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==Further reading==
==Further reading==
There is a wikipedia article at on [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialogue_systems Dialogue Systems].
There is a wikipedia article on [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialogue_systems Dialogue Systems].

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Dialogue Systems

Dialogue Systems are human-computer interfaces where interaction is modelled on natural language conversations between humans. Dialogue systems can be speech-based, text-based, or multimodal (e.g. speech plus graphics), and are used in simple applications (such as booking cinema tickets) as well as much more complex research systems (e.g. collaboration with robots, tutorial dialogue systems).

Further reading

There is a wikipedia article on Dialogue Systems.


  • A recent EC project on dialogue systems is the TALK project.
  • A small example of dialog involving playing cards that uses direct manipulation as well as English is CardWorld1. It involves deictic and anaphoric reference as well as direct reference to a changeable configuration of piles of cards on a virtual table top. The model can be extended in many directions, as suggested in the documentation. The implementation is in Java, and source code as well as executable code is available free. It can also be run directly from a Java enabled web browser.