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Proceedings of the 19th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y05-1001: Catherine Lai; Steven Bird
LPath+: A First-Order Complete Language for Linguistic Tree Query

Y05-1002: Suk-Jin Chang
Form-Meaning Interface in Constraint-based Unified Grammar: Prosody and Pragmatics

Y05-1003: Afsaneh Fazly; Suzanne Stevenson
Automatic Acquisition of Knowledge About Multiword Predicates

Y05-1004: Kathleen Ahrens
People in the State of the Union: Viewing Social Change through the Eyes of Presidents

Y05-1005: Youcef Bey; Kyo Kageura; Christian Boitet
A Framework for Data Management for the Online Volunteer Translators' Aid System QRLex

Y05-1006: Ji-Won Choi; Hee-Jin Lee; Jong C. Park
From Text to Sign Language: Exploiting the Spatial and Motioning Dimension

Y05-1007: Siaw-Fong Chung
MARKET Metaphors: Chinese, English and Malay

Y05-1008: Mary Dalrymple; Maria Liakata; Lisa Mackie
A Two-level Morphology of Malagasy

Y05-1009: Becky Hsuan-hua Huang; David Barner; Peggy Li
A Small Fan and a Small Handful of Fans Exploring the Acquisition of Count-mass Distinction in Mandarin

Y05-1010: Yuki Ikegaya; Yasuhiro Noguchi; Satoru Kogure; Tatsuhiro Konishi; Makoto Kondo; Hideki Aso; Akira Takagi; Yukihiro Ito
Integration of Dependency Analysis with Semantic Analysis Referring to the Context

Y05-1011: Iun Un-gian; Lau Kiat-gak; Li Sheng-an; Kao Cheng-yan
A Study on Implementation of Southern-Min Taiwanese Tone Sandhi System

Y05-1012: Ho-Joon Lee; Jong C. Park
Vowel Sound Disambiguation for Intelligible Korean Speech Synthesis

Y05-1013: Chien-Jer Charles Lin; Sandiway Fong; Thomas G. Bever
Constructing Filler-Gap Dependencies in Chinese Possessor Relative Clauses

Y05-1014: Masaki Murata; Kiyotaka Uchimoto; Qing Ma; Toshiyuki Kanamaru; Hitoshi Isahara
Analysis of Machine Translation Systems' Errors in Tense, Aspect, and Modality

Y05-1015: Minh Le Nguyen; Akira Shimazu; Hieu Xuan Phan
A Structured SVM Semantic Parser Augmented by Semantic Tagging with Conditional Random Field

Y05-1016: Rui Otake; Kei Yoshimoto
Multiply Quantified Internally Headed Relative Clause in Japanese: A Skolem Term Based Approach

Y05-1017: Tomoaki Ozawa; Hiroyuki Nishina; Kei Yoshimoto; Shigeru Sato
A study on multiple interpretations of frequency adverbs in Japanese

Y05-1018: Shun SHIRAMATSU; Kazunori KOMATANI; Takashi MIYATA; Koichi HASHIDA; Hiroshi OKUNO
Empirical Verification of Meaning-Game-based Generalization of Centering Theory with Large Japanese Corpus

Y05-1019: Michelle Wendy Tan; Raymond Joseph Ang; Natasja Gail Bautista; Ya Rong Cai; Bianca Tanlo
Learning Translation Rules from Bilingual English - Filipino Corpus

Y05-1020: Yiching Wu; Cui-Xia Weng; Chu-Ren Huang
In and Out: Senses and Meaning Extension of Mandarin Spatial Terms nei and wai

Y05-1021: Etsuko Yoshida
Discourse Segment and Japanese Referring Expressions: Are These Bare NPs or Proper Names ?

Y05-1022: Keiko Yoshida
Japanese Bare Nouns as Weak Indefinites

Y05-1023: Feng-Long Huang; Ming-Shing Yu
An Approach to Improve the Smoothing Process Based on Non-uniform Redistribution

Y05-1024: Takahiro Ikeda; Shin'ya Ishikawa; Kiyokazu Miki; Fumihiro Adachi; Ryosuke Isotani; Kenji Sato; Akitoshi Okumura
Speech-Activated Text Retrieval System for Cellular Phones with Web Browsing Capability

Y05-1025: Eunsok Ju; Chongwon Park; Minhaeng Lee; Kiyong Lee
A Constrained Finite-State Morphotactics for Korean

Y05-1026: Jyi-Shane Liu; Yung-Wei Cheng
Enhancing Usability of Information Extraction Results with Textual Data Profiling

Y05-1027: Shiho Nobesawa; Ikuo Tahara
Language Identification for Person Names Based on Statistical Information

Y05-1028: Hiroshi Sakaki
Acquisition of Concentrated Modification Structure from Logical Formula

Y05-1029: Oliver Streiter; Mathias Stuflesser
XNLRDF, an Open Source Natural Language Resource Description Framework

Y05-1030: Emiko Suzuki; Kyoko Kakihana
On the Web Communication Assist Aide based on the Bilingual Sign Language Dictionary

Y05-1031: Masanori Suzuki; Yasunari Harada
Using Speech Recognition for an Automated Test of Spoken Japanese

Y05-1032: Satoshi Tojo; Ken Saito
Analysis of The Elements by HPSG

Y05-1033: Antoine Tremblay
Word Order in Mandarin Chinese and Grammatical Relations

Y05-1034: Ruowei Yang
Repair Structures in Web-based Conversation

Y05-1035: Kenji Yokota
Predicate Composition and the Determination of Scope