Parsing (State of the art)

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  • Performance measure: PARSEVAL - the evalb program
  • Training data: sections 2-22 of Wall Street Journal corpus
  • Testing data: section 23 of Wall Street Journal corpus

System name Short description Main publications Software Results (PARSEVAL) Comments
Johnson & Charniak's Parser Lexicalized N-Best PCFG + Discriminative re-reanking Mark Johnson and Eugene Charniak, ACL 2005 [1] Available [2] 91.4% works well also on Brown
Collins' Parser Lexicalized PCFG Collins' Thesis [3], Bikel's Thesis [4] Dan Bikel's Implementation [5]  ???
Berkeley Parser Automatically induced PCFG Petrov, Barrett, Thibaux and Klein, ACL 2006 [6], Petrov and Klein, NAACL 2007 [7] Available [8] 90.1% works well also for Chinese and German