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2013 Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis
Proceedings of the 7th Linguistic Annotation Workshop and Interoperability with Discourse
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon (GL2013)
2nd Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics
2012 Proceedings of the Sixth Linguistic Annotation Workshop
2011 Proceedings of the 5th Linguistic Annotation Workshop
2010 Proceedings of the Fourth Linguistic Annotation Workshop
2009 Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2009 Workshop on Active Learning for Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic Evaluations: Recent Achievements and Future Directions (SEW-2009)
Proceedings of the Third Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW III)
2008 The LAW II
2007 Proceedings of the Linguistic Annotation Workshop


  1. Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis

  2. W13-16 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W13-1600 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W13-1601 [bib]: Rosalind Picard
    Recent adventures with emotion-reading technology
  5. W13-1602 [bib]: Ashequl Qadir; Ellen Riloff
    Bootstrapped Learning of Emotion Hashtags #hashtags4you
  6. W13-1603 [bib]: Valentina Sintsova; Claudiu Musat; Pearl Pu
    Fine-Grained Emotion Recognition in Olympic Tweets Based on Human Computation
  7. W13-1604 [bib]: Matías Dell' Amerlina Ríos; Agustin Gravano
    Spanish DAL: A Spanish Dictionary of Affect in Language
  8. W13-1605 [bib]: Christine Liebrecht; Florian Kunneman; Antal Van den Bosch
    The perfect solution for detecting sarcasm in tweets #not
  9. W13-1606 [bib]: Donato Hernández; Rafael Guzmán; Manuel Móntes y Gomez; Paolo Rosso
    Using PU-Learning to Detect Deceptive Opinion Spam
  10. W13-1607 [bib]: Hugo Jair Escalante; Esaú Villatoro-Tello; Antonio Juárez; Manuel Montes-y-Gómez; Luis Villaseñor
    Sexual predator detection in chats with chained classifiers
  11. W13-1608 [bib]: Ahmed Mourad; Kareem Darwish
    Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis of Modern Standard Arabic and Arabic Microblogs
  12. W13-1609 [bib]: Ivan Habernal; Tomáš Ptáček; Josef Steinberger
    Sentiment Analysis in Czech Social Media Using Supervised Machine Learning
  13. W13-1610 [bib]: Narendra Gupta
    Tagging Opinion Phrases and their Targets in User Generated Textual Reviews
  14. W13-1611 [bib]: Wladimir Sidorenko; Jonathan Sonntag; Nina Krüger; Stefan Stieglitz; Manfred Stede
    From newspaper to microblogging: What does it take to find opinions?
  15. W13-1612 [bib]: Eugenio Martínez-Cámara; M. Teresa Martín-Valdivia; M. Dolores Molina-González; L. Alfonso Ureña-López
    Bilingual Experiments on an Opinion Comparable Corpus
  16. W13-1613 [bib]: Yoan Gutiérrez; Andy González; Antonio Fernández; Andrés Montoyo; Rafael Muñoz
    RA-SR: Using a ranking algorithm to automatically building resources for subjectivity analysis over annotated corpora
  17. W13-1614 [bib]: Valerio Basile; malvina nissim
    Sentiment analysis on Italian tweets
  18. W13-1615 [bib]: Samir Rustamov; Elshan Mustafayev; Mark Clements
    Sentence-Level Subjectivity Detection Using Neuro-Fuzzy Models
  19. W13-1616 [bib]: Basant Agarwal; Namita Mittal
    Sentiment Classification using Rough Set based Hybrid Feature Selection
  20. W13-1617 [bib]: Alexandra Balahur
    Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Texts
  21. Proceedings of the 7th Linguistic Annotation Workshop and Interoperability with Discourse

  22. W13-23 [bib]: Entire Volume
  23. W13-2300 [bib]: Front Matter

  24. W13-2301 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Ramy Eskander; Nizar Habash; Ann Bies; Seth Kulick; Mohamed Maamouri
    Automatic Correction and Extension of Morphological Annotations
  25. W13-2302 [bib]: Marcel Bollmann
    POS Tagging for Historical Texts with Sparse Training Data
  26. W13-2303 [bib]: Quy Nguyen; Ngan Nguyen; Yusuke Miyao
    Utilizing State-of-the-art Parsers to Diagnose Problems in Treebank Annotation for a Less Resourced Language
  27. W13-2304 [bib]: Arne Skjærholt
    Influence of preprocessing on dependency syntax annotation: speed and agreement
  28. W13-2305 [bib]: Yvette Graham; Timothy Baldwin; Alistair Moffat; Justin Zobel
    Continuous Measurement Scales in Human Evaluation of Machine Translation
  29. W13-2306 [bib]: Rohan Ramanath; Monojit Choudhury; Kalika Bali
    Entailment: An Effective Metric for Comparing and Evaluating Hierarchical and Non-hierarchical Annotation Schemes
  30. W13-2307 [bib]: Nathan Schneider; Brendan O’Connor; Naomi Saphra; David Bamman; Manaal Faruqui; Noah A. Smith; Chris Dyer; Jason Baldridge
    A Framework for (Under)specifying Dependency Syntax without Overloading Annotators
  31. W13-2308 [bib]: Cristina Bosco; Simonetta Montemagni; Maria Simi
    Converting Italian Treebanks: Towards an Italian Stanford Dependency Treebank
  32. W13-2309 [bib]: Hen-Hsen Huang; Chi-Hsin Yu; Tai-Wei Chang; Cong-Kai Lin; Hsin-Hsi Chen
    Analyses of the Association between Discourse Relation and Sentiment Polarity with a Chinese Human-Annotated Corpus
  33. W13-2310 [bib]: Claudiu Mihăilă; Georgios Kontonatsios; Riza Theresa Batista-Navarro; Paul Thompson; Ioannis Korkontzelos; Sophia Ananiadou
    Towards a Better Understanding of Discourse: Integrating Multiple Discourse Annotation Perspectives Using UIMA
  34. W13-2311 [bib]: Rafal Rak; Sophia Ananiadou
    Making UIMA Truly Interoperable with SPARQL
  35. W13-2312 [bib]: Arne Neumann; Nancy Ide; Manfred Stede
    Importing MASC into the ANNIS linguistic database: A case study of mapping GrAF
  36. W13-2313 [bib]: Anna Nedoluzhko
    Generic noun phrases and annotation of coreference and bridging relations in the Prague Dependency Treebank
  37. W13-2314 [bib]: Varada Kolhatkar; Heike Zinsmeister; Graeme Hirst
    Annotating Anaphoric Shell Nouns with their Antecedents
  38. W13-2315 [bib]: Isin Demirsahin; Adnan Ozturel; Cem Bozsahin; Deniz Zeyrek
    Applicative Structures and Immediate Discourse in the Turkish Discourse Bank
  39. W13-2316 [bib]: Gülşen Eryiğit; Fatih Samet Çetin; Meltem Yanık; Tanel Temel; İlyas Çiçekli
    TURKSENT: A Sentiment Annotation Tool for Social Media
  40. W13-2317 [bib]: Stephen Tratz; Douglas Briesch; Jamal Laoudi; Clare Voss
    Tweet Conversation Annotation Tool with a Focus on an Arabic Dialect, Moroccan Darija
  41. W13-2318 [bib]: Yuka Tateisi; Yo Shidahara; Yusuke Miyao; Akiko Aizawa
    Relation Annotation for Understanding Research Papers
  42. W13-2319 [bib]: Francis Bond; Shan Wang; Eshley Huini Gao; Hazel Shuwen Mok; Jeanette Yiwen Tan
    Developing Parallel Sense-tagged Corpora with Wordnets
  43. W13-2320 [bib]: Itisree Jena; Riyaz Ahmad Bhat; Sambhav Jain; Dipti Misra Sharma
    Animacy Annotation in the Hindi Treebank
  44. W13-2321 [bib]: Sophie Rosset; Cyril Grouin; Thomas Lavergne; Mohamed Ben Jannet; Jérémy Leixa; Olivier Galibert; Pierre Zweigenbaum
    Automatic Named Entity Pre-annotation for Out-of-domain Human Annotation
  45. W13-2322 [bib]: Laura Banarescu; Claire Bonial; Shu Cai; Madalina Georgescu; Kira Griffitt; Ulf Hermjakob; Kevin Knight; Philipp Koehn; Martha Palmer; Nathan Schneider
    Abstract Meaning Representation for Sembanking
  46. W13-2323 [bib]: Rebecca J. Passonneau; Bob Carpenter
    The Benefits of a Model of Annotation
  47. W13-2324 [bib]: Andreas Peldszus; Manfred Stede
    Ranking the annotators: An agreement study on argumentation structure
  48. W13-2325 [bib]: Martin Tschirsich; Gerold Hintz
    Leveraging Crowdsourcing for Paraphrase Recognition
  49. W13-2326 [bib]: Ryu Iida; Koh Mitsuda; Takenobu Tokunaga
    Investigation of annotator’s behaviour using eye-tracking data
  50. W13-2327 [bib]: Marine Damiani; Delphine Battistelli
    Enunciative and modal variations in newswire texts in French: From guideline to automatic annotation
  51. W13-2328 [bib]: Amália Mendes; Iris Hendrickx; Agostinho Salgueiro; Luciana Ávila
    Annotating the Interaction between Focus and Modality: the case of exclusive particles
  52. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon (GL2013)

  53. W13-54: Entire Volume
  54. W13-5400: Front Matter

  55. W13-5401: James Pustejovsky
    Dynamic Event Structure and Habitat Theory
  56. W13-5402: Chu-Ren Huang; Kathleen Ahrens; Francesca Quattri
    Metaphor and Qualia: Embodiment or Eventuality
  57. W13-5403: Chan-Chia Hsu; Shu-Kai Hsieh
    To Coerce or Not to Coerce: A Corpus-based Exploration of Some Complement Coercion Verbs in Chinese
  58. W13-5404: Lauren Romeo; Sara Mendes; Núria Bel
    Towards the automatic classification of complex-type nominals
  59. W13-5405: Zuoyan Song; Qingqing Zhao
    Qualia Relations in Metaphorical Noun-Noun Compounds
  60. W13-5406: Tommaso Caselli; Russo Irene
    From Glosses to Qualia: Qualia Extraction from Senso Comune
  61. W13-5407: Claire Bonial; Orin Hargraves; Martha Palmer
    Expanding VerbNet with Sketch Engine
  62. W13-5408: Hongzhi Xu; Chu-Ren Huang
    Primitives of Events and the Semantic Representation
  63. W13-5409: Fahad Khan; Francesca Frontini; Riccardo Del Gratta; Monica Monachini; Valeria Quochi
    Generative Lexicon Theory and Linguistic Linked Open Data
  64. W13-5410: Irene Russo; Francesca Frontini; Irene De Felice; Fahad Khan; Monica Monachini
    Disambiguation of Basic Action Types through Nouns' Telic Qualia
  65. W13-5411: Lauren Romeo; Héctor Martínez Alonso; Núria Bel
    Class-based Word Sense Induction for dot-type nominals
  66. W13-5412: Rachel Chasin; Anna Rumshisky
    Mixing in Some Knowledge: Enriched Context Patterns for Bayesian Word Sense Induction
  67. W13-5413: Olga Batiukova; James Pustejovsky
    Informativeness Constraints and Compositionality
  68. W13-5414: Sumiyo Nishiguchi
    Extended Generative Lexicon
  69. W13-5415: Yu-Yun Chang; Shu-Kai Hsieh
    Features of Verb Complements in Co-composition: A case study of Chinese baking verb using Weibo corpus
  70. W13-5416: August F.Y. Chao; Siaw-Fong Chung
    A Lexico-Semantic Analysis of Chinese Locality Phrases - A Topic Clustering Approach
  71. W13-5417: Author and Keyword Index
  72. 2nd Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics

  73. W13-55: Entire Volume
  74. W13-5500: Front Matter

  75. W13-5501: Christian Chiarcos; Philipp Cimiano; Thierry Declerck; John P. McCrae
    Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD). Introduction and Overview
  76. W13-5502: Paul Buitelaar; Mihael Arcan; Carlos Iglesias; Fernando Sanchez-Rada; Carlo Strapparava
    Linguistic Linked Data for Sentiment Analysis
  77. W13-5503: Claire Bonial; Kevin Stowe; Martha Palmer
    Renewing and Revising SemLink
  78. W13-5504: Manuel Fiorelli; Maria Teresa Pazienza; Armando Stellato
    LIME: Towards a Metadata Module for Ontolex
  79. W13-5505: Steven Moran; Martin Brümmer
    Lemon-aid: using Lemon to aid quantitative historical linguistic analysis
  80. W13-5506: Antonio Pareja-Lora; Maria Blume; Barbara Lust
    Transforming the Data Transcription and Analysis Tool Metadata and Labels into a Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud Resource
  81. W13-5507: Peter Menke; John Philip McCrae; Philipp Cimiano
    Releasing multimodal data as Linguistic Linked Open Data: An experience report
  82. W13-5508: Richard Littauer; Boris Villazon-Terrazas; Steven Moran
    Linguistic Resources Enhanced with Geospatial Information
  83. W13-5509: Timm Heuss
    Faust.rdf - Taking RDF literally
  84. W13-5510: Seiji Koide; Hideaki Takeda
    RDFization of Japanese Electronic Dictionaries and LOD
  85. W13-5511: Yoshihiko Hayashi
    Migrating Psycholinguistic Semantic Feature Norms into Linked Data in Linguistics
  86. W13-5512: Roberto Bartolini; Riccardo Del Gratta; Francesca Frontini
    Towards the establishment of a linguistic linked data network for Italian


  1. Proceedings of the Sixth Linguistic Annotation Workshop

  2. W12-36 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W12-3600 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W12-3601 [bib]: James Pustejovsky
    The Role of Linguistic Models and Language Annotation in Feature Selection for Machine Learning
  5. W12-3602 [bib]: Angelina Ivanova; Stephan Oepen; Lilja Øvrelid; Dan Flickinger
    Who Did What to Whom? A Contrastive Study of Syntacto-Semantic Dependencies
  6. W12-3603 [bib]: Jirka Hana; Jan Štěpánek
    Prague Markup Language Framework
  7. W12-3604 [bib]: Clèmentine Adam; Marianne Vergez-Couret
    Exploiting naive vs expert discourse annotations: an experiment using lexical cohesion to predict Elaboration / Entity-Elaboration confusions
  8. W12-3605 [bib]: Isin Demirsahin; Ihsan Yalcinkaya; Deniz Zeyrek
    Pair Annotation: Adaption of Pair Programming to Corpus Annotation
  9. W12-3606 [bib]: Sophie Rosset; Cyril Grouin; Karën Fort; Olivier Galibert; Juliette Kahn; Pierre Zweigenbaum
    Structured Named Entities in two distinct press corpora: Contemporary Broadcast News and Old Newspapers
  10. W12-3607 [bib]: Prudhvi Kosaraju; Bharat Ram Ambati; Samar Husain; Dipti Misra Sharma; Rajeev Sangal
    Intra-Chunk Dependency Annotation : Expanding Hindi Inter-Chunk Annotated Treebank
  11. W12-3608 [bib]: Nancy Ide; Keith Suderman
    A Model for Linguistic Resource Description
  12. W12-3609 [bib]: Bayu Distiawan; Ruli Manurung
    A GrAF-compliant Indonesian Speech Recognition Web Service on the Language Grid for Transcription Crowdsourcing
  13. W12-3610 [bib]: Karin Verspoor; Kevin Livingston
    Towards Adaptation of Linguistic Annotations to Scholarly Annotation Formalisms on the Semantic Web
  14. W12-3611 [bib]: Kim Gerdes; Sylvain Kahane; Anne Lacheret; Paola Pietandrea; Arthur Truong
    Intonosyntactic Data Structures: The Rhapsodie Treebank of Spoken French
  15. W12-3612 [bib]: Wilson McCoy; Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm; Cara Calvelli; Rui Li; Jeff B. Pelz; Pengcheng Shi; Anne Haake
    Annotation Schemes to Encode Domain Knowledge in Medical Narratives
  16. W12-3613 [bib]: Manuel Burghardt
    Usability Recommendations for Annotation Tools
  17. W12-3614 [bib]: Lars Borin; Markus Forsberg; Karin Friberg Heppin; Richard Johansson; Annika Kjellandsson
    Search Result Diversification Methods to Assist Lexicographers
  18. W12-3615 [bib]: Adam Przepiórkowski; Michał Lenart
    Simultaneous error detection at two levels of syntactic annotation
  19. W12-3616 [bib]: Yuping Zhou; Nianwen Xue
    Exploring Temporal Vagueness with Mechanical Turk
  20. W12-3617 [bib]: Sun-Hee Lee; Markus Dickinson; Ross Israel
    Developing Learner Corpus Annotation for Korean Particle Errors
  21. W12-3618 [bib]: Francesca Bonin; Fabio Cavulli; Aronne Noriller; Massimo Poesio; Egon W. Stemle
    Annotating Archaeological Texts: An Example of Domain-Specific Annotation in the Humanities
  22. W12-3619 [bib]: Anais Cadilhac; Nicholas Asher; Farah Benamara
    Annotating Preferences in Chats for Strategic Games
  23. W12-3620 [bib]: Ruket Cakici
    Morpheme Segmentation in the METU-Sabancı Turkish Treebank
  24. W12-3621 [bib]: Frèdèric Papazian; Robert Bossy; Claire Nèdellec
    AlvisAE: a collaborative Web text annotation editor for knowledge acquisition
  25. W12-3622 [bib]: Jin-Dong Kim; Yue Wang
    CSAF - a community-sourcing annotation framework
  26. W12-3623 [bib]: Riyaz Ahmad Bhat; Dr. Dipti Misra Sharma
    Dependency Treebank of Urdu and its Evaluation
  27. W12-3624 [bib]: Wolfgang Maier; Sandra Kübler; Erhard Hinrichs; Julia Kriwanek
    Annotating Coordination in the Penn Treebank
  28. W12-3625 [bib]: Sun-Hee Lee; Jae-Young Song
    Annotating Particle Realization and Ellipsis in Korean
  29. W12-3626 [bib]: David Bracewell; Marc Tomlinson; Mary Brunson; Jesse Plymale; Jiajun Bracewell; Daniel Boerger
    Annotation of Adversarial and Collegial Social Actions in Discourse


  1. Proceedings of the 5th Linguistic Annotation Workshop

  2. W11-04 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W11-0400 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W11-0401 [bib]: Iria da Cunha; Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno; Gerardo Sierra
    On the Development of the RST Spanish Treebank
  5. W11-0402 [bib]: Christian Chiarcos; Tomaž Erjavec
    OWL/DL formalization of the MULTEXT-East morphosyntactic specifications
  6. W11-0403 [bib]: Ashwini Vaidya; Jinho Choi; Martha Palmer; Bhuvana Narasimhan
    Analysis of the Hindi Proposition Bank using Dependency Structure
  7. W11-0404 [bib]: Jisup Hong; Collin F. Baker
    How Good is the Crowd at "real" WSD?
  8. W11-0405 [bib]: Youngim Jung; Hyuk-Chul Kwon
    Consistency Maintenance in Prosodic Labeling for Reliable Prediction of Prosodic Breaks
  9. W11-0406 [bib]: Livnat Herzig; Alex Nunes; Batia Snir
    An Annotation Scheme for Automated Bias Detection in Wikipedia
  10. W11-0407 [bib]: Shun'ya Iwasawa; Hiroki Hanaoka; Takuya Matsuzaki; Yusuke Miyao; Jun'ichi Tsujii
    A Collaborative Annotation between Human Annotators and a Statistical Parser
  11. W11-0408 [bib]: Dmitriy Dligach; Martha Palmer
    Reducing the Need for Double Annotation
  12. W11-0409 [bib]: Anna Rumshisky
    Crowdsourcing Word Sense Definition
  13. W11-0410 [bib]: K. Bretonnel Cohen; Lawrence Hunter; Martha Palmer
    A scaleable automated quality assurance technique for semantic representations and proposition banks
  14. W11-0411 [bib]: Cyril Grouin; Sophie Rosset; Pierre Zweigenbaum; Karën Fort; Olivier Galibert; Ludovic Quintard
    Proposal for an Extension of Traditional Named Entities: From Guidelines to Evaluation, an Overview
  15. W11-0412 [bib]: Md. Faisal Mahbub Chowdhury; Alberto Lavelli
    Assessing the practical usability of an automatically annotated corpus
  16. W11-0413 [bib]: Muhammad Abdul-Mageed; Mona Diab
    Subjectivity and Sentiment Annotation of Modern Standard Arabic Newswire
  17. W11-0414 [bib]: Ravi Teja Rachakonda; Dipti Misra Sharma
    Creating an Annotated Tamil Corpus as a Discourse Resource
  18. W11-0415 [bib]: Silke Scheible; Richard J. Whitt; Martin Durrell; Paul Bennett
    A Gold Standard Corpus of Early Modern German
  19. W11-0416 [bib]: Amber Stubbs
    MAE and MAI: Lightweight Annotation and Adjudication Tools
  20. W11-0417 [bib]: Chaitanya GSK; Samar Husain; Prashanth Mannem
    Empty Categories in Hindi Dependency Treebank: Analysis and Recovery
  21. W11-0418 [bib]: Tommaso Caselli; Valentina Bartalesi Lenzi; Rachele Sprugnoli; Emanuele Pianta; Irina Prodanof
    Annotating Events, Temporal Expressions and Relations in Italian: the It-Timeml Experience for the Ita-TimeBank
  22. W11-0419 [bib]: James Pustejovsky; Amber Stubbs
    Increasing Informativeness in Temporal Annotation
  23. W11-0420 [bib]: Yuping Zhou; Nianwen Xue
    Discourse-constrained Temporal Annotation


  1. Proceedings of the Fourth Linguistic Annotation Workshop

  2. W10-18 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W10-1800 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W10-1801 [bib]: Ester Boldrini; Alexandra Balahur; Patricio Martínez-Barco; Andrés Montoyo
    EmotiBlog: A Finer-Grained and More Precise Learning of Subjectivity Expression Models
  5. W10-1802 [bib]: Jirka Hana; Alexandr Rosen; Svatava Škodová; Barbora Štindlová
    Error-Tagged Learner Corpus of Czech
  6. W10-1803 [bib]: Apoorv Agarwal; Owen C. Rambow; Rebecca J. Passonneau
    Annotation Scheme for Social Network Extraction from Text
  7. W10-1804 [bib]: Bea Alex; Claire Grover; Rongzhou Shen; Mijail Kabadjov
    Agile Corpus Annotation in Practice: An Overview of Manual and Automatic Annotation of CVs
  8. W10-1805 [bib]: Markus Dickinson; Yvonne Samuelsson
    Consistency Checking for Treebank Alignment
  9. W10-1806 [bib]: Vikas Bhardwaj; Rebecca Passonneau; Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi; Nancy Ide
    Anveshan: A Framework for Analysis of Multiple Annotators’ Labeling Behavior
  10. W10-1807 [bib]: Karën Fort; Benoît Sagot
    Influence of Pre-Annotation on POS-Tagged Corpus Development
  11. W10-1808 [bib]: Dmitriy Dligach; Rodney Nielsen; Martha Palmer
    To Annotate More Accurately or to Annotate More
  12. W10-1809 [bib]: Aurelie Herbelot; Ann Copestake
    Annotating Underquantification
  13. W10-1810 [bib]: Jena D. Hwang; Archna Bhatia; Claire Bonial; Aous Mansouri; Ashwini Vaidya; Nianwen Xue; Martha Palmer
    PropBank Annotation of Multilingual Light Verb Constructions
  14. W10-1811 [bib]: Jinho Choi; Martha Palmer
    Retrieving Correct Semantic Boundaries in Dependency Structure
  15. W10-1812 [bib]: Iris Hendrickx; Amália Mendes; Sílvia Pereira; Anabela Gonçalves; Inês Duarte
    Complex Predicates Annotation in a Corpus of Portuguese
  16. W10-1813 [bib]: Ota Ogie
    Using an Online Tool for the Documentation of Edo Language
  17. W10-1814 [bib]: Lonneke van der Plas; Tanja Samardzic; Paola Merlo
    Cross-Lingual Validity of PropBank in the Manual Annotation of French
  18. W10-1815 [bib]: Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm
    Characteristics of High Agreement Affect Annotation in Text
  19. W10-1816 [bib]: Kun Yu; Xiangli Wang; Yusuke Miyao; Takuya Matsuzaki; Jun’ichi Tsujii
    The Deep Re-Annotation in a Chinese Scientific Treebank
  20. W10-1817 [bib]: Matthias Buch-Kromann; Iørn Korzen
    The Unified Annotation of Syntax and Discourse in the Copenhagen Dependency Treebanks
  21. W10-1818 [bib]: Barbara White
    Identifying Sources of Inter-Annotator Variation: Evaluating Two Models of Argument Analysis
  22. W10-1819 [bib]: Katri Haverinen; Filip Ginter; Timo Viljanen; Veronika Laippala; Tapio Salakoski
    Dependency-Based PropBanking of Clinical Finnish
  23. W10-1820 [bib]: Nicolas Mazziotta
    Building the Syntactic Reference Corpus of Medieval French Using NotaBene RDF Annotation Tool
  24. W10-1821 [bib]: Sandra Kübler; Kathrin Beck; Erhard Hinrichs; Heike Telljohann
    Chunking German: An Unsolved Problem
  25. W10-1822 [bib]: Iris Hendrickx; Amália Mendes; Sandra Antunes
    Proposal for MWE Annotation in Running Text
  26. W10-1823 [bib]: Gianluca E. Lebani; Emanuele Pianta
    A Feature Type Classification for Therapeutic Purposes: A Preliminary Evaluation with Non-Expert Speakers
  27. W10-1824 [bib]: Sun-Hee Lee; Jae-young Song
    Annotating Korean Demonstratives
  28. W10-1825 [bib]: Christian Chiarcos; Kerstin Eckart; Julia Ritz
    Creating and Exploiting a Resource of Parallel Parses
  29. W10-1826 [bib]: Lars Hellan
    From Descriptive Annotation to Grammar Specification
  30. W10-1827 [bib]: Antje Müller; Olaf Hülscher; Claudia Roch; Katja Keßelmeier; Tobias Stadtfeld; Jan Strunk; Tibor Kiss
    An Annotation Schema for Preposition Senses in German
  31. W10-1828 [bib]: Stefanie Dipper; Lara Kresse; Martin Schnurrenberger; Seong-Eun Cho
    OTTO: A Transcription and Management Tool for Historical Texts
  32. W10-1829 [bib]: Philippe Blache; Roxane Bertrand; Emmanuel Bruno; Brigitte Bigi; Robert Espesser; Gaelle Ferre; Mathilde Guardiola; Daniel Hirst; Ning Tan; Edlira Cela; Jean-Claude Martin; Stéphane Rauzy; Mary-Annick Morel; Elisabeth Murisasco; Irina Nesterenko
    Multimodal Annotation of Conversational Data
  33. W10-1830 [bib]: Martin Volk; Anne Goehring; Torsten Marek
    Combining Parallel Treebanks and Geo-Tagging
  34. W10-1831 [bib]: Jirka Hana; Anna Feldman
    Challenges of Cheap Resource Creation
  35. W10-1832 [bib]: Berfin Aktaş; Cem Bozşahin; Deniz Zeyrek
    Discourse Relation Configurations in Turkish and an Annotation Environment
  36. W10-1833 [bib]: Michael Bada; Miriam Eckert; Martha Palmer; Lawrence Hunter
    An Overview of the CRAFT Concept Annotation Guidelines
  37. W10-1834 [bib]: Gerlof Bouma
    Syntactic Tree Queries in Prolog
  38. W10-1835 [bib]: Pablo Picasso Feliciano de Faria; Fabio Natanael Kepler; Maria Clara Paixão de Sousa
    An Integrated Tool for Annotating Historical Corpora
  39. W10-1836 [bib]: Wajdi Zaghouani; Mona Diab; Aous Mansouri; Sameer Pradhan; Martha Palmer
    The Revised Arabic PropBank
  40. W10-1837 [bib]: Nathan Green; Paul Breimyer; Vinay Kumar; Nagiza Samatova
    PackPlay: Mining Semantic Data in Collaborative Games
  41. W10-1838 [bib]: Udo Hahn; Katrin Tomanek; Elena Beisswanger; Erik Faessler
    A Proposal for a Configurable Silver Standard
  42. W10-1839 [bib]: Robert Voyer; Valerie Nygaard; Will Fitzgerald; Hannah Copperman
    A Hybrid Model for Annotating Named Entity Training Corpora
  43. W10-1840 [bib]: Nancy Ide; Harry Bunt
    Anatomy of Annotation Schemes: Mapping to GrAF
  44. W10-1841 [bib]: John Niekrasz; Johanna D. Moore
    Annotating Participant Reference in English Spoken Conversation
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