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Software - Morphology and part of speech tagging


  • Catvar 2.0 - The Categorial Variation Database for English
  • CELEX database - Dutch, English, and German word forms
  • Flemmv3.1 - inflectional morphology parser for French
  • FONOL - Phonological Programming Language
  • German Morphology Browser
  • Hebrew Morphological Parser
  • MAP - Cambridge/Edinburgh Morphological Analyzer and Dictionary System
  • MORLEX - A lexical database for French
  • morpha and morphg - fast and robust morphological analysis and generation for English, from John A. Carroll
  • Morph-It! version 0.31 - a free morphological resource for the Italian language
  • MORFOGEN - a Morphology Grammar Builder and Dictionary Interface Tool
  • NOMLEX - a dictionary of English nominalizations
  • PC-KIMMO - a Two-level Processor for Morphological Analysis, including KGEN, KTEXT, and Englex
  • Sebawai - an Arabic Morphological Analyzer
  • SFST - Stuttgart Finite State Transducer Tools
  • TULIP - a two level phonological formalism

Part of speech tagging

Combined morphology and tagging

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