service and Product Reviews

W10-1206 [bib]: Kim Pham; Nicholas Rizzolo; Kevin Small; Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang; Dan Roth
Object Search: Supporting Structured Queries in Web Search Engines

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

W10-13 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-1300: Front Matter

W10-1301 [bib]: Rolf Black; Joseph Reddington; Ehud Reiter; Nava Tintarev; Annalu Waller
Using NLG and Sensors to Support Personal Narrative for Children with Complex Communication Needs

W10-1302 [bib]: Martin Dempster; Norman Alm; Ehud Reiter
Automatic generation of conversational utterances and narrative for Augmentative and Alternative Communication: a prototype system

W10-1303 [bib]: Kathleen F. McCoy; Jan Bedrosian; Linda Hoag
Implications of Pragmatic and Cognitive Theories on the Design of Utterance-Based AAC Systems

W10-1304 [bib]: Brian Roark; Jacques de Villiers; Christopher Gibbons; Melanie Fried-Oken
Scanning methods and language modeling for binary switch typing

W10-1305 [bib]: Suzanne Boyce; Harriet Fell; Joel MacAuslan; Lorin Wilde
A Platform for Automated Acoustic Analysis for Assistive Technology

W10-1306 [bib]: Shanee Dawkins; Juan Gilbert
An Approach for Anonymous Spelling for Voter Write-Ins Using Speech Interaction

W10-1307 [bib]: Rebecca Lunsford; Peter A. Heeman
Using Reinforcement Learning to Create Communication Channel Management Strategies for Diverse Users

W10-1308 [bib]: Xiaojuan Ma; Christiane Fellbaum; Perry Cook
A Multimodal Vocabulary for Augmentative and Alternative Communication from Sound/Image Label Datasets

W10-1309 [bib]: Brian Roark
Demo Session Abstracts

W10-1310 [bib]: Harsh Vardhan Sharma; Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
State-Transition Interpolation and MAP Adaptation for HMM-based Dysarthric Speech Recognition

W10-1311 [bib]: Frank Rudzicz
Towards a noisy-channel model of dysarthria in speech recognition

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Collecting a Motion-Capture Corpus of American Sign Language for Data-Driven Generation Research

W10-1313 [bib]: Debra Yarrington; Kathleen F. McCoy
Automated Skimming System in Response to Questions for NonVisual Readers

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 First Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically-Rich Languages

W10-14 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-1400: Front Matter

W10-1401 [bib]: Reut Tsarfaty; Djamé Seddah; Yoav Goldberg; Sandra Kuebler; Yannick Versley; Marie Candito; Jennifer Foster; Ines Rehbein; Lamia Tounsi
Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages (SPMRL) What, How and Whither

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Improving Arabic Dependency Parsing with Lexical and Inflectional Morphological Features

W10-1403 [bib]: Bharat Ram Ambati; Samar Husain; Sambhav Jain; Dipti Misra Sharma; Rajeev Sangal
Two Methods to Incorporate ’Local Morphosyntactic’ Features in Hindi Dependency Parsing

W10-1404 [bib]: Kepa Bengoetxea; Koldo Gojenola
Application of Different Techniques to Dependency Parsing of Basque

W10-1405 [bib]: Reut Tsarfaty; Khalil Sima’an
Modeling Morphosyntactic Agreement in Constituency-Based Parsing of Modern Hebrew

W10-1406 [bib]: Tagyoung Chung; Matt Post; Daniel Gildea
Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Korean Parsing

W10-1407 [bib]: Wolfgang Maier
Direct Parsing of Discontinuous Constituents in German

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Handling Unknown Words in Statistical Latent-Variable Parsing Models for Arabic, English and French

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Parsing Word Clusters

W10-1410 [bib]: Djamé Seddah; Grzegorz Chrupała; Ozlem Cetinoglu; Josef van Genabith; Marie Candito
Lemmatization and Lexicalized Statistical Parsing of Morphologically-Rich Languages: the Case of French

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On the Role of Morphosyntactic Features in Hindi Dependency Parsing

W10-1412 [bib]: Yoav Goldberg; Michael Elhadad
Easy-First Dependency Parsing of Modern Hebrew

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Sixth Web as Corpus Workshop

W10-15 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-1500: Front Matter

W10-1501 [bib]: Emiliano Raul Guevara
NoWaC: a large web-based corpus for Norwegian

W10-1502 [bib]: Markus Dickinson; Ross Israel; Sun-Hee Lee
Building a Korean Web Corpus for Analyzing Learner Language

W10-1503 [bib]: Amit Goyal; Jagadeesh Jagaralamudi; Hal Daumé III; Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Sketching Techniques for Large Scale NLP

W10-1504 [bib]: George Dillon
Building Webcorpora of Academic Prose with BootCaT

W10-1505 [bib]: Stefan Evert
Google Web 1T 5-Grams Made Easy (but not for the computer)

Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Young Investigators Workshop on Computational Approaches to Languages of the Americas

W10-16 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-1600: Front Matter

W10-1601 [bib]: Thiago Pardo; Caroline Gasperin; Helena de Medeiros Caseli; Maria das Graças Nunes
Computational Linguistics in Brazil: An Overview

W10-1602 [bib]: Laura Alonso Alemany; Gabriel Infante-Lopez
Data-driven computational linguistics at FaMAF-UNC, Argentina

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Variable-Length Markov Models and Ambiguous Words in Portuguese

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Using Common Sense to generate culturally contextualized Machine Translation

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Human Language Technology for Text-based Analysis of Psychotherapy Sessions in the Spanish Language

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Computational Linguistics in Costa Rica: an overview

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Fostering Digital Inclusion and Accessibility: The PorSimples project for Simplification of Portuguese Texts

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Opinion Identification in Spanish Texts

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A Machine Learning Approach for Recognizing Textual Entailment in Spanish

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The emergence of the modern concept of introspection: a quantitative linguistic analysis

W10-1611 [bib]: Diego Burgos
Combining CBIR and NLP for Multilingual Terminology Alignment and Cross-Language Image Indexing

W10-1612 [bib]: Ivana Romina Altamirano; Laura Alonso Alemany
IRASubcat, a highly parametrizable, language independent tool for the acquisition of verbal subcategorization information from corpus

W10-1613 [bib]: Ariani Di Felippo
The TermiNet Project: an Overview

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Automated Detection of Language Issues Affecting Accuracy, Ambiguity and Verifiability in Software Requirements Written in Natural Language

W10-1615 [bib]: Cesar Aguilar; Olga Acosta; Gerardo Sierra
Recognition and extraction of definitional contexts in Spanish for sketching a lexical network

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Computational Linguistics for helping Requirements Elicitation: a dream about Automated Software Development

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Text Generation for Brazilian Portuguese: the Surface Realization Task

W10-1618 [bib]: Luciana Benotti; Paula Estrella; Carlos Areces
Dialogue Systems for Virtual Environments

Proceedings of the Joint Fifth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation and MetricsMATR

W10-17 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-1700: Front Matter

W10-1701 [bib]: Qin Gao; Nguyen Bach; Stephan Vogel
A Semi-Supervised Word Alignment Algorithm with Partial Manual Alignments

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Fast Consensus Hypothesis Regeneration for Machine Translation

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2010 Failures in English-Czech Phrase-Based MT

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Further Experiments with Shallow Hybrid MT Systems

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Improved Features and Grammar Selection for Syntax-Based MT

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FBK at WMT 2010: Word Lattices for Morphological Reduction and Chunk-Based Reordering

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Using Collocation Segmentation to Augment the Phrase Table

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The RALI Machine Translation System for WMT 2010

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Exodus - Exploring SMT for EU Institutions

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More Linguistic Annotation for Statistical Machine Translation

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LIUM SMT Machine Translation System for WMT 2010

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Lessons from NRC’s Portage System at WMT 2010

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The Cunei Machine Translation Platform for WMT ’10

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The LIG Machine Translation System for WMT 2010

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Linear Inversion Transduction Grammar Alignments as a Second Translation Path

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Reproducible Results in Parsing-Based Machine Translation: The JHU Shared Task Submission

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Vs and OOVs: Two Problems for Translation between German and English

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To Cache or Not To Cache? Experiments with Adaptive Models in Statistical Machine Translation

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Applying Morphological Decompositions to Statistical Machine Translation

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Maximum Entropy Translation Model in Dependency-Based MT Framework

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UCH-UPV English–Spanish System for WMT10

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Hierarchical Phrase-Based MT at the Charles University for the WMT 2010 Shared Task

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Incremental Decoding for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

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How to Avoid Burning Ducks: Combining Linguistic Analysis and Corpus Statistics for German Compound Processing

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Chunk-Based Verb Reordering in VSO Sentences for Arabic-English Statistical Machine Translation

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Head Finalization: A Simple Reordering Rule for SOV Languages

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Aiding Pronoun Translation with Co-Reference Resolution

W10-1738 [bib]: David Vilar; Daniel Stein; Matthias Huck; Hermann Ney
Jane: Open Source Hierarchical Translation, Extended with Reordering and Lexicon Models

W10-1739 [bib]: Loïc Barrault
MANY: Open Source MT System Combination at WMT’10

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Adaptive Model Weighting and Transductive Regression for Predicting Best System Combinations

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L1 Regularized Regression for Reranking and System Combination in Machine Translation

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An Augmented Three-Pass System Combination Framework: DCU Combination System for WMT 2010

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W10-1744 [bib]: Kenneth Heafield; Alon Lavie
CMU Multi-Engine Machine Translation for WMT 2010

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CMU System Combination via Hypothesis Selection for WMT’10

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JHU System Combination Scheme for WMT 2010

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The RWTH System Combination System for WMT 2010

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BBN System Description for WMT10 System Combination Task

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LRscore for Evaluating Lexical and Reordering Quality in MT

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Document-Level Automatic MT Evaluation based on Discourse Representations

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METEOR-NEXT and the METEOR Paraphrase Tables: Improved Evaluation Support for Five Target Languages

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Normalized Compression Distance Based Measures for MetricsMATR 2010

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The DCU Dependency-Based Metric in WMT-MetricsMATR 2010

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TESLA: Translation Evaluation of Sentences with Linear-Programming-Based Analysis

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The Parameter-Optimized ATEC Metric for MT Evaluation

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A Unified Approach to Minimum Risk Training and Decoding

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N-Best Reranking by Multitask Learning

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Taming Structured Perceptrons on Wild Feature Vectors

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Translation Model Adaptation by Resampling

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Integration of Multiple Bilingually-Learned Segmentation Schemes into Statistical Machine Translation

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Improved Translation with Source Syntax Labels

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Decision Trees for Lexical Smoothing in Statistical Machine Translation

Proceedings of the Fourth Linguistic Annotation Workshop

W10-18 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-1800: Front Matter

W10-1801 [bib]: Ester Boldrini; Alexandra Balahur; Patricio Martínez-Barco; Andrés Montoyo
EmotiBlog: A Finer-Grained and More Precise Learning of Subjectivity Expression Models

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Error-Tagged Learner Corpus of Czech

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Annotation Scheme for Social Network Extraction from Text

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Agile Corpus Annotation in Practice: An Overview of Manual and Automatic Annotation of CVs

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Consistency Checking for Treebank Alignment

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Influence of Pre-Annotation on POS-Tagged Corpus Development

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To Annotate More Accurately or to Annotate More

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Annotating Underquantification

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PropBank Annotation of Multilingual Light Verb Constructions

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Retrieving Correct Semantic Boundaries in Dependency Structure

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Complex Predicates Annotation in a Corpus of Portuguese

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Using an Online Tool for the Documentation of Edo Language

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Cross-Lingual Validity of PropBank in the Manual Annotation of French

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Characteristics of High Agreement Affect Annotation in Text

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The Deep Re-Annotation in a Chinese Scientific Treebank

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The Unified Annotation of Syntax and Discourse in the Copenhagen Dependency Treebanks

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Identifying Sources of Inter-Annotator Variation: Evaluating Two Models of Argument Analysis

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Dependency-Based PropBanking of Clinical Finnish

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Building the Syntactic Reference Corpus of Medieval French Using NotaBene RDF Annotation Tool

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Chunking German: An Unsolved Problem

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Proposal for MWE Annotation in Running Text

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A Feature Type Classification for Therapeutic Purposes: A Preliminary Evaluation with Non-Expert Speakers

W10-1824 [bib]: Sun-Hee Lee; Jae-young Song
Annotating Korean Demonstratives

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Creating and Exploiting a Resource of Parallel Parses

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From Descriptive Annotation to Grammar Specification

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An Annotation Schema for Preposition Senses in German

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OTTO: A Transcription and Management Tool for Historical Texts

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Multimodal Annotation of Conversational Data

W10-1830 [bib]: Martin Volk; Anne Goehring; Torsten Marek
Combining Parallel Treebanks and Geo-Tagging

W10-1831 [bib]: Jirka Hana; Anna Feldman
Challenges of Cheap Resource Creation

W10-1832 [bib]: Berfin Aktaş; Cem Bozşahin; Deniz Zeyrek
Discourse Relation Configurations in Turkish and an Annotation Environment

W10-1833 [bib]: Michael Bada; Miriam Eckert; Martha Palmer; Lawrence Hunter
An Overview of the CRAFT Concept Annotation Guidelines

W10-1834 [bib]: Gerlof Bouma
Syntactic Tree Queries in Prolog

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An Integrated Tool for Annotating Historical Corpora

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The Revised Arabic PropBank

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PackPlay: Mining Semantic Data in Collaborative Games

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A Proposal for a Configurable Silver Standard

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A Hybrid Model for Annotating Named Entity Training Corpora

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Anatomy of Annotation Schemes: Mapping to GrAF

W10-1841 [bib]: John Niekrasz; Johanna D. Moore
Annotating Participant Reference in English Spoken Conversation

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Design and Evaluation of Shared Prosodic Annotation for Spontaneous French Speech: From Expert Knowledge to Non-Expert Annotation

W10-1843 [bib]: José Deulofeu; Lucie Duffort; Kim Gerdes; Sylvain Kahane; Paola Pietrandrea
Depends on What the French Say - Spoken Corpus Annotation with and beyond Syntactic Functions

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The Annotation Scheme of the Turkish Discourse Bank and an Evaluation of Inconsistent Annotations

Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing

W10-19 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-1900: Front Matter

W10-1901 [bib]: Andreas Vlachos
Two Strong Baselines for the BioNLP 2009 Event Extraction Task

W10-1902 [bib]: Jingchen Liu; Minlie Huang; Xiaoyan Zhu
Recognizing Biomedical Named Entities Using Skip-Chain Conditional Random Fields

W10-1903 [bib]: Tomoko Ohta; Sampo Pyysalo; Makoto Miwa; Jin-Dong Kim; Jun’ichi Tsujii
Event Extraction for Post-Translational Modifications

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Scaling up Biomedical Event Extraction to the Entire PubMed

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A Comparative Study of Syntactic Parsers for Event Extraction

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Arguments of Nominals in Semantic Interpretation of Biomedical Text

W10-1907 [bib]: Laura Plaza; Mark Stevenson; Alberto Díaz
Improving Summarization of Biomedical Documents Using Word Sense Disambiguation

W10-1908 [bib]: Mukund Jha; Noemie Elhadad
Cancer Stage Prediction Based on Patient Online Discourse

W10-1909 [bib]: Martin Gerner; Goran Nenadic; Casey M. Bergman
An Exploration of Mining Gene Expression Mentions and Their Anatomical Locations from Biomedical Text

W10-1910 [bib]: Emilia Apostolova; Noriko Tomuro
Exploring Surface-Level Heuristics for Negation and Speculation Discovery in Clinical Texts

W10-1911 [bib]: Md. Faisal Mahbub Chowdhury; Alberto Lavelli
Disease Mention Recognition with Specific Features

W10-1912 [bib]: Oana Frunza; Diana Inkpen
Extraction of Disease-Treatment Semantic Relations from Biomedical Sentences

W10-1913 [bib]: Yufan Guo; Anna Korhonen; Maria Liakata; Ilona Silins; Lin Sun; Ulla Stenius
Identifying the Information Structure of Scientific Abstracts: An Investigation of Three Different Schemes

W10-1914 [bib]: Juho Heimonen; Jari Björne; Tapio Salakoski
Reconstruction of Semantic Relationships from Their Projections in Biomolecular Domain

W10-1915 [bib]: Robert Leaman; Laura Wojtulewicz; Ryan Sullivan; Annie Skariah; Jian Yang; Graciela Gonzalez
Towards Internet-Age Pharmacovigilance: Extracting Adverse Drug Reactions from User Posts in Health-Related Social Networks

W10-1916 [bib]: Roser Morante
Semantic Role Labeling of Gene Regulation Events: Preliminary Results

W10-1917 [bib]: Nona Naderi; René Witte
Ontology-Based Extraction and Summarization of Protein Mutation Impact Information

W10-1918 [bib]: Heekyong Park; Jinwook Choi
Extracting Distinctive Features of Swine (H1N1) Flu through Data Mining Clinical Documents

W10-1919 [bib]: Sampo Pyysalo; Tomoko Ohta; Han-Cheol Cho; Dan Sullivan; Chunhong Mao; Bruno Sobral; Jun’ichi Tsujii; Sophia Ananiadou
Towards Event Extraction from Full Texts on Infectious Diseases

W10-1920 [bib]: Amber Stubbs; Benjamin Harshfield
Applying the TARSQI Toolkit to Augment Text Mining of EHRs

W10-1921 [bib]: Sofie Van Landeghem; Sampo Pyysalo; Tomoko Ohta; Yves Van de Peer
Integration of Static Relations to Enhance Event Extraction from Text

Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics

W10-20 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-2000: Front Matter

W10-2001 [bib]: Stella Frank; Sharon Goldwater; Frank Keller
Using Sentence Type Information for Syntactic Category Acquisition

W10-2002 [bib]: David Reitter; Christian Lebiere
Did Social Networks Shape Language Evolution? A Multi-Agent Cognitive Simulation

W10-2003 [bib]: Alex Fine; Ting Qian; T. Florian Jaeger; Robert Jacobs
Syntactic Adaptation in Language Comprehension

W10-2004 [bib]: Tim Miller; William Schuler
HHMM Parsing with Limited Parallelism

W10-2005 [bib]: Marisa Ferrara Boston
The Role of Memory in Superiority Violation Gradience

W10-2006 [bib]: Ting Qian; T. Florian Jaeger
Close = Relevant? The Role of Context in Efficient Language Production

W10-2007 [bib]: Gerhard Kremer; Marco Baroni
Predicting Cognitively Salient Modifiers of the Constitutive Parts of Concepts

W10-2008 [bib]: Mattias Nilsson; Joakim Nivre
Towards a Data-Driven Model of Eye Movement Control in Reading

W10-2009 [bib]: Harm Brouwer; Hartmut Fitz; John Hoeks
Modeling the Noun Phrase versus Sentence Coordination Ambiguity in Dutch: Evidence from Surprisal Theory

W10-2010 [bib]: Stefan Frank
Uncertainty Reduction as a Measure of Cognitive Processing Effort

Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on NLP and Linguistics: Finding the Common Ground

W10-21 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-2100: Front Matter

W10-2101 [bib]: Shakthi Poornima; Jeff Good
Modeling and Encoding Traditional Wordlists for Machine Applications

W10-2102 [bib]: Qi Su; Chu-Ren Huang; Kai-yun Chen
Evidentiality for Text Trustworthiness Detection

W10-2103 [bib]: Dipti Misra Sharma
On the Role of NLP in Linguistics

W10-2104 [bib]: Alexis Dimitriadis
Matching Needs and Resources: How NLP Can Help Theoretical Linguistics

W10-2105 [bib]: Barbara Plank; Gertjan van Noord
Grammar-Driven versus Data-Driven: Which Parsing System Is More Affected by Domain Shifts?

W10-2106 [bib]: Sina Zarrieß; Aoife Cahill; Jonas Kuhn; Christian Rohrer
A Cross-Lingual Induction Technique for German Adverbial Participles

W10-2107 [bib]: Andrew Caines; Paula Buttery
You Talking to Me? A Predictive Model for Zero Auxiliary Constructions

W10-2108 [bib]: Tanja Samardžić; Paola Merlo
Cross-Lingual Variation of Light Verb Constructions: Using Parallel Corpora and Automatic Alignment for Linguistic Research

W10-2109 [bib]: Paul Cook; Suzanne Stevenson
No Sentence Is Too Confusing To Ignore

W10-2110 [bib]: Thomas Mayer; Christian Rohrdantz; Frans Plank; Peter Bak; Miriam Butt; Daniel A. Keim
Consonant Co-Occurrence in Stems across Languages: Automatic Analysis and Visualization of a Phonotactic Constraint

W10-2111 [bib]: Eduard Hovy
Injecting Linguistics into NLP through Annotation

Proceedings of the 11th Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group on Computational Morphology and Phonology

W10-22 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-2200: Front Matter

W10-2201 [bib]: Fred Mailhot
Instance-Based Acquisition of Vowel Harmony

W10-2202 [bib]: Sara Finley
Verifying Vowel Harmony Typologies

W10-2203 [bib]: Giorgio Magri
Complexity of the Acquisition of Phonotactics in Optimality Theory

W10-2204 [bib]: Jeffrey Heinz; Cesar Koirala
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Feature-Based Distributions

W10-2205 [bib]: Kimmo Koskenniemi; Miikka Silfverberg
A Method for Compiling Two-Level Rules with Multiple Contexts

W10-2206 [bib]: Jelena Prokic; Tim Van de Cruys
Exploring Dialect Phonetic Variation Using PARAFAC

W10-2207 [bib]: Jason A. Shaw; Adamantios I. Gafos
Quantitative Evaluation of Competing Syllable Parses

W10-2208 [bib]: Thomas Mayer
Toward a Totally Unsupervised, Language-Independent Method for the Syllabification of Written Texts

W10-2209 [bib]: Bryan Jurish
Comparing Canonicalizations of Historical German Text

W10-2210 [bib]: Oskar Kohonen; Sami Virpioja; Krista Lagus
Semi-Supervised Learning of Concatenative Morphology

W10-2211 [bib]: Mikko Kurimo; Sami Virpioja; Ville Turunen; Krista Lagus
Morpho Challenge 2005-2010: Evaluations and Results

Proceedings of TextGraphs-5 - 2010 Workshop on Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing

W10-23 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-2300: Front Matter

W10-2301 [bib]: Zheng Chen; Heng Ji
Graph-Based Clustering for Computational Linguistics: A Survey

W10-2302 [bib]: Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira; Paulo Gomes
Towards the Automatic Creation of a Wordnet from a Term-Based Lexical Network

W10-2303 [bib]: Daniel German; Aline Villavicencio; Maity Siqueira
An Investigation on the Influence of Frequency on the Lexical Organization of Verbs

W10-2304 [bib]: Diego De Cao; Roberto Basili; Matteo Luciani; Francesco Mesiano; Riccardo Rossi
Robust and Efficient Page Rank for Word Sense Disambiguation

W10-2305 [bib]: Martijn Wieling; John Nerbonne
Hierarchical Spectral Partitioning of Bipartite Graphs to Cluster Dialects and Identify Distinguishing Features

W10-2306 [bib]: Jessica Enright
A Character-Based Intersection Graph Approach to Linguistic Phylogeny

W10-2307 [bib]: Edwin Hancock
Spectral Approaches to Learning in the Graph Domain

W10-2308 [bib]: Olof Görnerup; Jussi Karlgren
Cross-Lingual Comparison between Distributionally Determined Word Similarity Networks

W10-2309 [bib]: Chris Biemann
Co-Occurrence Cluster Features for Lexical Substitutions in Context

W10-2310 [bib]: Geetu Ambwani; Anthony Davis
Contextually-Mediated Semantic Similarity Graphs for Topic Segmentation

W10-2311 [bib]: Vincent Archer
MuLLinG: MultiLevel Linguistic Graphs for Knowledge Extraction

W10-2312 [bib]: Maria Lucia Castro Jorge; Thiago Pardo
Experiments with CST-Based Multidocument Summarization

W10-2313 [bib]: Diego Raphael Amancio; Renato Fabbri; Osvaldo Novais Oliveira Jr.; Maria das Graças Volpe Nunes; Luciano da Fontoura Costa
Distinguishing between Positive and Negative Opinions with Complex Network Features

W10-2314 [bib]: Pamela Zontone; Giulia Boato; Jonathon Hare; Paul Lewis; Stefan Siersdorfer; Enrico Minack
Image and Collateral Text in Support of Auto-Annotation and Sentiment Analysis

W10-2315 [bib]: Gabriele Tatzl; Christoph Waldhauser
Aggregating Opinions: Explorations into Graphs and Media Content Analysis

W10-2316 [bib]: Fumiyo Fukumoto; Akina Sakai; Yoshimi Suzuki
Eliminating Redundancy by Spectral Relaxation for Multi-Document Summarization

W10-2317 [bib]: Martin Fagerlund; Magnus Merkel; Lars Eldén; Lars Ahrenberg
Computing Word Senses by Semantic Mirroring and Spectral Graph Partitioning

Proceedings of the 2010 Named Entities Workshop

W10-24 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-2400: Front Matter

W10-2401 [bib]: Haizhou Li; A Kumaran; Min Zhang; Vladimir Pervouchine
Report of NEWS 2010 Transliteration Generation Shared Task

W10-2402 [bib]: Haizhou Li; A Kumaran; Min Zhang; Vladimir Pervouchine
Whitepaper of NEWS 2010 Shared Task on Transliteration Generation

W10-2403 [bib]: A Kumaran; Mitesh M. Khapra; Haizhou Li
Report of NEWS 2010 Transliteration Mining Shared Task

W10-2404 [bib]: A Kumaran; Mitesh M. Khapra; Haizhou Li
Whitepaper of NEWS 2010 Shared Task on Transliteration Mining

W10-2405 [bib]: Sittichai Jiampojamarn; Kenneth Dwyer; Shane Bergsma; Aditya Bhargava; Qing Dou; Mi-Young Kim; Grzegorz Kondrak
Transliteration Generation and Mining with Limited Training Resources

W10-2406 [bib]: Andrew Finch; Eiichiro Sumita
Transliteration Using a Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation System to Re-Score the Output of a Joint Multigram Model

W10-2407 [bib]: Kareem Darwish
Transliteration Mining with Phonetic Conflation and Iterative Training

W10-2408 [bib]: Sara Noeman; Amgad Madkour
Language Independent Transliteration Mining System Using Finite State Automata Framework

W10-2409 [bib]: Yan Song; Chunyu Kit; Hai Zhao
Reranking with Multiple Features for Better Transliteration

W10-2410 [bib]: Chai Wutiwiwatchai; Ausdang Thangthai
Syllable-Based Thai-English Machine Transliteration

W10-2411 [bib]: Amitava Das; Tanik Saikh; Tapabrata Mondal; Asif Ekbal; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
English to Indian Languages Machine Transliteration System at NEWS 2010

W10-2412 [bib]: Peter Nabende
Mining Transliterations from Wikipedia Using Pair HMMs

W10-2413 [bib]: Avinesh PVS; Ankur Parikh
Phrase-Based Transliteration with Simple Heuristics

W10-2414 [bib]: Iman Saleh; Kareem Darwish; Aly Fahmy
Classifying Wikipedia Articles into NE’s Using SVM’s with Threshold Adjustment

W10-2415 [bib]: Asif Ekbal; Eva Sourjikova; Anette Frank; Simone Paolo Ponzetto
Assessing the Challenge of Fine-Grained Named Entity Recognition and Classification

W10-2416 [bib]: Yu Chen; You Ouyang; Wenjie Li; Dequan Zheng; Tiejun Zhao
Using Deep Belief Nets for Chinese Named Entity Categorization

W10-2417 [bib]: Ahmed Abdul Hamid; Kareem Darwish
Simplified Feature Set for Arabic Named Entity Recognition

W10-2418 [bib]: Shalini Gupta; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Think Globally, Apply Locally: Using Distributional Characteristics for Hindi Named Entity Identification

W10-2419 [bib]: Kashif Riaz
Rule-Based Named Entity Recognition in Urdu

W10-2420 [bib]: Bo Lin; Rushin Shah; Robert Frederking; Anatole Gershman
CONE: Metrics for Automatic Evaluation of Named Entity Co-Reference Resolution

Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Applications of Tree Automata in Natural Language Processing

W10-25 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-2500: Front Matter

W10-2501 [bib]: Zoltán Fülöp; Andreas Maletti; Heiko Vogler
Preservation of Recognizability for Synchronous Tree Substitution Grammars

W10-2502 [bib]: Steve DeNeefe; Kevin Knight; Heiko Vogler
A Decoder for Probabilistic Synchronous Tree Insertion Grammars

W10-2503 [bib]: Andreas Maletti; Giorgio Satta
Parsing and Translation Algorithms Based on Weighted Extended Tree Transducers

W10-2504 [bib]: Suna Bensch; Frank Drewes
Millstream Systems – a Formal Model for Linking Language Modules by Interfaces

W10-2505 [bib]: Mark-Jan Nederhof
Transforming Lexica as Trees

W10-2506 [bib]: Matthias Büchse; Daniel Geisler; Torsten Stüber; Heiko Vogler
n-Best Parsing Revisited

Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Domain Adaptation for Natural Language Processing

W10-26 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-2600: Front Matter

W10-2601 [bib]: Massimiliano Ciaramita; Olivier Chapelle
Adaptive Parameters for Entity Recognition with Perceptron HMMs

W10-2602 [bib]: Jörg Tiedemann
Context Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation Using Models with Exponentially Decaying Cache

W10-2603 [bib]: Oana Sandu; Giuseppe Carenini; Gabriel Murray; Raymond Ng
Domain Adaptation to Summarize Human Conversations

W10-2604 [bib]: Fei Huang; Alexander Yates
Exploring Representation-Learning Approaches to Domain Adaptation

W10-2605 [bib]: Vincent Van Asch; Walter Daelemans
Using Domain Similarity for Performance Estimation

W10-2606 [bib]: Kenji Sagae
Self-Training without Reranking for Parser Domain Adaptation and Its Impact on Semantic Role Labeling

W10-2607 [bib]: Anna Margolis; Karen Livescu; Mari Ostendorf
Domain Adaptation with Unlabeled Data for Dialog Act Tagging

W10-2608 [bib]: Hal Daumé III; Abhishek Kumar; Avishek Saha
Frustratingly Easy Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation

Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Companionable Dialogue Systems

W10-27 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-2700: Front Matter

W10-2701 [bib]: Gregor Sieber; Brigitte Krenn
Episodic Memory for Companion Dialogue

W10-2702 [bib]: David M W Powers; Martin H Luerssen; Trent W Lewis; Richard E Leibbrandt; Marissa Milne; John Pashalis; Kenneth Treharne
MANA for the Ageing

W10-2703 [bib]: Yorick Wilks
Is a Companion a Distinctive Kind of Relationship with a Machine?

W10-2704 [bib]: Carole Adam; Lawrence Cavedon; Lin Padgham
“Hello Emily, How Are You Today?” - Personalised Dialogue in a Toy to Engage Children.

W10-2705 [bib]: Peter Wallis
A Robot in the Kitchen

W10-2706 [bib]: Stasinos Konstantopoulos
An Embodied Dialogue System with Personality and Emotions

W10-2707 [bib]: Stephen Pulman; Johan Boye; Marc Cavazza; Cameron Smith; Raúl Santos de la Cámara
How Was Your Day?

W10-2708 [bib]: Samira Shaikh; Tomek Strzalkowski; Sarah Taylor; Nick Webb
VCA: An Experiment with a Multiparty Virtual Chat Agent

Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on GEometrical Models of Natural Language Semantics

W10-28 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-2800: Front Matter

W10-2801 [bib]: David Jurgens; Keith Stevens
Capturing Nonlinear Structure in Word Spaces through Dimensionality Reduction

W10-2802 [bib]: Danilo Croce; Daniele Previtali
Manifold Learning for the Semi-Supervised Induction of FrameNet Predicates: An Empirical Investigation

W10-2803 [bib]: Katrin Erk
What Is Word Meaning, Really? (And How Can Distributional Models Help Us Describe It?)

W10-2804 [bib]: Georgiana Dinu; Grzegorz Chrupała
Relatedness Curves for Acquiring Paraphrases

W10-2805 [bib]: Emiliano Guevara
A Regression Model of Adjective-Noun Compositionality in Distributional Semantics

W10-2806 [bib]: Daoud Clarke; Rudi Lutz; David Weir
Semantic Composition with Quotient Algebras

W10-2807 [bib]: Justin Washtell
Expectation Vectors: A Semiotics Inspired Approach to Geometric Lexical-Semantic Representation

W10-2808 [bib]: Amit Goyal; Jagadeesh Jagaralamudi; Hal Daumé III; Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Sketch Techniques for Scaling Distributional Similarity to the Web

W10-2809 [bib]: Andreas Vlachos; Zoubin Ghahramani; Ted Briscoe
Active Learning for Constrained Dirichlet Process Mixture Models

Proceedings of the Fourteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning

W10-29 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-2900: Front Matter

W10-2901 [bib]: Christian Hänig
Improvements in Unsupervised Co-Occurrence Based Parsing

W10-2902 [bib]: Valentin I. Spitkovsky; Hiyan Alshawi; Daniel Jurafsky; Christopher D. Manning
Viterbi Training Improves Unsupervised Dependency Parsing

W10-2903 [bib]: James Clarke; Dan Goldwasser; Ming-Wei Chang; Dan Roth
Driving Semantic Parsing from the World’s Response

W10-2904 [bib]: Alexander Clark
Efficient, Correct, Unsupervised Learning for Context-Sensitive Languages

W10-2905 [bib]: Jesús Santamaría; Lourdes Araujo
Identifying Patterns for Unsupervised Grammar Induction

W10-2906 [bib]: David Burkett; Slav Petrov; John Blitzer; Dan Klein
Learning Better Monolingual Models with Unannotated Bilingual Text

W10-2907 [bib]: Lillian Lee
(Invited Talk) Clueless: Explorations in Unsupervised, Knowledge-Lean Extraction of Lexical-Semantic Information

W10-2908 [bib]: Zoubin Ghahramani
(Invited Talk) Bayesian Hidden Markov Models and Extensions

W10-2909 [bib]: Roi Reichart; Raanan Fattal; Ari Rappoport
Improved Unsupervised POS Induction Using Intrinsic Clustering Quality and a Zipfian Constraint

W10-2910 [bib]: Richard Johansson; Alessandro Moschitti
Syntactic and Semantic Structure for Opinion Expression Detection

W10-2911 [bib]: Roi Reichart; Omri Abend; Ari Rappoport
Type Level Clustering Evaluation: New Measures and a POS Induction Case Study

W10-2912 [bib]: Constantine Lignos; Charles Yang
Recession Segmentation: Simpler Online Word Segmentation Using Limited Resources

W10-2913 [bib]: Thomas Schoenemann
Computing Optimal Alignments for the IBM-3 Translation Model

W10-2914 [bib]: Dmitry Davidov; Oren Tsur; Ari Rappoport
Semi-Supervised Recognition of Sarcasm in Twitter and Amazon

W10-2915 [bib]: Markos Mylonakis; Khalil Sima’an
Learning Probabilistic Synchronous CFGs for Phrase-Based Translation

W10-2916 [bib]: Sankaranarayanan Ananthakrishnan; Rohit Prasad; David Stallard; Prem Natarajan
A Semi-Supervised Batch-Mode Active Learning Strategy for Improved Statistical Machine Translation

W10-2917 [bib]: Shujian Huang; Kangxi Li; Xinyu Dai; Jiajun Chen
Improving Word Alignment by Semi-Supervised Ensemble

W10-2918 [bib]: Chenghua Lin; Yulan He; Richard Everson
A Comparative Study of Bayesian Models for Unsupervised Sentiment Detection

W10-2919 [bib]: Jorge Carrillo de Albornoz; Laura Plaza; Pablo Gervás
A Hybrid Approach to Emotional Sentence Polarity and Intensity Classification

W10-2920 [bib]: Micah Hodosh; Peter Young; Cyrus Rashtchian; Julia Hockenmaier
Cross-Caption Coreference Resolution for Automatic Image Understanding

W10-2921 [bib]: Shane Bergsma; Dekang Lin; Dale Schuurmans
Improved Natural Language Learning via Variance-Regularization Support Vector Machines

W10-2922 [bib]: Grzegorz Chrupała; Afra Alishahi
Online Entropy-Based Model of Lexical Category Acquisition

W10-2923 [bib]: Su Nam Kim; Li Wang; Timothy Baldwin
Tagging and Linking Web Forum Posts

W10-2924 [bib]: Rohit J. Kate; Raymond Mooney
Joint Entity and Relation Extraction Using Card-Pyramid Parsing

W10-2925 [bib]: Kevin Gimpel; Dipanjan Das; Noah A. Smith
Distributed Asynchronous Online Learning for Natural Language Processing

W10-2926 [bib]: Daniele Pighin; Alessandro Moschitti
On Reverse Feature Engineering of Syntactic Tree Kernels

W10-2927 [bib]: Yoav Goldberg; Michael Elhadad
Inspecting the Structural Biases of Dependency Parsing Algorithms

Proceedings of the Fourteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning – Shared Task

W10-30 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-3000: Front Matter

W10-3001 [bib]: Richárd Farkas; Veronika Vincze; György Móra; János Csirik; György Szarvas
The CoNLL-2010 Shared Task: Learning to Detect Hedges and their Scope in Natural Language Text

W10-3002 [bib]: Buzhou Tang; Xiaolong Wang; Xuan Wang; Bo Yuan; Shixi Fan
A Cascade Method for Detecting Hedges and their Scope in Natural Language Text

W10-3003 [bib]: Andreas Vlachos; Mark Craven
Detecting Speculative Language Using Syntactic Dependencies and Logistic Regression

W10-3004 [bib]: Maria Georgescul
A Hedgehop over a Max-Margin Framework Using Hedge Cues

W10-3005 [bib]: Feng Ji; Xipeng Qiu; Xuanjing Huang
Detecting Hedge Cues and their Scopes with Average Perceptron

W10-3006 [bib]: Roser Morante; Vincent Van Asch; Walter Daelemans
Memory-Based Resolution of In-Sentence Scopes of Hedge Cues

W10-3007 [bib]: Erik Velldal; Lilja Øvrelid; Stephan Oepen
Resolving Speculation: MaxEnt Cue Classification and Dependency-Based Scope Rules

W10-3008 [bib]: Marek Rei; Ted Briscoe
Combining Manual Rules and Supervised Learning for Hedge Cue and Scope Detection

W10-3009 [bib]: Eraldo Fernandes; Carlos Crestana; Ruy Milidiú
Hedge Detection Using the RelHunter Approach

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A High-Precision Approach to Detecting Hedges and their Scopes

W10-3011 [bib]: Xinxin Li; Jianping Shen; Xiang Gao; Xuan Wang
Exploiting Rich Features for Detecting Hedges and their Scope

W10-3012 [bib]: Oscar Täckström; Sumithra Velupillai; Martin Hassel; Gunnar Eriksson; Hercules Dalianis; Jussi Karlgren
Uncertainty Detection as Approximate Max-Margin Sequence Labelling

W10-3013 [bib]: Shaodian Zhang; Hai Zhao; Guodong Zhou; Bao-Liang Lu
Hedge Detection and Scope Finding by Sequence Labeling with Procedural Feature Selection

W10-3014 [bib]: Qi Zhao; Chengjie Sun; Bingquan Liu; Yong Cheng
Learning to Detect Hedges and their Scope Using CRF

W10-3015 [bib]: Huiwei Zhou; Xiaoyan Li; Degen Huang; Zezhong Li; Yuansheng Yang
Exploiting Multi-Features to Detect Hedges and their Scope in Biomedical Texts

W10-3016 [bib]: Lin Chen; Barbara Di Eugenio
A Lucene and Maximum Entropy Model Based Hedge Detection System

W10-3017 [bib]: David Clausen
HedgeHunter: A System for Hedge Detection and Uncertainty Classification

W10-3018 [bib]: Liliana Mamani Sánchez; Baoli Li; Carl Vogel
Exploiting CCG Structures with Tree Kernels for Speculation Detection

W10-3019 [bib]: Vinodkumar Prabhakaran
Uncertainty Learning Using SVMs and CRFs

W10-3020 [bib]: Nobuyuki Shimizu; Hiroshi Nakagawa
Features for Detecting Hedge Cues

W10-3021 [bib]: Ferenc Szidarovszky; Illés Solt; Domonkos Tikk
A Simple Ensemble Method for Hedge Identification

W10-3022 [bib]: Erik Tjong Kim Sang
A Baseline Approach for Detecting Sentences Containing Uncertainty

W10-3023 [bib]: Yi Zheng; Qifeng Dai; Qiming Luo; Enhong Chen
Hedge Classification with Syntactic Dependency Features Based on an Ensemble Classifier

Proceedings of the Workshop on Negation and Speculation in Natural Language Processing

W10-31 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-3100: Front Matter

W10-3101 [bib]: Maria Liakata
Zones of conceptualisation in scientific papers: a window to negative and speculative statements

W10-3102 [bib]: Hercules Dalianis; Maria Skeppstedt
Creating and evaluating a consensus for negated and speculative words in a Swedish clinical corpus

W10-3103 [bib]: Sumithra Velupillai
Towards a better understanding of uncertainties and speculations in Swedish clinical text – Analysis of an initial annotation trial

W10-3104 [bib]: Ira Goldstein; Özlem Uzuner
Does negation really matter?

W10-3105 [bib]: Veronika Vincze
Speculation and negation annotation in natural language texts: what the case of BioScope might (not) reveal

W10-3106 [bib]: Julien Desclés; Olfa Makkaoui; Taouise Hacène
Automatic annotation of speculation in biomedical texts: new perspectives and large-scale evaluation

W10-3107 [bib]: Aron Henriksson; Sumithra Velupillai
Levels of certainty in knowledge-intensive corpora: an initial annotation study

W10-3108 [bib]: Martin Krallinger
Importance of negations and experimental qualifiers in biomedical literature

W10-3109 [bib]: Ed Hovy
Negation and modality in distributional semantics

W10-3110 [bib]: Isaac Councill; Ryan McDonald; Leonid Velikovich
What’s great and what’s not: learning to classify the scope of negation for improved sentiment analysis

W10-3111 [bib]: Michael Wiegand; Alexandra Balahur; Benjamin Roth; Dietrich Klakow; Andrés Montoyo
A survey on the role of negation in sentiment analysis

W10-3112 [bib]: Raheel Nawaz; Paul Thompson; Sophia Ananiadou
Evaluating a meta-knowledge annotation scheme for bio-events

W10-3113 [bib]: Farzaneh Sarafraz; Goran Nenadic
Using SVMs with the Command Relation features to identify negated events in biomedical literature

W10-3114 [bib]: Bernardo Magnini; Elena Cabrio
Contradiction-focused qualitative evaluation of textual entailment

Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Asian Language Resouces

W10-32 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-3200: Front Matter

W10-3201 [bib]: Koichi Takeuchi; Kentaro Inui; Nao Takeuchi; Atsushi Fujita
A Thesaurus of Predicate-Argument Structure for Japanese Verbs to Deal with Granularity of Verb Meanings

W10-3202 [bib]: Chairil Hakim; Budiono Budiono; Hammam Riza
Collaborative Work on Indonesian WordNet through Asian WordNet (AWN)

W10-3203 [bib]: Heum Park; Ae sun Yoon; Woo Chul Park; Hyuk-Chul Kwon
Considerations on Automatic Mapping Large-Scale Heterogeneous Language Resources: Sejong Semantic Classes and KorLex

W10-3204 [bib]: Jihong LI; Ruibo WANG; Yahui GAO
Sequential Tagging of Semantic Roles on Chinese FrameNet

W10-3205 [bib]: Takashi Tsunakawa; Hiroyuki Kaji
Augmenting a Bilingual Lexicon with Information for Word Translation Disambiguation

W10-3206 [bib]: Takenobu Tokunaga; Ryu Iida; Masaaki Yasuhara; Asuka Terai; David Morris; Anja Belz
Construction of bilingual multimodal corpora of referring expressions in collaborative problem solving

W10-3207 [bib]: Dipankar Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Labeling Emotion in Bengali Blog Corpus – A Fine Grained Tagging at Sentence Level

W10-3208 [bib]: Amitava Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
SentiWordNet for Indian Languages

W10-3209 [bib]: Choochart Haruechaiyasak; Alisa Kongthon; Pornpimon Palingoon; Chatchawal Sangkeettrakarn
Constructing Thai Opinion Mining Resource: A Case Study on Hotel Reviews

W10-3210 [bib]: Hongjian Zou; Erhong Yang; Yan Gao; Qingqing Zeng
The Annotation of Event Schema in Chinese

W10-3211 [bib]: Channa Van; Wataru Kameyama
Query Expansion for Khmer Information Retrieval

W10-3212 [bib]: Misbah Akram; Sarmad Hussain
Word Segmentation for Urdu OCR System

W10-3213 [bib]: Sithar Norbu; Pema Choejey; Tenzin Dendup; Sarmad Hussain; Ahmed Muaz
Dzongkha Word Segmentation

W10-3214 [bib]: Chungku Chungku; Jurmey Rabgay; Gertrud Faaß
Building NLP resources for Dzongkha: A Tagset and A Tagged Corpus

W10-3215 [bib]: Cengiz Acarturk; Deniz Zeyrek
Unaccusative/Unergative Distinction in Turkish: A Connectionist Approach

W10-3216 [bib]: Rafiya Begum; Dipti Misra Sharma
A Preliminary Work on Hindi Causatives

W10-3217 [bib]: Thepchai Supnithi; Chanon Onman; Peerachet Porkaew; Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn; Kanokorn Trakultaweekoon; Asanee Kawtrakul
A Supervised Learning based Chunking in Thai using Categorial Grammar

W10-3218 [bib]: Wajid Ali; Sarmad Hussain
A hybrid approach to Urdu verb phrase chunking

W10-3219 [bib]: Sanghoun Song; Jong-Bok Kim; Francis Bond; Jaehyung Yang
Development of the Korean Resource Grammar: Towards Grammar Customization

W10-3220 [bib]: Shafqat Mumtaz Virk; Muhammad Humayoun; Aarne Ranta
An Open Source Urdu Resource Grammar

W10-3221 [bib]: Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn; Thepchai Supnithi
A Current Status of Thai Categorial Grammars and Their Applications

W10-3222 [bib]: Li Wen; Chen Lei; Han Wudabala; Li Miao
Chained Machine Translation Using Morphemes as Pivot Language

Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Ontologies and Lexical Resources

W10-33 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-3300: Front Matter

W10-3301 [bib]: Piek Vossen; German Rigau; Eneko Agirre; Aitor Soroa; Monica Monachini; Roberto Bartolini
KYOTO: an open platform for mining facts

W10-3302 [bib]: Masaaki Nagata; Yumi Shibaki; Kazuhide Yamamoto
Using Goi-Taikei as an Upper Ontology to Build a Large-Scale Japanese Ontology from Wikipedia

W10-3303 [bib]: Hans-Mohammad Daoud; Kyo Kageura; Christian Boitet; Asanobu Kitamoto; Mathieu Mangeot
Multilingual Lexical Network from the Archives of the Digital Silk Road

W10-3304 [bib]: Lonneke van der Plas; Jorg Tiedemann
Finding Medical Term Variations using Parallel Corpora and Distributional Similarity

W10-3305 [bib]: Tim vor der Bruck
Learning Semantic Network Patterns for Hypernymy Extraction

W10-3306 [bib]: DongHyun Choi; Eun-Kyung Kim; Sang-Ah Shim; Key-Sun Choi
Intrinsic Property-based Taxonomic Relation Extraction from Category Structure

W10-3307 [bib]: Mike Conway; John Dowling; Wendy Chapman
Developing a Biosurveillance Application Ontology for Influenza-Like-Illness

W10-3308 [bib]: Igor Boguslavsky; Leonid Iomdin; Victor Sizov; Svetlana Timoshenko
Interfacing the Lexicon and the Ontology in a Semantic Analyzer

W10-3309 [bib]: Anais Cadilhac; Farah Benamara; Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles
Ontolexical resources for feature-based opinion mining: a case-study

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon

W10-34 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-3400: Front Matter

W10-3401 [bib]: Eduard Hovy
Distributional Semantics and the Lexicon

W10-3402 [bib]: Amitava Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
SemanticNet-Perception of Human Pragmatics

W10-3403 [bib]: Gianluca E. Lebani; Emanuele Pianta
Exploiting Lexical Resources for Therapeutic Purposes: the Case of WordNet and STaRS.sys

W10-3404 [bib]: Yuki Muramatsu; Kunihiro Uduka; Kazuhide Yamamoto
Textual Entailmaint Recognition using Word Overlap, Mutual Information and Subpath Set

W10-3405 [bib]: Carlo Strapparava; Gozde Ozbal
The Color of Emotions in Texts

W10-3406 [bib]: Nicolas Béchet; Mathieu Roche
How to Expand Dictionaries by Web-Mining Techniques

W10-3407 [bib]: Neculai Curteanu; Alex Moruz; Diana Trandabat
An Optimal and Portable Parsing Method for Romanian, French, and German Large Dictionaries

W10-3408 [bib]: Elisa Lavagnino; Jungyeul Park
Conceptual Structure of Automatically Extracted Multi-Word Terms from Domain Specific Corpora: a Case Study for Italian

W10-3409 [bib]: Helena Gao
Computational Lexicography: A Feature-based Approach in Designing an E-dictionary of Chinese Classifiers

W10-3410 [bib]: Stella Markantonatou; Aggeliki Fotopoulou; Maria Alexopoulou; Marianna Mini
In Search of the ’Right’ Word

W10-3411 [bib]: Michael Zock; Didier Schwab; Nirina Rakotonanahary
Lexical Access, a Search-Problem

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on The People’s Web Meets NLP: Collaboratively Constructed Semantic Resources

W10-35 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-3500: Front Matter

W10-3501 [bib]: Yumi Shibaki; Masaaki Nagata; Kazuhide Yamamoto
Constructing Large-Scale Person Ontology from Wikipedia

W10-3502 [bib]: Benjamin Mark Pateman; Colin Johnson
Using the Wikipedia Link Structure to Correct the Wikipedia Link Structure

W10-3503 [bib]: Luisa Bentivogli; Pamela Forner; Claudio Giuliano; Alessandro Marchetti; Emanuele Pianta; Kateryna Tymoshenko
Extending English ACE 2005 Corpus Annotation with Ground-truth Links to Wikipedia

W10-3504 [bib]: Fabio Massimo Zanzotto; Marco Pennacchiotti
Expanding textual entailment corpora fromWikipedia using co-training

W10-3505 [bib]: Ji Fang; Bob Price; Lotti Price
Pruning Non-Informative Text Through Non-Expert Annotations to Improve Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification

W10-3506 [bib]: Stephan Gouws; G-J van Rooyen; Herman A. Engelbrecht
Measuring Conceptual Similarity by Spreading Activation over Wikipedia’s Hyperlink Structure

W10-3507 [bib]: M. Atif Qureshi; Arjumand Younus; Muhammad Saeed; Nasir Touheed; Emanuele Pianta; Kateryna Tymoshenko
Identifying and Ranking Topic Clusters in the Blogosphere

W10-3508 [bib]: Masao Utiyama; Takeshi Abekawa; Eiichiro Sumita; Kyo Kageura
Helping Volunteer Translators, Fostering Language Resources

Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on South and Southeast Asian Natural Language Processing

W10-36 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-3600: Front Matter

W10-3601 [bib]: Solomon Teferra Abate; Laurent Besacier; Sopheap Seng
Boosting N-gram Coverage for Unsegmented Languages Using Multiple Text Segmentation Approach

W10-3602 [bib]: Glenn Slayden; Mei-Yuh Hwang; Lee Schwartz
Thai Sentence-Breaking for Large-Scale SMT

W10-3603 [bib]: Aniruddha Ghosh; Amitava Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Clause Identification and Classification in Bengali

W10-3604 [bib]: Mugdha Bapat; Harshada Gune; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
A Paradigm-Based Finite State Morphological Analyzer for Marathi

W10-3605 [bib]: Thoudam Doren Singh; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Web Based Manipuri Corpus for Multiword NER and Reduplicated MWEs Identification using SVM

W10-3606 [bib]: Gurpreet Lehal
A Word Segmentation System for Handling Space Omission Problem in Urdu Script

W10-3607 [bib]: Pratikkumar Patel; Kashyap Popat; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Hybrid Stemmer for Gujarati

Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Multiword Expressions: from Theory to Applications

W10-37 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-3700: Front Matter

W10-3701 [bib]: Kyo Kageura
Being Theoretical is Being Practical: Multiword Units and Terminological Structure Revitalised

W10-3702 [bib]: Filip Gralinski; Agata Savary; Monika Czerepowicka; Filip Makowiecki
Computational Lexicography of Multi-Word Units. How Efficient Can It Be?

W10-3703 [bib]: Lei Wang; Shiwen Yu
Construction of Chinese Idiom Knowledge-base and Its Applications

W10-3704 [bib]: Mohammed Attia; Antonio Toral; Lamia Tounsi; Pavel Pecina; Josef van Genabith
Automatic Extraction of Arabic Multiword Expressions

W10-3705 [bib]: Eric Wehrli; Violeta Seretan; Luka Nerima
Sentence Analysis and Collocation Identification

W10-3706 [bib]: Dipankar Das; Santanu Pal; Tapabrata Mondal; Tanmoy Chakraborty; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Automatic Extraction of Complex Predicates in Bengali

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Handling Named Entities and Compound Verbs in Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

W10-3708 [bib]: Ying Xu; Randy Goebel; Christoph Ringlstetter; Grzegorz Kondrak
Application of the Tightness Continuum Measure to Chinese Information Retrieval

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Standardizing Complex Functional Expressions in Japanese Predicates: Applying Theoretically-Based Paraphrasing Rules

W10-3710 [bib]: Tanmoy Chakraborty; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Identification of Reduplication in Bengali Corpus and their Semantic Analysis: A Rule Based Approach

W10-3711 [bib]: Francesca Bonin; Felice Dell’Orletta; Giulia Venturi; Simonetta Montemagni
Contrastive Filtering of Domain-Specific Multi-Word Terms from Different Types of Corpora

W10-3712 [bib]: Gregory Hazelbeck; Hiroaki Saito
A Hybrid Approach for Functional Expression Identification in a Japanese Reading Assistant

W10-3713 [bib]: Scott Martens; Vincent Vandeghinste
An Efficient, Generic Approach to Extracting Multi-Word Expressions from Dependency Trees

W10-3714 [bib]: Aravind Joshi
Multiword Expressions as Discourse Relation Markers (DRMs)

Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Syntax and Structure in Statistical Translation

W10-38 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-3800: Front Matter

W10-3801 [bib]: Marc Dymetman; Nicola Cancedda
Intersecting Hierarchical and Phrase-Based Models of Translation: Formal Aspects and Algorithms

W10-3802 [bib]: Markus Saers; Joakim Nivre; Dekai Wu
A Systematic Comparison between Inversion Transduction Grammar and Linear Transduction Grammar for Word Alignment

W10-3803 [bib]: Jie Jiang; Jinhua Du; Andy Way
Source-side Syntactic Reordering Patterns with Functional Words for Improved Phrase-based SMT

W10-3804 [bib]: Hailong Cao; Andrew Finch; Eiichiro Sumita
Syntactic Constraints on Phrase Extraction for Phrase-Based Machine Translation

W10-3805 [bib]: Prasanth Kolachina; Sriram Venkatapathy; Srinivas Bangalore; Sudheer Kolachina; Avinesh PVS
Phrase Based Decoding using a Discriminative Model

W10-3806 [bib]: Ventsislav Zhechev; Josef van Genabith
Seeding Statistical Machine Translation with Translation Memory Output through Tree-Based Structural Alignment

W10-3807 [bib]: Chi-kiu Lo; Dekai Wu
Semantic vs. Syntactic vs. N-gram Structure for Machine Translation Evaluation

W10-3808 [bib]: Ines Turki Khemakhem; Salma Jamoussi; Abdelmajid Ben hamadou
Arabic morpho-syntactic feature disambiguation in a translation context

W10-3809 [bib]: Sriram Venkatapathy; Rajeev Sangal; Aravind Joshi; Karthik Gali
A Discriminative Approach for Dependency Based Statistical Machine Translation

W10-3810 [bib]: Mahsa Mohaghegh; Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh; Tom Moir
Improved Language Modeling for English-Persian Statistical Machine Translation

W10-3811 [bib]: Thoudam Doren Singh; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Manipuri-English Bidirectional Statistical Machine Translation Systems using Morphology and Dependency Relations

W10-3812 [bib]: Maxim Khalilov; Khalil Sima’an
A Discriminative Syntactic Model for Source Permutation via Tree Transduction

W10-3813 [bib]: Yanjun Ma; Andy Way
HMM Word-to-Phrase Alignment with Dependency Constraints

W10-3814 [bib]: Andreas Zollmann; Stephan Vogel
New Parameterizations and Features for PSCFG-Based Machine Translation

W10-3815 [bib]: Yvette Graham; Josef van Genabith
Deep Syntax Language Models and Statistical Machine Translation

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on NLP Challenges in the Information Explosion Era (NLPIX 2010)

W10-39 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-3900: Front Matter

W10-3901 [bib]: Hang Li
Query Understanding in Web Search - by Large Scale Log Data Mining and Statistical Learning

W10-3902 [bib]: Keiji Shinzato; Sadao Kurohashi
Exploiting Term Importance Categories and Dependency Relations for Natural Language Search

W10-3903 [bib]: Jun Harashima; Sadao Kurohashi
Summarizing Search Results using PLSI

W10-3904 [bib]: Koji Murakami; Eric Nichols; Junta Mizuno; Yotaro Watanabe; Hayato Goto; Megumi Ohki; Suguru Matsuyoshi; Kentaro Inui; Yuji Matsumoto
Automatic Classification of Semantic Relations between Facts and Opinions

W10-3905 [bib]: Hoifung Poon
Statistical Relational Learning for Knowledge Extraction from the Web

W10-3906 [bib]: Kazuhide Yamamoto; Takeshi Asakura
Even Unassociated Features Can Improve Lexical Distributional Similarity

W10-3907 [bib]: Kow Kuroda; Jun’ichi Kazama; Kentaro Torisawa
A Look inside the Distributionally Similar Terms

W10-3908 [bib]: Reinhard Rapp; Michael Zock
Utilizing Citations of Foreign Words in Corpus-Based Dictionary Generation

W10-3909 [bib]: Shasha Liao; Ralph Grishman
Large Corpus-based Semantic Feature Extraction for Pronoun Coreference

W10-3910 [bib]: Minh Nghiem Quoc; Keisuke Yokoi; Yuichiroh Matsubayashi; Akiko Aizawa
Mining Coreference Relations between Formulas and Text using Wikipedia

W10-3911 [bib]: Yasuhide Miura; Eiji Aramaki; Tomoko Ohkuma; Masatsugu Tonoike; Daigo Sugihara; Hiroshi Masuichi; Kazuhiko Ohe
Adverse-Effect Relations Extraction from Massive Clinical Records

Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Cross Lingual Information Access

W10-40 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-4000: Front Matter

W10-4001 [bib]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Word Sense Disambiguation and IR

W10-4002 [bib]: Tetsuya Sakai
Multiliguality at NTCIR, and moving on ...

W10-4003 [bib]: Gael Lejeune; Antoine Doucet; Roman Yangarber; Nadine Lucas
Filtering news for epidemic surveillance: towards processing more languages with fewer resources

W10-4004 [bib]: T Pattabhi R K Rao; Sobha Lalitha Devi
How to Get the Same News from Different Language News Papers

W10-4005 [bib]: Reinhard Rapp; Michael Zock; Andrew Trotman; Yue Xu
The Noisier the Better: Identifying Multilingual Word Translations Using a Single Monolingual Corpus

W10-4006 [bib]: Tsuyoshi Okita; Alfredo Maldonado Guerra; Yvette Graham; Andy Way
Multi-Word Expression-Sensitive Word Alignment

W10-4007 [bib]: Diptesh Chatterjee; Sudeshna Sarkar; Arpit Mishra
Co-occurrence Graph Based Iterative Bilingual Lexicon Extraction From Comparable Corpora

W10-4008 [bib]: Ling-Xiang Tang; Shlomo Geva; Andrew Trotman; Yue Xu
A Voting Mechanism for Named Entity Translation in English – Chinese Question Answering

W10-4009 [bib]: Achille Falaise; David Rouquet; Didier Schwab; Hervé Blanchon; Christian Boitet
Ontology driven content extraction using interlingual annotation of texts in the OMNIA project

W10-4010 [bib]: Marina Litvak; Mark Last; Slava Kisilevich; Daniel Keim; Hagay Lipman; Assaf Ben Gur
Towards multi-lingual summarization: A comparative analysis of sentence extraction methods on English and Hebrew corpora

W10-4011 [bib]: Vishal Vachhani; Manoj Chinnakotla; Mitesh Khapra; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
More Languages, More MAP?: A Study of Multiple Assisting Languages in Multilingual PRF

W10-4012 [bib]: Najeh Hajlaoui; Christian Boitet
Multilinguization and Personalization of NL-based Systems

CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing

W10-41: Entire volume

W10-4100: Front Matter

W10-4101: Zhendong Dong ; Qiang Dong; Changling Hao
Word Segmentation needs change- From a linguist's view

W10-4102: Chu-Ren Huang; Ying Chen ; Sophia Yat Mei Lee
Textual Emotion Processing From Event Analysis

W10-4103: Hen-Hsen Huang; Chuen-Tsai Sun; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Classical Chinese Sentence Segmentation

W10-4104: Rou Song; Yuru Jiang; Jingyi Wang
On Generalized-Topic-Based Chinese Discourse Structure

W10-4105: Lei Wang ; Shiwen Yu
Semantic Computing and Language Knowledge Bases

W10-4106: Yali Li; Weiqun Xu; Yonghong Yan
Semantic class induction and its application for a Chinese voice search system

W10-4107: Shih-Hung Wu; Yong-Zhi Chen; Ping-che Yang; Tsun Ku; Chao-Lin Liu
Reducing the False Alarm Rate of Chinese Character Error Detection and Correction

W10-4108: Liou Chen; Qiang Zhou
Automatic Identification of Chinese Event Descriptive Clause

W10-4109: Lidan Zhang; Kwok-Ping Chan; Chunyu Kit; Dongfeng Cai
Bigram HMM with Context Distribution Clustering for Unsupervised Chinese Part-of-Speech tagging

W10-4110: Bin LU; K. Tsou Benjamin; Tao Jiang; Oi Yee Kwong; Jingbo Zhu
Mining Large-scale Parallel Corpora from Multilingual Patents: An English-Chinese example and its application to SMT

W10-4111: Hongying Zan; Junhui Zhang; Xuefeng Zhu; Shiwen Yu
Studies on Automatic Recognition of Common Chinese Adverb's usages Based on Statistics Methods

W10-4112: Xiaona Ren; Qiaoli Zhou; Chunyu Kit; Dongfeng Cai
Automatic Identification of Predicate Heads in Chinese Sentences

W10-4113: Xingjun Xu; Guanglu Sun; Yi Guan; Xishuang Dong; Sheng Li
Selecting Optimal Feature Template Subset for CRFs

W10-4114: Zhen Hai; Kuiyu Chang; Qinbao Song; Jung-jae Kim
A Statistical NLP Approach for Feature and Sentiment Identification from Chinese Reviews

W10-4115: Yu Chen; Wenjie Li; Yan Liu; Dequan Zheng; Tiejun Zhao
Exploring Deep Belief Network for Chinese Relation Extraction

W10-4116: Yulan He; Alani Harith; Deyu Zhou
Exploring English Lexicon Knowledge for Chinese Sentiment Analysis

W10-4117: Youzheng Wu; Kawai Hisashi
Exploiting Social Q&A Collection in Answering Complex Questions

W10-4118: Andi Wu
Treebank of Chinese Bible Translations

W10-4119: Jiang Yang; Min Hou
Using Topic Sentiment Sentences to Recognize Sentiment Polarity in Chinese Reviews

W10-4120: Shan-Bin Chan; Hayato Yamana
The Method of Improving the Specific Language Focused Crawler

W10-4121: Hongyan Song; Tianfang Yao; Chunyu Kit; Dongfeng Cai
Active Learning Based Corpus Annotation

W10-4122: Chongyang Zhang; Zhigang Chen; Guoping Hu
Improving Chinese Word Segmentation by Adopting Self-Organized Maps of Character N-gram

W10-4123: Min Hou; Yu Zou; Yonglin Teng; Wei He; Yan Wang; Jun Liu; Jiyuan Wu
CMDMC: A Diachronic Digital Museum of Chinese Mandarin

W10-4124: Altenbek Gulila; xiao-long Wang
Kazakh Segmentation System of Inflectional Affixes

W10-4125: Rongzhou Shen; Grover Claire; Klein Ewan
Space characters in Chinese semi-structured texts

W10-4126: Hongmei Zhao; Qiu Liu
The CIPS-SIGHAN CLP2010 Chinese Word Segmentation Backoff

W10-4127: Qin Gao; Vogel Stephan
A Multi-layer Chinese Word Segmentation System Optimized for Out-of-domain Tasks

W10-4128: Degen Huang; Deqin Tong; Yanyan Luo
HMM Revises Low Marginal Probability by CRF for Chinese Word Segmentation

W10-4129: Chongyang Zhang; Zhigang Chen; Guoping Hu
A Chinese Word Segmentation System Based on Structured Support Vector Machine Utilization of Unlabeled Text Corpus

W10-4130: Yu-Chieh Wu; Jie-Chi Yang; Yue-Shi Lee
Chinese Word Segmentation with Conditional Support Vector Inspired Markov Models

W10-4131: Ling-Xiang Tang; Geva Shlomo; Trotman Andrew; Yue Xu
A Boundary-Oriented Chinese Segmentation Method Using N-Gram Mutual Information

W10-4132: Wenjun Gao; Xipeng Qiu; Xuanjing Huang
Adaptive Chinese Word Segmentation with Online Passive-Aggressive Algorithm

W10-4133: Kun Wang; Chengqing Zong; Keh-Yih Su
A Character-Based Joint Model for CIPS-SIGHAN Word Segmentation Bakeoff 2010

W10-4134: Hua-Ping Zhang; Jian Gao; Qian Mo; He-Yan Huang
Incorporating New Words Detection with Chinese Word Segmentation

W10-4135: Xiaoming Xu; Muhua Zhu; Xiaoxu Fei; Jingbo Zhu
High OOV-Recall Chinese Word Segmenter

W10-4136: Baobao CHANG; Mansur Mairgup
Chinese word segmentation model using bootstrapping

W10-4137: Xiao Qin; Liang Zong; Yuqian Wu; Xiaojun Wan; Jianwu Yang
CRF-based Experiments for Cross-Domain Chinese Word Segmentation at CIPS-SIGHAN-2010

W10-4138: Tian-Jian Jiang; Shih-Hung Liu; Cheng-Lung Sung; Wen-Lian Hsu Hsu
Term Contributed Boundary Tagging by Conditional Random Fields for SIGHAN 2010 Chinese Word Segmentation Bakeoff

W10-4139: jianping shen; xuan wang; hainan zhao; wenxiao zhang
Chinese Word Segmentation based on Mixing Multiple Preprocessor and CRF

W10-4140: Jiang Guo; Wenjie Su; Yangsen Zhang
A domain adaption Word Segmenter For Sighan Backoff 2010

W10-4141: Huixing Jiang; Zhe Dong
An Double Hidden HMM and an CRF for Segmentation Tasks with Pinyin's Finals

W10-4142: Jiangde Yu; Chuan Gu; Wenying Ge
Combining Character-Based and Subsequence-Based Tagging for Chinese Word Segmentation

W10-4143: Qiang Zhou; Jingbo Zhu
Chinese Syntactic Parsing Evaluation

W10-4144: Weiwei Sun; Rui Wang ; Yi Zhang
Discriminative Parse Reranking for Chinese with Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Annotations

W10-4145: Qiaoli Zhou; Wenjing Lang; Yingying Wang; Yan Wang; Dongfeng Cai
The SAU Report for the 1st CIPS-SIGHAN-ParsEval-2010

W10-4146: Xuezhe Ma; Xiaotian Zhang; Hai Zhao; Bao-Liang Lu
Dependency Parser for Chinese Constituent Parsing

W10-4147: Guangfan Sun
Technical Report of the CCID System for the 2th Evaluation on Chinese Parsing

W10-4148: Yong Cheng; Chengjie Sun; Bingquan Liu; Lei Lin
CRF tagging for head recognition based on Stanford parser

W10-4149: Zhiguo Wang; Chengqing Zong
Treebank Conversion based Self-training Strategy for Parsing

W10-4150: Wenzhi Xu; Chaobo Sun; Caixia Yuan
A Chinese LPCFG Parser with Hybrid Character Information

W10-4151: Zhipeng Jiang; Yu Zhao ; Yi Guan; Chao Li; Sheng Li
Complete Syntactic Analysis Bases on Multi-level Chunking

W10-4152: Ying Chen; Peng Jin; Wenjie Li; Chu-Ren Huang
The Chinese Persons Name Diambiguation Evaluation: Exploration of Personal Name Disambiguation in Chinese News

W10-4153: Huizhen Wang; Haibo Ding; Yingchao Shi; JI Ma; Xiao Zhou; Jingbo Zhu
A Multi-stage Clustering Framework for Chinese Personal Name Disambiguation

W10-4154: Ruifeng Xu; Jun Xu; Xiangying Dai; Chunyu Kit
Combine Person Name and Person Identity Recognition and Document Clustering for Chinese Person Name Disambiguation

W10-4155: Yang Song; Zhengyan He; Chen Chen; Houfeng Wang
A Pipeline Approach to Chinese Personal Name Disambiguation

W10-4156: Xiang Zhu; Xiaodong Shi; Ningfeng Liu; YingMei Guo; Yidong Chen
Chinese Personal Name Disambiguation: Technical Report of Natural Language Processing Lab of Xiamen University

W10-4157: Hua-Ping Zhang; Zhi-Hua Liu; Qian Mo; He-Yan Huang
Chinese Personal Name Disambiguation Based on Person Modeling

W10-4158: Yu Hong; Fei Pei; Yue-hui Yang; Jian-min Yao; Qiao-ming Zhu
Jumping Distance based Chinese Person Name Disambiguation

W10-4159: Erlei Ma; Yuanchao Liu
Research of People Disambiguation by Combining Multiple knowledges

W10-4160: Dongliang Wang; Degen Huang
DLUT: Chinese Personal Name Disambiguation with Rich Features

W10-4161: Jiashen Sun; Tianmin Wang; Li Li; Xing Wu
Person Name Disambiguation based on Topic Model

W10-4162: JIayue Zhang; YIchao Cai; Si Li; Weiran Xu; Jun Guo
PRIS at Chinese Language Processing

W10-4163: Le Sun; Zhenzhong Zhang; Qiang Dong
Overview of the Chinese Word Sense Induction Task at CLP2010

W10-4164: Yuxiang Jia; Shiwen Yu; Zhengyan Chen
Chinese Word Sense Induction with Basic Clustering Algorithms

W10-4165: Zhao Liu; Xipeng Qiu; Xuanjing Huang
Triplet-Based Chinese Word Sense Induction

W10-4166: Bichuan Zhang; Jiashen Sun
Word Sense Induction using Cluster Ensemble

W10-4167: Peng Jin; Yihao Zhang; Rui Sun
LSTC System for Chinese Word Sense Induction

W10-4168: Hao Zhang; Tong Xiao; Jingbo Zhu
NEUNLPLab Chinese Word Sense Induction System for SIGHAN Bakeoff 2010

W10-4169: Ke Cai; Xiaodong Shi; Yidong Chen; Zhehuang Huang; yan gao
Chinese Word Sense Induction based on Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

W10-4170: Zhenzhong Zhang; Le Sun; Wenbo Li
ISCAS: A System for Chinese Word Sense Induction Based on K-means Algorithm

W10-4171: Hua Xu; Bing Liu; Longhua Qian; Guodong Zhou
Soochow University: Description and Analysis of the Chinese Word Sense Induction System for CLP2010

W10-4172: Lisha Wang; Yanzhao Dou; Xiaoling Sun; Hongfei Lin
K-means and Graph-based Approaches for Chinese Word Sense Induction Task

W10-4173: Zhengyan He; Yang Song; Houfeng Wang
Applying Spectral Clustering for Chinese Word Sense Induction

Proceedings of the 6th International Natural Language Generation Conference

W10-42: Entire volume

W10-4200: Front Matter

W10-4201: Anja Belz; Eric Kow
Comparing Rating Scales and Preference Judgements in Language Evaluation

W10-4202: Seniz Demir; Sandra Carberry; Kathleen F. McCoy
A Discourse-Aware Graph-Based Content-Selection Framework

W10-4203: Alexandre Denis
Generating Referring Expressions with Reference Domain Theory

W10-4204: Nina Dethlefs; Heriberto Cuayahuitl
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Text Generation

W10-4205: David Elson; Kathleen McKeown
Tense and Aspect Assignment in Narrative Discourse

W10-4206: Albert Gatt; Francois Portet
Textual Properties and Task-based Evaluation: Investigating the Role of Surface Properties, Structure and Content

W10-4207: Manuel Giuliani; Mary Ellen Foster; Amy Isard; Colin Matheson; Jon Oberlander; Alois Knoll
Situated Reference in a Hybrid Human-Robot Interaction System

W10-4208: Chris Mellish
Towards a Programmable Instrumented Generator

W10-4209: Chris Mellish
Using Semantic Web Technology to Support NLG. Case Study: OWL finds RAGS

W10-4210: Margaret Mitchell; Kees van Deemter; Ehud Reiter
Natural Reference to Objects in a Visual Domain

W10-4211: Gabriel Murray; Giuseppe Carenini; Raymond Ng
Generating and Validating Abstracts of Meeting Conversations: a User Study

W10-4212: Yuan Ren; Kees van Deemter; Jeff Z. Pan
Charting the Potential of Description Logic for the Generation of Referring Expressions

W10-4213: Advaith Siddharthan
Complex Lexico-syntactic Reformulation of Sentences Using Typed Dependency Representations

W10-4214: Philipp Spanger; Ryu Iida; Takenobu Tokunaga; Asuka Terai; Naoko Kuriyama
Towards an Extrinsic Evaluation of Referring Expressions in Situated Dialogs

W10-4215: Svetlana Stoyanchev; Paul Piwek
Harvesting Re-usable High-level Rules for Expository Dialogue Generation

W10-4216: Daniël de Kok
Feature Selection for Fluency Ranking

W10-4217: Anja Belz; Eric Kow
Extracting Parallel Fragments from Comparable Corpora for Data-to-text Generation

W10-4218: Maximiliano Cristià; Brian Plüss
Generating Natural Language Descriptions of Z Test Cases

W10-4219: Dana Dannélls
Applying Semantic Frame Theory to Automate Natural Language Template Generation From Ontology Statements

W10-4220: David McDonald; Charlie Greenbacker
'If you've heard it, you can say it' - Towards an Account of Expressibility

W10-4221: Mariet Theune; Ruud Koolen; Emiel Krahmer
Cross-linguistic Attribute Selection for REG: Comparing Dutch and English

W10-4222: Sandra Williams; Richard Power
Grouping Axioms for More Coherent Ontology Descriptions

W10-4223: Sander Wubben; Antal van den Bosch; Emiel Krahmer
Paraphrase Generation as Monolingual Translation: Data and Evaluation

W10-4224: Hendrik Zender; Christopher Koppermann; Fai Greeve; Geert-Jan Kruijff
Anchor-Progression in Spatially Situated Discourse: a Production Experiment

W10-4225: Anja Belz; Albert Gatt; Alexander Koller
Generation Challenges 2010 Preface

W10-4226: Anja Belz; Eric Kow
The GREC Challenges 2010: Overview and Evaluation Results

W10-4227: Guillaume Bouchard
Named Entity Generation Using Sampling-based Structured Prediction

W10-4228: Éric Charton; Michel Gagnon; Benoit Ozell
Poly-co: An Unsupervised Co-reference Detection System

W10-4229: Amitava Das; Tanik Saikh; Tapabrata Mondal; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
JU_CSE_GREC10: Named Entity Generation at GREC 2010

W10-4230: Benoit Favre; Bernd Bohnet
The UMUS System for Named Entity Generation at GREC 2010

W10-4231: Charles Greenbacker; Nicole Sparks; Kathleen McCoy; Che-Yu Kuo
UDel: Refining a Method of Named Entity Generation

W10-4232: Nicole Sparks; Charles Greenbacker; Kathleen McCoy; Che-Yu Kuo
UDel: Named Entity Recognition and Reference Regeneration from Surface Text

W10-4233: Alexander Koller; Kristina Striegnitz; Andrew Gargett; Donna Byron; Justine Cassell; Robert Dale; Johann Moore; Jon Oberlander
Report on the Second NLG Challenge on Generating Instructions in Virtual Environments (GIVE-2)

W10-4234: Vasile Rus; Brendan Wyse; Paul Piwek; Mihai Lintean; Svetlana Stoyanchev; Christian Moldovan
The First Question Generation Shared Task Evaluation Challenge

W10-4235: Oliver Lemon; Srini Janarthanam; Verena Rieser
Generation Under Uncertainty

W10-4236: Robert Dale; Adam Kilgarriff
Helping Our Own: Text Massaging for Computational Linguistics as a New Shared Task

W10-4237: Anja Belz; Mike White; Josef van Genabith; Deirdre Hogan; Amanda Stent
Finding Common Ground: Towards a Surface Realisation Shared Task

Author Index

Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2010 Conference

W10-43 [bib]: Entire volume

W10-4300: Front Matter

W10-4301 [bib]: Gabriel Skantze; Anna Hjalmarsson
Towards Incremental Speech Generation in Dialogue Systems

W10-4302 [bib]: Silvan Heintze; Timo Baumann; David Schlangen
Comparing Local and Sequential Models for Statistical Incremental Natural Language Understanding

W10-4303 [bib]: Marilyn Walker
Dynamic Adaptation in Dialog Systems

W10-4304 [bib]: Ryuichiro Higashinaka; Yasuhiro Minami; Kohji Dohsaka; Toyomi Meguro
Modeling User Satisfaction Transitions in Dialogues from Overall Ratings

W10-4305 [bib]: Jie Cai; Michael Strube
Evaluation Metrics For End-to-End Coreference Resolution Systems

W10-4306 [bib]: Neville Mehta; Rakesh Gupta; Antoine Raux; Deepak Ramachandran; Stefan Krawczyk
Probabilistic Ontology Trees for Belief Tracking in Dialog Systems

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How was your day? An architecture for multimodal ECA systems

W10-4308 [bib]: David Schlangen; Timo Baumann; Hendrik Buschmeier; Okko Buß; Stefan Kopp; Gabriel Skantze; Ramin Yaghoubzadeh
Middleware for Incremental Processing in Conversational Agents

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Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+10)

W10-44: Entire volume

W10-4400: Front Matter

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Incremental Parsing in Bounded Memory

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Non-local Right Node Raising: an Analysis using Delayed Tree-Local MC-TAG

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Unifying Adjunct Islands and Freezing Effects in Minimalist Grammars

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Reevaluating Gapping in CCG: Evidence from English & Chinese

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Well-Nested Tree Languages and Attributed Tree Transducers

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On Calculus of Displacement

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Unavoidable Ill-nestedness in Natural Language and the Adequacy of Tree Local-MCTAG Induced Dependency Structures

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Surprisal Derives the Recent Filler Heuristic in Mildly Context Sensitive Grammars

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Control Verb, Argument Cluster Coordination and Multi Component TAG

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Sentence Generation as Planning with Probabilistic LTAG

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Cosubstitution, Derivational Locality, and Quantifier Scope

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TAG Analysis of Turkish Long Distance Dependencies

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