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Proceedings of the 13th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y99-1000: Front Matter

Y99-1001: Christopher Manning
Linguistics in an Age of Engineering

Y99-1002: Minako Nakayasu
Extensibility in Japanese Noun Modification

Y99-1003: Jo-wang Lin
On the Meaning of Shenme 'what' in Chinese Bare Conditionals and its Implications for Carlson's Semantics of Bare Plurals

Y99-1004: Mei-Chun Liu; Chu-Ren Huang; Ching-Yi Lee
Lexical Information and Beyond : Constructional Inferences in Semantic Representation

Y99-1005: Li-li Chang; Keh-jiann Chen; Chu-Ren Huang
Alternation Across Semantic Fields : A Study of Mandarin Verbs of Emotion

Y99-1006: Hui Xu
English-style and Chinese-style Topic : A Uniform Semantic Analysis

Y99-1007: Lily-I-wen Su; Laura Hsiu-min Liu
Mataphorical Extension and Lexical Meaning

Y99-1008: Chiharu Uda Kikuta
Lexical Information and Pragmatic Information : Reflexivity of an Event and Resultative Constructions in Japanese

Y99-1009: Mariko Saiki; Yasutaka Kaneko
The Dative in Modern Icelandic : Exploration of the Semantic Genotype of the Dative in Natural Languages

Y99-1010: Kathleen Ahrens; Alicia L. T. Say
Mapping Image-schemas and Translating Metaphors

Y99-1011: Masahito Kawamori; Akira Shimazu
Utterance Units and Exchanges in Spontaneous Japanese Dialogue

Y99-1012: Hsin-yun Hsieh
Coherence via Collaboration : A Study of Chinese Causal Connectives

Y99-1013: Keiko Yoshida
Reconstruction, Beck Effects and Wh-phrases in Situ

Y99-1014: Chan Chung
A Nonconfigurational Approach to the Weak Crossover Effect in Korean

Y99-1015: Byung-Soo Park
Relative Clause Constructions with Possessive Specifier Gaps : A Constraint-based Approach

Y99-1016: Hisashi Komatsu
Japanese Categorial Grammar Based on Term and Sentence

Y99-1017: Tom B.Y. Lai; Huang Changning
Free Word Order in a Constraint-based Implementation of Dependency Grammar

Y99-1018: Shun Ha Sylvia Wong; Peter Hancox
What is the Lexical Form of 'BEI'?

Y99-1019: Chin-Hui Lee
Spoken Language Systems - Technical Challenges for Speech and Natural Language Processing

Y99-1020: Jyh-Jong Tsay; Jing-Doo Wang; Chun-Fu Pai; Ming-Kuen Tsay
Implementation and Evaluation of Scalable Approaches for Automatic Chinese Text Categorization

Y99-1021: Hugo Ling-yu Guo
Mandarin Loanword Phonology and Optimality Theory : Evidence from Transliterated American State Names and Typhoon Names

Y99-1022: Seung-Hoon Shin
Consonantal Weakening and Licensing in Optimality Theory

Y99-1023: Da-Jinn Wang; Tsong-Yi Chen; Martha W. Evens
The Lexicon in FCIDB : A Friendly Chinese Interface for DBMS

Y99-1024: Hyo-Young Kim
Simple Syllable Structure and English Pre-nucleus Glides

Y99-1025: Chang-Shiann Wu; Yu-Fu Hsieh
Speech Inverse Filtering by Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Y99-1026: Yujie Zhang; Kazuhiko Ozeki
A Classification Tree Approach to Automatic Segmentation of Japanese Compound Sentences

Y99-1027: Toshimasa Koga; Haodong Wu; Teiji Furugori
Determining the Antecedent of Noun Phrase Containing the Determiner KONO or SONO in Japanese

Y99-1028: Masahiro Oku; Noda Ryosuke; Ryoji Nagai
Generating Supplementary Index Records Using Morphological Analysis for High-speed Partial Matching

Y99-1029: Dan-Hee Yang; Ik-Hwan Lee; Mansuk Song
Extraction of Simple Sentences from Mixed Sentences for Building Korean Case Frames

Y99-1030: Tantely Andriamanankasina; Kenji Araki; Koji Tochinai
Sub-Sentential Alignment Method by Analogy

Y99-1031: Hiroshi Echizen-ya; Kenji Araki; Yoshio Momouchi; Koji Tochinai
A Study of Performance Evaluation for GA-ILMT Using Travel English

Y99-1032: Samuel W.K. Chan; Benjamin K. T'sou
Anaphora Resolution as Lexical Cohesion Identification

Y99-1033: Jyh-Shing Shyuu; Jhing-Fa Wang
A Large-Vocabulary Bilingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese and Japanese Language

Y99-1034: Melanie Siegel
The Syntactic Processing of Particles in Japanese Spoken Language

Y99-1035: Jau-Hung Chen; Chung-Hsien Wu
Automatic Selection of Synthesis Units from a Large Speech Database

Y99-1036: Kaewchai Chancharoen; Nisanad Tannin; Booncharoen Sirinaovakul
Pattern-based Machine Translation for English-Thai