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Lexical resources

  • EDBL - Lexical Data Base for Basque in ELDA
    • demo
    • main reference Aldezabal I., Ansa O., Arrieta B., Artola X., Ezeiza A., Hernández G., Lersundi M. 2001. EDBL: a General Lexical Basis for the Automatic Processing of Basque. IRCS Workshop on linguistic databases. Philadelphia (USA).
  • EuroWordNet - Basque
    • main reference Agirre E., Ansa O., Arregi X., Arriola J., Díaz de Ilarraza A., Pociello E., Uria L. 2002. Methodological issues in the building of the Basque WordNet: quantitative and qualitative analysis. Proceedings of First International WordNet Conference. pp. 32-40. Mysore (India).


  • XX century's Basque corpus Basque corpus XX century
  • ZT corpus Basque Corpus of Science and Technology
    • main reference Areta N., Gurrutxaga A., Leturia I., Alegria I., Artola X., Díaz de Ilarraza A., Ezeiza N., Sologaistoa A. 2007. ZT Corpus: Annotation and tools for Basque corpora Copus Linguistics. Birminghan.
  • Corpeus: web as a corpus Basque
    • main reference Leturia I., Gurrutxaga A., Alegria I., Ezeiza A. 2007. CorpEus, a ‘web as corpus’ tool designed for the agglutinative nature of Basque.. WAC3 2007 (Web as a Corpus) workshop.

Proofing Tools

  • Xuxen: Spelling checker/corrector for Basque MS-Office, OpenOffice, ...
    • main reference Aduriz I., Alegria I., Artola X., Ezeiza N., Sarasola K. 1997. A spelling corrector for Basque based on morphology. Literary & Linguistic Computing, Vol. 12, No. 1. Oxford University Press. Oxford. 1997.

Free software


  • Morphological analizer/generator for Basque
    • demo
    • main reference Alegria I., Artola X., Sarasola K. 1996. Automatic morphological analysis of Basque. Literary & Linguistic Computing Vol. 11, No. 4, 193-203. Oxford University Press. Oxford. 1996.


  • EusTagger: Lemmatizer/Tagger for Basque
    • demo
    • main reference Ezeiza N., Aduriz I., Alegria I., Arriola J.M., Urizar R. 1998. Combining Stochastic and Rule-Based Methods for Disambiguation in Agglutinative Languages COLING-ACL'98. Pgs. 380 - 384. Vol 1. Montreal (Canada). August 10-14, 1998.
  • Eihera: Named Entitity Recognizer (NERC) for Basque
    • demo
    • main reference Alegria I., Arregi O., Ezeiza N., Fernandez I., Urizar R. 2004. Design and Development of a Named Entity Recognizer for an Agglutinative Language. First International Joint Conference on NLP (IJCNLP-04). Workshop on Named Entity Recognition.
  • Zatiak: Chunker for Basque
    • demo
    • main reference Aranzabe M., Arriola J.M., Díaz de Ilarraza 2004. Towards a Dependency Parser of Basque. Proceedings of the Coling 2004 Workshop on Recent Advances in Dependency Grammar. Geneva, Switzerland.

Machine translation systems

Free software

  • Matxin Spanish->Basque
    • Opentrad demo es->eu
    • main reference: Alegria I., Díaz de Ilarraza A., Labaka G., Lersundi M., Mayor A., Sarasola K. 2007. Transfer-based MT from Spanish into Basque: reusability, standardization and open source. LNCS 4394. 374-384. Cicling 2007.


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