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SIGFSM — ACL SIG on Finite-State Methods

SIGFSM is a newly approved ACL SIG.

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Constitutional offices:

  • elected officers
  * elected President/Chair: (not yet elected) - de facto President/Chair: Anssi Yli-Jyrä
  * elected Treasurer: (not yet elected) - de facto Treasurer: Thomas Hanneforth
  * elected Secretary: (not yet elected) - de facto Secretary: Laurette Pretorius
  * The election of elected officers is still ahead and might be arranged through in the fall 2009.
  • non-elected representatives
  * non-elected International Advisory Committee: (not yet appointed)
  * non-elected Web Master (not yet appointed)
  * non-elected Liaison Representative (not yet appointed) 
  * The non-elected posts will be appointed by the President, Treasurer and Secretary after hearing the SIG members.