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Proceedings of the 18th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y04-1000: Front Matter

Y04-1001: Kiyong Lee
Processing and Representing Temporally Sequential Events

Y04-1002: Yuji Matsumoto
Machine Learning based NLP : Experiences and Supporting Tools

Y04-1003: Chu-Ren Huang
Text-based Construction and Comparison of Domain Ontology : A Study Based on Classical Poetry

Y04-1004: Kei Takahashi; Kiyoshi Ishikawa
An Adjacency Constraint on Argument Selection

Y04-1005: Kenji Yokota
Towards a proper treatment of adjuncts in Japanese

Y04-1006: Hee-Rahk Chae
An Analysis of the Korean [manyak ... V-telato] Construction : An Indexed Phrase Structure Grammar Approach

Y04-1007: Yoko Mizuta
An Analysis of Japanese ta / teiru in a Dynamic Semantics Framework and a Comparison with Korean Temporal Markers a nohta / a twuta

Y04-1008: Hiroaki Nakamura; Yoshiki Mori
Relational Nouns as Anaphors

Y04-1009: Jong-Bok Kim; Jaehyung Yang; Incheol Choi
Capturing and Parsing the Mixed Properties of Light Verb Constructions in a Typed Feature Structure Grammar

Y04-1010: Akira Ohtani; Yuji Matsumoto
Japanese Subjects and Information Structure : A Constraint-based Approach

Y04-1011: Cuong Anh Le; Akira Shimazu
High WSD Accuracy Using Naive Bayesian Classifier with Rich Features

Y04-1012: Ichiro Yamada; Timothy Baldwin
Automatic Discovery of Telic and Agentive Roles from Corpus Data

Y04-1013: Young-Sook Hwang; Kyonghee Paik; Yutaka Sasaki
Bilingual Knowledge Extraction Using Chunk Alignment

Y04-1014: Chooi-Ling Goh; Masayuki Asahara; Yuji Matsumoto
Pruning False Unknown Words to Improve Chinese Word Segmentation

Y04-1015: Jia-Fei Hong; Xiang-Bing Li; Chu-Ren Huang
Ontology-based Prediction of Compound Relations : A Study Based on SUMO

Y04-1016: Michael Burke; Olivia Lam; Aoife Cahill; Rowena Chan; Ruth O'Donovan; Adams Bodomo; Josef van Genabith; Andy Way
Treebank-Based Acquisition of a Chinese Lexical-Functional Grammar

Y04-1017: Masao Utiyama; Midori Tanimura; Hitoshi Isahara
Constructing English Reading Courseware

Y04-1018: Yujie Zhang; Hitoshi Isahara
Acquiring Compound Word Translations both Automatically and Dynamically

Y04-1019: Takeshi Kutsumi; Takehiko Yoshimi; Katsunori Kotani; Ichiko Sata; Hitoshi Isahara
Integrated Use of Internal and External Evidence in the Alignment of Multi-Word Named Entities

Y04-1020: Zhemin Lin; Li-May Sung
Tiny Corpus Applications with Transformation-Based Error-Driven Learning : Evaluations of Automatic Grammar Induction and Partial Parsing of SaiSiyat

Y04-1021: Wirote Aroonmanakun
A Unified Model of Thai Romanization and Word Segmentation

Y04-1022: Chungmin Lee
Scalar Meanings of the Concessive (-to), the Contrastive Topic Marker (-nun) and -man 'only' in Korean (and Japanese)

Y04-1023: Li-Chi Lee Chen
On Argument-Adjunct Asymmetry of Sluicing in Mandarin Chinese

Y04-1024: Asako Otomo
A Contrastive Study of Function Verbs in English and Japanese : Cut and Kiru

Y04-1025: Yasuyo Tokuhiro; Shizuo Hiki
Effects of Mora Phonemes on Japanese Word Accent

Y04-1026: Jin-Shea Kuo; Ying-Kuei Yang
Incorporating Pronunciation Variation into Different Strategies of Term Transliteration

Y04-1027: Kazutaka Takao; Yasuo Asakura
Extraction of Cognition Results of Travel Routes with a Thesaurus

Y04-1028: Sue-jin Ker; Jen-Nan Chen
Adaptive Word Sense Tagging on Chinese Corpus

Y04-1029: Jin-Shea Kuo; Ying-Kuei Yang
Generating Paired Transliterated-cognates Using Multiple Pronunciation Characteristics from Web corpora

Y04-1030: Baobao Chang
Chinese-English Parallel Corpus Construction and its Application

Y04-1031: Yasunari Harada; Masanori Suzuki; Jared Bernstein
Developing an Automated Test of Spoken Japanese

Y04-1032: Masaki Murata; Hitoshi Isahara
Three English Learner Assistance Systems Using Automatic Paraphrasing Techniques