Semantic Role Labeling (State of the art)

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CONLL 2005 Shared Task

Top three results on the WSJ + Brown data from CoNLL 2005 Shared task. More information at (Carreras and Màrquez)

System Name Short Description Main Publications Software (if available) Results Comments (i.e. extra resources used, train/test times, ...)
SNoW SRL SNoW, ILP Punyakanok, et. al. SRL system, online demo 77.92 %
Pradhan SVM Pradhan et. al.  ?? 77.30
Haghighi MaxEnt Haghighi, et. al.  ?? 77.04 %


  • Carreras and Màrquez. Introduction to the CoNLL-2005 Shared Task: Semantic Role Labeling.
  • Punyanok et. al. Generalized Inference with Multiple Semantic Role Labeling Systems.
  • Pradhan et. al. Semantic Role Chunking Combining Complementary Syntactic Views.
  • Haghighi et. al. A Joint Model for Semantic Role Labeling.