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Machine translation systems

Free software


Morphology tools

Free software

  • Perstem - Persian stemmer, light morphological analyzer, and character set converter.


  • Megerdoomian, K. (2000) "Unification-Based Persian Morphology". Proceedings of CICLing 2000, Alexander Gelbukh, Center of Investigation on Computation-IPN, Mexico, 2000. PDF
  • Megerdoomian, K. (2004) "Finite-State Morphological Analysis of Persian". COLING 2004 Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-based Languages. Ali Farghaly and Karine Megerdoomian editors, Geneva, Switzerland, 2004, pgs. 35-41. PDF

External links

  • the Jon safari (link parser, small lexicon, stemmer, morphological analysis tools)