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Proceedings of the 10th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y95-1000: Front Matter

Y95-1001: William S-Y. Wang
Distances and Trees in Linguistics

Y95-1002: Hisashi Komatsu
Individuals and Modality

Y95-1003: Ik-Hwan Lee
An Analysis of Generic Expressions in Situation Semantics

Y95-1004: Kiyoshi Ishikawa
Agreement Target Situations

Y95-1005: Samuel W. K. Chan
Comprehending Text : Achieving Coherence through a Connectionist Architecture

Y95-1006: Lua Kim Teng
Predication of Meaning of Bisyllabic Chinese Compound Words Using Back Propagation Neural Network

Y95-1007: One-Soon Her; Hui-Ting Huang
Dative Shift in Chinese and English : A Lexical Mapping Account

Y95-1008: Byung-Soo Park
A Constraint-Based Lexical Approach to Floating Quantifiers

Y95-1009: Stefan Müller
Scrambling in German : Extraction into the Mittelfeld

Y95-1010: Kiyoshi Ishikawa
Crosslinguistic Notions of (In)definiteness

Y95-1011: Chao-ran Chen; Chu-Ren Huang; Kathleen Ahrens
Construction as a Theoretical Entity : An Argument Based on Mandarin Existential Sentences

Y95-1012: Hee-Rahk Chae
Clitic Analyses of Korean Little Words

Y95-1013: Flora Yu-Fang Wang
A Cognitive Account of the Lexical Polysemy of Chinese Kai

Y95-1014: Kwon Yang Kim; Se Young Park; Sang Jo Lee
Automatic Sense Disambiguation for Target Word Selection

Y95-1015: Mathis Huey-chyun Chen; Jason J.S. Chang
Structural Ambiguity and Conceptual Information Retrieval

Y95-1016: Maosong Sun; Benjamin K. T'sou
Ambiguity Resolution in Chinese Word Segmentation

Y95-1017: Jason J. S. Chang; Shun-Der Chen
The Postprocessing of Optical Character Recognition Based on Statistical Noisy Channel and Language Model

Y95-1018: Robert W.P. Luk; Venus M.K. Chan
A Quantitative Analysis of Word-Definition in a Machine-Readable Dictionary

Y95-1019: Kathleen Ahrens
Metaphorical Paradoxes : A Window on the Conceptual System

Y95-1020: Akira Ikeya
Predicate-Argument Structure of English Adjectives

Y95-1021: Yumiko Kinjo
Prototype Theory and Case Assignment

Y95-1022: Koichi Takeuchi; Yuji Matsumoto
HMM Parameter Learning for Japanese Morphological Analyzer

Y95-1023: Sur-Jin Ker; Jason J.S. Chang
Automatic Acquisition of Class-based Rules for Word Alignment

Y95-1024: J.A. Campbell; Alex Chengyu Fang
Automated Alignment in Multilingual Corpora

Y95-1025: Dekai Wu; Cindy Ng
Using Brackets to Improve Search for Statistical Machine Translation

Y95-1026: Norihiro Ogata; Tadayudi Matsuzawa; Akira Ishikawa; Hisashi Komatsu
Reference in Dialogues and Shared Belief Revision

Y95-1027: Kiyong Lee
Recursion Problems in Concatenation : A Case of Korean Morphology

Y95-1028: Ioannis Kanellos; Victor Hugo Zaldivar-Carrillo
Interpretational Strategies and Semantic Identities

Y95-1029: Shu-Mei Liu
Preferred Clause Structure in Mandarin Spoken and Written Discourse

Y95-1030: Yu-Fang Wang
A Corpus-Based Study of Adverbial Clauses in Mandarin Chinese Conversations : A Preliminary Analysis

Y95-1031: Aesun Yoon; Hyuk-Chul Kwon
A Network-Based Writing System for French

Y95-1032: Jonathan J. Webster
Web Access to a Lexical Database Using VB/Access CGI Programming

Y95-1033: Mee-Sun Jeon; Se-Young Park
Document Ranking Method for High Precision Rate

Y95-1034: Tang Enya Kong; Zaharin Yusoff
Natural Languages Analysis in Machine Translation (MT) Based on the STCG (String-Tree Correspondence Grammar)

Y95-1035: Paul Horng Jyh Wu; Kevin Cheong
An Implementation of a Multilingual Regular Expression Segmentor for Ordinary and Morphologically Rich Lexical Tokens

Y95-1036: Doug Cooper
Sorting by Sound : Arbitrary Lexical Ordering for Transcribed Thai Text

Y95-1037: Chungmin Lee
A Unified Account of Polarity Phenomena