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Tools and Software - Semantics

For languages other than English, see List of resources by language.

  • Boxer - wide-coverage semantics based on DRT (Discourse Representation Theory)
  • PyPES - library for scoping, FOL translation, inferencing with the ERG (English Resource Grammar)
  • ClearForest Semantic Web Service (API)
  • CURT - Software from the Blackburn & Bos (2005) book: model checking, lambda calculus, underspecification, tableau inference, interfaces to theorem provers and model builders, and CURT itself.
  • Intellexer - Natural Language Searching Technologies
  • Lambda Calculator - pedagogical software for lambda calculus and formal semantics in the style of the Heim & Kratzer (1998) textbook
  • NLTK semantics - Python libraries for lambda calculus, first order model checking, DRT, glue semantics, a tableau theorem prover and interfaces to external inference programs (Prover9, Mace4)
  • RelEx - English-language semantic relationship extractor. Provides framing/grounding also, as well as tagging of various sorts. Open source, Java, Apache license.
  • SenseClusters
  • UCREL - Semantic Analysis System
  • utool The Swiss Army Knife of Underspecification