Paraphrase Identification (State of the art)

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  • Microsoft Research Paraphrase Corpus (MSRP)
  • see Dolan, Quirk, and Brockett (2004)
  • train: 4076 sentence pairs (2753 positive: 67.5%)
  • test: 1725 sentence pairs (1147 positive: 66.5%)

Sample data

  • Sentence 1: Amrozi accused his brother, whom he called "the witness", of deliberately distorting his evidence.
  • Sentence 2: Referring to him as only "the witness", Amrozi accused his brother of deliberately distorting his evidence.
  • Class: 1 (true paraphrase)


Dolan, B., Quirk, C., and Brockett, C. (2004). [ Unsupervised construction of large paraphrase corpora: Exploiting massively parallel news sources], Proceedings of the 20th international conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2004), Geneva, Switzerland, pp. 350-356.

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