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2017 Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Natural Language Generation
2016 Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Natural Language Generation and the Semantic Web (WebNLG 2016)
Proceedings of the 9th International Natural Language Generation conference
2015 Proceedings of the 15th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG)
2014 Proceedings of the 8th International Natural Language Generation Conference (INLG)
Proceedings of the INLG and SIGDIAL 2014 Joint Session
2013 Proceedings of the 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation
2012 INLG 2012 Proceedings of the Seventh International Natural Language Generation Conference
2011 Proceedings of the UCNLG+Eval: Language Generation and Evaluation Workshop
Proceedings of the 13th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation
2010 Proceedings of the 6th International Natural Language Generation Conference
2009 Proceedings of the 12th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG 2009)
2008 Proceedings of the Fifth International Natural Language Generation Conference
2007 Proceedings of the Eleventh European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG 07)
Workshop on Multimodal Output Generation
2006 Proceedings of the Fourth International Natural Language Generation Conference
2005 Proceedings of the Tenth European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG-05)
Computational Models of Natural Argument
Using Corpora for Natural Language Generation
Symposium on Dialog Modeling and Generation
2004 Third International Conference on Natural Language Generation
2003 AAAI Spring Symposium on Natural Language Generation in Spoken and Written Dialogue
Proceedings of the 9th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG-2003) at EACL 2003
2002 Proceedings of the International Natural Language Generation Conference
2001 Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Eighth European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (EWNLG)
International workshop on Computational Models of Natural Language Argument
2000 Impacts in Language Generation: NLG Between Technology and Applications
INLG'2000 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Natural Language Generation
1998 Natural Language Generation
1996 Eighth International Natural Language Generation Workshop
Eighth International Natural Language Generation Workshop (Posters and Demonstrations)
1994 Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Natural Language Generation
1990 Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Natural Language Generation


  1. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Natural Language Generation

  2. W17-35 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W17-3500 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W17-3501 [bib]: Thiago Castro Ferreira; Iacer Calixto; Sander Wubben; Emiel Krahmer
    Linguistic realisation as machine translation: Comparing different MT models for AMR-to-text generation
  5. W17-3502 [bib]: Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira
    A Survey on Intelligent Poetry Generation: Languages, Features, Techniques, Reutilisation and Evaluation
  6. W17-3503 [bib]: Emiel van Miltenburg; Desmond Elliott; Piek Vossen
    Cross-linguistic differences and similarities in image descriptions
  7. W17-3504 [bib]: Jin-ge Yao; Jianmin Zhang; Xiaojun Wan; Jianguo Xiao
    Content Selection for Real-time Sports News Construction from Commentary Texts
  8. W17-3505 [bib]: Cristina Barros; Dimitra Gkatzia; Elena Lloret
    Improving the Naturalness and Expressivity of Language Generation for Spanish
  9. W17-3506 [bib]: Marc Tanti; Albert Gatt; Kenneth Camilleri
    What is the Role of Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) in an Image Caption Generator?
  10. W17-3507 [bib]: Gonzalo Méndez; Raquel Hervás; Susana Bautista; Adrian Rabadan; Teresa Rodriguez
    Exploring the Behavior of Classic REG Algorithms in the Description of Characters in 3D Images
  11. W17-3508 [bib]: Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira; Tiago Mendes; Ana Boavida
    Co-PoeTryMe: a Co-Creative Interface for the Composition of Poetry
  12. W17-3509 [bib]: Sina Zarrieß; M. Soledad López Gambino; David Schlangen
    Refer-iTTS: A System for Referring in Spoken Installments to Objects in Real-World Images
  13. W17-3510 [bib]: Frank Schilder
    Finding the "right" answers for customers
  14. W17-3511 [bib]: Tom Williams; Matthias Scheutz
    Referring Expression Generation under Uncertainty: Algorithm and Evaluation Framework
  15. W17-3512 [bib]: Nouf Alharbi; Yoshihiko Gotoh
    Natural Language Descriptions for Human Activities in Video Streams
  16. W17-3513 [bib]: Chris van der Lee; Emiel Krahmer; Sander Wubben
    PASS: A Dutch data-to-text system for soccer, targeted towards specific audiences
  17. W17-3514 [bib]: Joan Byamugisha; C. Maria Keet; Brian DeRenzi
    Evaluation of a Runyankore grammar engine for healthcare messages
  18. W17-3515 [bib]: Gemma Boleda
    Talking about the world with a distributed model
  19. W17-3516 [bib]: Kyle Richardson; Sina Zarrieß; Jonas Kuhn
    The Code2Text Challenge: Text Generation in Source Libraries
  20. W17-3517 [bib]: Simon Mille; Bernd Bohnet; Leo Wanner; Anja Belz
    Shared Task Proposal: Multilingual Surface Realization Using Universal Dependency Trees
  21. W17-3518 [bib]: Claire Gardent; Anastasia Shimorina; Shashi Narayan; Laura Perez-Beltrachini
    The WebNLG Challenge: Generating Text from RDF Data
  22. W17-3519 [bib]: Ehud Reiter
    A Commercial Perspective on Reference
  23. W17-3520 [bib]: Alexander Koller; Nikos Engonopoulos
    Integrated sentence generation using charts
  24. W17-3521 [bib]: Alejandro Ramos Soto; Julio Janeiro Gallardo; Alberto Bugarín Diz
    Adapting SimpleNLG to Spanish
  25. W17-3522 [bib]: David Howcroft; Jorrig Vogels; Vera Demberg
    G-TUNA: a corpus of referring expressions in German, including duration information
  26. W17-3523 [bib]: Joan Byamugisha; C. Maria Keet; Brian DeRenzi
    Toward an NLG System for Bantu languages: first steps with Runyankore (demo)
  27. W17-3524 [bib]: Robert Weißgraeber; Andreas Madsack
    A working, non-trivial, topically indifferent NLG System for 17 languages
  28. W17-3525 [bib]: Prashant Mathur; Nicola Ueffing; Gregor Leusch
    Generating titles for millions of browse pages on an e-Commerce site
  29. W17-3526 [bib]: Hongyu Zang; Xiaojun Wan
    Towards Automatic Generation of Product Reviews from Aspect-Sentiment Scores
  30. W17-3527 [bib]: Richard Doust; Paul Piwek
    A model of suspense for narrative generation
  31. W17-3528 [bib]: Leo Leppänen; Myriam Munezero; Mark Granroth-Wilding; Hannu Toivonen
    Data-Driven News Generation for Automated Journalism
  32. W17-3529 [bib]: Kushal Kafle; Mohammed Yousefhussien; Christopher Kanan
    Data Augmentation for Visual Question Answering
  33. W17-3530 [bib]: Marta Gatius
    Personalized Questions, Answers and Grammars: Aiding the Search for Relevant Web Information
  34. W17-3531 [bib]: Eva Hasler; Felix Stahlberg; Marcus Tomalin; Adria de Gispert; Bill Byrne
    A Comparison of Neural Models for Word Ordering
  35. W17-3532 [bib]: Kees van Deemter; Le Sun; Rint Sybesma; Xiao Li; Chen Bo; Muyun Yang
    Investigating the content and form of referring expressions in Mandarin: introducing the Mtuna corpus
  36. W17-3533 [bib]: Ewa Muszyńska; Ann Copestake
    Realization of long sentences using chunking
  37. W17-3534 [bib]: Daniel Braun; Elena Scepankova; Patrick Holl; Florian Matthes
    SaToS: Assessing and Summarising Terms of Services from German Webshops
  38. W17-3535 [bib]: Stephanie Inglis; Ehud Reiter; Somayajulu Sripada
    Textually Summarising Incomplete Data
  39. W17-3536 [bib]: Thiago Castro Ferreira; Ivandré Paraboni
    Improving the generation of personalised descriptions
  40. W17-3537 [bib]: Laura Perez-Beltrachini; Claire Gardent
    Analysing Data-To-Text Generation Benchmarks
  41. W17-3538 [bib]: Jose Alonso; Patricia Conde-Clemente; Gracian Trivino
    Linguistic Description of Complex Phenomena with the rLDCP R Package
  42. W17-3539 [bib]: Simon Mille; Leo Wanner
    A demo of FORGe: the Pompeu Fabra Open Rule-based Generator
  43. W17-3540 [bib]: Nicolas Marin; Gustavo Rivas-Gervilla; Daniel Sanchez
    Referential Success of Set Referring Expressions with Fuzzy Properties
  44. W17-3541 [bib]: Jonathan Herzig; Michal Shmueli-Scheuer; Tommy Sandbank; David Konopnicki
    Neural Response Generation for Customer Service based on Personality Traits
  45. W17-3542 [bib]: Florin Brad; Traian Rebedea
    Neural Paraphrase Generation using Transfer Learning


  1. Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Natural Language Generation and the Semantic Web (WebNLG 2016)

  2. W16-35: Entire Volume
  3. W16-3500: Front Matter

  4. W16-3501: Cristina Barros; Elena Lloret
    Generating sets of related sentences from input seed features
  5. W16-3502 [dataset]: Valerio Basile
    A Repository of Frame Instance Lexicalizations for Generation
  6. W16-3503: Bourgonje Peter; Moreno Schneider Julian; Rehm Georg; Sasaki Felix
    Processing Document Collections to Automatically Extract Linked Data: Semantic Storytelling Technologies for Smart Curation Workflows
  7. W16-3504 [dataset]: Pablo Duboue; Martin Ariel Dominguez; Paula Estrella
    On the Robustness of Standalone Referring Expression Generation Algorithms Using RDF Data
  8. W16-3505: Elena Lloret; Claire Gardent
    Content Selection through Paraphrase Detection: Capturing different Semantic Realisations of the Same Idea
  9. W16-3506 [dataset]: Yassine Mrabet; Pavlos Vougiouklis; Halil Kilicoglu; Claire Gardent; Dina Demner-Fushman; Jonathon Hare; Elena Simperl
    Aligning Texts and Knowledge Bases with Semantic Sentence Simplification
  10. W16-3507: Liubov Nesterenko
    Building a System for Stock News Generation in Russian
  11. W16-3508: Laura Perez-Beltrachini; Claire Gardent; Anselme Revuz; Saptarashmi Bandyopadhyay
    Content selection as semantic-based ontology exploration
  12. W16-3509: Driss Sadoun; Satenik Mkhitaryan; Damien Nouvel; Mathieu Valette
    ReadME generation from an OWL ontology describing NLP tools
  13. W16-3510: Lauren Sanby; Ion Todd; Maria C. Keet
    Comparing the Template-Based Approach to GF: the case of Afrikaans
  14. W16-3511: Amin Sleimi; Claire Gardent
    Generating Paraphrases from DBPedia using Deep Learning
  15. W16-3512: Khoa Tran; Fred Popowich
    Automatic Tweet Generation From Traffic Incident Data
  16. W16-3513: Marta Vicente; Elena Lloret
    Analysing the Integration of Semantic Web Features for Document Planning across Genres
  17. Proceedings of the 9th International Natural Language Generation conference

  18. W16-66 [bib]: Entire Volume
  19. W16-6600 [bib]: Front Matter

  20. W16-6601 [bib]: Iain Macdonald; Advaith Siddharthan
    Summarising News Stories for Children
  21. W16-6602 [bib]: David Winer; R. Michael Young
    Discourse-Driven Narrative Generation With Bipartite Planning
  22. W16-6603 [bib]: Nima Pourdamghani; Kevin Knight; Ulf Hermjakob
    Generating English from Abstract Meaning Representations
  23. W16-6604 [bib]: Sabita Acharya; Barbara Di Eugenio; Andrew D Boyd; Karen Dunn Lopez; Richard Cameron; Gail M Keenan
    Generating summaries of hospitalizations: A new metric to assess the complexity of medical terms and their definitions
  24. W16-6605 [bib]: Kees van Deemter
    Designing Algorithms for Referring with Proper Names
  25. W16-6606 [bib]: Charese Smiley; Vassilis Plachouras; Frank Schilder; Hiroko Bretz; Jochen Leidner; Dezhao Song
    When to Plummet and When to Soar: Corpus Based Verb Selection for Natural Language Generation
  26. W16-6607 [bib]: Yejin Choi
    Sketch-to-Text Generation: Toward Contextual, Creative, and Coherent Composition
  27. W16-6608 [bib]: Sander Wubben; Emiel Krahmer; Antal van den Bosch; Suzan Verberne
    Abstractive Compression of Captions with Attentive Recurrent Neural Networks
  28. W16-6609 [bib]: Karen Mazidi; Paul Tarau
    Infusing NLU into Automatic Question Generation
  29. W16-6610 [bib]: Ahmet Aker; Monica Paramita; Emina Kurtic; Adam Funk; Emma Barker; Mark Hepple; Rob Gaizauskas
    Automatic label generation for news comment clusters
  30. W16-6611 [bib]: Emily Ahn; Fabrizio Morbini; Andrew Gordon
    Improving Fluency in Narrative Text Generation With Grammatical Transformations and Probabilistic Parsing
  31. W16-6612 [bib]: Nadine Braun; Martijn Goudbeek; Emiel Krahmer
    The Multilingual Affective Soccer Corpus (MASC): Compiling a biased parallel corpus on soccer reportage in English, German and Dutch
  32. W16-6613 [bib]: Patrick Saint-Dizier
    Challenges of Argument Mining: Generating an Argument Synthesis based on the Qualia Structure
  33. W16-6614 [bib]: Joan Byamugisha; C. Maria Keet; Brian DeRenzi
    Tense and Aspect in Runyankore Using a Context-Free Grammar
  34. W16-6615 [bib]: Adriana Baltaretu; Thiago Castro Ferreira
    Task demands and individual variation in referring expressions
  35. W16-6616 [bib]: Rania Mohammed; Laura Perez-Beltrachini; Claire Gardent
    Category-Driven Content Selection
  36. W16-6617 [bib]: Chia-Chen Lee; Shu-Kai HSIEH
    Evaluative Pattern Extraction for Automated Text Generation
  37. W16-6618 [bib]: Xiao Li; Kees van Deemter; Chenghua Lin
    Statistics-Based Lexical Choice for NLG from Quantitative Information
  38. W16-6619 [bib]: Yanchao Yu; Arash Eshghi; Oliver Lemon
    Incremental Generation of Visually Grounded Language in Situated Dialogue (demonstration system)
  39. W16-6620 [bib]: Shashi Narayan; Claire Gardent
    Unsupervised Sentence Simplification Using Deep Semantics
  40. W16-6621 [bib]: Priscilla Moraes; Kathleen Mccoy; Sandra Carberry
    Enabling text readability awareness during the micro planning phase of NLG applications
  41. W16-6622 [bib]: Vera Demberg
    How can we adapt generation to the user’s cognitive load?
  42. W16-6623 [bib]: Yiping Jin; Phu Le
    Selecting Domain-Specific Concepts for Question Generation With Lightly-Supervised Methods
  43. W16-6624 [bib]: Joy Mahapatra; Sudip Kumar Naskar; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
    Statistical Natural Language Generation from Tabular Non-textual Data
  44. W16-6625 [bib]: Shashi Narayan; Siva Reddy; Shay B. Cohen
    Paraphrase Generation from Latent-Variable PCFGs for Semantic Parsing
  45. W16-6626 [bib]: Emilie Colin; Claire Gardent; Yassine Mrabet; Shashi Narayan; Laura Perez-Beltrachini
    The WebNLG Challenge: Generating Text from DBPedia Data
  46. W16-6627 [bib]: Jekaterina Novikova; Verena Rieser
    The aNALoGuE Challenge: Non Aligned Language GEneration
  47. W16-6628 [bib]: Eugenio Concepción; Gonzalo Méndez; Pablo Gervás; Carlos León
    A Challenge Proposal for Narrative Generation Using CNLs
  48. W16-6629 [bib]: C. Maria Keet; Langa Khumalo
    On the verbalization patterns of part-whole relations in isiZulu
  49. W16-6630 [bib]: Alessandro Mazzei; Cristina Battaglino; Cristina Bosco
    SimpleNLG-IT: adapting SimpleNLG to Italian
  50. W16-6631 [bib]: Josiah Wang; Robert Gaizauskas
    Don't Mention the Shoe! A Learning to Rank Approach to Content Selection for Image Description Generation
  51. W16-6632 [bib]: Simon Woo; Zuyao Li; Jelena Mirkovic
    Good Automatic Authentication Question Generation
  52. W16-6633 [bib]: Amy Isard; Jeremy Knox
    Automatic Generation of Student Report Cards
  53. W16-6634 [bib]: Keith Godwin; Paul Piwek
    Collecting Reliable Human Judgements on Machine-Generated Language: The Case of the QG-STEC Data
  54. W16-6635 [bib]: Yllias Chali; Sina Golestanirad
    Ranking Automatically Generated Questions Using Common Human Queries
  55. W16-6636 [bib]: Thiago Castro Ferreira; Sander Wubben; Emiel Krahmer
    Towards proper name generation: a corpus analysis
  56. W16-6637 [bib]: Aneiss Ghodsi; John DeNero
    An Analysis of the Ability of Statistical Language Models to Capture the Structural Properties of Language
  57. W16-6638 [bib]: David L. King; Michael White
    Enhancing PTB Universal Dependencies for Grammar-Based Surface Realization
  58. W16-6639 [bib]: Anja Belz; Adrian Muscat; Brandon Birmingham; Jessie Levacher; Julie Pain; Adam Quinquenel
    Effect of Data Annotation, Feature Selection and Model Choice on Spatial Description Generation in French
  59. W16-6640 [bib]: Hugo Patinho Rodrigues; Luisa Coheur; Eric Nyberg
    QGASP: a Framework for Question Generation Based on Different Levels of Linguistic Information
  60. W16-6641 [bib]: Pablo Duboue
    Automatic Reports from Spreadsheets: Data Analysis for the Rest of Us
  61. W16-6642 [bib]: Sina Zarrieß; David Schlangen
    Towards Generating Colour Terms for Referents in Photographs: Prefer the Expected or the Unexpected?
  62. W16-6643 [bib]: Rodrigo de Oliveira; Somayajulu Sripada; Ehud Reiter
    Absolute and Relative Properties in Geographic Referring Expressions
  63. W16-6644 [bib]: Jekaterina Novikova; Oliver Lemon; Verena Rieser
    Crowd-sourcing NLG Data: Pictures Elicit Better Data.


  1. Proceedings of the 15th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG)

  2. W15-47 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W15-4700 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W15-4701 [bib]: Sasi Raja Sekhar Dokkara; Suresh Verma Penumathsa; Somayajulu Gowri Sripada
    A Simple Surface Realization Engine for Telugu
  5. W15-4702 [bib]: Cristina Barros; Elena Lloret
    Input Seed Features for Guiding the Generation Process: A Statistical Approach for Spanish
  6. W15-4703 [bib]: Bikash Gyawali; Claire Gardent; Christophe Cerisara
    A Domain Agnostic Approach to Verbalizing n-ary Events without Parallel Corpora
  7. W15-4704 [bib]: Michael White; David M. Howcroft
    Inducing Clause-Combining Rules: A Case Study with the SPaRKy Restaurant Corpus
  8. W15-4705 [bib]: Sina Zarrieß; Sebastian Loth; David Schlangen
    Reading Times Predict the Quality of Generated Text Above and Beyond Human Ratings
  9. W15-4706 [bib]: Adriana Baltaretu; Emiel Krahmer; Alfons Maes
    Moving Targets: Human References to Unstable Landmarks
  10. W15-4707 [bib]: Rachel Farrell; Gordon Pace; M Rosner
    A Framework for the Generation of Computer System Diagnostics in Natural Language using Finite State Methods
  11. W15-4708 [bib]: Dimitra Gkatzia; Saad Mahamood
    A Snapshot of NLG Evaluation Practices 2005 - 2014
  12. W15-4709 [bib]: Tomohiro Ohno; Kazushi Yoshida; Yoshihide Kato; Shigeki Matsubara
    Japanese Word Reordering Executed Concurrently with Dependency Parsing and Its Evaluation
  13. W15-4710 [bib]: Julie Sauvage-Vincent; Yannis Haralambous; John Puentes
    Sentence Ordering in Electronic Navigational Chart Companion Text Generation
  14. W15-4711 [bib]: Leen Sevens; Vincent Vandeghinste; Ineke Schuurman; Frank Van Eynde
    Natural Language Generation from Pictographs
  15. W15-4712 [bib]: Alessandro Mazzei
    Translating Italian to LIS in the Rail Stations
  16. W15-4713 [bib]: Caixia Yuan; Xiaojie Wang; Qianhui He
    Response Generation in Dialogue Using a Tailored PCFG Parser
  17. W15-4714 [bib]: Belén A. Baez Miranda; Sybille Caffiau; Catherine Garbay; François Portet
    Generating Récit from Sensor Data: Evaluation of a Task Model for Story Planning and Preliminary Experiments with GPS Data
  18. W15-4715 [bib]: Amanda Cercas Curry; Dimitra Gkatzia; Verena Rieser
    Generating and Evaluating Landmark-Based Navigation Instructions in Virtual Environments
  19. W15-4716 [bib]: Stephanie Inglis
    Summarising Unreliable Data
  20. W15-4717 [bib]: Adrian Muscat; Anja Belz
    Generating Descriptions of Spatial Relations between Objects in Images
  21. W15-4718 [bib]: Andrea Fischer; Vera Demberg; Dietrich Klakow
    Towards Flexible, Small-Domain Surface Generation: Combining Data-Driven and Grammatical Approaches
  22. W15-4719 [bib]: Paul Molins; Guy Lapalme
    JSrealB: A Bilingual Text Realizer for Web Programming
  23. W15-4720 [bib]: Dimitra Gkatzia; Amanda Cercas Curry; Verena Rieser; Oliver Lemon
    A Game-Based Setup for Data Collection and Task-Based Evaluation of Uncertain Information Presentation
  24. W15-4721 [bib]: Florin Haque; Helmut Horacek
    Generating Referential Descriptions Involving Relations by a Best-First Searching Procedure – A System Demo
  25. W15-4722 [bib]: Josiah Wang; Robert Gaizauskas
    Generating Image Descriptions with Gold Standard Visual Inputs: Motivation, Evaluation and Baselines
  26. W15-4723 [bib]: Rodrigo de Oliveira; Yaji Sripada; Ehud Reiter
    Designing an Algorithm for Generating Named Spatial References
  27. W15-4724 [bib]: Pierre-Luc Vaudry; Guy Lapalme
    Narrative Generation from Extracted Associations
  28. W15-4725 [bib]: Nadine Glas; Catherine Pelachaud
    Topic Transition Strategies for an Information-Giving Agent
  29. W15-4726 [bib]: Daniel Braun; Ehud Reiter; Advaith Siddharthan
    Creating Textual Driver Feedback from Telemetric Data
  30. W15-4727 [bib]: Cyril Labbé; Claudia Roncancio; Damien Bras
    A Personal Storytelling about Your Favorite Data


  1. Proceedings of the 8th International Natural Language Generation Conference (INLG)

  2. W14-44 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W14-4400 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W14-4401 [bib]: Somayajulu Sripada; Neil Burnett; Ross Turner; John Mastin; Dave Evans
    A Case Study: NLG meeting Weather Industry Demand for Quality and Quantity of Textual Weather Forecasts
  5. W14-4402 [bib]: Barbara Di Eugenio; Andrew Boyd; Camillo Lugaresi; Abhinaya Balasubramanian; Gail Keenan; Mike Burton; Tamara Goncalves Rezende Macieira; Jianrong Li; Yves Lussier; Yves Lussier
    PatientNarr: Towards generating patient-centric summaries of hospital stays
  6. W14-4403 [bib]: Hadi Banaee; Amy Loutfi
    Using Conceptual Spaces to Model Domain Knowledge in Data-to-Text Systems
  7. W14-4404 [bib]: Mandya Angrosh; Advaith Siddharthan
    Text simplification using synchronous dependency grammars: Generalising automatically harvested rules
  8. W14-4405 [bib]: Basil Ell; Andreas Harth
    A language-independent method for the extraction of RDF verbalization templates
  9. W14-4406 [bib]: Laurence Danlos; Aleksandre Maskharashvili; Sylvain Pogodalla
    An ACG Analysis of the G-TAG Generation Process
  10. W14-4407 [bib]: Tatsuro Oya; Yashar Mehdad; Giuseppe Carenini; Raymond Ng
    A Template-based Abstractive Meeting Summarization: Leveraging Summary and Source Text Relationships
  11. W14-4408 [bib]: Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio; Amanda Stent; Robert Gaizauskas
    A Hybrid Approach to Multi-document Summarization of Opinions in Reviews
  12. W14-4409 [bib]: Priscilla Moraes; Kathy McCoy; Sandra Carberry
    Adapting Graph Summaries to the Users’ Reading Levels
  13. W14-4410 [bib]: John Miller; Kathleen McCoy
    Experimental Design to Improve Topic Analysis Based Summarization
  14. W14-4411 [bib]: Rumiya Izgalieva; Daniel Vale; Elisa Vales
    Towards a Description of Symbolic Maps
  15. W14-4412 [bib]: Rodrigo de Oliveira; Somayajulu Sripada
    Adapting SimpleNLG for Brazilian Portuguese realisation
  16. W14-4413 [bib]: Priscilla Moraes; Gabriel Sina; Kathy McCoy; Sandra Carberry
    Generating Summaries of Line Graphs
  17. W14-4414 [bib]: Yun-Nung Chen; Alexander Rudnicky
    Two-Stage Stochastic Email Synthesizer
  18. W14-4415 [bib]: Bandita Sarma; Amitava Das; Rodney Nielsen
    A Framework for Health Behavior Change using Companionable Robots
  19. W14-4416 [bib]: Miguel Ballesteros; Simon Mille; Leo Wanner
    Classifiers for data-driven deep sentence generation
  20. W14-4417 [bib]: Gemma Webster; Chris Mellish; Somayajulu G. Sripada; Rene Van der Wal; Koen Arts; Yolanda Melero; Xavier Lambin
    Determining Content for Unknown Users: Lessons from the MinkApp Case Study
  21. W14-4418 [bib]: Shinsuke Mori; Hirokuni Maeta; Tetsuro Sasada; Koichiro Yoshino; Atsushi Hashimoto; Takuya Funatomi; Yoko Yamakata
    FlowGraph2Text: Automatic Sentence Skeleton Compilation for Procedural Text Generation
  22. W14-4419 [bib]: Saad Mahamood; William Bradshaw; Ehud Reiter
    Generating Annotated Graphs using the NLG Pipeline Architecture
  23. W14-4420 [bib]: Seniz Demir
    Generating Valence Shifted Turkish Sentences
  24. W14-4421 [bib]: Xiwu Han; Somayajulu Sripada; Kit Macleod; Antonio Ioris
    Latent User Models for Online River Information Tailoring
  25. W14-4422 [bib]: Dimitra Gkatzia; Helen Hastie; Oliver Lemon
    Multi-adaptive Natural Language Generation using Principal Component Regression
  26. W14-4423 [bib]: Pamela Jordan; Nancy Green; Chistopher Thomas; Susan Holm
    TBI-Doc: Generating Patient & Clinician Reports from Brain Imaging Data
  27. W14-4424 [bib]: Michael White
    Towards Surface Realization with CCGs Induced from Dependencies
  28. W14-4425 [bib]: Yun-Nung Chen; Alexander Rudnicky
    Two-Stage Stochastic Natural Language Generation for Email Synthesis by Modeling Sender Style and Topic Structure
  29. Proceedings of the INLG and SIGDIAL 2014 Joint Session

  30. W14-50 [bib]: Entire Volume
  31. W14-5000 [bib]: Front Matter

  32. W14-5001 [bib]: Gordon Briggs; Matthias Scheutz
    Modeling Blame to Avoid Positive Face Threats in Natural Language Generation
  33. W14-5002 [bib]: Nikolaos Engonopoulos; Alexander Koller
    Generating effective referring expressions using charts
  34. W14-5003 [bib]: Margaret Mitchell; Dan Bohus; Ece Kamar
    Crowdsourcing Language Generation Templates for Dialogue Systems


  1. Proceedings of the 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation

  2. W13-21 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W13-2100 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W13-2101 [bib]: Valerio Basile; Johan Bos
    Aligning Formal Meaning Representations with Surface Strings for Wide-Coverage Text Generation
  5. W13-2102 [bib]: Philipp Cimiano; Janna Lüker; David Nagel; Christina Unger
    Exploiting Ontology Lexica for Generating Natural Language Texts from RDF Data
  6. W13-2103 [bib]: Eva Banik; Eric Kow; Vinay Chaudhri
    User-Controlled, Robust Natural Language Generation from an Evolving Knowledge Base
  7. W13-2104 [bib]: David Howcroft; Crystal Nakatsu; Michael White
    Enhancing the Expression of Contrast in the SPaRKy Restaurant Corpus
  8. W13-2105 [bib]: Claire Gardent; Shashi Narayan
    Generating Elliptic Coordination
  9. W13-2106 [bib]: Gerasimos Lampouras; Ion Androutsopoulos
    Using Integer Linear Programming for Content Selection, Lexicalization, and Aggregation to Produce Compact Texts from OWL Ontologies
  10. W13-2107 [bib]: Dustin Smith; Henry Lieberman
    Generating and Interpreting Referring Expressions as Belief State Planning and Plan Recognition
  11. W13-2108 [bib]: Jette Viethen; Margaret Mitchell; Emiel Krahmer
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  37. W09-0634 [bib]: Kotaro Funakoshi; Philipp Spanger; Mikio Nakano; Takenobu Tokunaga
    A Probabilistic Model of Referring Expressions for Complex Objects


  1. Proceedings of the Fifth International Natural Language Generation Conference

  2. W08-1100: Front Matter

  3. W08-1101: Shari R. Speer; Kiwako Ito
    Prominence and Phrasing in Spoken Discourse Processing
  4. W08-1102: Matthew Stone
    Language, Embodiment and Social Intelligence
  5. W08-1103: Seniz Demir; Sandra Carberry; Kathleen McCoy
    Generating Textual Summaries of Bar Charts
  6. W08-1104: Ross Turner; Somayajulu Sripada; Ehud Reiter; Ian Davy
    Using Spatial Reference Frames to Generate Grounded Textual Summaries of Georeferenced Data
  7. W08-1105: Katja Filippova; Michael Strube
    Dependency Tree Based Sentence Compression
  8. W08-1106: Giuseppe Carenini; Jackie C. K. Cheung
    Extractive vs. NLG-based Abstractive Summarization of Evaluative Text: The Effect of Corpus Controversiality
  9. W08-1107: Carlos Areces; Alexander Koller; Kristina Striegnitz
    Referring Expressions as Formulas of Description Logic
  10. W08-1108: Albert Gatt; Anja Belz
    Attribute Selection for Referring Expression Generation: New Algorithms and Evaluation Methods
  11. W08-1109: Jette Viethen; Robert Dale
    The Use of Spatial Relations in Referring Expression Generation
  12. W08-1110: Ielka van der Sluis; Chris Mellish
    Using Tactical NLG to Induce Affective States: Empirical Investigations
  13. W08-1111: David DeVault; David Traum; Ron Artstein
    Practical Grammar-Based NLG from Examples
  14. W08-1112: Yuqing Guo; Haifeng Wang; Josef van Genabith
    Accurate and Robust LFG-Based Generation for Chinese
  15. W08-1113: Mary Ellen Foster
    Automated Metrics That Agree With Human Judgements On Generated Output for an Embodied Conversational Agent
  16. W08-1114: Xin Lu; Barbara Di Eugenio; Stellan Ohlsson; Davide Fossati
    Simple but effective feedback generation to tutor abstract problem solving
  17. W08-1115: Kavita Thomas; Yaji Sripada
    What's In a Message? Interpreting Geo-referenced Data for the Visually-impaired
  18. W08-1116: Mick O'Donnell
    Evolving Questions in Text Planning
  19. W08-1117: Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova; Ciprian Gerstenberger; Olga Kukina; Jan Schehl
    The Effect of Dialogue System Output Style Variation on Users' Evaluation Judgments and Input Style
  20. W08-1118: Feikje Hielkema; Chris Mellish; Peter Edwards
    Evaluating an Ontology-Driven WYSIWYM Interface
  21. W08-1119: Ehud Reiter; Albert Gatt; Francois Portet; Marian van der Meulen
    The Importance of Narrative and Other Lessons from an Evaluation of an NLG System that Summarises Clinical Data
  22. W08-1120: Mary Dee Harris
    Building a Large-scale Commercial NLG System for an EMR
  23. W08-1121: Raquel Hervás; Pablo Gervás
    Degree of Abstraction in Referring Expression Generation and its Relation with the Construction of the Contrast Set
  24. W08-1122: Deirdre Hogan; Jennifer Foster; Joachim Wagner; Josef van Genabith
    Parser-Based Retraining for Domain Adaptation of Probabilistic Generators
  25. W08-1123: Matthew Marge; Amy Isard; Johanna Moore
    Creation of a New Domain and Evaluation of Comparison Generation in a Natural Language Generation System
  26. W08-1124: Alice Oh; Howard Shrobe
    Generating Baseball Summaries from Multiple Perspectives by Reordering Content
  27. W08-1125: Keith Vander Linden
    A Dynamic Programming Approach to Document Length Constraints
  28. W08-1126: Anja Belz; Albert Gatt
    REG Challenge Preface
  29. W08-1127: Anja Belz; Eric Kow; Jette Viethen; Albert Gatt
    The GREC Challenge 2008: Overview and Evaluation Results
  30. W08-1128: Bernd Bohnet
    IS-G: The Comparison of Different Learning Techniques for the Selection of the Main Subject References
  31. W08-1129: Iris Hendrickx; Walter Daelemans; Kim Luyckx; Roser Morante; Vincent Van Asch
    CNTS: Memory-Based Learning of Generating Repeated References
  32. W08-1130: Emily Jamison; Dennis Mehay
    OSU-2: Generating Referring Expressions with a Maximum Entropy Classifier
  33. W08-1131: Albert Gatt; Anja Belz; Eric Kow
    The TUNA Challenge 2008: Overview and Evaluation Results
  34. W08-1132: Bernd Bohnet
    The Fingerprint of Human Referring Expressions and their Surface Realization with Graph Transducers (IS-FP, IS-GT, IS-FP-GT)}
  35. W08-1133: Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio; Amanda J. Stent; Srinivas Bangalore
    Referring Expression Generation Using Speaker-based Attribute Selection and Trainable Realization (ATTR)
  36. W08-1134: Pablo Gervás; Raquel Hervás; Carlos León
    NIL-UCM: Most-Frequent-Value-First Attribute Selection and Best-Scoring-Choice Realization
  37. W08-1135: Diego Jesus de Lucena; Ivandré Paraboni
    USP-EACH Frequency-based Greedy Attribute Selection for Referring Expressions Generation
  38. W08-1136: John D. Kelleher; Brian Mac Namee
    Referring Expression Generation Challenge 2008 DIT System Descriptions (DIT-FBI, DIT-TVAS, DIT-CBSR, DIT-RBR, DIT-FBI-CBSR, DIT-TVAS-RBR)
  39. W08-1137: Josh King
    OSU-GP: Attribute Selection Using Genetic Programming
  40. W08-1138: Emiel Krahmer; Mariët Theune; Jette Viethen; Iris Hendrickx
    GRAPH: The Costs of Redundancy in Referring Expressions
  41. W08-1139: Sibabrata Paladhi; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
    JU-PTBSGRE: GRE Using Prefix Tree Based Structure
  42. W08-1140: Daniel Bastos Pereira; Ivandré Paraboni
    From TUNA Attribute Sets to Portuguese Text: a First Report
  43. W08-1141: Author Index


  1. Proceedings of the Eleventh European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG 07)

  2. W07-23 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W07-2300: Front Matter

  4. W07-2301 [bib]: Kristiina Jokinen
    Quality of Service and Communicative Competence in NLG Evaluation
  5. W07-2302 [bib]: Anja Belz; Sebastian Varges
    Generation of repeated references to discourse entities
  6. W07-2303 [bib]: Aoife Cahill; Martin Forst; Christian Rohrer
    Stochastic Realisation Ranking for a Free Word Order Language
  7. W07-2304 [bib]: Roger Evans; David Weir; John Carroll; Daniel Paiva; Anja Belz
    Modelling control in generation
  8. W07-2305 [bib]: Mary Ellen Foster; Michael White
    Avoiding Repetition in Generated Text
  9. W07-2306 [bib]: Claire Gardent; Eric Kow
    Spotting Overgeneration Suspects
  10. W07-2307 [bib]: Albert Gatt; Ielka van der Sluis; Kees vanDeemter
    Evaluating algorithms for the Generation of Referring Expressions using a balanced corpus
  11. W07-2308 [bib]: Swati Gupta; Marilyn Walker; Daniela Romano
    Generating Politeness in Task Based Interaction: An Evaluation of the Effect of Linguistic Form and Culture
  12. W07-2309 [bib]: Karin Harbusch; Camiel van Breugel; Ulrich Koch; Gerard Kempen
    Interactive sentence combining and paraphrasing in support of integrated writing and grammar instruction: A new application area for natural language sentence generators
  13. W07-2310 [bib]: Feikje Hielkema; Chris Mellish; Peter Edwards
    Using WYSIWYM to Create an Open-ended Interface for the Semantic Grid
  14. W07-2311 [bib]: Ralf Klabunde
    Lexical choice of modal expressions
  15. W07-2312 [bib]: Nitin Madnani; Rebecca Passonneau; Necip Fazil Ayan; John Conroy; Bonnie Dorr; Judith Klavans; Dianne O'Leary; Judith Schlesinger
    Measuring Variability in Sentence Ordering for News Summarization
  16. W07-2313 [bib]: Clara Mancini; Christian Pietsch; Donia Scott
    Visualising Discourse Structure in Interactive Documents
  17. W07-2314 [bib]: Richard Power
    Abstract verbs
  18. W07-2315 [bib]: Ehud Reiter
    An Architecture for Data-to-Text Systems
  19. W07-2316 [bib]: Xiantang Sun; Chris Mellish
    An Experiment on "Free Generation" from Single RDF Triples
  20. W07-2317 [bib]: Mariet Theune; Nanda Slabbers; Feikje Hielkema
    The Narrator: NLG for digital storytelling
  21. W07-2318 [bib]: Jette Viethen; Robert Dale
    Capturing Acceptable Variation in Distinguishing Descriptions
  22. W07-2319 [bib]: Charles Callaway; Johanna Moore
    Determining tutorial remediation strategies from a corpus of human-human tutoring dialogues
  23. W07-2320 [bib]: Debora Field; Allan Ramsay
    Deep-reasoning-centred Dialogue
  24. W07-2321 [bib]: Katja Filippova; Michael Strube
    Extending the Entity-grid Coherence Model to Semantically Related Entities
  25. W07-2322 [bib]: Dimitrios Galanis; Ion Androutsopoulos
    Generating Multilingual Descriptions from Linguistically Annotated OWL Ontologies: the NaturalOWL System
  26. W07-2323 [bib]: David Hardcastle
    Cryptic Crossword Clues: Generating Text with a Hidden Meaning
  27. W07-2324 [bib]: Thomas Kleinbauer; Stephanie Becker; Tilman Becker
    Combining Multiple Information Layers for the Automatic Generation of Indicative Meeting Abstracts
  28. W07-2325 [bib]: Saad Mahamood; Ehud Reiter; Chris Mellish
    A Comparison of Hedged and Non-hedged NLG Texts
  29. W07-2326 [bib]: Manon Penning; Mariet Theune
    Cueing the Virtual Storyteller: Analysis of cue phrase usage in fairy tales
  30. W07-2327 [bib]: Kavita Thomas; Somayajulu Sripada
    Atlas.txt: Linking Geo-referenced Data to Text for NLG
  31. W07-2328 [bib]: Sandra Williams; Paul Piwek; Richard Power
    Generating monologue and dialogue to present personalised medical information to patients
  32. Workshop on Multimodal Output Generation

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  1. Proceedings of the Fourth International Natural Language Generation Conference

  2. W06-14 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W06-1400 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W06-1401 [bib]: Kathleen R. McKeown
    Lessons Learned from Large Scale Evaluation of Systems that Produce Text: Nightmares and Pleasant Surprises
  5. W06-1402 [bib]: Karin Harbusch; Gerard Kempen; Camiel van Breugel; Ulrich Koch
    A Generation-Oriented Workbench for Performance Grammar: Capturing Linear Order Variability in German and Dutch
  6. W06-1403 [bib]: Michael White
    CCG Chart Realization from Disjunctive Inputs
  7. W06-1404 [bib]: Sebastian Varges
    Overgeneration and Ranking for Spoken Dialogue Systems
  8. W06-1405 [bib]: Amy Isard; Carsten Brockmann; Jon Oberlander
    Individuality and Alignment in Generated Dialogues
  9. W06-1406 [bib]: Jing Lin
    Using Distributional Similarity to Identify Individual Verb Choice
  10. W06-1407 [bib]: Atsushi Fujita; Naruaki Masuno; Satoshi Sato; Takehito Utsuro
    Adjective-to-Verb Paraphrasing in Japanese Based on Lexical Constraints of Verbs
  11. W06-1408 [bib]: Helmut Horacek
    Generating References to Parts of Recursively Structured Objects
  12. W06-1409 [bib]: Ivandré Paraboni; Judith Masthoff; Kees van Deemter
    Overspecified Reference in Hierarchical Domains: Measuring the Benefits for Readers
  13. W06-1410 [bib]: Jette Viethen; Robert Dale
    Algorithms for Generating Referring Expressions: Do They Do What People Do?
  14. W06-1411 [bib]: Kotaro Funakoshi; Satoru Watanabe; Takenobu Tokunaga
    Group-Based Generation of Referring Expressions
  15. W06-1412 [bib]: Laura Stoia; Darla Magdalene Shockley; Donna K. Byron; Eric Fosler-Lussier
    Noun Phrase Generation for Situated Dialogs
  16. W06-1413 [bib]: Imtiaz Hussain Khan; Graeme Ritchie; Kees van Deemter
    The Clarity-Brevity Trade-off in Generating Referring Expressions
  17. W06-1414 [bib]: Catalina Hallett
    Generic Querying of Relational Databases using Natural Language Generation Techniques
  18. W06-1415 [bib]: Véronique Moriceau
    Generating Intelligent Numerical Answers in a Question-Answering System
  19. W06-1416 [bib]: Nikiforos Karamanis; Le An Ha; Ruslan Mitkov
    Generating Multiple-Choice Test Items from Medical Text: A Pilot Study
  20. W06-1417 [bib]: Nancy Green
    Generation of Biomedical Arguments for Lay Readers
  21. W06-1418 [bib]: Anja Belz; Robert Dale
    Introduction to the INLG'06 Special Session on Sharing Data and Comparative Evaluation
  22. W06-1419 [bib]: Cécile Paris; Nathalie Colineau; Ross Wilkinson
    Evaluations of NLG Systems: Common Corpus and Tasks or Common Dimensions and Metrics?
  23. W06-1420 [bib]: Kees van Deemter; Ielka van der Sluis; Albert Gatt
    Building a Semantically Transparent Corpus for the Generation of Referring Expressions.
  24. W06-1421 [bib]: Anja Belz; Adam Kilgarriff
    Shared-Task Evaluations in HLT: Lessons for NLG
  25. W06-1422 [bib]: Ehud Reiter; Anja Belz
    GENEVAL: A Proposal for Shared-task Evaluation in NLG


  1. Proceedings of the Tenth European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG-05)

  2. W05-1600: Front Matter

  3. W05-1601: Anja Belz
    Statistical Generation: Three Methods Compared and Evaluated
  4. W05-1602: Ofer Biller; Michael Elhadad; Yael Netzer
    Interactive Authoring of Logical Forms for Multilingual Generation
  5. W05-1603: Stephan Busemann
    Ten Years After: An Update on TG/2 (and Friends)
  6. W05-1604: Nathanael Chambers
    Real-Time Stochastic Language Generation for Dialogue Systems
  7. W05-1605: Claire Gardent; Eric Kow
    Generating and Selecting Grammatical Paraphrases
  8. W05-1606: Helmut Horacek
    Generating Referential Descriptions Under Conditions of Uncertainty
  9. W05-1607: John Kelleher; Geert-Jan Kruijff
    A Context-dependent Algorithm for Generating Locative Expressions in Physically Situated Environments
  10. W05-1608: Alfred Kranstedt; Ipke Wachsmuth
    Incremental Generation of Multimodal Deixis Referring to Objects
  11. W05-1609: Geert-Jan Kruijff
    Context-sensitive Utterance Planning for CCG
  12. W05-1610: Birte Lönneker
    Narratological Knowledge for Natural Language Generation
  13. W05-1611: Tomasz Marciniak; Michael Strube
    Discrete Optimization as an Alternative to Sequential Processing in NLG
  14. W05-1612: Erwin Marsi; Emiel Krahmer
    Explorations in Sentence Fusion
  15. W05-1613: Chris Mellish; Xiantang Sun
    Natural Language Directed Inference in the Presentation of Ontologies
  16. W05-1614: Graeme Ritchie
    Computational Mechanisms for Pun Generation
  17. W05-1615: Somayajulu Sripada; Ehud Reiter; Lezan Hawizy
    Evaluation of an NLG System using Post-Edit Data: Lessons Learnt
  18. W05-1616: Sandra Williams; Ehud Reiter
    Generating Readable Texts for Readers with Low Basic Skills
  19. W05-1617: Ion Androutsopoulos; Spyros Kallonis; Vangelis Karkaletsis
    Exploiting OWL Ontologies in the Multilingual Generation of Object Descriptions
  20. W05-1618: Farida Aouladomar; Patrick Saint-Dizier
    Towards Generating Procedural Texts: An Exploration of their Rhetorical and Argumentative Structure
  21. W05-1619: Charles Callaway
    The Types and Distributions of Errors in a Wide Coverage Surface Realizer Evaluation
  22. W05-1620: Raquel Hervás; Pablo Gervás
    An Evolutionary Approach to Referring Expression Generation and Aggregation
  23. W05-1621: Nikiforos Karamanis; Chris Mellish
    Using a Corpus of Sentence Orderings Defined by Many Experts to Evaluate Metrics of Coherence for Text Structuring
  24. W05-1622: Ralf Klabunde
    When must Should Be Chosen
  25. W05-1623: Martin Klarner
    Reversibility and Re-usability of Resources in NLG and Natural Language Dialog Systems
  26. W05-1624: Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová; Nate Blaylock; Ciprian Gerstenberger; Verena Rieser; Tilman Becker; Michael Kaisser; Peter Poller; Jan Schehl
    An Experiment Setup for Collecting Data for Adaptive Output Planning in a Multimodal Dialogue System
  27. W05-1625: Véronique Moriceau
    Answer Generation with Temporal Data Integration
  28. W05-1626: Sebastian Varges
    Chart Generation Using Production Systems
  29. W05-1627: Sebastian Varges
    Spatial Descriptions as Referring Expressions in the MapTask Domain
  30. W05-1628: Stephen Wan; Robert Dale; Mark Dras
    Searching for Grammaticality: Propagating Dependencies in the Viterbi Algorithm
  31. Computational Models of Natural Argument

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  32. Using Corpora for Natural Language Generation

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  33. Symposium on Dialog Modeling and Generation

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  1. Third International Conference on Natural Language Generation

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  1. AAAI Spring Symposium on Natural Language Generation in Spoken and Written Dialogue

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  2. Proceedings of the 9th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG-2003) at EACL 2003

  3. W03-23: Entire Volume
  4. W03-2300: Front Matter

  5. W03-2301: Farah Benamara; Patrick Saint Dizier
    Dynamic Generation of Cooperative Natural Language Responses in WEBCOOP
  6. W03-2302: Nadjet Bouayad-Agha
    Restricting the rhetorical input for the non-hierarchical planning of document structures
  7. W03-2303: Charles Callaway
    Multilingual Revision
  8. W03-2304: Aggeliki Dimitromanolaki; Ion Androutsopoulos
    Learning to Order Facts for Discourse Planning in Natural Language Generation
  9. W03-2305: Sabine Geldof
    Corpus-analysis for NLG
  10. W03-2306: Helmut Horacek
    Handling Dependencies in Reorganizing Content Specifications A Case Study of Case Analysis
  11. W03-2307: Emiel Krahmer; Ielka van der Sluis
    A New Model for Generating Multimodal Referring Expressions
  12. W03-2308: Nestor Miliaev; Alison Cawsey; Greg Michaelson
    Applied NLG system evaluation: FlexyCAT
  13. W03-2309: Michael J. Minock
    Phrasal Generator for Describing Relational Database Queries
  14. W03-2310: Alessandra Novello; Charles B. Callaway
    Porting to an Italian Surface Realizer: A Case Study
  15. W03-2311: Matthew Purver; Masayuki Otsuka
    Incremental Generation by Incremental Parsing: Tactical Generation in Dynamic Syntax
  16. W03-2312: Ehud Reiter; Somayajulu Sripada; Sandra Williams
    Acquiring and Using Limited User Models in NLG
  17. W03-2313: Cesare Rocchi; Massimo Zancanaro
    Generation of Video Documentaries from Discourse Structures
  18. W03-2314: Advaith Siddharthan
    Preserving Discourse Structure when Simplifying Text
  19. W03-2315: Leo Wanner; Bernd Bohnet; Mark Giereth
    Deriving the Communicative Structure in Applied NLG
  20. W03-2316: Michael White; Jason Baldridge
    Adapting Chart Realization to CCG
  21. W03-2317: Sandra Williams; Ehud Reiter; Liesl Osman
    Experiments with discourse-level choices and readability
  22. W03-2318: Author Index


  1. Proceedings of the International Natural Language Generation Conference

  2. W02-2101: Min-Yen Kan; Kathleen R. McKeown
    Corpus-trained Text Generation for Summarization
  3. W02-2102: Hal Daume III; Kevin Knight; Irene Langkilde-Geary; Daniel Marcu; Kenji Yamada
    The Importance of Lexicalized Syntax Models for Natural Language Generation Tasks
  4. W02-2103: Irene Langkilde-Geary
    An Empirical Verification of Coverage and Correctness for a General-Purpose Sentence Generator
  5. W02-2104: Maite Melero; Takako Aikawa; Lee Schwartz
    Combining Machine Learning and Rule-based Approaches in Spanish and Japanese Sentence Realization
  6. W02-2105: Simon Corston-Oliver; Michael Gamon; Eric Ringger; Robert Moore
    An Overview of Amalgam: A Machine-learned Generation Module
  7. W02-2106: Robert Moore
    A Complete, Efficient Sentence-Realization Algorithm for Unification Grammar
  8. W02-2107: Shimei Pan; Wubin Weng
    Designing a Speech Corpus for Instance-based Spoken Language Generation
  9. W02-2108: Michael Fleischman; Eduard Hovy
    Towards Emotional Variation in Speech-Based Natural Language Processing
  10. W02-2109: Berardina De Carolis; Valeria Carofiglio; Catherine Pelachaud
    From Discourse Plans to Believable Behavior Generation
  11. W02-2110: M. A. Walker; S. Whittaker; A. Stent; P. Maloor; J. D. Moore; M. Johnston; G. Vasireddy
    Speech-Plans: Generating Evaluative Responses in Spoken Dialogue
  12. W02-2111: Nikiforos Karamanis; Hisar Maruli Manurung
    Stochastic Text Structuring Using the Principle of Continuity
  13. W02-2112: Pablo Duboue; Kathleen McKeown
    Content Planner Construction via Evolutionary Algorithms and a Corpus-based Fitness Function
  14. W02-2113: Ehud Reiter; Somayajulu Sripada
    Should Corpora Texts Be Gold Standards for NLG?
  15. W02-2114: Helmut Horacek
    Aggregation with Strong Regularities and Alternatives"
  16. W02-2115 [attachment]: Ivandre Paraboni; Kees van Deemter
    Generating Easy References: the Case of Document Deixis
  17. W02-2116: Barbara Di Eugenio; Michael Glass; Michael Trolio
    The DIAG experiments: Natural Language Generation for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  18. W02-2117: Nathalie Colineau; Cecile Paris; Keith Vander Linden
    An Evaluation of Procedural Instructional Text
  19. W02-2118: Yan Qu; Nancy Green
    A Constraint-Based Approach for Cooperative Information-Seeking Dialogue
  20. W02-2119: Roger Evans; Paul Piwek; Lynne Cahill
    What is NLG?
  21. W02-2120: Cassandre Creswell
    Syntactic Form and Discourse Function in NLG
  22. W02-2121: Raymond Kozlowski
    Driving Multilingual Sentence Generation with Lexico-grammatical Resources
  23. W02-2122: Amanda Holland-Minkley
    Planning Proof Content for Communicating Induction
  24. W02-2123: Bruce Eddy
    Towards Balancing Conciseness, Readability and Salience: an Integrated Architecture
  25. W02-2124: Adil El Ghali
    Use of Description Logic and SDRT in an NLG System
  26. W02-2125: Nizar Habash
    Generation-Heavy Hybrid Machine Translation


  1. Proceedings of the ACL 2001 Eighth European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (EWNLG)

  2. W01-0800: Front Matter

  3. W01-0801: Owen Rambow
    Corpus-Based Methods in Natural Language Generation: Friends or Foe? (invited talk)
  4. W01-0802: Somayajula G. Sripada; Ehud Reiter; Jim Hunter; Jin Yu
    A Two-Staged Model For Content Determination
  5. W01-0803: Laurence Danlos; Bertrand Gaiffe; Laurent Roussarie
    Document Structuring à la SDRT
  6. W01-0804: Kees van Deemter; Magnús M. Halldórsson
    Logical Form Equivalence: the Case of Referring Expressions Generation
  7. W01-0805: Emiel Krahmer; Sebastiaan van Erk; André Verleg
    A Meta-Algorithm for the Generation of Referring Expressions
  8. W01-0806: Bruce Eddy; Diana Bental; Alison Cawsey
    An Algorithm for Efficiently Generating Summary Paragraphs Using Tree-Adjoining Grammar
  9. W01-0807: Bernd Bohnet; Leo Wanner
    On Using a Parallel Graph Rewriting Formalism in Generation
  10. W01-0808: Takako Aikawa; Maite Melero; Lee Schwartz; Andi Wu
    Multilingual Sentence Generation
  11. W01-0809: Doan-Nguyen Hai
    Generation of Vietnamese for French-Vietnamese and English-Vietnamese Machine Translation
  12. W01-0810: Geert-Jan M. Kruijff; Ivana Kruijff-Korbayovà; John Bateman; Elke Teich
    Linear Order as Higher-Level Decision: Information Structure in Strategic and Tactical Generation
  13. W01-0811: Michael Zock
    Learn to Speak and to Write, Learn to Use Your Mind The Relevance of the Work of Natural Language Generation (invited talk)
  14. W01-0812: Kevin Humphreys; Mike Calcagno; David Weise
    Reusing a Statistical Language Model for Generation
  15. W01-0813: Min-Yen Kan; Kathleen R. McKeown; Judith L. Klavans
    Applying Natural Language Generation to Indicative Summarization
  16. W01-0814: Kentaro Inui; Masaru Nogami
    A Paraphrase-Based Exploration of Cohesiveness Criteria
  17. W01-0815: Anthony Hartley; Donia Scott
    Evaluating Text Quality: Judging Output Texts Without a Clear Source
  18. International workshop on Computational Models of Natural Language Argument

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  1. Impacts in Language Generation: NLG Between Technology and Applications

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  2. INLG'2000 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Natural Language Generation

  3. W00-1400: Front Matter

  4. W00-1401 [bib]: Srinivas Bangalore; Owen Rambow; Steve Whittaker
    Evaluation Metrics for Generation
  5. W00-1402 [bib]: Giuseppe Carenini
    A Task-based Framework to Evaluate Evaluative Arguments
  6. W00-1403 [bib]: Daniel Marcu; Lynn Carlson; Maki Watanabe
    An empirical study of multilingual natural language generation: What Should a Text Planner Do?
  7. W00-1404 [bib]: Caroline Brun; Marc Dymetman; Veronika Lux
    Document structure and multilingual authoring
  8. W00-1405 [bib]: Arantza Casillas; Joseb Abaitua; Requel Martinez
    DTD-driven bilingual document generation
  9. W00-1406 [bib]: Nathalie Jitnah; Ingrid Zukerman; Richard McConachy; Sarah George
    Towards the Generation of Rebuttals in a Bayesian Argumentation System
  10. W00-1407 [bib]: Giuseppe Carenini; Johanna Moore
    A strategy for generating evaluative arguments
  11. W00-1408 [bib]: Ingrid Zukerman; Richard McConachy; Sarah George
    Using Argumentation Strategies in Automated Argument Generation
  12. W00-1409 [bib]: Tilman Becker; Anne Kilger; Patrice Lopez; Peter Poller
    An extended architecture for robust generation
  13. W00-1410 [bib]: Lynne Cahill; Christy Doran; Roger Evans; Chris Mellish; Daniel Paiva; Mike Reape; Donia Scott; Neil Tipper
    Reinterpretation of an Existing NLG System in a Generic Generation Architecture
  14. W00-1411 [bib]: Rodger Kibble; Richard Power
    An integrated framework for text planning and pronominalisation
  15. W00-1412 [bib]: Markus Guhe; Christopher Habel; Heike Tappe
    Incremental Event Conceptualization and Natural Language Generation in Monitoring Enviroments
  16. W00-1413 [bib]: Manfred Stede
    The hyperonym problem revisited: Conceptual and lexical hierarchies in language generation
  17. W00-1414 [bib]: James Shaw; Kathleen McKeown
    Generating Referring Quantified Expressions
  18. W00-1415 [bib]: Hua Cheng; Chris Mellish
    An Empirical Analysis of Constructing Non-restrictive NP Modifiers to Express Semantic Relations
  19. W00-1416 [bib]: Matthew Stone
    On identifying sets
  20. W00-1417 [bib]: Jacques Robin; Eloi L. Favero
    Content aggregation in natural language hypertext summarization of OLAP and Data Mining Discoveries
  21. W00-1418 [bib]: Michael O'Donnell; Alistair Knott; Jon Oberlander; Chris Mellish
    Optimising text quality in generation from relational databases
  22. W00-1419 [bib]: Laurence Danlos; Guy Lapalme; Veronika Lux
    Generating a controlled language
  23. W00-1420 [bib]: Jan Alexandersson; Peter Poller; Michael Kipp; Ralf Engel
    Multilingual Summary Generation in a Speech-To-Speech Translation System for Multilingual Dialogues
  24. W00-1421 [bib]: Cornelia Endriss; Ralf Klabunde
    Planning word-order dependant focus assignments
  25. W00-1422 [bib]: Songsak Channarukul; Susan W. McRoy; Syed S. Ali
    Enriching partially-specified representations for text realization using an attribute grammar
  26. W00-1423 [bib]: Justine Cassell; Matthew Stone; Hao Yan
    Coordination and context-dependence in the generation of embodied conversation
  27. W00-1424 [bib]: Kees van Deemter
    Generating Vague Descriptions
  28. W00-1425 [bib]: Hua Cheng; Chris Mellish
    Capturing the Interaction between Aggregation and Text Planning in Two Generation Systems
  29. W00-1426 [bib]: Nadjet Bouayad-Agha; Richard Power; Donia Scott
    Can text structure be incompatible with rhetorical structure?
  30. W00-1427 [bib]: Guido Minnen; John Carroll; Darren Pearce
    Robust, applied morphological generation
  31. W00-1428 [bib]: Hongyan Jing; Yael Dahan; Michael Elhadad; Kathy McKeown
    Integrating a Large-Scale, Reusable Lexicon with a Natural Language Generator
  32. W00-1429 [bib]: Ehud Reiter; Roma Robertson; Liesl Osman
    Knowledge Acquisition for Natural Language Generation
  33. W00-1430 [bib]: Sabine Geldof
    From Context to Sentence Form
  34. W00-1431 [bib]: Rodrigo Reyes
    The CLEF semi-recursive generation algorithm
  35. W00-1432 [bib]: Kathrine Hammervold
    Sentence Generation and Neural Networks
  36. W00-1433 [bib]: Amanda Stent
    Rhetorical Structure in Dialog
  37. W00-1434 [bib]: Michael O'Donnell
    RSTTool 2.4 - A markup Tool for Rhetorical Structure Theory
  38. W00-1435 [bib]: Michael O'Donnell; Alistair Knott; Jon Oberlander; Chris Mellish
    Demonstration of ILEX 3.0
  39. W00-1436 [bib]: Bernd Bohnet; Andreas Langjahr; Leo Wanner
    A development Environment for an MTT-Based Sentence Generator
  40. W00-1437 [bib]: Susan W. McRoy; Songsak Channarukul; Syed S. Ali
    YAG: A Template-Based Generator for Real-Time Systems
  41. W00-1438 [bib]: H. Gregory Silber; Kathleen F. McCoy
    An Efficient Text Summarizer using Lexical Chains
  42. W00-1439 [bib]: Nomi Erteschik-Shir; T.R. Rapoport
    Invited Talk: From lexica-aspectual components to syntax
  43. W00-1440 [bib]: Inderjeet Mani
    Discussion Panel on Evaluation in Generation Research


  1. Natural Language Generation

  2. W98-1400: Front Matter

  3. W98-1401: James C. Lester; William H. Bares; Charles B, Callaway; Stuart G. Towns
    Natural Language Generation Journeys to Interactive 3D Worlds Invited Talk Extended Abstract
  4. W98-1402: John Bateman; Thomas Kamps; Jorg Kleinz; Klaus Reichenberger
  5. W98-1403: Nancy Green; Giuseppe Carenini; Johanna Moore
  6. W98-1404: Chris Mellish; Mick O'Donnel; Jon Oberlander; Alistair Knott
  7. W98-1405: David D. McDonald
    Controlled Realization of Complex Objects
  8. W98-1406: Stephen Beale; Sergei Nirenburg; Evelyne Viegast; Leo Wanner
    De-Constraining Text Generation
  9. W98-1407: Lidia Fraczak ; Guy Lapalme ; Michael Zock
  10. W98-1408: Erwin Marsi
  11. W98-1409: Regina Barzilay; Daryl McCullough; Owen Rambow; Jonathan DeCristofaro; Tanya Korelsky; Benoit Lavoie
  12. W98-1410: Armin Fiedler
    Macroplanning with a Cognitive Architecture for the Adaptive Explanation of Proofs
  13. W98-1411: Chris Mellish; Alistair Knott; Jon Oberlander; Mick O'Donnell
  14. W98-1412: Ralf Klabunde; Martin Jansche
  15. W98-1413: Daniel Ansari; Graeme Hirst
  16. W98-1414: Brigitte Grote; Manfred Stede
  17. W98-1415: James Shaw
    Clause Aggregation Using Linguistic Knowledge
  18. W98-1416: Ingrid Zukerman; Richard McConachy; Kevin B. Korb
  20. W98-1418: Yael Dahan Netzer; Michael Elhadad
  21. W98-1419: Matthew Stone; Bonnie Webber
  22. W98-1420: Murat Temizsoy; Ilyas Cicekli
    A Language-Independent System for Generating Feature Structures from Interlingua Representations
  23. W98-1421: Jan Alexandersson; Peter Poller
    Towards Multilingual Protocol Generation For Spontaneous Speech Dialogues
  24. W98-1422: Tilman Becker
    Fully Lexicalized Head-Driven Syntactic Generation
  25. W98-1423: Graham Wilcock
  26. W98-1424: Christian MATI'HIESSEN; ZENG Licheng; Marilyn CROSS; Ichiro KOBAYASHI; Kazuhiro TERUYA; WU Canzhong
    The Multex generator and its environment: application and development
  27. W98-1425: Stephan Busemann; Helmut Horacek
  28. W98-1426: Irene Langkilde; Kevin Knight
  29. W98-1427: Donia Scott; Richard Power; Roger Evans
  30. W98-1428: Michael White; Ted Caldwell
    EXEMPLARS: A Practical, Extensible Framework For Dynamic Text Generation
  31. W98-1429: Evgeniy Gabrilovich; Nissirn Francez; Shuly Wintner
  32. W98-1430: Reva Freedman; Stefan Brandle; Michael Glass; Jung Hee Kim; Yujian Zhou; Martha W. Evens
  34. W98-1432: Thierry Etchegoyhen; Thomas Wehrle
  35. W98-1433: Mariet Theune; Esther Klabbers
  36. W98-1434: Tianfang Yao; Dongmo Zhang; Qian Wang
    System Demonstration Multilingual Weather Forecast Generation System
  37. W98-1435: Jose Coch
  39. W98-1437: Richard Power; Donia Scott
    WYSIWYM: knowledge editing with natural language feedback


  1. Eighth International Natural Language Generation Workshop

  2. W96-0400: Front Matter

  3. W96-0401: Leo Wanner; Eduard Hovy
    The HealthDoc Sentence Planner
  4. W96-0402: Keith Vander Linden; Barbara Di Eugenio
    Learning Micro-Planning Rules for Preventive Expressions
  5. W96-0403: Xiaorong Huang; Armin Fiedler
    Paraphrasing and Aggregating Argumentative Texts Using Text Structure
  6. W96-0404: Nicolas Nicolov; Chris Mellish; Graeme Ritchie
    Approximate Generation from Non-Hierarchical Representations
  7. W96-0405: Michael O'Donnell
    Input Specification in the WAG Sentence Generation System
  8. W96-0406: Massimo Fasciano; Guy Lapalme
    PostGraphe: A System for the Generation of Statistical Graphics and Text
  9. W96-0407: Svetlana Sheremetyeva; Sergei Nirenburg; Irene Nirenburg
    Generating Patent Claims from Interactive Input
  10. W96-0408: Kathleen F. McCoy; Christopher A. Penpington
    Considering the Effects of Second Language Learning on Generation
  11. W96-0409: Dilek Zeynep Hakkani; Kemal Oflazer; Ilyas Cicekli
    Tactical Generation in a Free Constituent Order Language
  12. W96-0410: Matthew Stone; Christine Doran
    Paying Heed to Collocations
  13. W96-0411: Stephan Busemann
    Best-First Surface Realization
  14. W96-0412: Ching-Long Yeh
    An Evaluation of Anaphor Generation in Chinese
  15. W96-0413: Norman Creaney
    An Algorithm for Generating Quantifiers
  16. W96-0414: Farid Cerbah
    A Study'of some Lexical Differences between French and Englisfi Instructions in a Multilingual Generation Framework
  17. W96-0415: Manffed Stede
    A generative perspecl:ive on verbs and their readings
  18. W96-0416: Alistair Knott; Chris Mellish; Jon Oberlander; Mick O'Donnell
    Sources of Flexibility in Dynamic Hypertext Generation
  19. W96-0417: Maria Milosavljevic; Robert Dale
    Strategies for Comparison in Encyclopmdia Descriptions
  20. W96-0418: Brigitte Grote
    Matchmaking: dialogue modelling and speech generation meet
  21. W96-0419: Author Index
  22. Eighth International Natural Language Generation Workshop (Posters and Demonstrations)

  23. W96-0500: Front Matter

  24. W96-0501: Michael Elhadad; Jacques Robin
    An Overview of SURGE: a Reusable Comprehensive Syntactic Realization Component
  25. W96-0502: Bruce Jakeway; Chrysanne DiMarco
    SPLAT: A sentence-plan authoring tool
  26. W96-0503: Benoit Lavoie; Owen Rambow; Ehud Reiter
    The ModelExplainer
  27. W96-0504: Cécile Paris; Keith Vander Linden
  28. W96-0505: Richard Power; Nico Cavallotto
    Multilingual generation of administrative forms
  29. W96-0506: Stephen Beale; Sergei Nirenburg
    PICARD: The Next Generator
  30. W96-0507: José Coch
    Overview of AlethGen
  31. W96-0508: Hercules Dalianis; Eduard Hovy
    On Lexical Aggregation and Ordering
  32. W96-0509: Barbara Di Eugenio; Johanna D. Moore
    Generating 'Distributed' Referring Expressions: an Initial Report
  33. W96-0510: Beryl Hoffman
    Summarization: an Application for NL Generation
  34. W96-0511: Yuen Q. Lin; Robin P. Fawcett
    Implementing an Integration of the Systemic Flowchart Model of Dialogue and Rhetorical Structure Theory
  35. W96-0512: Dragomir R. Radev
    An Architecture For Distributed Natural Language Summarization
  36. W96-0513: Evelyne Viegas; Stephen Beale
    Multilinguality and Reversibility in Computational Semantic Lexicons
  37. W96-0514: Soenke Ziesche
    The Computation of the Informational Status of Discourse Entities
  38. W96-0515: Author Index


  1. Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Natural Language Generation

  2. W94-0300: Front Matter

  3. W94-0301: Mark Seligman
    Discovery and Format of Input Structures for Tactical Generation
  4. W94-0302: R. Michael Young; Johanna D. Moore
    DPOCL: A Principled Approach To Discourse Planning
  5. W94-0303: Robert Granville
    Building Underlying Structures for Multiparagraph Texts
  6. W94-0304: Daniel D. Suthers
    Sequencing as a Planning Task
  7. W94-0305: Ingrid Zukerman; Richard McConachy
    Discourse Planning as an Optimization Process
  8. W94-0306: Cecile L. Paris; Donia R. Scott
    Intentions, Structure and Expression in Multi-Lingual Instructions
  9. W94-0307: Leila Kosseim; Guy Lapalme
    Content and Rhetorical Status Selection in Instructional Texts
  10. W94-0308: Judy Delin; Anthony Hartley; Cecile Paris; Donia Scott; Keith Vander Linden
    Expressing Procedural Relationships in Multilingual Instructions
  11. W94-0309: Robin P. Fawcett
    On Moving On On Ontologies
  12. W94-0310: David D. McDonald; Federica Busa
    On the Creative Use of Language: The Form of Lexical Resources
  13. W94-0311: Evelyne Viegas; Pierrette Bouillon
    Semantic Lexicons: The Cornerstone for Lexical Choice in Natural Language Generation
  14. W94-0312: Marie Meteer
    Generating Event Descriptions with Sage: A Simulation and Generation Environment
  15. W94-0313: Liesbeth Degand
    Towards an Account of Causation in a Multilingual Text Generation System
  16. W94-0314: Beryl Hoffman
    Generating Context Appropriate Word Orders in Turkish
  17. W94-0315: Franck Panaget
    Using a Textual Representation Level Component in the Context of Discourse and Dialogue Generation
  18. W94-0316: Leo Wanner
    Building Another Bridge over the Generation Gap
  19. W94-0317: Xiaorong Huang
    Planning Reference CHoices for Argumentative Texts
  20. W94-0318: Elke Teich; John Bateman
    Towards the Application of Text Generation in an Integrated Publication System
  21. W94-0319: Ehud Reiter
    Has a Consensus NL Generation Architecture Appeared, and is it Psycholinguistically Plausible?
  22. W94-0320: Owen Rambow; Marilyn Walker
    The Role of Cognitive Modeling in Communicative Intentions
  23. W94-0321: Susan M. Haller
    Recognizing Digressive Questions Using a Model for Interactive Generation for Interactive Generation
  24. W94-0322: Nancy Green; Sandra Carberry
    Generating Indirect Answers to Yes-No Questions
  25. W94-0323: Robert Rubinoff; Jill Fain Lehman
    Real-Time Natural Language Generation in NL-SOAR
  26. W94-0324: Markus Fischer; Elisabeth Maier; Adelheit Stein
    Generating Cooperative System Responses in Information Retrieval Dialogues
  27. W94-0325: Henry Hamburger; Dan Tufis
    Situation Viewpoints for Generation
  28. W94-0326: Helmut Horacek
    Content Selection and Organization as a Process Involving Compromises
  29. W94-0327: Torbjoern Lager; William J. Black
    Bidirectional Incremental Generation and Analysis with Categorial Grammar and Indexed Quasi-Logical Form
  30. W94-0328: Julia Lavid; Eduard Hovy
    Toward a Multidimensional Framework to Guide the Automated Generation of Text Types
  31. W94-0329: John Levine; Chris Mellish
    CORECT: Combining CSCW with Natural Language Generation for Collaborative Requirement Capture
  32. W94-0330: Pieter A.M. Seuren; Henk P. Schotel
    Semanitic Syntax at Work
  33. W94-0331: Mark H. Smith; Roberto Garigliano; Richard G. Morgan
    Generation in the LOLITA System: An Engineering Approach
  34. W94-0332: Stefan Svenberg
    Representing Conceptual and Linguistic Knowledge for Multi-Lingual Generation in a Technical Domain
  35. W94-0333: Tony Veale; Alan Conway
    Sign-Language Generation in ZARDOZ: An English to Sign-Language Translation System


  1. Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Natural Language Generation

  2. W90-0100: Front Matter

  3. W90-0101: Kathleen F. McCoy; K. Vijay-Shanker; Gijoo Yang
    Using Tree Adjoining Grammars Systemic Framework in the
  4. W90-0102: Stuart M. Shieber; Yves Schabes
    Generation and Synchronous Tree-Adjoining Grammars
  5. W90-0103: Nigel Ward
    A Connectionist Treatment of Grammar for Generation: Relying on Emergents
  6. W90-0104: Ehud Reiter
    A New Model for Lexical Choice for Open-Class Words
  7. W90-0105: Leo Wanner; John A. Bateman
    A collocational based approach to salience-sensitive lexical selection
  8. W90-0106: Susanna Cumming
    Natural Discourse Hypothesis Engine
  9. W90-0107: Jim Barnett; Inderjeet Mani
    Using Bidirectional Semantic Rules for Generation
  10. W90-0108: John A. Bateman
    Upper Modeling: organizing knowledge for natural language processing
  11. W90-0109: Marie W. Meteer
    Abstract Linguistic Resources for Text Planning
  12. W90-0110: Mark T. Maybury
    Using Discourse Focus, Temporal Focus, and Spatial Focus to Generate Multisentential Text
  13. W90-0111: T. Pattabhiraman; Nick Cercone
    Selection: Salience, Relevance and the Coupling between Domain-Level Tasks and Text Planning
  14. W90-0112: Owen Rambow
    Domain Communication Knowledge
  15. W90-0113: Ursula Wolz
    An Object Oriented Approach to Content Planning for Text Generation
  16. W90-0114: Robert Alan Granville
    The Role of Underlying Structure in Text Generation
  17. W90-0115: David J. Mooney; Sandra Carberry; Kathleen F. McCoy
    The Basic Block Model of Extended Explanations
  18. W90-0116: Penelope Sibun
    The Local Organization of Text
  19. W90-0117: Eduard H. Hovy
    Parsimonious and Profligate Approaches to the Question of Discourse Structure Relations
  20. W90-0118: Daniel D. Suthers
    Reassessing Rhetorical Abstractions and Planning Mechanisms
  21. W90-0119: Peter van Peek; Robin Cohen
    Resolving Plan Ambiguity for Response Generation
  22. W90-0120: Christine DEFRISE; Sergei NIRENBURG
    Speaker Attitudes in Text Planning
  23. W90-0121: Ingrid Zukerman
    Generating Peripheral Rhetorical Devices by Consulting a User Model
  24. W90-0122: Robin P. Fawcett
    The Computer Generation of Speech with Discoursally and Semantically Motivated Intonation
  25. W90-0123: David E. Johnson; Hideo Watanabe
    Relational-Grammar-Based Generation in the JETS Japanese-English Machine Translation System
  26. W90-0124: Terry Patten; Daniel S. Stoops
    Real-Time Generation from Systemic Grammars
  27. W90-0125: Norman Badler; Mark Steedman; Bonnie Lynn Webber
    Narrated Animation: A Case for Generation