Named entity recognizers

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Tools and Software for English - Named entity recognizers

For languages other than English, see List of resources by language.

  • Balie Baseline implementation of named entity recognition.
  • GATE includes the ANNIE gazeteer-based NER subsystem.
  • GENiA- part-of-speech tagging, shallow parsing, and named entity recognition for biomedical text. C++, BSD license.
  • Illinois NER Java-based Illinois NER tagger. Uses gazetteers extracted from Wikipedia, word-class model built from unlabeled text and extensively uses non-local features. Achieves 90.8F1 score on the CoNLL03 shared task data and is robust on other datasets. Try the Illinois NER Demo. Also try the new Illinois NER (extended type set) Demo.
  • LingPipe
  • Stanford NER Conditional Random Fields based NER. Also incorporates distributional similarity based features extracted from the English Gigaword corpus.
  • Wikimeta is an API service based on various methods (rules, CRF) for named entity extraction and linking to the semantic web. It works trough on-line web form and also provide Part of Speech tagging.