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  • Southeast European Times (sentence aligned corpus, Albanian, Bulgarian, English, Greek, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish — approximately 4.5 million words per language)

Machine translation systems

Free software


Named entity recognition


Natural language generation


  • NaturalOWL (version 1.1) Generates Greek and English descriptions of entities and classes from OWL ontologies that have been annotated with linguistic and user modeling resources in RDF. It can also be used as a Protégé plug-in. See sbobet for publications describing NaturalOWL. (GPL)

Part-of-speech (POS) tagging


  • Greek POS tagger Attempts to automatically determine the part of speech (e.g., noun, adjective, verb, etc.) of each word occurrence in Greek texts. It can also tag (with lower accuracy) each word occurrence with additional information, such as the gender, number, and case of each noun, the voice, tense, and number of each verb etc. (GPL)


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