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Proceedings of the 16th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y02-1000: Front Matter

Y02-1001: Erhard W. Hinrichs
Robust Syntactic Annotation of Corpora and Memory-based Parsing

Y02-1002: Kiyong Lee
A Simple Syntax for Complex Semantics

Y02-1003: Lawrence Cheung; Benjamin K. Tsou; Maosong Sun
Identification of Chinese Personal Names in Unrestricted Texts

Y02-1004: Chan Chung; Jong-Bok Kim
Mismatches in Korean Copula Constructions and Linearization Effects

Y02-1005: Euisok Chung; Soojong Lim; Bo-Hyun Yun
Heuristic-based Korean Coreference Resolution for Information Extraction

Y02-1006: Chung-hye Han; Chung-min Lee
On Negative Imperatives in Korean

Y02-1007: Chung-hye Han; Na-Rae Han; Eon-Suk Ko; Martha Palmer; Heejong Yi
Penn Korean Treebank : Development and Evaluation

Y02-1008: Dongli Han; Takeshi Ito; Teiji Furugori
A Deterministic Method for Structural Analysis of Compound Words in Japanese

Y02-1009: Akira Ikeya; Hisako Ikawa
Implicit Adjuncts : The Cases of Degree Modifiers in Japanese and English

Y02-1010: Seohyun Im; Chungmin Lee
Type Construction of Nouns with the Verb ha- 'do'

Y02-1011: Akira Ishikawa
An Event-Based Semantics for Japanese Emphatic Particles

Y02-1012: Youngjun Jang
Small Clauses and Default Case

Y02-1013: Eungyeong Kang
Edge-Integrity and the Syllable Structure in Korean

Y02-1014: Sue J. Ker; Chun-Hsien Lin
An Alignment Based Technique for Text Translation between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

Y02-1015: Changhyun Kim; Young Kil Kim; Munpyo Hong; Young Ae Seo; Sung Il Yang; Sung-Kwon Choi
Verb Pattern Based Korean-Chinese Machine Translation System

Y02-1016: Jun-Su Kim; Wang-Woo Lee; Chang-Hwan Kim; Cheol-young Ock
A Korean Homonym Disambiguation System Based on Statistical Model Using Weights

Y02-1017: Soora Kim
Analysis of Korean Predicative Verb Forms in LAG Framework

Y02-1018: Yong-Beom Kim
Concession and Linguistic Inference

Y02-1019: Yoon-shin Kim
Morphological Passivization and the Change of Lexical-Semantic Structures in Korean

Y02-1020: Youngsun Kim
A Phase-based Approach to ECM across CP in Korean

Y02-1021: Takeyuki Kojima; Yoshiyuki Kotani
Generating a Category Set of Words Using a Hierarchical Part-of-Speech System and Tagged Corpus

Y02-1022: Yoshiyuki Kotani
Disambiguation of Coordinate Expressions in Japanese by Extracting Mutual Case Relation

Y02-1023: Masakazu Kuno
Finite Small Clauses in Japanese and Their Theoretical Implications

Y02-1024: Oi Yee Kwong
Toward a Bilingual Legal Term Glossary from Context Profiles

Y02-1025: Richard S. Lavin
Issues in Chinese Prosody : Conceptual Foundations of a Linguistically-Motivated Text-to-Speech System for Mandarin

Y02-1026: Chun-Jen Lee; Jason S. Chang
An Operator Assisted Call Routing System

Y02-1027: Hyeran Lee
Backward Anaphora

Y02-1028: Juho Lee; Koaunghi Un; Hee-Sook Bae; Key-Sun Choi
A Korean Noun Semantic Hierarchy (Wordnet) Construction

Y02-1029: Yong-hun Lee
Implementation of Long-distance Reflexives in Korean : A Categorial Grammar Approach

Y02-1030: Huei-Ling Lin
The Interface between Syntax and Morphology : Taiwanese Verbal Complexes

Y02-1031: Jen-Yi Lin; Chang-Hua Yang; Shu-Chuan Tseng; Chu-Ren Huang
The Structure of Polysemy : A Study of Multi-sense Words Based on WordNet

Y02-1032: Yoshiki Mori; Kei Yoshimoto
If a Quantifier is not floated, but moored or even incorporated : Complexity of Presuppositions in Local Domain

Y02-1033: Tetsuharu Moriya; Kaoru Horie
Grammaticalization and Semantic Typology : Time-relationship Adverbs in Japanese, Korean, English and German

Y02-1034: Hiroaki Nakamura
Double Subject, Double Nominative Object and Double Accusative Object Constructions in Japanese and Korean

Y02-1035: Ryoya Okabe
A Focus-based Approach to Scope Ambiguity in Japanese

Y02-1036: Haihua Pan; Jianhua Hu
Representing Topic-Comment Structures in Chinese

Y02-1037: Byung-Soo Park
Do Transitive Adjectives Really Exist?

Y02-1038: Michiyuki Sato
This Adverbial Accusative : A Corpus-based Observation and More

Y02-1039: Markus Schulze
The Loom-LAG for Syntax Analysis : Adding a Language-independent Level to LAG

Y02-1040: Eri Tanaka
A Japanese Compound Verb V-te-iku and Event Composition

Y02-1041: Erin Yaoling Wang
Syntactic Interference in Chinese-English Bilingual Children

Y02-1042: Dan-Hee Yang; Ik-Hwan Lee
Argumentness and Probabilistic Case Structures

Y02-1043: Qi Xiao Yang; Sung Sam Yuan; Lu Chun; Jay Rajasekera
An Important Issue in Data Mining : Data Cleaning

Y02-1044: Aesun Yoon
Building a Domain-Specific French-Korean Lexicon

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