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==Basic Timetable==
Please see http://aclweb.org/adminwiki/index.php?title=Conference_Handbook
The generic timetable for organizing the conference, from which a specific one can be built.
===T-20 months===
<nowiki>[ACL VP]</nowiki> Issue Call for Bids
* liaise with ACL Exec for general parameters of time and place
* create call (see [[Call_for_conference_bids|calls-for-conference-bids]])
* contact likely candidates for local chair about responding to the bid
===T-17 months===
<nowiki>[ACL Exec]</nowiki> Accept preliminary call and select main candidates
Bids will identify many key positions (local chair, sponsorship
chair, etc.) and make suggestions for general chair.
===T-16 months===
<nowiki>[ACL Exec and principal bidder]</nowiki> Accept bid
* identify all key organizers
* establish email aliases
* provide access to conference organizing website
<nowiki>[ACL Exec]</nowiki> General Chair (see [[Selecting the general chair|criteria-for-general-chair]])
<nowiki>[ACL Exec]</nowiki> Program Chairs
<nowiki>[ACL Exec]</nowiki> Student Workshop chair
<nowiki>[Bidder]</nowiki> Local Arrangements Chair
<nowiki>[Bidder]</nowiki> Tutorial Chair (and) Workshop Chair
<nowiki>[Bidder]</nowiki> Exhibits Coordinator
<nowiki>[Bidder]</nowiki> Demo Chair
<nowiki>[Bidder]</nowiki> Sponsorship Chair
<nowiki>[Bidder]</nowiki> Publicity Chair, possibly
===T-13 months: ===
<nowiki>[General and local chair]</nowiki> Finalize location and dates (see [[local arrangements chair duties|local-arrangements-chair]])
* finalize exact dates (confirm with ACL Exec)
* sign contract(s) with venue (for meetings and accommodations)
* pay any deposits due (contact ACL Exec)
<nowiki>[Local Chair]</nowiki> Finalize Local Arrangements Committee
assemble Local Arrangements Committee
* one or two people who would be able to take over in case something happens to the local chair
* one or two admin-level people
* someone dedicated to audiovisual (AV) and space management
* (possibly) webmaster (see [[webmaster]])
* collect preliminary local info (describe meeting place and accommodations, travel info, visas, weather, etc.)
<nowiki>[General and sponsorship chairs]</nowiki> (see sponsorship-chair) Create Sponsorship Committee
* estimate budget needs (see budgets)
* assemble committee, mainly corporate insiders of likely sponsors
* approach corporations to get placed on budget for next year
<nowiki>[General, program, local, and publicity chairs]</nowiki> Create and issue initial conference announcement
* include theme, general outlines, location and dates, pointers to details, organizer contact info
* publicize widely (see publicity-chair)
<nowiki>[General and local chairs; webmaster]</nowiki> Establish website
* include general conference announcement
* include preliminary local info
* include stubs for calls for papers, etc.
===T-12 months===
<nowiki>[General and local chairs; Priscilla]</nowiki> Create and disseminate Call for Participation
* set approx. registration deadlines and costs
* design conference logo for program, posters, etc.
* create call for participation
* design posters and fliers with Call for Participation
* print and distribute them (web, email, hardcopy, posters, etc.)
<nowiki>[General, program, local, and publicity chairs]</nowiki> Create and disseminate Call for Papers
create Call for Papers:
* determine general conference theme(s)
* if possible, identify some invited speakers
* set dates of submission, notification, and final copies (T-7 / T-5 / T-3)
* set format requirements for papers
* distribute Call for Papers (see [[publicity chair duties|publicity chair]]):
* on Web / newsgroups / mailing lists
* provide to ACL (Priscilla and Finite String), AAAI Magazine, IEEE, etc.
* provide to SIGs, SIGIR, Speech, NLGen, AMTA, and other related communities
===T-13 to T-4 months===
<nowiki>[Sponsorship committee]</nowiki> Apply for funding
* create and submit grant proposals to AAAI, NSF, etc.
* contact companies for donations to sponsor reception, banquet, etc. (Initial contact T-13, while budgets are still being set for the next year; maintain intermittent contact; then final requests at T-3)
===T-11 months===
<nowiki>[Program chairs]</nowiki> Assemble program committee
* determine program committee structure and review process
* establish major topic areas and likely submission distribution
* invite appropriate reviewers (confirm first with ACL Exec)?people from research, development, commerce, users, government-funders, etc.
* ensure proportional representation of gender, seniority, origin, etc.
<nowiki>[Tutorial, workshop, student, demo, and program chairs]</nowiki> Solicit tutorials, workshops, and demos
* create Calls for Bids and papers (see workshop-calls-for-bids)
* issue them (website, publications, email, etc.)
===T-9 months===
<nowiki>[Tutorial, workshop, program chairs]</nowiki> Select tutorials and workshops
* select tutorials, taking into account coverage and recent past tutorials (contact Exec)
* select workshops (contact Exec; see ACL-policy-worksp-support)
* liaise with local chair for space needs and scheduling
* issue instructions to tutorial teachers and workshop chairs about printed material, agenda/time management, payments, fees, etc.
* update webpages
* liaise with Priscilla for registration form
<nowiki>[Workshop and student chairs]</nowiki> Issue workshop calls for papers
* liaise with local chair for space needs and scheduling
* liaise with general chair about printed material, agenda/time management, payments, fees, etc.
* liaise with sponsorship chair for funding applications
* create and disseminate Call for Workshop Papers (see workshop-calls-for-papers and student-calls-for-papers)
* update webpages
* liaise with Priscilla for registration form
<nowiki>[Exhibits chair]</nowiki> Locate and sign up exhibitors
* approach CL corporation exhibitors
* approach book publisher exhibitors (unless this is done by Priscilla?)
* sign them up
===T-8 months===
<nowiki>[Program and sponsorship chair]</nowiki> Update financial picture
* update budget
* project financial needs and make plans to meet them
===T-7 months===
<nowiki>[Program chairs]</nowiki> Accept and distribute submitted papers
* create review form and reviewer instructions
* accept submitted papers
* assign to reviewers
* send out for review
<nowiki>[Program, workshop, sponsorship chairs] </nowiki>Finalize invited speakers, panelists, etc.
* create basic plan of speakers and panels
* invite speakers
* reissue Conference Announcement: Web, newsgroups, mailing lists, ACL (Priscilla and Finite String), AAAI Magazine, SIGIR, Speech, NLGen, AMTA, and other related communities
* update webpages
<nowiki>[Local chair]</nowiki> Confirm venues
* confirm arrangements with meeting venue: rooms, spaces, lunches, etc.
* confirm arrangements with accommodation venue: rooms
<nowiki>[Local chair]</nowiki> Arrange conference social program
* confirm arrangements with banquet and other social event providers
* arrange reception
* arrange banquet: location, cost, transport, etc.
* plan outing, for open evening?
* plan anything special? Spouses’ events? Outings?
* update webpages
* liaise with Priscilla for registration form
===T-7 to T-5 months===
<nowiki>[Sponsorship committee]</nowiki> Apply for corporate funding
* approach/confirm companies for grants and donations
===T-6 months: ===
<nowiki>[Workshop and student chairs]</nowiki> Process workshop submissions
* accept submissions
* review them
* send accept/reject letters
<nowiki>[Demo chair]</nowiki> Call for demos
* create and issue Call for Demos
<nowiki>[Program chairs]</nowiki> Find Proceedings printers
* specify proceedings format and ask for quotes
* select printer and binder
* plan to ensure timely delivery . If the proceedings are not printed in the host country, allow an extra 6—8 weeks for customs
<nowiki>[General chair]</nowiki> Update website
* contact all chairs to collect their info for the website
* liaise with Priscilla for registration form
<nowiki>[Priscilla, general, program, and local chairs]</nowiki> Create and issue registration form
* create form, with input from all relevant people
* send out by email and hardcopy
* post on web
<nowiki>[Local Chair]</nowiki> Plan registration process
* report to ACL Exec:
* update on conference registration
* update on venue (meeting and accommodation)bookings
* plan on-site process, staff needs, etc.
* organize conference bag or other gimmicks; liaise with sponsorship chair for corporate logos
===T-5 months===
<nowiki>[Program chairs]</nowiki> Process reviewed papers and create program
* accept reviews
* decide on paper selection
* create program, more or less (remember time for ACL members’ meeting, banquet, reception, outings if any, etc.); liaise with Local chair
* send out accept and reject letters with reviews
* update conference announcement and redistribute
* update webpages
===T-4 months===
<nowiki>[General, program, workshop, tutorial, exhibits chairs]</nowiki> Collect Proceedings descriptions
* collect from tutorial teachers, workshop organizers, exhibitors, etc. short descriptions, for proceedings
* provide them to webmaster and general and program chairs
<nowiki>[Exhibits chair]</nowiki> Set up exhibit
* locate exhibit company for pipe-and-drape stands, signage, etc.
* buy insurance, if needed
* liaise with exhibitors, local committee, and venue about display needs
* work with program and sponsorship chairs on exhibitor fees
<nowiki>[Demo chair]</nowiki> Arrange demos
* select demos
* work with selected demo-ers for AV needs
* liaise with local chair for AV needs
* liaise with program chairs for scheduling and proceedings
* update webpages
===T-3 months===
<nowiki>[Program and sponsorship chairs]</nowiki> Update financial picture
* update budget
* project needs
* seriously go after corporate sponsors, now that logos are being put onto signs, publications, and toys
<nowiki>[Local chair]</nowiki> Confirm local events
* confirm meeting venue: rooms, spaces, lunches, etc.
* confirm accommodations
* confirm social events: banquet, reception, entertainment, outings, etc.
<nowiki>[Program, tutorial, workshop, demo, student, exhibits chairs]</nowiki> Confirm invitees
* confirm attendance of invited speakers and panelists
* confirm attendance of paper and demo presenters
* confirm tutorials and workshops
* confirm exhibitors
<nowiki>[Exhibits chair]</nowiki> Finalize exhibit spaces=
* finalize payments of all exhibitors
* complete design of exhibition space(s)
* complete arrangements with pipe and drape rentals, etc.
<nowiki>[Local chair]</nowiki> Set up demo AV equipment
* determine AV requirements of demo and paper presenters and other speakers
* link up with venue
<nowiki>[Publicity chair and Priscilla]</nowiki>
* send out registration form again
* contact local authorities, as relevant
<nowiki>[General, program, tutorial, workshop, demo, exhibit, sponsorship, student chairs]</nowiki> Receive final papers and create Proceedings
* accept final camera-ready papers
* create Proceedings (main volume and any accompanying ones):
* front matter: title page, ToC, foreword(s), list of authors, etc.
* body (xerox page numbers onto submitted final papers)
* covers
* send to printers and binders
* update webpages as needed
<nowiki>[Tutorial, workshop, and student chairs]</nowiki> Create tutorial and workshop material
* arrange for printing of tutorial and workshop materials (see workshop proceedings format)
* collect material from presenters
* create books/proceedings
===T-2 month===
<nowiki>[Program chairs]</nowiki> Assign session chairs
* send out instructions to session chairs and speakers about time and place, as well as time management for the talks
<nowiki>[Local chair]</nowiki> Finalize on-site admin
* assemble team of assistants for registration, gophering, etc.
<nowiki>[General, program, tutorial, workshop, student, exhibit, local chairs]</nowiki> Create conference registration material
* create program to be included in conference registration package
* gather all other material, incl. freebies
<nowiki>[Priscilla, local, and sponsorship chairs]</nowiki> Give registration update
* update ACL Exec on conference registration, venue and accommodation bookings, financial status
* update webpages, especially local and travel conditions (check the travel instructions, local weather, medical and political conditions, etc.)
===T-1 month===
<nowiki>[General and publicity chairs]</nowiki> Perform local outreach
* start local advertising
* contact press, TV, etc.
<nowiki>[Program, tutorial, workshop, student, exhibit, demo chairs]</nowiki> Finalize all Proceedings and tutorial material
* collect and check proceedings (papers, students and other workshops, demos, etc.)
* collect and check final tutorial materials
<nowiki>[Local chair]</nowiki> Finalize demo AV equipment
* finalize AV requirements of demo-ers
<nowiki>[Priscilla, local and sponsorship chairs]</nowiki> Give registration update
* update ACL Exec on conference registration, hotel and dorm bookings, financial status
<nowiki>[Local chair]</nowiki> Finalize registration package
* assemble all materials into registration packets: local maps, local events, conference program, freebies, etc.
Author: Eduard Hovy, 1998, from timetables of previous AMTA conferences
Updates: Eduard Hovy, from AAAI conference schedule and notes by Marie Meteer.
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