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== November 16, 2006 ==
== Creating a Q&A community in computational linguistics ==
* The 3rd [[Recognizing Textual Entailment|Recognizing Textual Entailment (RTE)]] challenge invites the NLP community to submit resources to the [[Textual Entailment Resource Pool]]. RTE participants will be encouraged to report their use of NLP resources on NLPZone.
Proposed '''[http://bit.ly/u4lZUG Question&Answer site for CL/NLP]''' needs commits from enthusiasts in the field.
== October 30, 2006 ==
The ACL has created a new wiki specifically for Computational Linguistics:
The purpose of this wiki is to facilitate the sharing of information on all aspects of Computational Linguistics.
Wikipedia contains some excellent articles on Computational Linguistics, but the mandate of Wikipedia is to be an encyclopedia. This means that Wikipedia articles must be written for a general audience, not for specialists. It also means that content such as job ads and course outlines is not suitable for Wikipedia. Therefore this new wiki was created to fill a role that Wikipedia cannot fill.
You are all invited to visit the new wiki and to make your own contributions to the wiki. Anybody can edit the text in the ACL Wiki for Computational Linguistics by setting up an account and logging into the wiki.
The ACL thanks Dragomir Radev, Steven Bird, Ali Hakim, and Peter Turney for setting up the wiki.

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Creating a Q&A community in computational linguistics

Proposed Question&Answer site for CL/NLP needs commits from enthusiasts in the field.