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2014 Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)
2013 Proceedings of the 2013 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
2012 Proceedings of the 2012 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop in Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis
Joint Conference on EMNLP and CoNLL - Shared Task
2011 Proceedings of the 2011 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
2010 Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
2009 Proceedings of the 2009 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
2008 Proceedings of the 2008 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
2007 Proceedings of the 2007 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning (EMNLP-CoNLL)
2006 Proceedings of the 2006 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
2005 Proceedings of Human Language Technology Conference and Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
2004 Proceedings of the 2004 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
2003 Proceedings of the 2003 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
2002 Proceedings of the 2002 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2002)
2001 Proceedings of the 2001 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
2000 2000 Joint SIGDAT Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora
1999 1999 Joint SIGDAT Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora
1998 Sixth Workshop on Very Large Corpora
Proceedings of the Third Conference on Empirical Methods for Natural Language Processing
1997 Second Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Fifth Workshop on Very Large Corpora
1996 Fourth Workshop on Very Large Corpora
Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
1995 EACL-95 SIGDAT Workshop: From Text to Tags
Third Workshop on Very Large Corpora
1994 Second Workshop on Very Large Corpora (WVLC-2)


  1. Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)

  2. D14-1 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. D14-1000 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. D14-1001 [bib]: Salim Roukos
    Invited Talk: IBM Cognitive Computing - An NLP Renaissance!
  5. D14-1002 [bib]: Jianfeng Gao; Patrick Pantel; Michael Gamon; Xiaodong He; Li Deng
    Modeling Interestingness with Deep Neural Networks
  6. D14-1003 [bib]: Martin Sundermeyer; Tamer Alkhouli; Joern Wuebker; Hermann Ney
    Translation Modeling with Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks
  7. D14-1004 [bib]: Tim Van de Cruys
    A Neural Network Approach to Selectional Preference Acquisition
  8. D14-1005 [bib]: Douwe Kiela; Léon Bottou
    Learning Image Embeddings using Convolutional Neural Networks for Improved Multi-Modal Semantics
  9. D14-1006 [bib]: Christian Stab; Iryna Gurevych
    Identifying Argumentative Discourse Structures in Persuasive Essays
  10. D14-1007 [bib]: Zhuoran Wang; Hongliang Chen; Guanchun Wang; Hao Tian; Hua Wu; Haifeng Wang
    Policy Learning for Domain Selection in an Extensible Multi-domain Spoken Dialogue System
  11. D14-1008 [bib]: Fang Kong; Hwee Tou Ng; Guodong Zhou
    A Constituent-Based Approach to Argument Labeling with Joint Inference in Discourse Parsing
  12. D14-1009 [bib]: Julian Hough; Matthew Purver
    Strongly Incremental Repair Detection
  13. D14-1010 [bib]: Fan Yang; Paul Vozila
    Semi-Supervised Chinese Word Segmentation Using Partial-Label Learning With Conditional Random Fields
  14. D14-1011 [bib] [attachment]: Nobuhiro Kaji; Masaru Kitsuregawa
    Accurate Word Segmentation and POS Tagging for Japanese Microblogs: Corpus Annotation and Joint Modeling with Lexical Normalization
  15. D14-1012 [bib]: Jiang Guo; Wanxiang Che; Haifeng Wang; Ting Liu
    Revisiting Embedding Features for Simple Semi-supervised Learning
  16. D14-1013 [bib]: Xuancong Wang; Khe Chai Sim; Hwee Tou Ng
    Combining Punctuation and Disfluency Prediction: An Empirical Study
  17. D14-1014 [bib]: Katrin Kirchhoff; Jeff Bilmes
    Submodularity for Data Selection in Machine Translation
  18. D14-1015 [bib]: Haiyang Wu; Daxiang Dong; Xiaoguang Hu; Dianhai Yu; Wei He; Hua Wu; Haifeng Wang; Ting Liu
    Improve Statistical Machine Translation with Context-Sensitive Bilingual Semantic Embedding Model
  19. D14-1016 [bib]: Zhongjun He; Hua Wu; Haifeng Wang; Ting Liu
    Transformation from Discontinuous to Continuous Word Alignment Improves Translation Quality
  20. D14-1017 [bib]: Hidetaka Kamigaito; Taro Watanabe; Hiroya Takamura; Manabu Okumura
    Unsupervised Word Alignment Using Frequency Constraint in Posterior Regularized EM
  21. D14-1018 [bib]: Sauleh Eetemadi; Kristina Toutanova
    Asymmetric Features Of Human Generated Translation
  22. D14-1019 [bib]: Hideya MINO; Taro WATANABE; Eiichiro SUMITA
    Syntax-Augmented Machine Translation using Syntax-Label Clustering
  23. D14-1020 [bib]: Yvette Graham; Timothy Baldwin
    Testing for Significance of Increased Correlation with Human Judgment
  24. D14-1021 [bib]: Yue Zhang; Kai Song; Linfeng Song; Jingbo Zhu; Qun Liu
    Syntactic SMT Using a Discriminative Text Generation Model
  25. D14-1022 [bib]: jingyi zhang; Masao Utiyama; Eiichiro Sumita; Hai Zhao
    Learning Hierarchical Translation Spans
  26. D14-1023 [bib]: Rui Wang; Hai Zhao; Bao-Liang Lu; Masao Utiyama; Eiichiro Sumita
    Neural Network Based Bilingual Language Model Growing for Statistical Machine Translation
  27. D14-1024 [bib]: Kostadin Cholakov; Valia Kordoni
    Better Statistical Machine Translation through Linguistic Treatment of Phrasal Verbs
  28. D14-1025 [bib]: Miloš Stanojević; Khalil Sima'an
    Fitting Sentence Level Translation Evaluation with Many Dense Features
  29. D14-1026 [bib]: Houda Bouamor; Hanan Alshikhabobakr; Behrang Mohit; Kemal Oflazer
    A Human Judgement Corpus and a Metric for Arabic MT Evaluation
  30. D14-1027 [bib]: Francisco Guzmán; Shafiq Joty; Lluís Màrquez; Alessandro Moschitti; Preslav Nakov; Massimo Nicosia
    Learning to Differentiate Better from Worse Translations
  31. D14-1028 [bib]: Maryam Siahbani; Anoop Sarkar
    Two Improvements to Left-to-Right Decoding for Hierarchical Phrase-based Machine Translation
  32. D14-1029 [bib]: Martin Cmejrek
    Reordering Model for Forest-to-String Machine Translation
  33. D14-1030 [bib]: Leila Wehbe; Ashish Vaswani; Kevin Knight; Tom Mitchell
    Aligning context-based statistical models of language with brain activity during reading
  34. D14-1031 [bib]: Aida Nematzadeh; Afsaneh Fazly; Suzanne Stevenson
    A Cognitive Model of Semantic Network Learning
  35. D14-1032 [bib]: Felix Hill; Anna Korhonen
    Learning Abstract Concept Embeddings from Multi-Modal Data: Since You Probably Can't See What I Mean
  36. D14-1033 [bib]: Longkai Zhang; Houfeng WANG
    Go Climb a Dependency Tree and Correct the Grammatical Errors
  37. D14-1034 [bib] [attachment]: Simon Baker; Roi Reichart; Anna Korhonen
    An Unsupervised Model for Instance Level Subcategorization Acquisition
  38. D14-1035 [bib]: Liang Sun; Jason Mielens; Jason Baldridge
    Parsing low-resource languages using Gibbs sampling for PCFGs with latent annotations
  39. D14-1036 [bib]: Ioannis Konstas; Frank Keller; Vera Demberg; Mirella Lapata
    Incremental Semantic Role Labeling with Tree Adjoining Grammar
  40. D14-1037 [bib]: Cagil Sonmez; Arzucan Ozgur
    A Graph-based Approach for Contextual Text Normalization
  41. D14-1038 [bib]: Mohamed Yahya; Steven Whang; Rahul Gupta; Alon Halevy
    ReNoun: Fact Extraction for Nominal Attributes
  42. D14-1039 [bib]: Benjamin Wing; Jason Baldridge
    Hierarchical Discriminative Classification for Text-Based Geolocation
  43. D14-1040 [bib] [attachment]: Ivan Vulić; Marie-Francine Moens
    Probabilistic Models of Cross-Lingual Semantic Similarity in Context Based on Latent Cross-Lingual Concepts Induced from Comparable Data
  44. D14-1041 [bib]: Haitong Yang; Chengqing Zong
    Multi-Predicate Semantic Role Labeling
  45. D14-1042 [bib]: Luciano Del Corro; Rainer Gemulla; Gerhard Weikum
    Werdy: Recognition and Disambiguation of Verbs and Verb Phrases with Syntactic and Semantic Pruning
  46. D14-1043 [bib]: R. Koncel-Kedziorski; Hannaneh Hajishirzi; Ali Farhadi
    Multi-Resolution Language Grounding with Weak Supervision
  47. D14-1044 [bib]: Matt Gardner; Partha Talukdar; Jayant Krishnamurthy; Tom Mitchell
    Incorporating Vector Space Similarity in Random Walk Inference over Knowledge Bases
  48. D14-1045 [bib]: Michael Roth; Kristian Woodsend
    Composition of Word Representations Improves Semantic Role Labelling
  49. D14-1046 [bib]: Tommaso Caselli; Carlo Strapparava
    Automatic Domain Assignment for Word Sense Alignment
  50. D14-1047 [bib]: Muntsa Padró; Marco Idiart; Aline Villavicencio; Carlos Ramisch
    Nothing like Good Old Frequency: Studying Context Filters for Distributional Thesauri
  51. D14-1048 [bib]: Nima Pourdamghani; Yang Gao; Ulf Hermjakob; Kevin Knight
    Aligning English Strings with Abstract Meaning Representation Graphs
  52. D14-1049 [bib]: Xavier Lluís; Xavier Carreras; Lluís Màrquez
    A Shortest-path Method for Arc-factored Semantic Role Labeling
  53. D14-1050 [bib]: Iman Saleh; Alessandro Moschitti; Preslav Nakov; Lluís Màrquez; Shafiq Joty
    Semantic Kernels for Semantic Parsing
  54. D14-1051 [bib]: Mohamed Morchid; Mohamed Bouallegue; Richard Dufour; Georges Linares; Driss Matrouf; Renato de Mori
    An I-vector Based Approach to Compact Multi-Granularity Topic Spaces Representation of Textual Documents
  55. D14-1052 [bib]: Nikolaos Pappas; Andrei Popescu-Belis
    Explaining the Stars: Weighted Multiple-Instance Learning for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
  56. D14-1053 [bib] [attachment]: Jiwei Li; Eduard Hovy
    Sentiment Analysis on the People's Daily
  57. D14-1054 [bib]: Duyu Tang; Furu Wei; Bing Qin; Li Dong; Ting Liu; Ming Zhou
    A Joint Segmentation and Classification Framework for Sentiment Analysis
  58. D14-1055 [bib]: yafeng ren; donghong ji; hongbin zhang
    Positive Unlabeled Learning for Deceptive Reviews Detection
  59. D14-1056 [bib]: Varada Kolhatkar; Graeme Hirst
    Resolving Shell Nouns
  60. D14-1057 [bib]: Will Roberts; Markus Egg
    A Comparison of Selectional Preference Models for Automatic Verb Classification
  61. D14-1058 [bib]: Mohammad Javad Hosseini; Hannaneh Hajishirzi; Oren Etzioni; Nate Kushman
    Learning to Solve Arithmetic Word Problems with Verb Categorization
  62. D14-1059 [bib]: Gabor Angeli; Christopher D. Manning
    NaturalLI: Natural Logic Inference for Common Sense Reasoning
  63. D14-1060 [bib]: Fandong Meng; Deyi Xiong; Wenbin Jiang; Qun Liu
    Modeling Term Translation for Document-informed Machine Translation
  64. D14-1061 [bib]: Qing Dou; Ashish Vaswani; Kevin Knight
    Beyond Parallel Data: Joint Word Alignment and Decipherment Improves Machine Translation
  65. D14-1062 [bib]: Cuong Hoang; Khalil Sima'an
    Latent Domain Phrase-based Models for Adaptation
  66. D14-1063 [bib]: Fabien Cromieres; Sadao Kurohashi
    Translation Rules with Right-Hand Side Lattices
  67. D14-1064 [bib]: Ferhan Ture; Elizabeth Boschee
    Learning to Translate: A Query-Specific Combination Approach for Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval
  68. D14-1065 [bib]: Salvatore Romeo; Andrea Tagarelli; Dino Ienco
    Semantic-Based Multilingual Document Clustering via Tensor Modeling
  69. D14-1066 [bib]: Martin Riedl; Michael Glass; Alfio Gliozzo
    Lexical Substitution for the Medical Domain
  70. D14-1067 [bib]: Antoine Bordes; Sumit Chopra; Jason Weston
    Question Answering with Subgraph Embeddings
  71. D14-1068 [bib]: Derek Barnes; Mahesh Joshi; Hassan Sawaf
    Correcting Keyboard Layout Errors and Homoglyphs in Queries
  72. D14-1069 [bib]: Ralf Brown
    Non-linear Mapping for Improved Identification of 1300+ Languages
  73. D14-1070 [bib]: Mohit Iyyer; Jordan Boyd-Graber; Leonardo Claudino; Richard Socher; Hal Daumé III
    A Neural Network for Factoid Question Answering over Paragraphs
  74. D14-1071 [bib]: Min-Chul Yang; Nan Duan; Ming Zhou; Hae-Chang Rim
    Joint Relational Embeddings for Knowledge-based Question Answering
  75. D14-1072 [bib] [attachment]: Thanapon Noraset; Chandra Bhagavatula; Doug Downey
    Adding High-Precision Links to Wikipedia
  76. D14-1073 [bib]: Jennifer Williams; Sharon Tam; Wade Shen
    Finding Good Enough: A Task-Based Evaluation of Query Biased Summarization for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
  77. D14-1074 [bib]: Xingxing Zhang; Mirella Lapata
    Chinese Poetry Generation with Recurrent Neural Networks
  78. D14-1075 [bib]: Cody Rioux; Sadid A. Hasan; Yllias Chali
    Fear the REAPER: A System for Automatic Multi-Document Summarization with Reinforcement Learning
  79. D14-1076 [bib]: Chen Li; Yang Liu; Fei Liu; Lin Zhao; Fuliang Weng
    Improving Multi-documents Summarization by Sentence Compression based on Expanded Constituent Parse Trees
  80. D14-1077 [bib]: Muhammed Yavuz Nuzumlalı; Arzucan Özgür
    Analyzing Stemming Approaches for Turkish Multi-Document Summarization
  81. D14-1078 [bib]: Thorsten Joachims
    Invited Talk: Learning from Rational Behavior
  82. D14-1079 [bib]: Dmitrijs Milajevs; Dimitri Kartsaklis; Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh; Matthew Purver
    Evaluating Neural Word Representations in Tensor-Based Compositional Settings
  83. D14-1080 [bib]: Ozan Irsoy; Claire Cardie
    Opinion Mining with Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
  84. D14-1081 [bib]: Phong Le; Willem Zuidema
    The Inside-Outside Recursive Neural Network model for Dependency Parsing
  85. D14-1082 [bib]: Danqi Chen; Christopher Manning
    A Fast and Accurate Dependency Parser using Neural Networks
  86. D14-1083 [bib]: Kazi Saidul Hasan; Vincent Ng
    Why are You Taking this Stance? Identifying and Classifying Reasons in Ideological Debates
  87. D14-1084 [bib]: Chen Chen; Vincent Ng
    Chinese Zero Pronoun Resolution: An Unsupervised Probabilistic Model Rivaling Supervised Resolvers
  88. D14-1085 [bib] [attachment]: Jackie Chi Kit Cheung; Gerald Penn
    Unsupervised Sentence Enhancement for Automatic Summarization
  89. D14-1086 [bib]: Sahar Kazemzadeh; Vicente Ordonez; Mark Matten; Tamara Berg
    ReferItGame: Referring to Objects in Photographs of Natural Scenes
  90. D14-1087 [bib]: Lei Shi; Shuming Shi; Chin-Yew Lin; Yi-Dong Shen; Yong Rui
    Unsupervised Template Mining for Semantic Category Understanding
  91. D14-1088 [bib]: Tuan Luu Anh; Jung-jae Kim; See Kiong Ng
    Taxonomy Construction Using Syntactic Contextual Evidence
  92. D14-1089 [bib]: Glen Pink; Joel Nothman; James R. Curran
    Analysing recall loss in named entity slot filling
  93. D14-1090 [bib]: Deepak Venugopal; Chen Chen; Vibhav Gogate; Vincent Ng
    Relieving the Computational Bottleneck: Joint Inference for Event Extraction with High-Dimensional Features
  94. D14-1091 [bib]: John K Pate; Mark Johnson
    Syllable weight encodes mostly the same information for English word segmentation as dictionary stress
  95. D14-1092 [bib]: Miaohong Chen; Baobao Chang; Wenzhe Pei
    A Joint Model for Unsupervised Chinese Word Segmentation
  96. D14-1093 [bib]: Yijia Liu; Yue Zhang; Wanxiang Che; Ting Liu; Fan Wu
    Domain Adaptation for CRF-based Chinese Word Segmentation using Free Annotations
  97. D14-1094 [bib]: Changki Lee; Edward Choi; Hyunki Kim
    Balanced Korean Word Spacing with Structural SVM
  98. D14-1095 [bib]: Karthik Narasimhan; Damianos Karakos; Richard Schwartz; Stavros Tsakalidis; Regina Barzilay
    Morphological Segmentation for Keyword Spotting
  99. D14-1096 [bib]: Long Duong; Trevor Cohn; Karin Verspoor; Steven Bird; Paul Cook
    What Can We Get From 1000 Tokens? A Case Study of Multilingual POS Tagging For Resource-Poor Languages
  100. D14-1097 [bib]: Diego Marcheggiani; Thierry Artières
    An Experimental Comparison of Active Learning Strategies for Partially Labeled Sequences
  101. D14-1098 [bib]: Ying LI; Pascale Fung
    Language Modeling with Functional Head Constraint for Code Switching Speech Recognition
  102. D14-1099 [bib]: Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez; Francesco Sartorio; Giorgio Satta
    A Polynomial-Time Dynamic Oracle for Non-Projective Dependency Parsing
  103. D14-1100 [bib]: Yu-Ming Hsieh; Jason S. Chang; Keh-Jiann Chen
    Ambiguity Resolution for Vt-N Structures in Chinese
  104. D14-1101 [bib]: Yuta Tsuboi
    Neural Networks Leverage Corpus-wide Information for Part-of-speech Tagging
  105. D14-1102 [bib]: Raymond Hendy Susanto; Peter Phandi; Hwee Tou Ng
    System Combination for Grammatical Error Correction
  106. D14-1103 [bib]: Thomas Mueller; Richárd Farkas; Alex Judea; Helmut Schmid; hinrich schuetze
    Dependency parsing with latent refinements of part-of-speech tags
  107. D14-1104 [bib]: Barbara Plank; Anders Johannsen; Anders Søgaard
    Importance weighting and unsupervised domain adaptation of POS taggers: a negative result
  108. D14-1105 [bib]: Yogarshi Vyas; Spandana Gella; Jatin Sharma; Kalika Bali; Monojit Choudhury
    POS Tagging of English-Hindi Code-Mixed Social Media Content
  109. D14-1106 [bib]: Eric Morley; Anna Eva Hallin; Brian Roark
    Data Driven Grammatical Error Detection in Transcripts of Children's Speech
  110. D14-1107 [bib]: Mike Lewis; Mark Steedman
    A* CCG Parsing with a Supertag-factored Model
  111. D14-1108 [bib]: Lingpeng Kong; Nathan Schneider; Swabha Swayamdipta; Archna Bhatia; Chris Dyer; Noah A. Smith
    A Dependency Parser for Tweets
  112. D14-1109 [bib] [attachment]: Yuan Zhang; Tao Lei; Regina Barzilay; Tommi Jaakkola
    Greed is Good if Randomized: New Inference for Dependency Parsing
  113. D14-1110 [bib]: Xinxiong Chen; Zhiyuan Liu; Maosong Sun
    A Unified Model for Word Sense Representation and Disambiguation
  114. D14-1111 [bib]: Tamara Polajnar; Luana Fagarasan; Stephen Clark
    Reducing Dimensions of Tensors in Type-Driven Distributional Semantics
  115. D14-1112 [bib]: Alina Maria Ciobanu; Liviu P. Dinu
    An Etymological Approach to Cross-Language Orthographic Similarity. Application on Romanian
  116. D14-1113 [bib]: Arvind Neelakantan; Jeevan Shankar; Alexandre Passos; Andrew McCallum
    Efficient Non-parametric Estimation of Multiple Embeddings per Word in Vector Space
  117. D14-1114 [bib]: Shi Zhao; Yan Zhang
    Tailor knowledge graph for query understanding: linking intent topics by propagation
  118. D14-1115 [bib]: Marius Pasca
    Queries as a Source of Lexicalized Commonsense Knowledge
  119. D14-1116 [bib] [attachment]: Shizhu He; Kang Liu; Yuanzhe Zhang; Liheng Xu; Jun Zhao
    Question Answering over Linked Data Using First-order Logic
  120. D14-1117 [bib]: Mandar Joshi; Uma Sawant; Soumen Chakrabarti
    Knowledge Graph and Corpus Driven Segmentation and Answer Inference for Telegraphic Entity-seeking Queries
  121. D14-1118 [bib]: Quan Wang; Jing Liu; Bin Wang; Li Guo
    A Regularized Competition Model for Question Difficulty Estimation in Community Question Answering Services
  122. D14-1119 [bib]: Isaac Persing; Vincent Ng
    Vote Prediction on Comments in Social Polls
  123. D14-1120 [bib]: Jianfeng Si; Arjun Mukherjee; Bing Liu; Sinno Jialin Pan; Qing Li; Huayi Li
    Exploiting Social Relations and Sentiment for Stock Prediction
  124. D14-1121 [bib] [attachment]: Maarten Sap; Gregory Park; Johannes Eichstaedt; Margaret Kern; David Stillwell; Michal Kosinski; Lyle Ungar; Hansen Andrew Schwartz
    Developing Age and Gender Predictive Lexica over Social Media
  125. D14-1122 [bib] [attachment]: William Yang Wang; Lingpeng Kong; Kathryn Mazaitis; William W Cohen
    Dependency Parsing for Weibo: An Efficient Probabilistic Logic Programming Approach
  126. D14-1123 [bib]: Gaoyan Ou; Wei Chen; Tengjiao Wang; Zhongyu Wei; Binyang LI; Dongqing Yang; Kam-Fai Wong
    Exploiting Community Emotion for Microblog Event Detection
  127. D14-1124 [bib]: Kelsey Allen; Giuseppe Carenini; Raymond Ng
    Detecting Disagreement in Conversations using Pseudo-Monologic Rhetorical Structure
  128. D14-1125 [bib]: Yoonjung Choi; Janyce Wiebe
    +/-EffectWordNet: Sense-level Lexicon Acquisition for Opinion Inference
  129. D14-1126 [bib]: Hao Wang; Martin Ester
    A Sentiment-aligned Topic Model for Product Aspect Rating Prediction
  130. D14-1127 [bib]: Ashequl Qadir; Ellen Riloff
    Learning Emotion Indicators from Tweets: Hashtags, Hashtag Patterns, and Phrases
  131. D14-1128 [bib] [attachment]: Sebastian Ebert; Hinrich Schütze
    Fine-Grained Contextual Predictions for Hard Sentiment Words
  132. D14-1129 [bib]: Le Liu; Yu Hong; Jun Lu; Jun Lang; Heng Ji; Jianmin Yao
    An Iterative Link-based Method for Parallel Web Page Mining
  133. D14-1130 [bib]: Spence Green; Sida I. Wang; Jason Chuang; Jeffrey Heer; Sebastian Schuster; Christopher D. Manning
    Human Effort and Machine Learnability in Computer Aided Translation
  134. D14-1131 [bib]: Wilker Aziz; Marc Dymetman; Lucia Specia
    Exact Decoding for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
  135. D14-1132 [bib]: Michael Auli; Michel Galley; Jianfeng Gao
    Large-scale Expected BLEU Training of Phrase-based Reordering Models
  136. D14-1133 [bib]: Benjamin Marie; Aurélien Max
    Confidence-based Rewriting of Machine Translation Output
  137. D14-1134 [bib] [attachment]: Yoav Artzi; Dipanjan Das; Slav Petrov
    Learning Compact Lexicons for CCG Semantic Parsing
  138. D14-1135 [bib]: Adrienne Wang; Tom Kwiatkowski; Luke Zettlemoyer
    Morpho-syntactic Lexical Generalization for CCG Semantic Parsing
  139. D14-1136 [bib]: Reut Tsarfaty; Ilia Pogrebezky; Guy Weiss; Yaarit Natan; Smadar Szekely; David Harel
    Semantic Parsing Using Content and Context: A Case Study from Requirements Elicitation
  140. D14-1137 [bib]: Wei Lu
    Semantic Parsing with Relaxed Hybrid Trees
  141. D14-1138 [bib]: David Mimno; Moontae Lee
    Low-dimensional Embeddings for Interpretable Anchor-based Topic Inference
  142. D14-1139 [bib] [attachment]: Kevin Gimpel; Mohit Bansal
    Weakly-Supervised Learning with Cost-Augmented Contrastive Estimation
  143. D14-1140 [bib]: Alvin Grissom II; He He; Jordan Boyd-Graber; John Morgan; Hal Daumé III
    Don’t Until the Final Verb Wait: Reinforcement Learning for Simultaneous Machine Translation
  144. D14-1141 [bib]: James Scicluna; Colin de la Higuera
    PCFG Induction for Unsupervised Parsing and Language Modelling
  145. D14-1142 [bib]: Radu Tudor Ionescu; Marius Popescu; Aoife Cahill
    Can characters reveal your native language? A language-independent approach to native language identification
  146. D14-1143 [bib] [attachment]: Yo Ehara; Yusuke Miyao; Hidekazu Oiwa; Issei Sato; Hiroshi Nakagawa
    Formalizing Word Sampling for Vocabulary Prediction as Graph-based Active Learning
  147. D14-1144 [bib]: Shervin Malmasi; Mark Dras
    Language Transfer Hypotheses with Linear SVM Weights
  148. D14-1145 [bib]: A. Seza Dogruoz; Preslav Nakov
    Predicting Dialect Variation in Immigrant Contexts Using Light Verb Constructions
  149. D14-1146 [bib]: A-Yeong Kim; Hyun-Je Song; Seong-Bae Park; Sang-Jo Lee
    Device-Dependent Readability for Improved Text Understanding
  150. D14-1147 [bib]: Longkai Zhang; li li; Houfeng WANG; Xu Sun
    Predicting Chinese Abbreviations with Minimum Semantic Unit and Global Constraints
  151. D14-1148 [bib]: Xiao Ding; Yue Zhang; Ting Liu; Junwen Duan
    Using Structured Events to Predict Stock Price Movement: An Empirical Investigation
  152. D14-1149 [bib]: Aaron Gerow
    Extracting Clusters of Specialist Terms from Unstructured Text
  153. D14-1150 [bib]: Cornelia Caragea; Florin Adrian Bulgarov; Andreea Godea; Sujatha Das Gollapalli
    Citation-Enhanced Keyphrase Extraction from Research Papers: A Supervised Approach
  154. D14-1151 [bib] [attachment]: Heike Adel; Hinrich Schütze
    Using Mined Coreference Chains as a Resource for a Semantic Task
  155. D14-1152 [bib]: Ming-Feng Tsai; Chuan-Ju Wang
    Financial Keyword Expansion via Continuous Word Vector Representations
  156. D14-1153 [bib] [attachment]: Imene Bensalem; Paolo Rosso; Salim Chikhi
    Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection using N-gram Classes
  157. D14-1154 [bib]: Kareem Darwish; Hassan Sajjad; Hamdy Mubarak
    Verifiably Effective Arabic Dialect Identification
  158. D14-1155 [bib]: Ritwik Banerjee; Song Feng; Jun Seok Kang; Yejin Choi
    Keystroke Patterns as Prosody in Digital Writings: A Case Study with Deceptive Reviews and Essays
  159. D14-1156 [bib]: Kuan-Yu Chen; Shih-Hung Liu; Berlin Chen; Ea-Ee Jan; Hsin-Min Wang; Wen-Lian Hsu; Hsin-Hsi Chen
    Leveraging Effective Query Modeling Techniques for Speech Recognition and Summarization
  160. D14-1157 [bib]: Vinodkumar Prabhakaran; Ashima Arora; Owen Rambow
    Staying on Topic: An Indicator of Power in Political Debates
  161. D14-1158 [bib] [attachment]: Ankur P. Parikh; Avneesh Saluja; Chris Dyer; Eric Xing
    Language Modeling with Power Low Rank Ensembles
  162. D14-1159 [bib] [attachment]: Jonathan Berant; Vivek Srikumar; Pei-Chun Chen; Abby Vander Linden; Brittany Harding; Brad Huang; Christopher D. Manning
    Modeling Biological Processes for Reading Comprehension
  163. D14-1160 [bib]: Serra Sinem Tekiroglu; Gözde Özbal; Carlo Strapparava
    Sensicon: An Automatically Constructed Sensorial Lexicon
  164. D14-1161 [bib]: Jingwei Zhang; Jeremy Salwen; Michael Glass; Alfio Gliozzo
    Word Semantic Representations using Bayesian Probabilistic Tensor Factorization
  165. D14-1162 [bib]: Jeffrey Pennington; Richard Socher; Christopher Manning
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  1. 2000 Joint SIGDAT Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora

  2. W00-1300: Front Matter

  3. W00-1301 [bib]: Eric Brill
    Pattern-Based Disambiguation for Natural Language Processing
  4. W00-1302 [bib]: Simone Teufel; Marc Moens
    What's Yours and What's Mine: Determining Intellectual Attribution in Scientific Text
  5. W00-1303 [bib]: Taku Kudo; Yuji Matsumoto
    Japanese Dependency Structure Analysis Based on Support Vector Machines
  6. W00-1304 [bib]: Radu Florian; John C. Henderson; Grace Ngai
    Coaxing Confidences from an Old Freind: Probabilistic Classifications from Transformation Rule Lists
  7. W00-1305 [bib]: Hang Li; Kenji Yamanishi
    Topic Analysis Using a Finite Mixture Model
  8. W00-1306 [bib]: Rebecca Hwa
    Sample Selection for Statistical Grammar Induction
  9. W00-1307 [bib]: Fei Xia; Martha Palmer; Aravind Joshi
    A Uniform Method of Grammar Extraction and Its Applications
  10. W00-1308 [bib]: Kristina Toutanvoa; Christopher D. Manning
    Enriching the Knowledge Sources Used in a Maximum Entropy Part-of-Speech Tagger
  11. W00-1309 [bib]: GuoDong Zhou; Jian Su
    Error-driven HMM-based Chunk Tagger with Context-dependent Lexicon
  12. W00-1310 [bib]: Sadao Kurohashi; Manabu Ori
    Nonlocal Language Modeling based on Context Co-occurrence Vectors
  13. W00-1311 [bib]: K.Y. Hung; R.W.P. Luk ; D. Yeung; K.F.L. Chung; W. Shu
    Detection of Language (Model) Errors
  14. W00-1312 [bib]: Jinxi Xu; Ralph Weischedel
    Cross-lingual Information Retrieval Using Hidden Markov Models
  15. W00-1313 [bib]: Yibo Zhang; Le Sun; Lin Du; Yufang Sun
    Query Translation in Chinese-English Cross-Language Information Retrieval
  16. W00-1314 [bib]: Le Sun; Youbing Jin; Lin Du; Yufang Sun
    Word Alignment of English-Chinese Bilingual Corpus Based on Chucks
  17. W00-1315 [bib]: Kyoji Umemura; Kenneth W. Church
    Empirical Term Weighting and Expansion Frequency
  18. W00-1316 [bib]: Hwee Tou ng; Leong Hwee Teo; Jennifer Lai Pheng Kwan
    A Machine Learning Approach to Answering Questions for Reading Comprehension Tests
  19. W00-1317 [bib]: Lappoon R. Tang; Raymond J. Mooney
    Automated Construction of Database Interfaces: Intergrating Statistical and Relational Learning for Semantic Parsing
  20. W00-1318 [bib]: Daniel M. Bikel
    Automatic WordNet Mapping Using Word Sense Disambiguation
  21. W00-1319 [bib]: Joe F. Zhou; Weiquan Liu
    A Real-time Integration Of Concept-based Search and Summarization of Chinese Websites
  22. W00-1320 [bib]: Daniel M. Bikel
    A Statistical Model for Parsing and Word-Sense Disambiguation
  23. W00-1321 [bib]: Sung Dong Kim; Byoung-Tak Zhang; Yung Tack Kim
    Reducing Parsing Complexity by Intra-Sentence Segmentation based on Maximum Entropy Model
  24. W00-1322 [bib]: Gerard Escudero; Lluis Marquez; German Rigau
    An Empirical Study of the Domain Dependence of Supervised Word Disambiguation Systems
  25. W00-1323 [bib]: Christian Jacquemin; Caroline Bush
    Combining Lexical and Formatting Cues for Named Entity Acquisition from the Web
  26. W00-1324 [bib]: Laura Kallmeyer
    A Query Tool for Syntactically Frame Acquisition
  27. W00-1325 [bib]: Anna Korhonen; Genevieve Gorrell; Diana McCarthy
    Statistical Filtering and Subcategorization Frame Acquisition
  28. W00-1326 [bib]: David Martinez; Eneko Agirre
    One Sense per Collocation and Genre/Topic Variations
  29. W00-1327 [bib]: Annan Korhonen
    Using Semantically Motivated Estimates to Help Subcategorization Acquisition
  30. W00-1328: Author Index


  1. 1999 Joint SIGDAT Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora

  2. W99-0600: Front Matter

  3. W99-0601: Kenneth Ward Church
    What's Happened Since the First SIGDAT Meeting?
  4. W99-0602: Michel Simard
    Text-Translation Alignment: Three Languages Are Better Than Two
  5. W99-0603: J. Daude; L. Padro; G. Rigau
    Mapping Multilingual Hierarchies Using Relaxation Labeling
  6. W99-0604: Franz Josef Och; Christoph Tillmann; Hermann Ney
    Improved Alignment Models for Statistical Machine Translation
  7. W99-0605: Atsushi Fujii; Tetsuya Ishikawa
    Cross-Language Information Retrieval for Technical Documents
  8. W99-0606: Steven Abney; Robert E. Schapire; Yoram Singer
    Boosting Applied to Tagging and PP Attachment
  9. W99-0607: Ezra Black; Andrew Finch; Ruigiang Zhang
    Applying Extrasentential Context To Maximum Entropy Based Tagging With A Large Semantic And Syntactic Tagset
  10. W99-0608: Lluis Marquez; Horacio Rodriguez; Josep Carmona; Josep Montolio
    Improving POS Tagging Using Machine-Learning Techniques
  11. W99-0609: Sharon A. Caraballo; Eugene Charniak
    Determining the specificity of nouns from text
  12. W99-0610: Seonho Kim; Zooil Yang; Mansuk Song; Jung-Ho Ahn
    Retrieving Collocations From Korean Text
  13. W99-0611: Claire Cardie; Kiri Wagstaf
    Noun Phrase Coreference as Clustering
  14. W99-0612: Silviu Cucerzan; David Yarowsky
    Language Independent Named Entity Recognition Combining Morphological and Contextual Evidence
  15. W99-0613: Michael Collins; Yoram Singer
    Unsupervised Models for Named Entity Classification
  16. W99-0614: Sven Hartrumpf
    Hybrid Disambiguation of Prepositional Phrase Attachment and Interpretation
  17. W99-0615: Jin-Dong Kim; Sang-Zoo Lee; Hae-Chang Rim
    HMM Specialization with Selective Lexicalization
  18. W99-0616: Richard Schwartz
    Why Doesn't Natural Language Come Naturally?
  19. W99-0617: Peter A. Heeman
    POS Tags and Decision Trees for Language Modeling
  20. W99-0618: Dekai Wu; Zhao Jun; Sui Zhifang
    An Information-Theoretic Empirical Analysis of Dependency-Based Feature Types for Word Prediction Models
  21. W99-0619: Shimei Pan; Kathleen R. McKeown
    Word Informativeness and Automatic Pitch Accent Modeling
  22. W99-0620: Tadashi Nomoto; Yuji Matsumoto
    Learning Discourse Relations with Active Data Selection
  23. W99-0621: Marcia Munoz; Vasin Punyakanok; Dan Roth; Day Zimak
    A Learning Approach to Shallow Parsing
  24. W99-0622: Amon Seagull; Lenhart Schubert
    Guiding a Well-Founded Parser with Corpus Statistics
  25. W99-0623: John C. Henderson; Eric Brill
    Exploiting Diversity in Natural Language Processing: Combining Parsers
  26. W99-0624: Julio Gonzalo; Anselmo Penas; Felisa Verdejo
    Lexical ambiguity and Information Retrieval revisited
  27. W99-0625: Vasileios Hatzlvassiloglou; Judith L. Klavans; Eleazar Eskin
    Detecting Text Similarity over Short Passages: Exploring Linguistic Feature Combinations via Machine Learning
  28. W99-0626: Jorg Tiedemann
    Automatic Construction of Weighted String Similarity Measures
  29. W99-0627: David Yarowsky; Radu Florian
    Taking the load off the conference chairs-towards a digital paper-routing assistant
  30. W99-0628: Martha A. Alegre; Josep M. Sopena; Agusti Lloberas
    PP-Attachment: A Committee Machine Approach
  31. W99-0629: Sabine Buchholz; Jorn Veenstra; Walter Daelemans
    Cascaded Grammatical Relation Assignment
  32. W99-0630: Daniel Ka-Leung Chan; Dekai Wu
    Automatically Merging Lexicons that have Incompatible Part-of-Speech Categories
  33. W99-0631: Stephen Clark; David Weir
    An Iterative Approach to Estimating Frequencies over a Semantic Hierarchy
  34. W99-0632: Maria Lapata; Chris Brew
    Using Subcategorization to Resolve Verb Class Ambiguity
  35. W99-0633: Beata Megyesi
  36. W99-0634: Wee Meng Soon; Hwee Tou Ng; Chung Yong Lim
    Corpus-Based Learning for Noun Phrase Coreference Resolution
  37. W99-0635: Juntae Yoon; Key-Sun Choi; Mansuk Song
    Corpus-Based Approach for Nominal Compound Analysis for Korean Based on Linguistic and Statistical Information


  1. Sixth Workshop on Very Large Corpora

  2. W98-1100: Front Matter

  3. W98-1101: Judith Hochberg; Clint Scovel; Timothy Thomas; Sam Hall
    Bayesian Stratified Sampling to Assess Corpus Utility
  4. W98-1102: Nancy ID
    Encoding Linguistic Corpora
  5. W98-1103: Jian-Yun Nie; Pierre Isabelle; George Foster
    Using a Probabilistic Translation Model for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
  6. W98-1104: Mikio Yamamoto; Kenneth W. Church
    Using Suffix Arrays to Compute Term Frequency and Document Frequency for All Substrings in a Corpus
  7. W98-1105: Michael Collins; Scott Miller
    Semantic Tagging using a Probabilistic Context Free Grammar
  8. W98-1106: Ellen Riloff; Mark Schmelzenbach
    An Empirical Approach to Conceptual Case Frame Acquisition
  9. W98-1107: Cynthia A. Thompson; Raymond J. Mooney
    Semantic Lexicon Acquisition for Learning Natural Language Interfaces
  10. W98-1108: Stephen D'Alessio; Keith Murray; Robert Schiaffino; Aaron Kershenbaum
    The Effect of Topological Structure on Hierarchical Text Categorization
  11. W98-1109: Alex Collier; Mike Pacey; Antoinette Renouf
    Refining the Automatic Identification of Conceptual Relations in Large-scale Corpora
  12. W98-1110: Jeongwon Cha; Geunbae Lee; Jong-Hyeok Lee
    Generalized unknown morpheme guessing for hybrid POS tagging of Korean
  13. W98-1111: David Elworthy
    Language Identification With Confidence Limits
  14. W98-1112: Raquel Martinez; Joseba Abaitua; Arantza Casillas
    Aligning tagged bitexts
  15. W98-1113: Cornelia H. Parkes; Alexander M. Malek; Mitchell P. Marcus
    Towards Unsupervised Extraction of Verb Paradigms from Large Corpora
  16. W98-1114: John Carroll; Guido Minnen; Ted Briscoe
    Can Subcategorisation Probabilities Help a Statistical Parser
  17. W98-1115: Eugene Charniak ; Sharon Goldwater ; Mark Johnson
    Edge-Based Best-First Chart Parsing
  18. W98-1116: Paola Merlo ; Suzanne Stevenson
    What grammars tell us about corpora: the case of reduced relative clauses
  19. W98-1117: Wojciech Skut ; Thorsten Brants
    A Maximum-Entropy Partial Parser for Unrestricted Text
  20. W98-1118: Andrew Borthwick; John Sterling; Eugene Agichtein; Ralph Grishman
    Exploiting Diverse Knowledge Sources via Maximum Entropy in Named Entity Recognition
  21. W98-1119: Niyu Ge; John Hale ; Eugene Charniak
    A Statistical Approach to Anaphora Resolution
  22. W98-1120: Satoshi Sekine; Ralph Grishman ; Hiroyuki Shinnou
    A Decision Tree Method for Finding and Classifying Names in Japanese Texts
  23. W98-1121: Peter A. Heeman
    POS Tagging versus Classes in Language Modeling
  24. W98-1122: Giuseppe Riccardi; Srinivas Bangalore
    Automatic Acquisition of Phrase Grammars for Stochastic Language Modeling
  25. W98-1123: Min-Yen Kan; Judith L. Klavans; Kathleen R. McKeown
    Linear Segmentation and Segment Significance
  26. W98-1124: Daniel Marc
    Improving summarization through rhetorical parsing tuning
  27. W98-1125: Tadashi Nomoto; Yuji Matsumoto
    Discourse Parsing: A Decision Tree Approach
  28. W98-1126: Janyce M. Wiebet; Kenneth J. McKeever; Rebecca F. Bruce
    Mapping Collocational Properties into Machine Learning Features
  29. Proceedings of the Third Conference on Empirical Methods for Natural Language Processing

  30. W98-15: Entire Volume
  31. W98-1500: Front Matter

  32. W98-1501: Breck Baldwin; Thomas S. Morton
    Dynamic Coreference-Based Summarization
  33. W98-1502: Ruslan Mitkov; Lamia Belguith; Malgorzata Stys
    Multilingual Robust Anaphora Resolution
  34. W98-1503: Sotiris Boutsis; Stelios Piperidis
    Aligning Clattses in Parallel Texts
  35. W98-1504: Michel Simard
    Automatic Insertion of Accents in French Text
  36. W98-1505: Glenn Carroll; Mats Rooth
    Valence Induction with a Head-Lexicalized PCFG
  37. W98-1506: Adam Kilgarriff; Tony Rose
    Measures for Corpus Similarity and Homogeneity
  38. W98-1507: Rebecca Bruce; Janyce Wiebe
    Word-Sense Distinguishability and Inter-Coder Agreement
  39. W98-1508: Stephen D'Alessio; Keitha Murray; Robert Schiaffino; Aaron Kershenbaum
    Category Levels in Hierarchical Text Categorization
  40. W98-1509: Fumiyo Fukumoto; Yoshimi Suzuki
    An Empirical Approach to Text Categorization Based on Term Weight Learning
  41. W98-1510: Shirai Kiyoaki; Inui Kentaro; Tokunaga Takenobu; Tanaka Hozumi
    An Empirical Evaluation on Statistical Parsing of Japanese Sentences Using Lexical Association Statistics
  42. W98-1511: Fujio Masakazu; Yuji Matsumoto
    Japanese Dependency Structure Analysis based on Lexicalized Statistics
  43. W98-1512: Adam Berger; Harry Printz
    A Comparison of Criteria for Maximum Entropy/ Minimum Divergence Feature Selection
  44. W98-1513: Author Index


  1. Second Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

  2. W97-0300: Front Matter

  3. W97-0301: Adwait Ratnaparkhi
    A Linear Observed Time Statistical Parser Based on Maximum Entropy Models
  4. W97-0302: Joshua Goodman
    Global Thresholding and Multiple-Pass Parsing
  5. W97-0303: Carolyn Penstein Rose; Alon Lavie
    An Efficient Distribution of Labor in a Two Stage Robust Interpretation Process
  6. W97-0304: Doug Beeferman; Adam Berger; John Lafferty
    Text Segmentation Using Exponential Models
  7. W97-0305: Korin Richmond; Andrew Smith; Einat Amitay
    Detecting Subject Boundaries Within Text: A Language Independent Statistical Approach
  8. W97-0306: Ido Dagan; Yael Karov; Dan Roth
    Mistake-Driven Learning in Text Categorization
  9. W97-0307: Thorsten Brants; Wojciech Skut; Brigitte Krenn
    Tagging Grammatical Functions
  10. W97-0308: Jo Calder
    On aligning trees
  11. W97-0309: Lawrence Saul; Fernando Pereira
    Aggregate and mixed-order Markov models for statistical language processing
  12. W97-0310: Erika F. de Lima
    Assigning Grammatical Relations with a Back-off Model
  13. W97-0311: I. Dan Melamed
    Automatic Discovery of Non-Compositional Compounds in Parallel Data
  14. W97-0312: Scott W. Bennett; Chinatsu Aone
    Learning to Tag Multilingual Texts Through Observation
  15. W97-0313: Ellen Riloff; Jessica Shepherd
    A Corpus-Based Approach for Building Semantic Lexicons
  16. W97-0314: Roberto Basili; Gianluca De Rossi; Maria Teresa Pazienza
    Inducing Terminology for Lexical Acquisition
  17. W97-0315: Paul Thompson; Christopher C. Dozier
    Name Searching and Information Retrieval
  18. W97-0316: K.L. Kwok
    Lexicon Effects on Chinese Information Retrieval
  19. W97-0317: Paola Merlo
    Attaching Multiple Prepositional Phrases: Backed-off Estimation Generalized
  20. W97-0318: Eric V. Siegel
    Learning Methods for Combining Linguistic Indicators to Classify Verbs
  21. W97-0319: Andrew Kehler
    Probabilistic Coreference in Information Extraction
  22. W97-0320: Janyce Wiebe; Tom O'Hara; Kenneth McKeever; Thorsten Ohrstrom-Sandgren
    An Empirical Approach to Temporal Reference Resolution
  23. W97-0321: Ji Donghong; Huang Changning
    Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Structured Semantic Space
  24. W97-0322: Ted Pedersen; Rebecca Bruce
    Distinguishing Word Senses in Untagged Text
  25. W97-0323: Hwee Tou Ng
    Exemplar-Based Word Sense Disambiguation" Some Recent Improvements
  26. Fifth Workshop on Very Large Corpora

  27. W97-0100: Front Matter

  28. W97-0101: Mitch Marcus
    Summary of Invited Speech
  29. W97-0102: John Rausch
    Commercial Implementation of Text Recognition Tools for VLC
  30. W97-0103: Howard Turtle
    Commercial Impact of VLC Research
  31. W97-0104: Zhou Qiang
    A Statistics-Based Chinese Parser
  32. W97-0105: Ezra Black; Stephen Eubank; Hideki Kashio; David Magerman
    Probabilistic Parsing of Unrestricted English Text, With a I-Iighly-Detailed Grammar
  33. W97-0106: Thanaruk Theeramunkong; Manabu Okumura
    Grammar Acquisition Based on Clustering Analysis and Its Application to Statistical Parsing
  34. W97-0107: Seungmi Lee; Key-Sun Ch
    Reestimation and Best-First Parsing Algorithm for Probabilistic Dependency Grammars
  35. W97-0108: Li Shiuau Peh
    Domain-Specific Semantic Class Disambiguation Using WordNet
  36. W97-0109: Jiri Stetina; Makoto Nagao
    Corpus Based PP Attachment Ambiguity Resolution with a Semantic Dictionary
  37. W97-0110: Joyce Yue Chai; Alan W. Bierma
    Corpus Based Statistical Generalization Tree in Rule Optimization
  38. W97-0111: Kumiko TANAKA-Ishii
    Clustering Co-occurrence Graph based on Transitivity
  39. W97-0112: Jean-David STA
    Knowledge Acquisition: Classification of Terms in a Thesaurus from a Corpus
  40. W97-0113: Tadashi Nomoto; Yuji Matsumo
    Data Reliability and Its Effects on Automatic Abstracting
  41. W97-0114: Hiromi Nakaiwa
    Automatic Identification of Zero Pronouns and their Antecedents within Aligned Sentence Pairs
  42. W97-0115: Huang Xuan-jing; Wu Li-de; Wang Wen-xin
    Statistical Acquisition of Terminology Dictionary
  43. W97-0116: Erika F. de Li
    Acquiring German Prepositional Subcategorization Frames from Corpora
  44. W97-0117: Tomek Strzalkowski; Ronald Brandow
    A Natural Language Correction Model for Continuous Speech Recognition
  45. W97-0118: Tony G. Rose
    The Effects of Corpus Size and Homogeneity on Language Model Quality
  46. W97-0119: Pascale Fu
    Finding Terminology Translations from Non-parallel Corpora
  47. W97-0120: Masaaki Nagata
    A Self-Organizing Japanese Word Segmenter using Heuristic Word Identification and Re-estimation
  48. W97-0121: Andrei Mikheev
    Collocation Lattices and Maximum Entropy Models
  49. W97-0122: Adam Kilgarriff
    Using Word Frequency Lists to Measure Corpus Homogeneity and Similarity between Corpora
  50. W97-0123: Takehito Utsuro; Takashi Miyata
    Maximum Entropy Model Learning of Subcategorization Preference
  51. W97-0124: Scott M. Thede; Mary Harper
    Analysis of Unknown Lexical Items using Morphological and Syntactic Information with the TIMIT Corpus
  52. W97-0125: Jee-Sun NAM; Key-Sun CHOI
    A Local Grammar-based Approach to Recognizing of Proper Names in Korean Texts
  53. W97-0126: Kawtrakul Asanee; Thumkanon Chalathip
    A Statistical Approach to Thai Morphological Analyzer
  54. W97-0127: Jun Gao; XiXian Chen
    Probabilistic Word Classification Based on Context-Sensitive Binary Tree Method


  1. Fourth Workshop on Very Large Corpora

  2. W96-0100: Front Matter

  3. W96-0101: Evelyne Tzoukermann; Dragomir R. Radev
    Using Word Class for Part-of-speech Disambiguation
  4. W96-0102: Walter Daelemans; Jakob Zavrel; Peter Berck; Steven Gillis
    MBT: A Memory-Based Part of Speech Tagger-Generator
  5. W96-0103: Akira Ushioda
    Hierarchical Clustering of Words and Application to NLP Tasks
  6. W96-0104: Yael Karov; Shimon Edelman
    Learning Similarity-based Word Sense Disambiguation from Sparse Data
  7. W96-0105: Atsushi Fujii; Kentaro Inui; Takenobu Tokunaga; Hozumi Tanaka
    Selective Sampling of Effective Example Sentence Sets for Word Sense Disambiguation
  8. W96-0106: Christer Samuelsson
    Relating Turing's Formula and Zipf's Law
  9. W96-0107: Mihoko Kitamura; Yuji Matsumoto
    Automatic Extraction of Word Sequence Correspondences in Parallel Corpora
  10. W96-0108: Xiang Tong; David A. Evans
    A Statistical Approach to Automatic OCR Error Correction in Context
  11. W96-0109: Tadashi Nomoto; Yuji Matsumoto
    Exploiting Text Structure for Topic Identification
  12. W96-0110: Tung-Hui Chiang; Ken-Yih Su
    Statistical Models for Deep-structure Disambiguation
  13. W96-0111: Rens Bod
    Two Questions about Data-Oriented Parsing
  14. W96-0112: Hang Li
    A Probabilistic Disambiguation Method Based on Psycholinguistic Principles
  15. W96-0113: Mikio Yamamoto
    A Re-estimation Method for Stochastic Language Modeling from Ambiguous Observations
  16. W96-0114: Thanaruk Theeramunkong; Manabu Okumara
    Towards Automatic Grammar Acquisition from a Bracketed Corpus
  17. Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

  18. W96-0200: Front Matter

  19. W96-0201: I. Dan Melamed
    A Geometric Approach to Mapping Bitext Correspondence
  20. W96-0202: Xuanyin Xia; Dekai Wu
    Parsing Chinese With an Almost-Context-Free Grammar
  21. W96-0203: R. Basili; A. Marziali; M.T. Pazienza; P. Velardi
    Unsupervised Learning of Syntactic Knowledge: Methods and Measures
  22. W96-0204: Marie Meteer; Rukmini Iyer
    Modeling Conversational Speech for Speech Recognition
  23. W96-0205: Masaaki Nagata
    Automatic Extraction of New Words from Japanese Texts using Generalized Forward-Backward Search
  24. W96-0206: Thorsten Brants
    Better Language Models with Model Merging
  25. W96-0207: Kemal Oflazer; Gokhan Tur
    Combining Hand-crafted Rules and Unsupervised Learning in Constraint-based Morphological Disambiguation
  26. W96-0208: Raymond J. Mooney
    Comparative Experiments on Disambiguating Word Senses: An Illustration of the Role of Bias in Machine Learning
  27. W96-0209: John Carroll; Ted Briscoe
    Apportioning Development Effort in a Probabilistic LR Parsing System Through Evaluation
  28. W96-0210: Rebecca Bruce; Janyce Wiebe; Ted Pedersen
    The Measure of a Model
  29. W96-0211: Claire Cardie
    Automating Feature Set Selection for Case-Based Learning of Linguistic Knowledge
  30. W96-0212: Sharon A. Caraballo; Eugene Charniak
    Figures of Merit for Best-First Probabilistic Chart Parsing
  31. W96-0213: Adwait Ratnaparkhi
    A Maximum Entropy Model for Part-Of-Speech Tagging
  32. W96-0214: Joshua Goodman
    Efficient Algorithms for Parsing the DOP Model


  1. EACL-95 SIGDAT Workshop: From Text to Tags

    To Meeting Home Page

  2. Third Workshop on Very Large Corpora

  3. W95-0100: Front Matter

  4. W95-0101: Eric Brill
    Unsupervised Learning of Disambiguation Rules for Part of Speech Tagging
  5. W95-0102: Carl de Marcken
    Lexical Heads, Phrase Structure and the Induction of Grammar
  6. W95-0103: Michael Collins; James Brooks
    Prepositional Phrase Attachment through a Backed-off Model
  7. W95-0104: Andrew Golding
    A Bayesian Hybrid Method for Context-sensitive Spelling Correction
  8. W95-0105: Philip Resnik
    Disambiguating Noun Groupings with Respect to Wordnet Senses
  9. W95-0106: Dekai Wu
    Trainable Coarse Bilingual Grammars for Parallel Text Bracketing
  10. W95-0107: Lance Ramshaw; Mitch Marcus
    Text Chunking using Transformation-Based Learning
  11. W95-0108: Fernando Pereira; Yoram Singer; Naftali Tishby
    Beyond Word N-Grams
  12. W95-0109: Jing-Shin Chang; Yi-Chung Lin; Keh-Yih Su
    Automatic Construction of a Chinese Electronic Dictionary
  13. W95-0110: Kenneth Church; William Gale
    Inverse Document Frequency (IDF): A Measure of Deviations from Poisson
  14. W95-0111: Joe Zhou; Pete Dapkus
    Automatic Suggestion of Significant Terms for a Predefined Topic
  15. W95-0112: Ellen Riloff; Jay Shoen
    Automatically Acquiring Conceptual Patterns without an Annotated Corpus
  16. W95-0113: Hsin-Hsi Chen; Yue-Shi Lee
    Development of a Partially Bracketed Corpus with Part-of-Speech Information Only
  17. W95-0114: Pascale Fung
    Compiling Bilingual Lexicon Entries From a Non-Parallel English-Chinese Corpus
  18. W95-0115: I. Dan Melamed
    Automatic Evaluation and Uniform Filter Cascades for Inducing N-Best Translation Lexicons


  1. Second Workshop on Very Large Corpora (WVLC-2)



  2. W93-0300: Front Matter

  3. W93-0301: Ido Dagan; Kenneth Church; Willian Gale
    Robust Bilingual Word Alignment for Machine Aided Translation
  4. W93-0302: Tomek Strzalkowski
    Robust Text Processing in Automated Information Retrieval
  5. W93-0303: Elizabeth D. Liddy; Woojin Paik
    Document Filtering using Semantic Information from a Machine Readable Dictionary
  6. W93-0304: Jan Cloeren
    Toward a Cross-Linguistic Tagset
  7. W93-0305: Chao-Huang Chang; Cheng-der Chen
    HMM-Based Part-of-Speech Tagging for Chinese Corpora
  8. W93-0306: Atro Voutilainen
    NPtool, a Detector of English Noun Phrases
  9. W93-0307: Philip Resnik; Marti A. Hearst
    Structural Ambiguity and Conceptual Relations
  10. W93-0308: T.G. Rose; L.J. Evett
    Text Recognition and Collocations and Domain Codes
  11. W93-0309: Elizabeth Breidt
    Extraction of V-N-Collocations from Text Corpora: A Feasibility Study for German
  12. W93-0310: Manfred Wettler; Reinhard Rapp
    Computation of Word Associations Based on Co-occurrences of Words in Large Corpora
  13. W93-0311: Chao-Huang Chang
    Corpus-Based Adaptation Mechanisms for Chinese Homophone Disambiguation
  14. W93-0312: Xiang Tong; Change-ning Huang; Cheng-ming Guo
    Example-Based Sense Tagging of Running Chinese Text
  15. W93-0313: Kyoji Umemura; Akihiro Umemura; Etsuko Suzuki
    Experience about Compound Dictionary on Computer Networks