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Proceedings of the 14th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y00-1000: Front Matter

Y00-1001: Masayoshi Shibatani
Language Typology and the Comparison of Languages

Y00-1002: Timothy Baldwin; Hozumi Tanaka
Verb Alternations and Japanese : How, What and Where

Y00-1003: Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Detection and Correction of Phonetic Errors with a New Orthographic Dictionary

Y00-1004: Andrew J. Barke
The Effect of Age on the Style of Discourse among Japanese Women

Y00-1005: Jared Bernstein; Ognjen Todic; Brent Townshend; Eryk Warren
Computer Estimation of Spoken Language Skills

Y00-1006: Samuel W.K. Chan; Benjamin K. T'sou; C.F. Choy
Textual Information Segmentation by Cohesive Ties

Y00-1007: Daeho Chung
WH-questions without WH-words

Y00-1008: Picus Sizhi Ding
A Computational Study of the Ba Resultative Construction : Parsing Mandarin Ba Sentences in HPSG

Y00-1009: Hiroyuki Futo
Categorial Grammar with Features and the Parser on Web pages

Y00-1010: Michael Gabbay
A Conversational Logic : wa and ga

Y00-1011: Yasunari Harada; Kumiko Honda
Accessibility among Situations : Pragmatics of Disjunction in Japanese

Y00-1012: Chu-Ren Huang; Kathleen Ahrens
The Module-Attribute Representation of Verbal Semantics

Y00-1013: Jin-Xia Huang; Key-Sun Choi
Using Bilingual Semantic Information in Chinese-Korean Word Alignment

Y00-1014: Akira Ishikawa
Multiple Representation of Japanese Complex Predicates : A Lexicalist Analysis of Subject and Object Honorific Forms

Y00-1015: Charles C.H. Jie
Generation of Adaptive Vocabulary Lexicon for Japanese LVCSR

Y00-1016: Chiharu Uda Kikuta
Qualia Structure and the Accessibility of Arguments : Japanese Internally-Headed Relative Clauses with Implicit Target

Y00-1017: Jong-Bok Kim
A Constraint-Based Approach to Some Multiple Nominative Constructions in Korean

Y00-1018: Mi-Kyung Kim
Dynamics of Information Packaging in Korean

Y00-1019: Seppo Kittilä
Problems in Defining a Prototypical Transitive Sentence Typologically

Y00-1020: Hisashi Komatsu
4-valued Reasoning with Stratified Bilattices

Y00-1021: Ik-hwan Lee; Minhaeng Lee
On the Discourse Analysis in Korean Dialogues

Y00-1022: Kihwang Lee
A CCG Fragment of Korean

Y00-1023: Kiyong Lee
Developing Database Semantics as a Computational Model

Y00-1024: Roussanka Loukanova
Nominal Scope in Situation Semantics

Y00-1025: Seung-Chul Moon
How Computer Selects Antecedent?

Y00-1026: Hiroaki Nakamura
On Case Alternation Phenomena : A Categorial Approach

Y00-1027: Yasuo Nakayama
A Move towards a General Semantic Theory

Y00-1028: Rebecca Hsue-Hueh Shih
Collocation Deficiency in a Learner Corpus of English : From an Overuse Perspective

Y00-1029: Melanie Siegel
Japanese Honorification in an HPSG Framework

Y00-1030: Mari Takada; Kazuko Shinohara; Fumi Morizumi; Michiko Sato
A Study of Metaphorical Mapping Involving Socio-cultural Values : How Woman is Conceptualized in Japanese

Y00-1031: Benjamin K. Tsou; K.K. Sin; Samuel W. K. Chan; Tom B. Y. Lai; Caesar Lun; K. T. Ko; Gary K. K. Chan; Lawrence Y. L. Cheung
Automatic Conversion from Phonetic to Textual Representation of Cantonese : The Case of Hong Kong Court Proceedings

Y00-1032: Jhing-Fa Wang; Hsien-Chang Wang; Chin-Nan Lee
Domain Unconstrained Language Understanding Based on How-net

Y00-1033: Tomoko Watanabe
Object Topicalization, Passive, and Information Structure in Japanese

Y00-1034: Chang-Shiann Wu; Yu-Fu Hsieh
Articulatory Speech Synthesizer

Y00-1035: Miyoko Yasui
Symmetric Projection in Japanese and English : A Modification of Stabler's Parsing/Generation Model for Minimalist Grammar

Y00-1036: Hui-Chen Yeh
Temporal and Conditional Clauses in Chinese Spoken Discourse : A Function-based Study

Y00-1037: Eun-Jung Yoo
Alternative Questions in the Syntax-Semantics Interface

Y00-1038: Kei Yoshimoto; Chidori Nakamura; Yoshiki Mori
A Unified Approach to Tense in Japanese

Y00-1039: Richard Zuber
Exclusion phrases and criticisms of semantic compositionality

Y00-1040: Chungmin Lee; Daeho Chung; Seungho Nam
The Semantics of amwu-N-to/-irato/-ina in Korean : Arbitrary Choice and Concession

Y00-1041: Taegoo Chung
External Argument and English Psychological Verbs