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Proceedings of the 20th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y06-1001: Chang-Ning Huang; Hai Zhao
Which Is Essential for Chinese Word Segmentation: Character versus Word

Y06-1002: Kiyong Lee
Multilinguality in Temporal Annotation: A Case of Korean

Y06-1003: Kei Yoshimoto; Shigeru Sato
Towards a Neuro-Cognitive Model of Human Sentence Processing

Y06-1004: Tao-Hsing Chang; Chia-Hoang Lee; Yu-Ming Chang
Enhancing Automatic Chinese Essay Scoring System from Figures-of-Speech

Y06-1005: Xuri Tang
English Morphological Analysis with Machine-learned Rules

Y06-1006: Tingting He; Junzhe Zhao; Jing Li
Discovering Relations among Named Entities by Detecting Community Structure

Y06-1007: Di Jiang; Xuewen Zhou
A Full Inspection on Chinese Characters Used in the Secrete History of the Mongols

Y06-1008: Chen Wu; Quan Zhang; Xiangfeng Wei
An Information Retrieval Model Based On Word Concept

Y06-1009: Yang Zhang; Pilian He; Wei Xiang; Mu Li
Discriminative Reranking for Spelling Correction

Y06-1010: Seiya Osada; Kiyoshi Yamabana; Ken Hanazawa; Akitoshi Okumura
A User Interface-Level Integration Method for Multiple Automatic Speech Translation Systems

Y06-1011: Kiyokazu Miki; Kaichiro Hatazaki; Hiroaki Hattori
Efficient language model development for spoken dialogue recognition and its evaluation on operator's speech at call centers

Y06-1012: Hai Zhao; Chang-Ning Huang; Mu Li; Bao-Liang Lu
Effective Tag Set Selection in Chinese Word Segmentation via Conditional Random Field Modeling

Y06-1013: Yude Bi; Binhong Wu; Jianguo Xiong
A Study on the Structure of Korean Knowledge Database

Y06-1014: Luning Ji; Qin Lu; Wenjie Li; YiRong Chen
A Comparative Study of the Effect of Word Segmentation On Chinese Terminology Extraction

Y06-1015: Wan Yin Li; Qin Lu; James Liu
TCtract-A Collocation Extraction Approach for Noun Phrases Using Shallow Parsing Rules and Statistic Models

Y06-1016: Kai Ishikawa; Susumu Akamine; Ken Hanazawa
Chinese Speech Information Retrieval for Questions on Mobile Phone Operation

Y06-1017: Haitao Liu; Wei Huang
A Chinese Dependency Syntax for Treebanking

Y06-1018: Min Lu; Jun Zhao
Multi-feature Based Chinese-English Named Entity Extraction from Comparable Corpora

Y06-1019: Kumi Cardinal
Type grammar meets Japanese particles

Y06-1020: Tingting He; Xiaopeng Zhang; Xinghuo Ye
An Approach to Automatically Constructing Domain Ontology

Y06-1021: Zezhi Zheng
Auto-extracting Paraphrases of Letter-word Phrases in Live Texts

Y06-1022: Akira Otani
Japanese Ditransitive Verbs and the Hierarchical Lexicon

Y06-1023: Quan Zhang; Chen Wu; Xiangfeng Wei
The Analysis of Chinese Sentence Semantic Chunk Share Based on HNC Theory

Y06-1024: Jia-Fei Hong; Chu-Ren Huang
Using Chinese Gigaword Corpus and Chinese Word Sketch in linguistic Research

Y06-1025: Hee-Rahk Chae
Tense Markers and -ko Constructions in Korean

Y06-1026: Hiroaki Nakamura
Topic-Comment Articulation in Japanese: A Categorial Approach

Y06-1027: Chu-Ren Huang; Wei-Yun Ma; Yi-Ching Wu; Chih-Ming Chiu
Knowledge-Rich Approach to Automatic Grammatical Information Acquisition: Enriching Chinese Sketch Engine with a Lexical Grammar

Y06-1028: Cam-Tu Nguyen; Trung-Kien Nguyen; Xuan-Hieu Phan; Le-Minh Nguyen; Quang-Thuy Ha
Vietnamese Word Segmentation with CRFs and SVMs: An Investigation

Y06-1029: Thi Minh Huyen Nguyen; Mathias Rossignol
A language-independent method for the alignement of parallel corpora

Y06-1030: Di Jiang
The Current Status of Sorting Order of Tibetan Dictionaries and Standardization

Y06-1031: Tingting He; Ting Xu; Guozhong Qu; Xinhui Tu
Re-ranking Method Based on Topic Word Pairs

Y06-1032: Yun-liang Zhang; Quan Zhang
A Text Classifier Based on Sentence Category VSM

Y06-1033: XiangFeng Wei; Quan Zhang
Research on Hypothesizing and Sorting the Eg Candidates in Chinese Semantic Parsing

Y06-1034: Zhongchao Fei; Xuanjing Huang; Lide Wu
Mining the Relation between Sentiment Expression and Target Using Dependency of Words

Y06-1035: Satoshi Kamatani; Kentaro Furihata; Tetsuro Chino
Forest Driven Dependency Analysis Enhanced by Japanese Clause Structure Estimation

Y06-1036: Farrah Cherry Fortes-Galvan; Rachel Edita Roxas
A Constraint-based Morphological Analyzer for Concatenative and Non-concatenative Morphology

Y06-1037: Zihou Meng; Yudong Chen; Xiaohua Li
Statistical Survey of Monophthong Formants in Mandarin for Students Being Trained as Broadcasters

Y06-1038: Yu-hsin Huang
The Role of Input in Acquisition of Tone Sandhi Rules in Mandarin Chinese

Y06-1039: Toshiyuki Kanamaru; Masaki Murata; Hitoshi Isahara
Construction of Adverb Dictionary that Relates to Speaker Attitudes and Evaluation of Its Effectiveness

Y06-1040: Kei Takahashi; Kiyoshi Ishikawa; Kei Yoshimoto
An Activation-based Sentence Processing Model of English

Y06-1041: Ales Horak; Vladimir Kadlec
Platform for Full-Syntax Grammar Development Using Meta-grammar Constructs

Y06-1042: Yixian Fang; Baowen Wang; Yongmao Wang
The stock index forecast based on dynamic recurrent neural network trained with GA

Y06-1043: Prevot Laurent; Chu-Ren Huang; I-Li Su
Using the Swadesh list for creating a simple common taxonomy

Y06-1044: Chooi-Ling Goh; Jia Lu; Yuchang Cheng; Masayuki Asahara; Yuji Matsumoto
The Construction of a Dictionary for a Two-layer Chinese Morphological Analyzer

Y06-1045: Ze-yu Zheng; Ping Zhang
A Natural Language Model of Computing with Words in Web Pages

Y06-1046: Jihao Yin; Xiaozhong Fan; Kaixuan Zhang; Jiangde Yu
Chinese Organization Name Recognition Using Chunk Analysis

Y06-1047: Shengyuan Wu
1-0 Transformation Form of UTF-8

Y06-1048: Silamu Wushour; Nuominghua Caiqin
The research on Uighur speaker-dependent isolated word speech recognition

Y06-1049: Dongfeng Cai; Jingguang Sun; Guiping Zhang; Dexin Lv; Yanju Dong; Yan Song; Chao Yu
HowNet Based Chinese Question Classification

Y06-1050: Mohamed Abdel Fattah; Fuji Ren; Shingo Kuroiwa
Machine Transliteration

Y06-1051: Ebony Domingo; Rachel Edita Roxas
Automatic Target Word Disambiguation Using Syntactic Relationships

Y06-1052: Yueh-Yin Shih; Shu-Ling Huang; Keh-Jiann Chen
Semantic Representation and Composition for Unknown Compounds in E-HowNet

Y06-1053: Liang Xiong; Quan Zhang
Analysis and Processing on the Composing of Noun Conglomeration Combination

Y06-1054: Michelle Wendy Tan; Bryan Anthony Hong; Danniel Liwanag Alcantara; Amiel Perez; Lawrence Tan
Learning Translation Rules for a Bidirectional English-Filipino Machine Translator

Y06-1055: Jian-Min Yao; Yun-Qian Qu; Qiao-Ming Zhu; Jing Zhang
A Visualization method for machine translation evaluation results

Y06-1056: Lichi Yuan
Language Model Based on Word Clustering

Y06-1057: GuiPing Zhang; Chao Yu; DongFeng Cai; Yan Song; JingGuang Sun
Research on concept-sememe tree and semantic relevance computation

Y06-1058: Zanhui Huang
The function of DE in Chinese RCs

Y06-1059: Yinchao Cheng; Baocai Yin; Yanfeng Sun
Research on Word Segmentation for Chinese Sign Language

Y06-1060: Feiliang Ren; Tianshun Yao
Make Word Sense Disambiguation in EBMT Practical

Y06-1061: Hiroshi Umemoto
Implementing a Japanese Semantic Parser Based on Glue Approach

Y06-1062: Lei Yu; Mengge Liu; Fuji Ren; Shingo Kuroiwa
A Chinese Automatic Text Summarization system for mobile devices

Y06-1063: Yajun Pei; Zhiwei Feng
Representation of Original Sense of Chinese Characters by FOPC

Y06-1064: Hsin-chang Ho
Are Topic Constructions Licensed by A'Movement in Mandarin Chinese? - A Preliminary Study

Y06-1065: Dong-Sung Kim; Jae-Woong Choe
Word Sense Disambiguation and Human Intuition for Semantic Classification on Homonyms

Y06-1066: Ye-Hang Zhu; Guan-Zhong Dai; Benjamin C. M. Fung; De-Jun Mu
Document Clustering Method Based on Frequent Co-occurring Words

Y06-1067: Rongbo Wang; Zheru Chi
An Algorithm Combining Statistics-based and Rules-based for Chunk Identification of Chinese Sentences

Y06-1068: Feiliang Ren; Shaoming Liu
Building Translation Memory System by N-gram

Y06-1069: Yonggui Yang; Lei Li
Research on Olympics-oriented Mobile Game News Ordering System

Y06-1070: Meilin Chen
An evaluation of the Hand-held Electronic Dictionaries Used by Chinese EFL Learners

Y06-1071: Xiao-fei Zhang; Ke-liang Zhang; He-yan Huang
Translation & Transform Algorithm of Query Sentence in Cross-Language Information Retrieval