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My Sentimental Love opened at that busy intersection every quarter. -

Youth road confused and ignorant. Shy girl with feelings, through the bleak winter season in spring and summer of delivery, I awakened. Love should not be wasted, leisure time. Disregard of the virtual space, and the emotions of the cast behind. Students for a calm the mind as water. -

We encounter, only to let me grow up, let me immature mind mature. We encounter a prelude to my life. -

In Young and Innocent Love chapter, there are too many pedestrians. Know that they come and go, why should arouse my thoughts. Memory of each person who passed me, one, two, three ... two lines Qinglei drip down my cheek on my neck, collarbone. Wipe my makeup makeup flowers. -

Rippling in a section of debris to piece together the memories, those are my Sentimental Love of the past. Sadness reflected in the early years of my mottled heart. -

Today, I let your heart fly like a Mercedes-Benz is also no longer remain in the Sentimental Love lost, ignorant of the corner. Because in this busy intersection quarter, I saw the flowers blooming all over the mountain and artless. [1] Wholesale nba jersey