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Call for Participation: Shared Task DDIExtractor2011: TRAINING DATA AVAILABLE!!!
== Creating a Q&A community in computational linguistics ==
Apologies for multiple postings.
Proposed '''[http://bit.ly/u4lZUG Question&Answer site for CL/NLP]''' needs commits from enthusiasts in the field.
CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Shared Task on Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction (DDIExtractor2011)
** TRAINING DATA AVAILABLE NOW at http://labda.inf.uc3m.es/DDIExtraction2011/dataset.html
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Training dataset: April 1st
Test dataset and Evaluation starts: May 30th
Evaluation ends: June 6th
Task coordinators send evaluation: June 15th
Paper submission: June 26th
Notification of acceptance for papers: July 15th
Final Camera Ready paper due: July 30th
Worshop day: September, 7th afternoon 2011
- Isabel Segura-Bedmar, Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.
- Paloma Martínez, Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.
- Daniel Sánchez Cisneros, Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.
Looking forward to your submissions!
The DDIExtractor2011 Team
[1] S. Pyysalo, A. Airola, J. Heimonen, J. Bjorne, F. Ginter, and T. Salakoski.
Comparative analysis of protein-protein interaction corpora. BMC Bioinformatics.
Special issue, 9(Suppl 3):S6, 2008.

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Creating a Q&A community in computational linguistics

Proposed Question&Answer site for CL/NLP needs commits from enthusiasts in the field.