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Please enter your suggestions here.

  • In recognition of the amount of effort they have put in organizing their workshop, workshop chairs should not have to pay registration fees to attend their own workshop (Dragomir Radev, May 1, 2008)
  • Authors of papers should, wherever feasible, include in their papers a URL from which source code and/or data relevant to their papers can be downloaded (Dragomir Radev, May 1, 2008)
  • It would be nice if part of the waived "student volunteer" package at least included tutorials (which are of big interest to junior students), if not also workshops. (Hal Daume III, May 14, 2007)


  • Progress on the ideas proposed in 2007 (an open access journal, a video archive, and the extension of the ACL anthology) will be reported on at the 2008 ACL business meeting.
  • Suggestions entered before May 31, 2008, will be considered for discussion at the ACL business meeting at ACL 2008
  • Suggestions entered after May 31, 2008, will be considered for ACL 2009