Noun-Modifier Questions (State of the art)

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Sample question

Stem: coin collector
Choices: (a) numismatist
(b) coin
(c) collector
(d) coinage
(e) aggregator
(f) reflectiveness
(g) plasma
Solution: (a) numismatist

Table of results

Algorithm Reference for algorithm Reference for experiment Correct - 7-choices Correct - 14-choices
Vector addition Landauer and Dumais (1997) Turney (2012) 50.1 22.5
Element-wise multiplication Mitchell and Lapata (2008) Turney (2012) 57.5 27.4
Dual-Space model Turney (2012) Turney (2012) 58.3 41.5
SuperSim Turney (2013) Turney (2013) 75.9 68.0
Holistic model Turney (2012) Turney (2012) 81.6 NA


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