POS Tagging (State of the art)

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  • Performance measure: per token accuracy
  • Training data: sections 0-18 of Wall Street Journal corpus
  • Testing data: sections 22-24 of Wall Street Journal corpus

Table of results

System name Short description Main publications Software Results
SVMTool SVM-based tagger and tagger generator Giménez and Márquez (2004) SVMTool 97.16%
Stanford Tagger learning with cyclic dependency network Toutanova et al. (2003) Stanford Tagger 97.24%
POS tagger bidirectional perceptron learning Shen et al. (2007) POS tagger 97.33%
GENiA Tagger  ? Tsuruoka, et al (2005) [http://www-tsujii.is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/GENIA/tagger/ GENiA 96.94% on WSJ, 98.26% on biomed.


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