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A few items are still missing. Please help complete this table.

Year Author Paper Title
2001 Eugene Charniak Immediate-head parsing for language modeling
2001 Ulrich Germann et. al. Fast Decoding and Optimal Decoding for Machine Translation
2002 Franz Och and Hermann Ney Discriminative Traing and Maximum Entropy Models for Statistical Machine Translation
2003 Dan Klein and Chris Manning Accurate Unlexicalized Parsing
2003 Yukiko Nakano, Gabe Reinstein, Tom Stocky, and Justine Cassell Towards a Model of Face-to-Face Grounding
2004 Diana McCarthy, Rob Koeling, Julie Weeds, and John Carroll Finding Predominant Word Senses in Untagged Text
2005 David Chiang A hierarchical phrase-based model for statistical machine translation
2006 Rion Snow, Dan Jurafsky, and Andrew Y. Ng Semantic taxonomy induction from heterogenous evidence
2007 Y. W. Wong and R. J. Mooney Learning synchronous grammars for semantic parsing with lambda calculus
2008 Liang Huang Forest Reranking: Discriminative Parsing with Non-Local Features
2008 Libin Shen, Jinxi Xu and Ralph Weischedel A New String-to-Dependency Machine Translation Algorithm with a Target Dependency Language Model
2009 Andre Martins, Noah Smith and Eric Xing Concise Integer Linear Programming Formulations for Dependency Parsing
2009 S.R.K. Branavan, Harr Chen, Luke Zettlemoyer and Regina Barzilay Reinforcement Learning for Mapping Instructions to Actions
2009 Adam Pauls and Dan Klein K-Best A* Parsing


Year Author Paper Title
2004 Regina Barzilay, MIT, and Lillian Lee, Cornell Catching the Drift: Probabilistic Content Models, with Applications to Generation and Summarization
2006 Mehryar Mohri and Brian Roark Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar Induction Based on Structural Zeros
2006 Aria Haghighi and Dan Klein Prototype-Driven Learning for Sequence Models
2007 Antti-Veikko Rosti, Bing Xiang, Spyros Matsoukas, Richard Schwartz, Necip Fazil Ayan and Bonnie Dorr Combining Outputs from Multiple Machine Translation Systems
2009 Hoifung Poon, Colin Cherry and Kristina Toutanova Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation with Log-Linear Models
2009 David Chiang, Kevin Knight and Wei Wang 11,001 New Features for Statistical Machine Translation


Year Author Paper Title
2002 Michael Collins Discriminative Training Methods for Hidden Markov Models: Theory and Experiments with Perceptron Algorithms
2002 Frank Keller, Maria Lapata, and Olga Ourioupina Using the Web to Overcome Data Sparseness
2003 Peng Xu, Ahmad Emami and Frederick Jelinek Training Connectionist Models for the Structured Language Model
2004 Ben Taskar, Dan Klein, Michael Collins, Daphne Koller, and Christopher Manning Max-Margin Parsing
2005 (best student paper) Ryan McDonald, Fernando Pereira, Kiril Ribarov and Jan Hajic Non-Projective Dependency Parsing using Spanning Tree Algorithms
2006 no award given
2007 James Clarke and Maria Lapata Modelling Compression with Discourse Constraints
2008 missing
2009 Hoifung Poon and Pedro Domingos Unsupervised semantic parsing