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Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y96-1000: Front Matter

Y96-1001: Kathleen Ahrens; Chu-Ren Huang
Classifiers and Semantic Type Coercion : Motivating a New Classification of Classifiers

Y96-1002: Jean-Yves Morin
Configuration vs. Information : An Informational Explanation of Command Relations

Y96-1003: Antonio Branco; Palmira Marrafa
Subject-oriented and non Subject-oriented Long-distance Anaphora : an Integrated Approach

Y96-1004: Jong-Bok Kim; Byung-Soo Park
English Free Relative Clause Constructions : From a Constraint-Based Perspective

Y96-1005: Melanie Siegel
Preferences and Defaults for Definiteness and Number in Japanese to German Machine Translation

Y96-1006: Björn Gambäck; Christian Lieske; Yoshiki Mori
Underspecified Japanese Semantics in a Machine Translation System

Y96-1007: J.A. Campbell; N. Chatterjee; M. Manela; Alex Chengyu Fang
Improving Automated Alignment in Multilingual Corpora

Y96-1008: Alice Yin Wa Chan
The Truth-Conditional Treatment of Ambiguity and Chinese Serial Verb Constructions

Y96-1009: Keon Soo Lee
Syntactic Causatives in Korean : Clause Union or Not?

Y96-1010: Mei-chih Tsai
A Discourse Approach to Causal Sentences in Mandarin Chinese

Y96-1011: Hee-Rahk Chae
Light Verb Constructions and Structural Ambiguity

Y96-1012: Doug Cooper
Ambiguous (((Par(t)(it))((ion))(s))(in)) Thai Text

Y96-1013: Md Maruf Hasan; Kim-Teng Lua
Neural Networks in Chinese Lexical Classification

Y96-1014: Byung-Jin Choi; Jae-Sung Lee; Woon-Jae Lee; Key-Sun Choi
A Logical Structure for the Construction of Machine Readable Dictionaries

Y96-1015: Michael L. Mc Hale; Sung H. Myaeng
Extraction of Thematic Roles from Dictionary Definitions

Y96-1016: Chiharu Uda
Beyond Telicity and Affected-Theme : Semantic Factors Contributing to the Resultative Interpretation of Predicates in Japanese

Y96-1017: Akira Ikeya
The Semantic Structure of Japanese Adjectives with -tai Derivational Suffix

Y96-1018: Keh-Jiann Chen; Chu-Ren Huang; Li-Ping Chang; Hui-Li Hsu
SINICA CORPUS : Design Methodology for Balanced Corpora

Y96-1019: Hiroyuki Shinnou
Finding a Deficiency of a Meaning in a Bunrui-goi-hyou Entry by Using Corpora

Y96-1020: Keiko Uehara; Dianne Bradley
The Effect of -ga Sequences on Processing Japanese Multiply Center-Embedded Sentences

Y96-1021: Eun-Joo Kwak
The Event-Dependent Individuals and the Ambiguity of Donkey Sentences

Y96-1022: Satoshi Uehara
Are Pronouns Always Zero in Zero Pronominal Languages? : The Case in Japanese

Y96-1023: Beom-mo Kang
Markup of Korean Dictionary Entries

Y96-1024: Yoshitaka Hirano; Yuji Matsumoto
A Proposal of Korean Conjugation System and its Application to Morphological Analysis

Y96-1025: Min-Jung Kim; Hyuk-Chul Kwon; Ae-Sun Yoon
Rule-based Approach to Korean Morphological Disambiguation Supported by Statistical Method

Y96-1026: Jiun-Shiung Wu
Argument Control and Mapping Theory : Evidence from the HO Construction in Taiwanese

Y96-1027: Keiko Yoshida; Tomoyuki Yoshida
Interrogative Feature Checking in Japanese and Korean

Y96-1028: Tien-Hsin Hsin
Temporal/Locative WHs and Null-P Incorporation

Y96-1029: Seiichiro Inaba
A Computational Expression of Initial Binary Feet and Surface Ternary Feet in Metrical Theory

Y96-1030: Jhing-Fa Wang; Jyh-Shing Shyuu; Chung-Hsien Wu
A Mandarin Voice Organizer Based on a Template-Matching Speech Recognizer

Y96-1031: Masahito Kawamori; Akira Shimizu; Takeshi Kawabata
A Phonological Study on Japanese Discourse Markers

Y96-1032: Chan Chung
Contrastive Focus and Exempted Anaphor Caki in Korean

Y96-1033: Hywel Evans
Legitimate Termination of Nonlocal Features in HPSG

Y96-1034: Byong-Rae Ryu
Argument Structure and Unaccusativity in the Constraint-based Lexicon

Y96-1035: Berlin Wu; Ching-min Sun
Fuzzy Statistics and Computation on the Lexical Semantics : How Much Do You Think? and How Many?

Y96-1036: Hisashi Komatsu
Epistemic Model and Three-valued Interpretation

Y96-1037: Zhiyi Ma; Xuegong Zhan; Tianshun Yao
Extracting Topics from Texts Based on Situations

Y96-1038: Charles D. Yang; Robert C. Berwick
Principle-based Parsing for Chinese

Y96-1039: Kenji Nagamatsu; Hidehiko Tanaka
Estimating Point-of-View-based Similarity Using POV Reinforcement and Similarity Propagation

Y96-1040: Wide R. Hogenhout; Yuji Matsumoto
Fast Statistical Grammar Induction

Y96-1041: Daeho Chung
On the Structure of the So-called Head Internal Relative Construction

Y96-1042: Yong-Beom Kim
Internally Headed Relative Clause Constructions in Korean

Y96-1043: Shinsook Lee; Mi-Hui Cho
Coronal Unmarkedness and Clusters in Correspondence Theory

Y96-1044: Margarita C. González
Spanish Lexical Acquisition via Morpho-Semantic Constructive Derivational Morphology

Y96-1045: Jae-Hak Yoon
Danger of Partial Universality : In Two Uses of In-adverbials

Y96-1046: Shannon McEwen
Learning to Speak Like Girls and Boys : A Developmental Study in Gender and Narrative Style

Y96-1047: Hae-Kyung Wee
Felicity Condition of Korean and English Contrastive Topic

Y96-1048: Sechang Lee
On the Irregular Verbs in Korean

Y96-1049: Seok-keun Kang
An Optimality Theoretic Account of Nasal Assimilation in English

Y96-1050: Seung-Hoon Shin
Coronal Specification and Licensing in Place Assimilation

Y96-1051: Maarten de Wind
Attract F, Accusative Case-checking and the Position of the Subject in French Stylistic Inversion with Causative and Perception Verbs

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