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When not otherwise specified, the data about version, usage and evaluation of the resource have been provided by participants themselves.

Participants* Campaign Version Specific usage description Evaluations / Comments
Siel_09 RTE5 The acronyms are expanded using the acronym database, so the acronyms are also matched with the expanded acronyms, and entailment is predicted accordingly. Ex: UK United Kingdom Ablation test performed. Null impact of the resource both on two-way and on three-way task.
UAIC RTE5 Acronym resolution. The resource has been expanded by a rule that consider for expressions like Xaaaa Ybbbb Zcccc the acronym XYZ, regardless of length of text with this form Ablation test performed. POsitive impact of the Acronym module: +0.17% on two-way +0.16% on three-way task.
UAIC RTE4 Data taken from the RTE4 proceedings. Participants are recommended to add further information.
New user Participants are encouraged to contribute.
Total: 1

[*] For further information about participants, click here: RTE Challenges - Data about participants

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