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ACL 2010

Area Chair(s) Submissions
Lexical semantics Tim Baldwin, Roberto Navigli 87
Machine Learning Phil Blunsom, Walter Daelemans 87
Information Extraction Kalina Bontcheva, Hang Li 52
Formal semantics Johan Bos 24
Sentiment Analysis Claire Cardie, Theresa Wilson 69
Text mining Rob Gaizauskas 30
Machine Translation Keith Hall, Chris Quirk 100
Speech processing Julia Hirschberg 33
Resources Nancy Ide 50
Multi-modal Michael Johnston 18
Psycholinguistics Roger Levy 16
Question Answering and paraphrasing Chin-Yew Lin 40
Parsing, grammatical inference, syntax Yusuke Miyao, Khalil Sima'an 88
Generation and summarisation Ani Nenkova, Bonnie Webber 55
Discourse and dialogue Jon Oberlander, Matthew Stone 56
Mathematical linguistics Stuart Shieber 29
Tagging, segmentation and morphology Richard Sproat 51
Bioinformatics Jun'ichi Tsujii 12
Information Retrieval ChengXiang Zhai 33

ACL 2009

Area Chair(s) Submissions

EMNLP 2009