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This page lists demos of NLG systems available online.

ILEX is a virtual museum system; it automatically produces descriptions of museum items, taking into account the educational importance of particular aspects of the objects.

Peba-II is an on-line animal encyclopedia that produces descriptions and comparisons of animals as web pages.

Power is another virtual museum which dynamically generates descriptions of museum objects.

Project Reporter generates dynamic web-based project status reports from files created with Microsoft Project or other compatible project management software. Reports feature hyperlinked textual descriptions of project elements, as well as coordinated multimodal display with an interactive Gantt chart applet.

StockReporter is a system which produces descriptions of stock market data.

STOP produces personalised smoking-cessation leaflets, based on responses to a smoking questionnaire. The online version of STOP is a simplified version of the main STOP system, which is based on paper input and output.

SUMTIME SumTime-Mousam generates textual weather forecasts from numerical weather data. This demo shows how textual descriptions of changes in wind speed and direction are generated from wind data.

There is a corresponding dataset called SumTimeMeteo available.

A related demo generates pollen forecasts for Scotland This may be easier for non-meteorologists to understand, and the demo shows the human corpus texts as well as the computer-generated texts.

TEMSIS automatically generates air quality reports for the Franco-German border area in the Moselle-Saar region.

XIG - CStar Italian Generator is a system for generating Italian sentences from the interlingua content representation Interchange Format) adopted inside the C-STAR II project, whose target is to build a speech to speech translation system able to treat spontaneous speech. The application domain is tourist information.

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