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Tools and Software for English - Language modeling

For languages other than English, see List of resources by language.

Language modeling software

Free software

  • IRSTLM - Free software for language modeling
  • KenLM - Fast, Free software for language modeling
  • MITLM - MIT Language Modeling (MITLM) toolkit
  • OpenGrm NGram library - Free software for language modeling. Built on OpenFst.
  • Positional Language Model
  • RandLM - Free software for randomised language modeling
  • VariKN - Free software for creating, growing and pruning Kneser-Ney smoothed n-gram models.

Non-Free software

  • cmuclmtk - CMU-Cambridge Statistical Language Modeling toolkit. Older versions are available here.
  • SRILM - The SRI Language Modeling Toolkit. Nitin Madnani has created Perl and Python wrappers, which are available from his homepage.
  • WOPR - Memory-based word prediction and language modeling - uses TiMBL. GPL.