Australasian Language Technology Association (ALTA)

The Australasian Language Technology Association (ALTA) was founded at the 5th Australasian Natural Language Processing Workshop, in Canberra, December 2002 and operates according to the ALTA Constitution. The purpose of ALTA is to promote language technology research and development in Australia and New Zealand. ALTA organises regular events for the exchange of research results and for academic and industrial training, and co-ordinates activities with other professional societies.

Following the series of Australian NLP Workshops from the mid-nineties, the first ALTA workshop was held in Melbourne in December 2003. The general goals of the annual workshops are:

The workshops often include tutorials and presentations by invited international speakers. Occasionally, there are summer schools with courses at beginner and advanced levels. The main audience of the summer schools is postgraduate students and researchers in academia and industry.

The proceedings of the ALTA Workshops are registered at the National Library of Australia with the ISSN 1834-7037.

The ALTA website ( hosts a calendar of Language Technology events happening in Australia and New Zealand, several mailing lists and RSS feeds, pointers to resources, and a repository of the proceedings of the ALTA workshops.

Diego Molla-Aliod, ALTA President 2010

Last Revision: April 2010