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Special Interest Group on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies


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2015 Proceedings of SLPAT 2015: 6th Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
2014 Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability for Target Reader Populations (PITR)
2013 Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability for Target Reader Populations
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
2012 Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Speech and Multimodal Interaction in Assistive Environments
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability for target reader populations


  1. Proceedings of SLPAT 2015: 6th Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

  2. W15-51 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W15-5100 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W15-5101 [bib]: Jonas Beskow
    Talking Heads, Signing Avatars and Social Robots
  5. W15-5102 [bib]: Sarah Ebling; Matt Huenerfauth
    Bridging the gap between sign language machine translation and sign language animation using sequence classification
  6. W15-5103 [bib]: Sarah Ebling; Rosalee Wolfe; Jerry Schnepp; Souad Baowidan; John McDonald; Robyn Moncrief; Sandra Sidler-Miserez; Katja Tissi
    Synthesizing the finger alphabet of Swiss German Sign Language and evaluating the comprehensibility of the resulting animations
  7. W15-5104 [bib]: Mika Hatano; Shinji Sako; Tadashi Kitamura
    Contour-based Hand Pose Recognition for Sign Language Recognition
  8. W15-5105 [bib]: Matt Huenerfauth; Pengfei Lu; Hernisa Kacorri
    Synthesizing and Evaluating Animations of American Sign Language Verbs Modeled from Motion-Capture Data
  9. W15-5106 [bib]: Hernisa Kacorri; Matt Huenerfauth
    Evaluating a Dynamic Time Warping Based Scoring Algorithm for Facial Expressions in ASL Animations
  10. W15-5107 [bib]: Agnès Piquard-Kipffer; Odile Mella; Jérémy Miranda; Denis Jouvet; Luiza Orosanu
    Qualitative investigation of the display of speech recognition results for communication with deaf people
  11. W15-5108 [bib]: Lionel Fontan; Thomas Pellegrini; Julia Olcoz; Alberto Abad
    Predicting disordered speech comprehensibility from Goodness of Pronunciation scores
  12. W15-5109 [bib]: Seongjun Hahm; Daragh Heitzman; Jun Wang
    Recognizing Dysarthric Speech due to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis with Across-Speaker Articulatory Normalization
  13. W15-5110 [bib]: Rizwan Ishaq; Dhanananjaya Gowda; Paavo Alku; Begonya Garcia Zapirain
    Vowel Enhancement in Early Stage Spanish Esophageal Speech Using Natural Glottal Flow Pulse and Vocal Tract Frequency Warping
  14. W15-5111 [bib]: Stacey Oue; Ricard Marxer; Frank Rudzicz
    Automatic dysfluency detection in dysarthric speech using deep belief networks
  15. W15-5112 [bib]: Siddharth Sehgal; Stuart Cunningham
    Model adaptation and adaptive training for the recognition of dysarthric speech
  16. W15-5113 [bib]: R. Sriranjani; S. Umesh; M. Ramasubba Reddy
    Pronunciation Adaptation For Disordered Speech Recognition Using State-Specific Vectors of Phone-Cluster Adaptive Training
  17. W15-5114 [bib]: Jun Wang; Seongjun Hahm; Ted Mau
    Determining an Optimal Set of Flesh Points on Tongue, Lips, and Jaw for Continuous Silent Speech Recognition
  18. W15-5115 [bib]: Ka-Ho Wong; Yu Ting Yeung; Patrick C. M. Wong; Gina-Anne Levow; Helen Meng
    Analysis of Dysarthric Speech using Distinctive Feature Recognition
  19. W15-5116 [bib]: E.A. Draffan; Mike Wald; Nawar Halabi; Ouadie Sabia; Wajdi Zaghouani; Amatullah Kadous; Amal Idris; Nadine Zeinoun; David Banes; Dana Lawand
    Generating acceptable Arabic Core Vocabularies and Symbols for AAC users
  20. W15-5117 [bib]: Phil Green; Ricard Marxer; Stuart Cunningham; Heidi Christensen; Frank Rudzicz; Maria Yancheva; André Coy; Massimuliano Malavasi; Lorenzo Desideri
    Remote Speech Technology for Speech Professionals - the CloudCAST initiative
  21. W15-5118 [bib]: Anna Pompili; Cristiana Amorim; Alberto Abad; Isabel Trancoso
    Speech and language technologies for the automatic monitoring and training of cognitive functions
  22. W15-5119 [bib]: Leen Sevens; Vincent Vandeghinste; Ineke Schuurman; Frank Van Eynde
    Extending a Dutch Text-to-Pictograph Converter to English and Spanish
  23. W15-5120 [bib]: Reina Ueda; Ryo Aihara; Tetsuya Takiguchi; Yasuo Ariki
    Individuality-Preserving Spectrum Modification for Articulation Disorders Using Phone Selective Synthesis
  24. W15-5121 [bib]: Michel Vacher; Benjamin Lecouteux; Frédéric Aman; Solange Rossato; François Portet
    Recognition of Distress Calls in Distant Speech Setting: a Preliminary Experiment in a Smart Home
  25. W15-5122 [bib]: Christophe Veaux; Junichi Yamagishi; Simon King
    A Comparison of Manual and Automatic Voice Repair for Individual with Vocal Disabilities
  26. W15-5123 [bib]: Maria Yancheva; Kathleen Fraser; Frank Rudzicz
    Using linguistic features longitudinally to predict clinical scores for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias
  27. W15-5124 [bib]: Inês Almeida; Luísa Coheur; Sara Candeias
    From European Portuguese to Portuguese Sign Language


  1. Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability for Target Reader Populations (PITR)

  2. W14-12 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W14-1200 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W14-1201 [bib]: Sanja Štajner; Ruslan Mitkov; Horacio Saggion
    One Step Closer to Automatic Evaluation of Text Simplification Systems
  5. W14-1202 [bib]: Natalia Grabar; Thierry Hamon; Dany Amiot
    Automatic diagnosis of understanding of medical words
  6. W14-1203 [bib]: Sowmya Vajjala; Detmar Meurers
    Exploring Measures of "Readability" for Spoken Language: Analyzing linguistic features of subtitles to identify age-specific TV programs
  7. W14-1204 [bib]: Luz Rello; Horacio Saggion; Ricardo Baeza-Yates
    Keyword Highlighting Improves Comprehension for People with Dyslexia
  8. W14-1205 [bib]: Matthew J. Green
    An eye-tracking evaluation of some parser complexity metrics
  9. W14-1206 [bib]: Laetitia Brouwers; Delphine Bernhard; Anne-Laure Ligozat; Thomas Francois
    Syntactic Sentence Simplification for French
  10. W14-1207 [bib]: Emil Abrahamsson; Timothy Forni; Maria Skeppstedt; Maria Kvist
    Medical text simplification using synonym replacement: Adapting assessment of word difficulty to a compounding language
  11. W14-1208 [bib]: Gabriela Ferraro; Hanna Suominen; Jaume Nualart
    Segmentation of patent claims for improving their readability
  12. W14-1209 [bib]: Gintare Grigonyte; Maria Kvist; Sumithra Velupillai; Mats Wirén
    Improving Readability of Swedish Electronic Health Records through Lexical Simplification: First Results
  13. W14-1210 [bib]: David Pellow; Maxine Eskenazi
    An Open Corpus of Everyday Documents for Simplification Tasks
  14. W14-1211 [bib]: Lisa Tengstrand; Beáta Megyesi; Aron Henriksson; Martin Duneld; Maria Kvist
    EACL - Expansion of Abbreviations in CLinical text
  15. W14-1212 [bib]: Alina Maria Ciobanu; Liviu Dinu
    A Quantitative Insight into the Impact of Translation on Readability
  16. W14-1213 [bib]: Johan Falkenjack; Arne Jonsson
    Classifying easy-to-read texts without parsing
  17. W14-1214 [bib]: Marcelo Amancio; Lucia Specia
    An Analysis of Crowdsourced Text Simplifications
  18. W14-1215 [bib]: Richard Evans; Constantin Orasan; Iustin Dornescu
    An evaluation of syntactic simplification rules for people with autism


  1. Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability for Target Reader Populations

  2. W13-29 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W13-2900 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W13-2901 [bib]: Dan Feblowitz; David Kauchak
    Sentence Simplification as Tree Transduction
  5. W13-2902 [bib]: David Klaper; Sarah Ebling; Martin Volk
    Building a German/Simple German Parallel Corpus for Automatic Text Simplification
  6. W13-2903 [bib]: Irina Temnikova; Galina Maneva
    The C-Score – Proposing a Reading Comprehension Metrics as a Common Evaluation Measure for Text Simplification
  7. W13-2904 [bib]: Wade Shen; Jennifer Williams; Tamas Marius; Elizabeth Salesky
    A Language-Independent Approach to Automatic Text Difficulty Assessment for Second-Language Learners
  8. W13-2905 [bib]: Slavina and Lozanova; Ivelina Stoyanova; Svetlozara Leseva; Svetla Koeva; Boian Savtchev
    Text Modification for Bulgarian Sign Language Users
  9. W13-2906 [bib]: Tadayoshi Hara; Chen Chen; Yoshinobu Kano; Akiko Aizawa
    Modeling Comma Placement in Chinese Text for Better Readability using Linguistic Features and Gaze Information
  10. W13-2907 [bib]: Sowmya Vajjala; Detmar Meurers
    On The Applicability of Readability Models to Web Texts
  11. W13-2908 [bib]: Matthew Shardlow
    The CW Corpus: A New Resource for Evaluating the Identification of Complex Words
  12. W13-2909 [bib]: Hitoshi NISHIKAWA; Toshiro MAKINO; Yoshihiro MATSUO
    A Pilot Study of Readability Prediction with Reading Time
  13. Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

  14. W13-39 [bib]: Entire Volume
  15. W13-3900 [bib]: Front Matter

  16. W13-3901 [bib]: Mark Hawley
    SLPAT in practice: lessons from translational research
  17. W13-3902 [bib]: Ryo Aihara; Tetsuya Takiguchi; Yasuo Ariki
    Individuality-Preserving Voice Conversion for Articulation Disorders Using Locality-Constrained NMF
  18. W13-3903 [bib]: Frédéric Aman; Michel Vacher; Solange Rossato; François Portet
    Analyzing the Performance of Automatic Speech Recognition for Ageing Voice: Does it Correlate with Dependency Level?
  19. W13-3904 [bib]: Chitralekha Bhat; Imran Ahmed; Vikram Saxena; Sunil Kumar Kopparapu
    Visual Subtitles for Internet Videos
  20. W13-3905 [bib]: Lize Broekx; Katrien Dreesen; Jort Florent Gemmeke; Hugo Van Hamme
    Comparing and combining classifiers for self-taught vocal interfaces
  21. W13-3906 [bib]: Heidi Christensen; Iñigo Casanueva; Stuart Cunningham; Phil Green; Thomas Hain
    homeService: Voice-enabled assistive technology in the home using cloud-based automatic speech recognition
  22. W13-3907 [bib]: Hanne Deprez; Emre Yilmaz; Stefan Lievens; Hugo Van Hamme
    Automating speech reception threshold measurements using automatic speech recognition
  23. W13-3908 [bib]: Jens Forster; Oscar Koller; Christian Oberdörfer; Yannick Gweth; Hermann Ney
    Improving Continuous Sign Language Recognition: Speech Recognition Techniques and System Design
  24. W13-3909 [bib]: Kathleen Fraser; Frank Rudzicz; Naida Graham; Elizabeth Rochon
    Automatic speech recognition in the diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia
  25. W13-3910 [bib]: Foad Hamidi; Melanie Baljko
    Automatic Speech Recognition: A Shifted Role in Early Speech Intervention?
  26. W13-3911 [bib]: William Li; Don Fredette; Alexander Burnham; Bob Lamoureux; Marva Serotkin; Seth Teller
    Making Speech-Based Assistive Technology Work for a Real User
  27. W13-3912 [bib]: William Li; Jim Glass; Nicholas Roy; Seth Teller
    Probabilistic Dialogue Modeling for Speech-Enabled Assistive Technology
  28. W13-3913 [bib]: Bart Ons; Netsanet Tessema; Janneke van de Loo; Jort Gemmeke; Guy De Pauw; Walter Daelemans; Hugo Van Hamme
    A Self Learning Vocal Interface for Speech-impaired Users
  29. W13-3914 [bib]: Milan Rusko; Marian Trnka; Sakhia Darjaa; Juraj Hamar
    The dramatic piece reader for the blind and visually impaired
  30. W13-3915 [bib]: Ken Sadohara; Hiroaki Kojima; Takuya Narita; Misato Nihei; Minoru Kamata; Shinichi Onaka; Yoshihiro Fujita; Takenobu Inoue
    Sub-lexical Dialogue Act Classification in a Spoken Dialogue System Support for the Elderly with Cognitive Disabilities
  31. W13-3916 [bib]: Michel Vacher; Benjamin Lecouteux; Dan Istrate; Thierry Joubert; François Portet; Mohamed Sehili; Pedro Chahuara
    Experimental Evaluation of Speech Recognition Technologies for Voice-based Home Automation Control in a Smart Home
  32. W13-3917 [bib]: Christophe Veaux; Junichi Yamagishi; Simon King
    Towards Personalised Synthesised Voices for Individuals with Vocal Disabilities: Voice Banking and Reconstruction
  33. W13-3918 [bib]: Lode Vuegen; Bert Van Den Broeck; Peter Karsmakers; Hugo Van Hamme; Bart Vanrumste
    Automatic Monitoring of Activities of Daily Living based on Real-life Acoustic Sensor Data: a~preliminary study
  34. W13-3919 [bib]: Jun Wang; Arvind Balasubramanian; Luis Mojica de La Vega; Jordan R. Green; Ashok Samal; Balakrishnan Prabhakaran
    Word Recognition from Continuous Articulatory Movement Time-series Data using Symbolic Representations
  35. W13-3920 [bib]: Toshiya Yoshioka; Tetsuya Takiguchi; Yasuo Ariki
    Robust Feature Extraction to Utterance Fluctuation of Articulation Disorders Based on Random Projection


  1. Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Speech and Multimodal Interaction in Assistive Environments

  2. W12-35 [bib]: Entire Volume
  3. W12-3500 [bib]: Front Matter

  4. W12-3501 [bib]: Stefan Goetze; Sven Fischer; Niko Moritz; Jens-E. Appell; Frank Wallhoff
    Multimodal Human-Machine Interaction for Service Robots in Home-Care Environments
  5. W12-3502 [bib]: Kiran Pala; Ram Naresh; Sachin Joshi; Suryakanth V Ganagshetty
    Integration of Multimodal Interaction as Assistance in Virtual Environments
  6. W12-3503 [bib]: Ramin Yaghoubzadeh; Stefan Kopp
    Toward a Virtual Assistant for Vulnerable Users: Designing Careful Interaction
  7. W12-3504 [bib]: Dimitra Anastasiou; Cui Jian; Desislava Zhekova
    Speech and Gesture Interaction in an Ambient Assisted Living Lab
  8. W12-3505 [bib]: Benjamin Cauchi; Stefan Goetze; Simon Doclo
    Reduction of Non-stationary Noise for a Robotic Living Assistant using Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization
  9. W12-3506 [bib]: Janneke van de Loo; Jort F. Gemmeke; Guy De Pauw; Joris Driesen; Hugo Van hamme; Walter Daelemans
    Towards a Self-Learning Assistive Vocal Interface: Vocabulary and Grammar Learning
  10. W12-3507 [bib]: Sankar Mukherjee; Shyamal Kumar Das Mandal
    A Bengali Speech Synthesizer on Android OS
  11. Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

  12. W12-29 [bib]: Entire Volume
  13. W12-2900 [bib]: Front Matter

  14. W12-2901 [bib]: Peter Ljunglöf; Sandra Derbring; Maria Olsson
    A free and open-source tool that reads movie subtitles aloud
  15. W12-2902 [bib]: Eva Szekely; Zeeshan Ahmed; Joao P. Cabral; Julie Carson-Berndsen
    WinkTalk: a demonstration of a multimodal speech synthesis platform linking facial expressions to expressive synthetic voices
  16. W12-2903 [bib]: Margaret Mitchell; Richard Sproat
    Discourse-Based Modeling for AAC
  17. W12-2904 [bib]: Ha Trinh; Annalu Waller; Keith Vertanen; Per Ola Kristensson; Vicki L. Hanson
    Applying Prediction Techniques to Phoneme-based AAC Systems
  18. W12-2905 [bib]: Karl Wiegand; Rupal Patel
    Non-Syntactic Word Prediction for AAC
  19. W12-2906 [bib]: Nancy Green; Curry Guinn; Ronnie Smith
    Assisting Social Conversation between Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and their Conversational Partners
  20. W12-2907 [bib]: Frank Rudzicz; Rozanne Wilson; Alex Mihailidis; Elizabeth Rochon; Carol Leonard
    Communication strategies for a computerized caregiver for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease
  21. W12-2908 [bib]: Kris Lohmann; Ole Eichhorn; Timo Baumann
    Generating Situated Assisting Utterances to Facilitate Tactile-Map Understanding: A Prototype System
  22. W12-2909 [bib]: Pengfei Lu; Matt Huenerfauth
    Learning a Vector-Based Model of American Sign Language Inflecting Verbs from Motion-Capture Data
  23. W12-2910 [bib]: Stefan Bott; Horacio Saggion; David Figueroa
    A Hybrid System for Spanish Text Simplification
  24. Proceedings of the First Workshop on Predicting and Improving Text Readability for target reader populations

  25. W12-22 [bib]: Entire Volume
  26. W12-2200 [bib]: Front Matter

  27. W12-2201 [bib]: Tucker Maney; Linda Sibert; Dennis Perzanowski; Kalyan Gupta; Astrid Schmidt-Nielsen
    Toward Determining the Comprehensibility of Machine Translations
  28. W12-2202 [bib]: Biljana Drndarevic; Horacio Saggion
    Towards Automatic Lexical Simplification in Spanish: An Empirical Study
  29. W12-2203 [bib]: Advaith Siddharthan; Napoleon Katsos
    Offline Sentence Processing Measures for testing Readability with Users
  30. W12-2204 [bib]: Luz Rello; Horacio Saggion; Ricardo Baeza-Yates; Eduardo Graells
    Graphical Schemes May Improve Readability but Not Understandability for People with Dyslexia
  31. W12-2205 [bib]: Julian Brooke; Vivian Tsang; David Jacob; Fraser Shein; Graeme Hirst
    Building Readability Lexicons with Unannotated Corpora
  32. W12-2206 [bib]: Sara Tonelli; Ke Tran Manh; Emanuele Pianta
    Making Readability Indices Readable
  33. W12-2207 [bib]: Thomas François; Eleni Miltsakaki
    Do NLP and machine learning improve traditional readability formulas?
  34. W12-2208 [bib]: Yi Ma; Ritu Singh; Eric Fosler-Lussier; Robert Lofthus
    Comparing human versus automatic feature extraction for fine-grained elementary readability assessment