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Proceedings of the 15th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y01-1000: Front Matter

Y01-1001: Charles J. Fillmore; Charles Wooters; Collin F. Baker
Building a Large Lexical Databank Which Provides Deep Semantics

Y01-1002: Kathleen Ahrens; Chu-Ren Huang
A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Synonym Pairs : An Approach based on The Module-Attribute Representation of Verbal Semantics

Y01-1003: Bowen Hui
Inferring Semantics from Collocation Clusters to Represent Verbs and Nouns

Y01-1004: Masahiro Kobayashi; Kei Yoshimoto
A Parallel Interpretation of Floated Quantifiers and Adverbials

Y01-1005: Michiyuki Sato
What else to quantify?

Y01-1006: Anna Maria Di Sciullo; Sandiway Fong
Asymmetry, Zero Morphology and Tractability

Y01-1007: Akira Ishikawa
Emphatic Particles and their Scopal Interactions in Japanese

Y01-1008: Masahito Kawamori; Akira Ikeya
Japanese Negative Polarity Items and Negative Concord

Y01-1009: Jen-nan Chen; Sue J. Ker
Towards a Conceptual Representation of Lexical Meaning in WordNet

Y01-1010: Oi Yee Kwong
Forming an Integrated Lexical Resource for Word Sense Disambiguation

Y01-1011: Gregers Koch
Some Principles of Automated Natural Language Information Extraction

Y01-1012: Thanasan Tanhermhong; Thanaruk Theeramunkong; Wirat Chinnan
A Structure-Shared Trie Compression Method

Y01-1013: Jianhua Hu; Haihua Pan
Processing Local Coherence of Discourse in Centering Theory

Y01-1014: Ik-Hwan Lee; Minhaeng Lee
Temporal Structure on Discourse Level within the Controlled Information Packaging Theory

Y01-1015: Shu-Chuan Tseng
Highlighting Utterances in Chinese Spoken Discourse

Y01-1016: Tsutomu Fujinami
A Decidable Linear Logic for Speech Translation

Y01-1017: XinYu Deng; Sadao Kurohashi; Jun'ichi Nakamura
Building domain-independent text generation system

Y01-1018: Seiichiro Inaba
Vowel Shortening and Surface Ternary Feet : Ternary Rhythm Through Strictly Binary Footing

Y01-1019: Vicky Tzuyin Lai; Kathleen Ahrens
Mappings From the Source Domain of Plant in Mandarin Chinese

Y01-1020: Eun-Jung Yoo
Floating Quantifiers and Lexical Specification of Quantifier Retrieval

Y01-1021: Yasunari Harada; Kumiko Honda
Pragmatic Inference with Conditionals and Concessives in Japanese

Y01-1022: Ryoya Okabe
On the Semantics of Japanese Particles wa and mo and Their Interaction with Quantifiers

Y01-1023: Sae-Youn Cho; Jong-Joo Choe
Nominal Markers and Word Order in Korean

Y01-1024: Pornsiri Singhapreecha
Thai Classifiers and the Structure of Complex Thai Nominals

Y01-1025: Jong-Bok Kim
Negation, VP Ellipsis, and VP Fronting in English : A Construction-HPSG Analysis

Y01-1026: Jeong-Me Yoon
Feature Percolation, Movement and Cross-Linguistic Variation in Pied-Piping

Y01-1027: Byung-Soo Park
Gerundive Complements in English : A Constraint-Based Analysis

Y01-1028: Takashi Miyata; Akira Otani; Yuji Matsumoto
An HPSG Account of the Hierarchical Clause Formation in Japanese : HPSG-Based Japanese Grammar for Practical Parsing

Y01-1029: Chiharu Uda Kikuta
The Japanese Internally-Headed Relative Clause as a Marked Head-Complement Structure

Y01-1030: Yong-Beom Kim
Distributional Properties and Endocentricity of English Gerunds

Y01-1031: Nobuo Inui; Yoshiyuki Kotani
Robust N-gram Based Syntactic Analysis Using Segmentation Words

Y01-1032: Oliver Streiter
Recursive Top-down Fuzzy Match : New Perspectives on Memory-based Parsing