Conference Invited Speakers

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ACL Conference

Year Invited Speakers
2000 Susan E. Brennan, Roger K. Moore, Jun'ichi Tsujii
2001 Jean-Luc Gauvain, Richard Durbin
2003 Cynthia Fisher, Ariel Rubinstein, Donia Scott
2004 Jack Mostow, Anne Cutler
2005 Michael Jordan, Justine Cassell
2006 Daniel Marcu, Sally McConnell-Ginet
2007 Tom Mitchell, Barney Pell

NAACL Conference

Year Invited Speakers
2001 Tom Mitchell, Aravind Joshi, Jon Kleinberg
2002 with ACL
2003 with HLT Elissa Newport
2004 with HLT Andrei Broder, Jill Burstein
2005 with ACL
2006 with HLT Joshua Goodman, Diane Litman
2007 with HLT Franz Josef Och, Luis von Ahn

EMNLP Conference

Year Invited Speakers
2002 Dan Roth
2003 Kevin Knight
2004 Ken Church
2005 Larry Hunter, Sanjeev Khudanpur, Ellen Voorhees
2006 Jane Simpson, James McElvenny, Tom Honeyman
2007 LouAnn Gerken, Piotr Indyk