Named entity recognizers

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Software - Named entity recognizers

  • Greek named entity recognizer (version 2) - currently identifies temporal expressions, person names, and organization names; see here for publications describing the recognizer
  • Balie Baseline implementation of named entity recognition.
  • UIUC NER Java-based UIUC NER tagger. Uses gazetteers extracted from Wikipedia, word-class model built from unlabeled text and extensively uses non-local features. Achieves 90.8F1 score on the CoNLL03 shared task data and is robust on other datasets. Try the LBJ-NER-Demo
  • Older version of UIUC NER - identifies/classifies entities as Person, Location, Organization and Misc (this last category relates to languages and nationalities); fast and robust; try the demo
  • Stanford NER Conditional Random Fields based NER. Also incorporates distributional similarity based features extracted from the English Gigaword corpus.