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Note: You are welcome to use the ACL Wiki for your CL/NLP SIG. For example, see SIGFSM.

ACL Special Interest groups

  • ACL SIGANN - Linguistic Annotation of Natural Language Corpora for NLP
  • ACL SIGBIOMED - Biomedical Natural Language Processing
  • ACL SIGDAT - Linguistic data and corpus-based approaches to NLP
  • ACL & ISCA SIGDIAL - Discourse and Dialogue Processing
  • ACL SIGFSM - Finite-State Methods
  • ACL SIGGEN - Natural Language Generation
  • ACL SIGHAN - Chinese Language Processing
  • ACL SIGHUM - Language Technologies for the Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities
  • ACL SIGLEX - Lexicon
  • ACL SIGMOL - Mathematics of Language
  • ACL SIGMORPHON - Computational Morphology and Phonology
  • ACL SIGMT - Machine Translation
  • ACL SIGNLL - Natural Language Learning
  • ACL SIGPARSE - Natural Language Parsing
  • ACL SIGSEM - Computational Semantics
  • ACL SIGWAC - Web as Corpus
  • ACL SIGSLPAT - Speech & Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
  • ACL SEMITIC - Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages

Relevant ACM Special Interest Groups

  • ACM SIGART - Artificial Intelligence
  • ACM SIGCHI - Computer-Human Interaction
  • ACM SIGDOC - Design of Communication
  • ACM SIGIR - Information Retrieval
  • ACM SIGMM - Multimedia
  • ACM SIGWEB - Hypertext, Hypermedia and the Web

Relevant ISCA Special Interest Groups

  • ISCA SALTMIL - Speech and Language Technology for Minority Languages
  • ISCA SLATE - Speech and Language Technology in Education

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