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Hindi computing is gaining momentum very fast. thousands of Hindi sites, blogs and portals have come as a result of availability of computing tools and ease of use. Following link has a list of important tools and softwares for Hindi and Devanaagarii:

Dependency Parser

POS Tagger, Morphological Analyzer, Lemmatizer, Corpus

The tagger and its related files are distributed under GNU GPL license. Corpus is licensed.

Related Publication: Siva Reddy, Serge Sharoff. Cross Language POS Taggers (and other Tools) for Indian Languages: An Experiment with Kannada using Telugu Resources. In Proceedings of IJCNLP workshop on Cross Lingual Information Access: Computational Linguistics and the Information Need of Multilingual Societies. (CLIA 2011 at IJNCLP 2011), Chiang Mai, Thailand Bibtex

Morphological analysis

Free software

  • Hindi analyser for lttoolbox (~29,385 lemmata) -- GPL (by the University of Hyderabad — converted from the Anusaaraka analyser)

Machine translation

Free software

Shallow Parser

Hindi Shallow parser

Keywords: Hindi, Part of Speech tagger, Lemmatizer, Morph Analyzer, Corpus