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Proceedings of the 21st Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y07-1001: Timothy Baldwin
Scalable Deep Linguistic Processing: Mind the Lexical Gap

Y07-1002: Harry Bunt
The Semantics of Semantic Annotation

Y07-1003: Jerry R. Hobbs
Deep Lexical Semantics: The Ontological Ascent

Y07-1004: Satoshi Tojo
How has belief modality contributed to formal semantics?

Y07-1005: Hee-Don Ahn; Sungeun Cho
A Syntactic Account of the Properties of Bare Nominals in Discourse

Y07-1006: Yukiko Sasaki Alam
Analyzer to Identify Phrases and the Functional Roles in Sentences: Its Architectural Aspects

Y07-1007: Suguru Aoki; Kazuhide Yamamoto
Opinion Extraction based on Syntactic Pieces

Y07-1008: Youcef Bey; Kyo Kageura; Christian Boitet
BEYTrans: A Free Online Collaborative Wiki-Based CAT Environment Designed for Online Translation Communities

Y07-1009: Kumi Cardinal
A Pregroup Analysis of Japanese Causatives

Y07-1010: Sung-Kwon Choi; Young-Gil Kim
Customizing an English-Korean Machine Translation System for Patent Translation

Y07-1011: Yoon-Hee Choi
A New Type of NPI Licensing Context: Evidence from French Subjunctive and NE Expletif

Y07-1012: Siaw-Fong Chung; Kathleen Ahrens; Chung-Ping Cheng; Chu-Ren Huang; Petr Simon
Computing Thresholds of Linguistic Saliency

Y07-1013: You-Shan Chung; Shu-Ling Huang; Keh-Jiann Chen
Modality and Modal Sense Representation in E-HowNet

Y07-1014: Davis Muhajereen D. Dimalen; Rachel Edita O. Roxas
AutoCor: A Query Based Automatic Acquisition of Corpora of Closely-related Languages

Y07-1015: Jia-Fei Hong; Chu-Ren Huang; Kathleen Ahrens
The Polysemy of Da3: An ontology-based lexical semantic study

Y07-1016: Hui-yu Huang
Ambiguity in the Negative V+bo NP Construction in Taiwanese Southern Min

Y07-1017: Hsin-mei May Huang; Ching-yu Shelley Hsieh
Time-moving Metaphors and Ego-moving Metaphors: Which Is Better Comprehended by Taiwanese?

Y07-1018: Xiao-You Kevin Huang
Initialness of Sentence-final Particles in Mandarin Chinese

Y07-1019: Huong Thanh Le
A Frame-based Approach to Text Generation

Y07-1020: Jong Sup Jun
Co-Event Conflation for Compound Verbs in Korean

Y07-1021: Ilkyu Kim
What Makes Negative Imperative So Natural for Korean [psych-adjective +-e ha-] Constructions?

Y07-1022: Jong-Bok Kim; Jaehyung Yang
On the Syntax and Semantics of the Bound Noun Constructions: With a Computational Implementation

Y07-1023: Yong-Beom Kim
Weak Connectivity in (Un)bounded Dependency Constructions

Y07-1024: Dong-Sung Kim; Chang-Hwa Roh
A Transformation-Based Learning Method on Generating Korean Standard Pronunciation

Y07-1025: Masahiro Kobayashi; Kei Yoshimoto
Transition and Parsing State and Incrementality in Dynamic Syntax

Y07-1026: Binna Lee; Chungmin Lee
A Focus Account for Contrastive Reduplication: Prototypicality and Contrastivity

Y07-1027: Chiachun Lee
Gei3ta1 in Taiwan Mandarin--- A Particular Construction

Y07-1028: Yong-hun Lee
Implementation of Presence and Absence of Blocking Effects: A Categorial Grammar Approach to Chinese and Korean

Y07-1029: Bo Li; Juan Liu; Huili Zhu
Mining Parallel Text from the Web based on Sentence Alignment

Y07-1030: Hsiu-Ying Liu
The Excessive Structural Article in Mandarin- Study of dao(到)

Y07-1031: Xinnian Mao; Wei Xu; Yuan Dong; Saike He; Haila Wang
Using Non-Local Features to Improve Named Entity Recognition Recall

Y07-1032: Hye-Jin Min; Jong C. Park
Analysis of Indirect Uses of Interrogative Sentences Carrying Anger

Y07-1033: Maki Miyake; Terry Joyce; Jaeyoung Jung; Hiroyuki Akama
Hierarchical Structure in Semantic Networks of Japanese Word Associations

Y07-1034: Masaki Murata; Toshiyuki Kanamaru; Koichiro Nakamoto; Katsunori Kotani; Hitoshi Isahara
Japanese Expressions that Include English Expressions

Y07-1035: Hiroaki Nakamura
Two Types of Complex Predicate Formation: Japanese Passive and Potential Verbs

Y07-1036: Tri-Thanh Nguyen; Akira Shimazu
Acquisition of Named-Entity-Related Relations for Searching

Y07-1037: Yongkyoon No
Bracketing Input for Accurate Parsing

Y07-1038: Akira Otani; Mark Steedman
Case, Coordination, and Information Structure in Japanese

Y07-1039: Masanori Oya; Josef van Genabith
Automatic Acquisition of Lexical-Functional Grammar Resources from a Japanese Dependency Corpus

Y07-1040: Eun-Jin Park; Jae-Hoon Kim; Chang-Hyun Kim; Young-Kill Kim
Semi-Automatic Annotation Tool to Build Large Dependency Tree-Tagged Corpus

Y07-1041: Myung-Kwan Park; Jung-Min Kang
Multiple Sluicing in English

Y07-1042: Siripong Potisuk
Prosodic Annotation in a Thai Text-to-speech System

Y07-1043: Longhua Qian; Guodong Zhou; Qiaomin Zhu; Peide Qian
Relation Extraction Using Convolution Tree Kernel Expanded with Entity Features

Y07-1044: Mehrnoush Shamsfard; Amir Saffarian; Samaneh Ghodratnama
Summarization and Evaluation; Where are we today?!

Y07-1045: Hiroyuki Shinnou; Minoru Sasaki
Refinement of Document Clustering by Using NMF

Y07-1046: Sanghoun Song
Constraints and Type Hierarchies for Korean Serial Verb Constructions - An Analytic Study within the HPSG Framework -

Y07-1047: Oliver Streiter; Leonhard Voltmer; Yoann Goudin
From Tombstones to Corpora: TSML for Research on Language, Culture, Identity and Gender Differences

Y07-1048: Takafumi Suzuki; Kyo Kageura
Exploring the Microscopic Textual Characteristics of Japanese Prime Ministers' Diet Addresses by Measuring the Quantity and Diversity of Nouns

Y07-1049: Mizuho Tamaji; Kaoru Horie
What L2 Learners' Processing Strategy Reveals about the Modal System in Japanese: A Cue-based Analytical Perspective

Y07-1050: Kimitaka Tsutsumi; Kazutaka Shimada; Tsutomu Endo
Movie Review Classification Based on a Multiple Classifier

Y07-1051: Yu-Chun Wang; Yi-Hsun Lee; Chu-Cheng Lin; Tzong-Han Richard Tsai; Wen-Lian Hsu
Korean-Chinese Person Name Translation for Cross Language Information Retrieval

Y07-1052: XiangFeng Wei; Ning Jia; Quan Zhang; HanFen Zang
Research on a Model of Extracting Persons' Information Based on Statistic Method and Conceptual Knowledge

Y07-1053: Quan Zhang; Yun-liang Zhang; Yi Yuan
Text Categorization for Authorship based on the Features of Lingual Conceptual Expression

Y07-1054: Yi-jing Zhao
Distal Demonstrative Hitlo in Taiwanese Southern Min

Y07-1055: Yi-jing Zhao
Children's Acquisition of Demonstrative Pronouns in Mandarin Chinese

Y07-1056: Richard Zuber
Ambiguity of Reflexives and Case Extension