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For individual languages, see List of resources by language.

A search-based annotation tool to help distributed annotation teams finding infrequent linguistic phenomena in large corpora
Dictionaries for International Ispell
Dictionaries and affix files for various languages
DKPro Core
A collection of software components for NLP based on the Apache UIMA framework
DKPro Lab
A lightweight framework for parameter sweeping experiments
A unified API for several lexical-semantic resources, including GermaNet, OpenThesaurus, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and WordNet
DKPro Similarity
An open source software package for developing text similarity algorithms
DKPro Spelling
A collection of software components for spelling correction, especially for correcting real-word spelling errors
DKPro Statistics
A collection of statistical tools, currently including correlation and inter-rater agreement methods
DKPro Text Classification
A UIMA-based text classification framework
A modular, extensible Java framework for word sense disambiguation
Heart of Gold
XML-based middleware for the integration of (deep and shallow) NLP components
A software solution for automatic text expansion using contextualized distributional similarity
A Java-based API for OmegaWiki
A Java API for the free multilingual online dictionary Wiktionary
A Java API for Wikipedia
Kirrkirr 4.0 Dictionary Program
Software for the exploration of indigenous language dictionaries
A tool for supervised learning of inflectional morphology
Character conversion program
The Multext multi-lingual text editor
RIA Open Source Rule Induction Tool
A tool for automatic induction of transfer rules for Transfer-Based Statistical Machine Translation using dependency structures (LFG f-structures)
Shallow Processing with Unification and Typed Feature Structures
Tools for linguistic text exploration
A network of lexical resources interlinked at the sense level and a project on semantic integration of lexical resources for NLP applications
A general purpose web-based annotation tool for a wide range of linguistic annotations.
A tool that parses Constraint Grammar rules, commonly used for rule-based morphological disambiguation, syntactic function labelling and dependency annotation

See also Multilingual resources.