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INLG'06 Special Session on Sharing Data and Comparative Evaluation

Sydney, 15 July, 2006.

Introduction to the INLG'06 Special Session on Sharing Data and Comparative Evaluation Anja Belz and Robert Dale

Open Mic contributions (short talks)

Abstract Helmut Horacek

Methods, Requirements and Licenses for Shared NLG Resources David Reitter and Charles Callaway

An NLG evaluation competition? Eight reasons to be careful Donia Scott and Johanna Moore

Abstract Slides Sebastian Varges

How NOT to Say It: On the need for human evaluation of what to AVOID in realization ranking Michael White


Evaluations of NLG Systems: Common Corpus and Tasks or Common Dimensions and Metrics? Cécile Paris, Nathalie Colineau and Ross Wilkinson

Building a Semantically Transparent Corpus for the Generation of Referring Expressions. Kees van Deemter, Ielka van der Sluis and Albert Gatt

Shared-Task Evaluations in HLT: Lessons for NLG Anja Belz and Adam Kilgarriff

GENEVAL: A Proposal for Shared-task Evaluation in NLG Ehud Reiter and Anja Belz

Invited Talk

Lessons Learned from Large Scale Evaluation of Systems that Produce Text: Nightmares and Pleasant Surprises Kathleen R. McKeown

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