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Third Workshop on Very Large Corpora
Proceedings of the 10th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1995)

Third Workshop on Very Large Corpora

W95-0100: Front Matter

W95-0101: Eric Brill
Unsupervised Learning of Disambiguation Rules for Part of Speech Tagging

W95-0102: Carl de Marcken
Lexical Heads, Phrase Structure and the Induction of Grammar

W95-0103: Michael Collins; James Brooks
Prepositional Phrase Attachment through a Backed-off Model

W95-0104: Andrew Golding
A Bayesian Hybrid Method for Context-sensitive Spelling Correction

W95-0105: Philip Resnik
Disambiguating Noun Groupings with Respect to Wordnet Senses

W95-0106: Dekai Wu
Trainable Coarse Bilingual Grammars for Parallel Text Bracketing

W95-0107: Lance Ramshaw; Mitch Marcus
Text Chunking using Transformation-Based Learning

W95-0108: Fernando Pereira; Yoram Singer; Naftali Tishby
Beyond Word N-Grams

W95-0109: Jing-Shin Chang; Yi-Chung Lin; Keh-Yih Su
Automatic Construction of a Chinese Electronic Dictionary

W95-0110: Kenneth Church; William Gale
Inverse Document Frequency (IDF): A Measure of Deviations from Poisson

W95-0111: Joe Zhou; Pete Dapkus
Automatic Suggestion of Significant Terms for a Predefined Topic

W95-0112: Ellen Riloff; Jay Shoen
Automatically Acquiring Conceptual Patterns without an Annotated Corpus

W95-0113: Hsin-Hsi Chen; Yue-Shi Lee
Development of a Partially Bracketed Corpus with Part-of-Speech Information Only

W95-0114: Pascale Fung
Compiling Bilingual Lexicon Entries From a Non-Parallel English-Chinese Corpus

W95-0115: I. Dan Melamed
Automatic Evaluation and Uniform Filter Cascades for Inducing N-Best Translation Lexicons

Proceedings of the 10th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1995)

W95-02 [bib]: Entire volume

W95-0200: Front Matter

W95-0201 [bib]: Thorsten Brants; Christer Samuelsson
Tagging the Teleman Corpus

W95-0202 [bib]: Tore Burheim
Indexed Languages and Unification Grammars

W95-0203 [bib]: Björn Gambäck
Swedish Language Processing in the Spoken Language Translator

W95-0204 [bib]: Jussi Piitulainen
Locally Tree-shaped Sentence Automata and Resolution of Ambiguity

W95-0205 [bib]: Peter Rossen Skadhauge
Sense Extension Functions in Lexical Semantics

W95-0206 [bib]: Kjetil Strand
An Application of Inside-out Functional Uncertainty to Anaphora Resolution