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Please see http://aclweb.org/adminwiki/index.php?title=Conference_Handbook
Please see http://aclweb.org/adminwiki/index.php?title=Conference_Handbook
==Handbook Pages Still Being Migrated ==
*[[actions and duties of the Exec in overseeing the conference]]
*[[call for conference bids]]
*[[Bid Guidelines]]
*[[policy on speaker reimbursement]]
*[[policy on tutorial teacher payment]]
*[[selecting the general chair]]
*[[ACL policy on involvement of Exec members in conferences]]
*[[meetings held by Exec at conferences]]
*[[example budgets]]
*[[Demo chair duties]]
*[[exhibits chair duties]]
*[[financing exhibits]]
*[[general (conference) chair duties]]
*[[local arrangements chair duties]]
*[[arranging the meeting rooms]]
*[[arranging the accommodations]]
*[[arranging the food]]
*[[arranging the food|arranging the social events]]
*[[arranging local support, registration, etc.]]
*[http://www.cs.jhu.edu/~jason/advice/how-to-chair-a-conference.html| How to be a program chair]
*[[program chair duties]]
*[[guidelines and policies]]
*[[typical schedule]]
*[[sample conference paper calls]]
*[[paper style files]]
*[[camera ready instructions]]
*[[invited speakers]]
*[[publications chair duties]]
*[[tutorial notes]]
*[[workshop proceedings]]  missing from old handbook
*[[preparation of proceedings]]
*[[publicity chair duties]]
*[[sponsorship chair duties]]
*[[student chair duties]]
*[[faculty advisor duties]]
*[[*** student session policies]]
*[[sample letter to panelists]]
*[[student workshop paper call]]
*[[student travel funding]]
*[[useful checklist of things to do (from a past student chair)]]
*[[tutorial chair duties]]
*[[tutorial calls for proposals]]
*[[tutorial teacher payment policy]]
*[[tutorial teacher instructions]]
*[[Overview page including policies]]
*[[workshop chair duties]]
* [[ACL policy on who can hold major programmatic positions at ACL conferences]]
* [[Johanna moore|Johanna Moore document]]
* [[Conflict-of-interest policy]]
* [[Acl 2004 camera]]
* [[Acl 2005 camera]]
* [[Overview of repository organization]]
* [[Instructions on how to access the repository]]
* [[Student travel funding]]
* [[Student workshop paper call]]
* [[Student workshop proceedings]]
* [[CFP for student session at ACL-05]]
* [[ACL General Policies on Workshops]]
* [[ACL Policies on Conference Workshops]]
* [[ACL Policies on SIG Workshops]]
* [[Overview page including policies]]
* [[Recent ACL calls for workshop proposals]]
* [[Sample workshop calls for papers]]
* [[Workshop-proceedings]]
* [[Sample Calls for Demos & Posters]]
* [[Don and Betty Walker International Student Fund (Conference Handbook) | Don and Betty Walker International Student Fund]]

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Please see http://aclweb.org/adminwiki/index.php?title=Conference_Handbook